The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 27, 1998 · Page 48
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 48

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, March 27, 1998
Page 48
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Page 48 article text (OCR)

THE PALM BEACH POST FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 1998 15-38 15-36 15-36 15-38 Trades 15-36 Trades 15-38 Trades 15-27 Professional 15-30 Technical Industrial 15-27 Professional PARTY CHIEF wrth Toial Sia ttofi expwience. SUftvEV SOOTH. Inc. 276 7341. PROJECT ARCHITECT and oetgref, Tnaodew. Cotnti ArchrlectS looting lor miQ defeated, taxied, person net Fax resume to Deway, 561-276-0244 PROPERTY MGR. P B G. P'openy Ugmt Co aeekirg a Property Mgy mih ap at re-oQpng cemera Couege degree i compute tAiMs essential Fax resume 4 salary REAL ESTATE APPRAiSEfl. HPS oHice. Support start. Always ofk 744-&669. SCIENCE TEACHER Wanted tor iaU of 9M. Catlv omc MoJie School Expert-nee necessary Ceflrrtcaton reoutrad Fteswrnea to: Box C'B. Palm Beacft Poa PO Box 24-'00 WPB FL 3346 SECURITY GUARD tor ahop-pg carter D ncense r-Oed Ca 82-M'8 Garoen b ot m.lirj f.a PGA E0 SECURITY, IN-HOUSE D 4 G bcenee reqvtMl Prefer Crimea! Major. La Eftorcmenl exp ca!rfed, or rtMiftary axp Uptow" Do-to 5700 Oeecnooee Bmj weai Paan Beacft. 561-640-7 300 Accry prt. SERVICE ADVISOR COHSULTAMT 6rowm GM osMrenip fa of f&rirg a OppOflrty rv o oin oar Ttc team, Cerrtcate mt posaeaa cert ccraawni cetioe. orsanzatiorel 4 oo-akaia t &e cooler fecr-re. mcote poteatl $OK-&0K. Autonomy Jtpe rienc heM. bt act &ece aanr- We cftv d:e4 oe-tat, We, 401K pua. PVase appy 0 peraon ?o Bcfc Karf wuin, Svfca Oep.. a-Prl bt fta-4p O wo -Free WorfcoNK- Steve Moor Chevrolet Defray Beach, 3'0 S- Faoefi ewy EQ Uf. STOCKBROKERS WANTEO Tved of raise promise era no support? Come row our ex-paror-g, energeitc. tu-aer-rce firm Wwst have Seoes 7. Great Payout. Benefits 4 Traw ra Can Ur Wagrer at rC'eer Caprta: dOO 680-O355 Survey Party CNefs Exp brtmed opene S-6 hr Caa 561 64d-2'05 TEACHER-2 YR OLDS CO A pre d Must tove orkirg w cr.drefi. FT PT. 753-568 TEACHER ASST . neeced for 3 4 4 y OtdS 9-1 Morn. Must be tovmg a energtc. Pre'er COA EOE 433 0061 TEACHER ASST. 3 ft ods. Harerrwi Baptist Day Scnool. 6arr-5pm. Mor-Fn COA re-qred CaLI 663-160 TEACHER Eam - Cmonatoa graoa e. tow rato ax res ft stry req to &44-781Q TEACHER Pre scftooi. PT FT. WPB area Tuoormg i sitr-der.ts at a tcre 692-0846 TEACHER -PreK HRS cert PT or ft Cafl wnenoa ewes. 997 2048. 278 8C79 aaS. LEGAL NOTICES 15-27 Professional CSft 2yr exp. Mon-Fn, Dei;l oriented, exc phone skin, mwiti tasked BArrt Deray, Fa 56 1-265-4999 , DUttsCTOR OF DESIGN Eice -em opponurnty wtn Na 4 ps most established exckt- .manor degn hrm. to marftoe professional staff of 13i9nrt Candidate must tava extensive menagarneol " 4 design t0ffnci. Profes- " .eonaf ASK) preterred. Fax rp-Vdrn- Barbsra SUi-261-6-806 HOLLAND SALLE Y, c EDITORCOPY Suac.a wrd trig rewriting, promoting efcitta a mi km mo. magaztne r r Send return to POlO Players' Edition. 3600 Feu-an Farms ftp. a. WeraftgtOft. FL 33414 ESTIMATOR veoed const, co. Mutt be ofmed m - Tr, new ground up col aoo fluaft'ty taxeof. Serd re4e Ann: Ealtmatoc. 