The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 28, 1998 · Page 137
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 137

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1998
Page 137
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Page 137 article text (OCR)

MSL THE PALM BEACH POST SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 1998 11A . 9D 1 T i Strike on Cuba nuclear plant last resort to avoid great risk lost staff writer Bill Douthat's March 14 article "Nuclear plant in Cuba said threat to U.S." characterized a "last-resort" option to halt the irretrievably flawed nuclear complex in Juragua as :;a "first resort." Reporting on the William J. Casey Institute of the Center for Security Policy symposium in West Palm Beach, Mr. Douthat left readers with the impression that I advocate an immediate U.S. air strike against this Chernobyl-in-the-making. Juragua, if completed, would be a clear danger to the mainland. The shoddy construction and defective materials and design of these two WER-440 reactors are universally deemed hazardous. By the United States government's own estimates, es. It does not explain, however, that all of the positions in question are filled by qualified nurses from our per-diem professional pool as well as traveling nurses. The article fails to mention a positive reason why hospitals have fewer nurses to draw from that is, the many advancement opportunities for nursing professionals. At JFK, we have more than 30 nurses in non-direct patient care positions. While it is accurate to say that South Florida hospitals must flex for seasonal increases in patient volumes, I assure readers that JFK has been managing our staffing issues through a variety of innovative recruitment programs and that even in the height of season, we are appropriately staffed. Beth Brill, vice president JFK Medical Center Atlantis Taking turns as mayor just won't work I write in support of the Wellington Village Council reelecting Kathy Foster as mayor and not rotating the position of mayor yearly or every other year. As it now stands, the council each year elects the mayor from among the five council members. Annan spared Iraqis new round of carnage res3 a likely nuclear accident at Juragua would send a radioactive plume over the lower tier of the U.S. to Texas or up the East Coast to Washington within the first four days, depending on the season and winds. Nevertheless, Russia and The world thanks United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan for brokering a diplomatic solution to the standoff between the United States and Iraq. Seven years after the enormous carnage of the Persian Gulf War, the government of the U.S. has been preparing, almost unilaterally, for a possible new wave of military attacks against Iraq, ostensibly to destroy stockpiles of Iraqi chemical and biological weapons. But the most horrible weapon of mass destruction at work in this scenario is the weapon of economic sanctions against the Iraqi women and children who have nothing to do with either .Saddam Hussein's military machine or his regional ambitions. Indeed, UNICEF, in a 1997 report, documented that ' . 576,000 Iraqi children not even born when the 1 war broke out in 1991 have perished from malnutrition and lack of medical care as a direct , consequence of these sanctions against their country. I join with Pope John Paul II, the secretary-general of the U.N. and millions of people of conscience in this nation and around the world in opposing any renewal of U.S. attacks against the Iraqi people. The death, destruction and suffering that would result from renewed military violence is morally unacceptable. Susan Glaser Lake Worth There is no charter requirement that council members take turns serving. The selection should be based on who is best suited for the position. That should be the member who can provide the best leadership, is the most knowledgeable, has the ability to represent the community in a professional manner, has represented the " - " 't I. , '- W ,.. Vijff ill Ife : Cuba are moving forward with construction, and ; Moscow recently released a $350 million credit ; line to Cuba, at least in part to revitalize work on this nuclear complex. 1 ; To address the threat, I offered a two-pronged ', ; strategy that the administration and Congress should use to peacefully avoid this prospective ca- lamity. Diplomatic pressure should be exerted on Russia to stop its assistance, using the potential withholding of U.S. aid as leverage. And U.S. import controls should be readied against any foreign suppliers or financers of this complex. - Only if these measures should fail and Russia were to proceed with the fueling of this facility would the U.S. be left no choice but to destroy the reactors' infrastructure. As there is technically no means to make this Juragua facility safe (short of starting anew), we cannot permit millions of Amer-icans to face the risk of debilitating radioactive fall- out. Roger W. Robinson Washington Ms. Foster community well in the past and has the respect of the various governmental and drug for the same condition was not working anymore. The new drug worked great, and I felt great. Then I went to get a refill. The pharmacy said my health maintenance organization wouldn't cover it but instead was substituting another drug that would do the same thing. Since when did HMOs become doctors? Where is their schooling? Do they know me? My condition? NO! I say let the doctors do their job. I can only hope this new drug works. I cannot afford to pay more than $100 for 30 pills. The HMOs are going to kill us one day. LaVerne Beres Greenacres City Intangible tax fairer than sales tax The editorial "Kill Florida's hated tax with a sensible system" (Feb. 27) fails to point out who really despises it and how it compares with our lovely, sweet sales tax. The intangible tax is assessed on assets such as stocks and bonds and intangible things a person owns that are not property. If a person owns up to $100,000 of intangible assets, he pays a tax rate of .001 percent. And with the exemption of $20, he would pay $80. If a married couple has , $200,000 