3600 lasimni L 101 33404, lax (Sei) 848 9608 GRAPHIC DESIGNER Fast paced agency eeeta BrO MAC pro! Artists A.St ha.e 3 yrs ad agency exp A outraoeou porttouo- Fax resjre 954-563 9117. HORTICULTURIST ,t. ARBORIST War (ad to numai muttc - L n-g. prohe propnes Wt. be Hmc o? Lvwscpng, "Ta-M on ar-d staff rr.artege- iwni Treves Fax resume to: Horttcwrtansl 21 2) 421-7871 LANDSCAPE MA1NT. Por PfoOoCK Mgr. Exp ree d S'-wgwa- a pte 6QC 56 -65 3 . DFWP MUSIC INSTRUCTOR PT FT ,boro or pano bacfc-- fl-ourd ic leacn r -eat mc , W-o-a- St-&4-6-'X 3-ac- MUTRVrtONlST Led of ExpvO F T Fret Good organt-ii6 A peoce s h$ fj - Fa isiffe 561-626-4642 OFFICE MANAGER W fesgn Frm E-.p wor.-"g vendor. Cets. Corrrt e' Aow-ry to teec records 4 tocm mrjgri rec d Ci T, 388696 Laxe Worn OFFICE MGR ADM ASST Be P&C cater nee-os idv to ::avca! oa orhce op-ffort ecvf5 strong eg aA-i ati to seta, eic com-(sm . PIARw. -j-. rce orfa. cwsior-e ".coctari Fax rejjrse w aai res e ea to Si-5-C-8'5 PARALEGAL - Lrat Reftaf Ca Forii t A-as an Av fated oowiowk PB ftr. se4ng ptamt PI. paaal. &eid Or CH A3fTVW 5i5 H Fas' Of . lOTf F-o. W P a Fl 33407 E0 PARALEGAL F y fmn Law Program EoeterKa m research 4 pacig p'eoaraiof ex-c'-t aecfa'a' ss Pro ttvori y Tfc reautred firftojua- pfeatrrec WP 5 t 4 6 2 anc Wsftoowi M. Concet-" iff &aary 4 dw1i Marf " rssye A salary reouH-emej-rta t-r SwperviV-C Attorney Fary La Lrt Laoa Jd Socy 423 Feffl Si Ste 23C KVB FL 3301 EOE ADA NO. 430819 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLOBtOA IN REr ESTATE OF Donald V. Tom, . Oeceaeed. , PROBATE DIVISION Fee Ihjwrbef CP e-1076-48 Dlvtetoe NOTICf OF ADMINISTRATION (One PR) The edretftntrebofi of the ee-tete ot Donetd V. Trim, oe-caeaed Fee Number CP M-M)76-tB. le pertdlnfl) m the Ctrcert Court for Parny Be act ' Courtty. FlorMe. Probete Dhrt-Ion. fhe eOdfeea of wrech le 300 Norm Dixie Hwy., Meet Patrn Beeerl. FL 31402. The name end addreee of Hie Per-eonai Repreaentetrvo end the Pereonal Repeentatle'e attorney ere aet forth below. ALL INTERESTED PERSONS ARE NOTIFIED THAT: At) pereona on whom tMe notice re aerred who have oofec-Bona (hat challenge the ireed-Hy ot the WW, the qeelrficetiona of the Per eon el Repreaentabve. ventre, or M-rterhction of thra Court are required to We their obtecttona with Ban court WITHIN THE LATER OF THREE MONTHS AFTER THE DATE OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE OR THIRTY DAYS AFTER THE DATE OF SERVICE OF A COPY OF THIS NOTICE ON THEM. AH aeMn of the decadent and ether pereone hevmg cleimae rjemande egaenet de-cadont'e eetete on wvwm e copy of thte notice ta aerved vrnhm three morrthe after the data ot the ftrat pubneetion art thie aobce muet fhe their clerme wit tMe Court WITHIN THE LATER OF THREE MONTHS AFTER THE DATE OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE OR THIRTY DAYS AFTER THE DATE OF BERVICl OF A COPY OF THIS NOTICE ON THEM. Ad other creditor! of the dece- hevw eetete muet then clelme with Haa Court WITHIN THREE MONTHS AFTER THE DATE OF THE FIRST euSUCATrON OF THIS NO TICE. - ALL CLAIMS. DEMANDS AHO OBJECTIONS NOT SO FILED WHi. BC FOREVER BAJWTCO. The date of Ova hrvt Pubec. Bon of one notice M Merc 20, IMS. Attorney for Pereonei O tanbado Fionda Bar No 0O617B4 rfLAfHS. FhOMUCH. XIMES. ME VIA, JtUSSEU. A SUTTER. A 11501 MureocA Cwcm, Bch Fioer Port Charlotte. Fl ISeeB TelepRone (641) BSe-0700 Personal AaaiiaileejuB. Barbere M. York It; Mocha CL Punu Oerde FL IK) ' Pua The Petm Bene Poet Merc 0. IMM NO njjJdi a at irrjs N. Ilium Ave . Bene B. Went Perm beech P ueor Put) Tee Pawn Beech Poet Marc 7, I9QJJ) 'MO ebOdyte) brVTTATtOvi TO B3 TEWbjS COUtry i4TTROCOUT , . RETbOPry mm courers) ' ftoamt palm Bf ACM COUNTRY CLUB " BVO 0 Emtio DATrt yEOtblJOAY. APtML 12. TSBB AT 1 OO P M JF YOUR CObtPAarv WOUiO tut TO RECEIVE THE ABOVE BOUCfTATIOel PACbAO. PLEASE CALL (SB1) B4B-JA7B OR BEND YOUR COMPANY NAME MAA rMG AOOS. Pvroret NuatBER AMD TME BtO DESCRIPTION TO VtLLAOC MANAOER trtu.AG of Nonni PALM BEACH Mi us at XlPmt PALM BEACH. PL Pwbee Nil II re hereby erven Bvet the aa'baeiaa wwewee le reeweer erne fan piwunoe ef Cerborabiaa. Sune ef Fmnda sureuarM Becbee btri t i0-27L Frenbe vhaneiaa IHrO win burbuva rem ve re rvetrme-mron under neee hbea been Bt lab , ,F r 9m Ptnl- Tee Perm Bwucb beet Merc T. -Vt " faO et2B Pubbe kibrl m tenet (Wee to iBbnlar nmb me Pn rami ef Cerbern in Btarre et frMa berauent le lii'bae avMXr (bO-jen. Flanbe Bvjnmel 1bBO. the tv.ebi.wj eeme M C I I II I'l" d M land Ceryj DBA Concrete liili'i'n By Den- I A Ih at AUTO MECHSHELPERS Fun Pan-irme. Exc aenry. health, dental. 401(k) New GooOyear (561) 732 6664. Automotive Orrtailer w pre- Sere cieAnmd exp. rlex rul 561-714-7943 ask tor Ron AUTOMOTIVE B4V SEAAS Auto Center A National Tire I Battery (NT6) need too notch ire mataH- ers lor our locationi in Palm Beach County. We Oder competitive pay, protetejortel bnvwonment, aovancement oprxtrturMtie Appecente are asked to visit one of our locations or est our 24 hours toe hne S6S 41 SEARS, or 6a8-NTB-77l6 EOE. AUTO PERSONNEL -Very busy murt, los desler- elMp hat iTirned qpenrnge lor SERVICE WRITERS TECHNICIANS LOT ATTENDANTS Trite could be the career home you've been looking tor. Excellent pay. benetita vnct. health dental S 40 IK. Appry to. Ken Saltier. 227-6110 SCHUMACHER AUTOMOTIVE 3770 Nortnlake Blvd. Lake Park. EOE. DruB-Free Workplace t AUTO PERSONNEL J : Now adapting &pUctkitt ; for CM-Wy Control PereoR. xcXert pay piar ft teefws. K APPLY m PERSON TO: i TFtACy LOHG ? - FfOGER DEAN CWEvmXET ,2236 Ok9ecrobea 8v0, WPS. AUTO PESONNEL AUTO TECHNICtANS Rapid growing multi-line deat-eratup looking for aggreaarve Bndrviduai tor Used Car Re-CCMXW'Ooang Dept ASE Cert. 4 rnutli-ltne experience a plus. AUTO DETAILERS Experience Preterred. Ec pay. benetita iricl. heafth, dental 4 40 IK Appty in person to: Mike Jones 227-6 Ul SCHUMACHER AUTOMOTIVE 3720 Northiake Btvd, Lake Park. EOE Drug Free Workplace. AUTO SALES SATURN OF WPB Ecttent opporlunrty for new 4 used car Sates Consuftants; previous auto sales experience not req Retail sales exp pref Experience "no hassle ' sUnat Excellent compensa tion 4 benefits (med . dent . Itle .401(k)' tracing 4 more). Contact Sales Mgr for your appt (561) 697-8977 AUTO TECH Exp'd only. AC. drrvatMlity A general repair Apply GoodYear. 6S4-6903. AUTO TECH Great ply , bene ml. euik. xx cert. At, orrv-abikty. alignments, innng bo-nut. DFWP. Wayne. 