of intangible assets, they would pay .002 percent with exemption, $160. Contrast this tiny intangible tax to the 6 percent sales tax we pay on most things. On a percentage basis, the intangible tax is peanuts to everybody except very rich people. The intangible tax is so much fairer than the sales tax that any sane person can see which tax is a real kick in the teeth for the average person. What we need are fewer 6 percent taxes on the clothes we wear and more tiny 1 percent taxes on the extremely rich! Joseph Lahey Boynton Beach other entities the mayor has to deal with daily. If the member serving as mayor meets these criteria and brings cohesiveness to the council, there is no reason for a change. To just give everyone a turn at being mayor makes no sense. The city would face losing direction on issues: The continuity with the county, state, adjoining communities and other entities that work with the mayor as the main contact person would change, and ground would be lost. William Besse Wellington PBIA noise as predictable as summer If I bought a house in the path of Palm Beach International Airport's runway, I guess I would ; Editors note: Roger IV. Robinson was senior direc- tor of international economic affairs for the National ' Security Council under President Reagan from 1982 to 85. .Need for nurses not so acute at JFK t The article "Desperate hospitals begging for -nurses" (Feb. 22) reported that some health ex-perts blame the shortage on staff cuts, reduction of .pay increases and replacement of nurses with .technicians in the early and mid-1990s. While this may be valid for some hospitals in certain regions .of the country, it is not the case at JFK Medical . .Center. We have neither cut nursing positions in the past seven years nor lowered nurses' salaries. : I would also like to clarify the figures reported the "nurses needed" column of the accompanying table. The table lists JFK as "needing" 56 nurs complain about the noise, too. But then, knowing that many aircraft other than gliders come and go .into an airport, I doubt that I would choose a home m harm's way. Nor would I buy a house downwind of a garbage dump unless I enjoyed the predictable stench. I guess I just don't get it: What are the logical bases of plans to torpedo PBIA's extension as reported in Vie Post? The Range Rover: 1 pail croquet player, If those who filed suit Wednesday over the ex pansion plan succeed, to which government agency do I appeal to request that South Florida's sum mers be less hot and humid? SHEW Norman Lynn 1 part rugby thuj Lake Worth Treat teachers right to improve schools - , How interesting the facade presented when we Y" hear talk of five-year requirements in education for -X" prospective teachers ("Deans urge more study for teachers," Feb. 23). I agree that the best educators ft are needed for our children. This new idea (although California and New York have had it for years) could complement the sterling climate already in place for Palm Beach County teachers. How about 40 kids stuffed in a portable? Not to mention a salary almost half those LANNIS WATERS3998 STAFF FILE PHOTO WPTV-Channel 5 General Manager Bill Brooks is said to be mulling other job offers. He leaves his post May 31. Brooks has given area bright beacon of service in the states cited above. Perhaps the prospective teachers would be tempted by the 30-year retirement that will pay less than 40 percent of their wages. No, personally, I think no tenure would be the most alluring. Teachers are offered a 3 percent raise after protracted negotiations, and this for one year. Palm Beach County will find it very difficult to recruit quality teachers with these meager offerings and poor benefits. , - !' f ' - . . ,M,v'mi,:miljp rro u q?ilil' "y -1 '-!-, t, - . . ' " - ... "- . - VX.V.,V. , i. .... i. - , Rita D. Williams could not let the news of WPrV-Channel 5 General Manager Bill Brooks' coming retirement pass without adding mv voice to West Palm Beach Editor's note: Rita IX Williams was a teacher for years in Ohio and in Palm Beach County and is now retired HMOs need to let doctors do their job I have been taking a certain drug, prescribed by my doctor for two months, since my former .. those who have expressed their admiration for his service to journalism, to WITV and to the South Floridacommunity. During the past 25 years. Bill has taught me much, starting as a priest at Cardinal Newman High School, as a boss at WITV and, since then, as a valued mentor. Most people know that Scripps' corporate logo is a lighthouse, which gives light so that others might find their way. There is no better symbol for Bill's TV career. He is a shining example of all that is best in TV news, pursuing with vigor the obligation to inform community members about events that shape their lives. WPTV's Food for Families drive and the Brooks-inspired Hurricane Andrew telethon, which raised more than $2 million, are two other high-profile examples of the service Mr. lirooks and PI V have provided. As he looks forward to new ch a! en ires. I RANGE ROVER Write us The Palm Beach Post welcomes letters from readers. All letters are subject to editing for brevity and clarity. Even e-mail and faxed letters must include the writer's name, address and daytime telephone number. You may receive a phone call for verification. "Open letters' or letters addressed to a third party will not be published. Our addresses: Letters to the Editor The Palm Beach Post Martin County Bureau 2101 S. Kanner Highway Stuart, FL 34994 Fax: (561) 287-0242 Internet: letters&pLf wish two things for Bill that South Florida viewers show their appreciation for his contributions and that his beloved Red Sox get another shot at the Series this fall. -1 --"" -y- h"-inriiii 1V1 r liiriifmi Bill Burke Washington Editor's note: Bill Burke is a former U77V- Corner of Okcechobce poilevard and Dixie Highway VMM Oianncl 5 producer and executive producer and now is with Aociated Cress Broadcast Sckiccs. WestPalm Beach 659-6206 Boca 352-6050 1-800-432-3302 " httpyAvwwPalrnBeachMotorCars com Asttm VAirtm )ifm Lantf Roger LMm

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