790 2368 I, AUTO TECHNICIAN ON-SITE GM TRAINING &owlmi CIev?Ovet dBHwarii t ta ottering en ooponvtmy iio Ul i rmx. TjjerLiiju tv rer. w aervtca tesm Yoa vmB wc-rlt wr'.nm a team with our ighy akws tennicirs warn ute teteet GM icfnoogy ft sys-lema. Incoma poteiiet $26K-JaoK. tvat b able to perform brakes, tie-ap servce W provide flted&ai. derttal, ftte, 4t3iK ota!. paid vacation plan, CaH Bob Kaufman &6l-2-3r?S Ivkifl-Fri 6:30am-6pm. PnjAree Worivpiace. EOE. M 'F. ttav Moore Chevroi Defray, 3i0 S Federaj Hwy- . AUTO TECHNICIANS ASE CERTIFIED , HEAVY UNE DRIVEABIUTY : Muet here GM CxprrfuMio $22 PER HOUR - Up to $22 Per How Paid For i QuairWd Technicians baaed ; on Expertenced A Afc f. Certrffcati?na. .- . . WE OFFER: ' MEDtCAL OfcNTAL e CREDIT UNION --OIK RETiREWENT r PROGRAM GmEAT WORK i ENVlRONf-tFNT " PAID TRA!WN3 t PROGRAMS I- EXCELLENT GROWTH OPPOflTUNlTIES r , STEVE MOORE BELLE GLADE :.- (A Ml line OM Dealer) Pleaae Contact Mark Horrtf at: 1 0O76788 EOE Free Worttp AUTO TECH toois. buav Gen Meet. Shop. 40. K 4- benef. COmm pay 547-Q9QT xu. BACK HOEOR AGLINE LOADER - GRADER - ROLLER Opr Call wkdys 10-2 471-4100 lack hoe A Leader Ooer needed Exp A nana a MUST! CaM 59r-&571 NJf'-Z'' EACKHOE OPERATOR 4 PIPE LAYERS Experd for aevvar. water, drainaae CaH BLAZER CONSTR 575-3124. EOE. M'F encouraged to apply. KINDER V PERSON e-p d only. tood pay ft bene Ban yan Printing. LW. 647-9010 BOBCAT and Box Blade Op erators wanted. Boy m or Bch. Exp d (904) raW-OOUJ BOBCAT OPERATOR Exp a must CDL L4aM req d CaH 798-3397 Cabinet Architectural Wood work AH positions available. Quality -oriented, professional at 1 it ude. Call Mick fi76tj. CABINET BUILDER - Expe rienced for small custom furniture 4 cabinet aftop Must be Quality mtnoed a naro womer. can uan rj .jupiier Cabinet Buildertn. taller. Hi ah end woodworking snoo Ep d orty Benefits 732 3005 CABINET trstalier Helpera. EiorJ Need tranaoorlauon Good pay ft benefits. CaH 694 2467 (pgr 326-4888) or nammocJC neserve oe corner Uthtarv Trt 4 Lmtofl Bvd Defray See George EOE CABINET Service Penan Must have own toois Cea Terrie. 10-12 Canac Krtcnena 661-533-5920 CARPENTERS-TRIM Htghend Experience 4 tool req d Call 501-369-8236 CARPENTERS Exoenenced. finish carpentry, drywali. metal tramvig, tor aH phaeee Muet have loota 4 transportaiiofi 561-842-5137 CARPENTER Slaw Co rteeda nslellera tor orod a custom air ran Shop hetp Broward ft Patm &cn co boi-rji-jjoo CARPENTERS 4V CONST CARPENTERS Form 4 Frame. Muat have toototreneportat CONfiTRUCTtON HELP - la- borera ft Hetpera 7 hewty TRIM CARPENTERS aeaaad. Good pay. overt tme Muat have at uira too. jHJPTTf R . . WPB Lk Worth . Oetray Boynto 747 3843 . 582 9006 733 4919 CARPENTERS Hvy form work 4 concrete placing own trana Carroa Bros 684 7484. EOE CARPENTRY PUNCHOUT SERVICE PERSON Owa-ed for ttedtr-ij frworfc 4 ftare-were Boynton So PB Cmy Mwat hee trwck or van and tools DFWP 561 736 3867 CIC MACHINIST FT poa tone open to year exp req d Comtpi-fve p- beoe- ft! ,y PP' T - CONCRETE PLATWORK form ft vh Top pay tor me "9"- P0" ..TwnZZ PJ 4 Cecrete Predicn 9 ww wrT" rhe foiww-g po--- LIC 0 FC Laf T OPEN A a eta A yahdft ajyr-w- SKILLED LABORERS bood Saienr tC Aotp-v M ptartM-A a 16C Ho Aroewe i PTs-pe-d Bc of ra tM 7vjq CONCVETE SLAB WORK Ep.-0 Ct 1 Co mp ea ft r rm CONSTRUCTION LAAOAERS fHPfMASONS Smedy gooo par e4 too Drvfte or D COriaVton worse's Pfeanc ep pet 804 Mi-am D t-a--e V 1 1 73 f 'J( C rvF el F Trade SERVICE ADVISOR Ed Morae Honda seeks professional customer oriented individual lo torn our aervice staff This individual muat be detail oriented and willing to work hard lor above average income. Honda or Acura exp pref We are a Honda Preal-denl Award Winning dealer-ship that wante th BEST Great benetita (meddenltl-fe40i(k)Paid Vac A more) Apply lo Timothy Duran Service Mgr. Ed Morae Honda-9279 AH A t-A. Lake Pa'k- 581-844-PrUU kiuik - yirn STEEL ERECTORS neailed lOf commercial uunei- ft yra exp Good aalary 4 bens-fit. DFWP 6B IJBjMWM SUPERINTENDANT Flahar Clark Const, seek 8u(it wcommerclal backgtound. Resume Attn: 8upa(intn(lanl via lax (681) 848 9808. via mail 3800 Investment In. tt 101 WPB 3:1404 SUPERINTENDENT For General Woika portion of large project. Muat be otga-nized In ached ul log 4 papar work, Proiecl looaled in Siu-art Area. Fax reauma 4 saiaiy requiremenla: 40 -26 304ft6 SUPERVISOR MAINT. OPERATIONS Aalst Department Mngr Hi maintaining beautiful 36-acra living facility. This is a hands on position. Must have excellent communication and lead ershtp skills and exp. In facility maintenance. Right parson has knowledge In AC, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, landscaping and pool care. Past experience in construction a plus. Muat have knowledge ol local, stat and federal regulations. We oiler comparable wage and an excellent benefit package. Join our team of professional. Send resume to: Box D68, Palm Beach Post. SURVEYING Party Chief and Inalrument Peron tor WPB aurveying rirm. ojz-uqqu TIRE CHANGER. TUNE-UP TECH 4 ALKjNMENI icun. Exp'd. Apply at Goodyear, 1231 North Dixie, Lake Worth. PL reqd, EEOUr-WK TREE SVCCLIMBERS Hope 4 aaddie experience. Drivers licenae a must. Bene tita. 40 nra. eo-iu4o Tree Trim mind oreter cert Arbonat wrope a aaoaie exp 4 drivers lie Deiray 496-1368 tduck DRIVERS needed, experienced, with cul ctass A OO I -DOQ-jfr-ra J. urnr, cvi. TRUCK DRIVERS OTR driver team needed, noma weexiy Tnn eoutomentl Tod oav. Re fer and foliage experience necessary, sei dvu -voio UPHOLSTERER FT, exp d Good oppty tor serious moi- viouai uan paj i ojo u-f WELDERFABRICATOR exp. or appren , 40 hrswk, pee Tvetoing. nrp, oid-dwj WELDER tuti tana. axo. nee. DFWP 581-793-0322 WINDOW S DOOR INSTALLER Estab d company, benenis. D.F W.P. Call 832-3211 WOODWORKERS: expert enced Saeh a Door Bunders for tast-grcjwtng AWI co., top pay a penems! aei-oo WRECKER DRIVERS CDL, experience preterred. Drug rree caw 9d .Aaou EXPERIENCED Store Front window tnaiaaera need ed. Full-lime position. Excel lent paybenefrt DFWP. Catl 941-496-0344 WANTED Fxo'd Glass Mech ' (iiazier. !3 4 nr. Own tool. CaH 561-471-0407 15-38 Restaurant LoungeClub AIRPORT FOOD SERVICE POSITIONS CA ONE Servicee ha excel lent FT PT positrons available at all (PoiA) Airport r-au teen- rttea. Early a.m. ana ener-noon'evenma position for: CASHIERS SERVERS UTILITY WORKERS m COOKS Permanent Poaftionl Weekend work required. Very good benem a 4 compenaaiion Meal and parking provided bthm fura Aoofv m oer son. Monday thru Friday at CA One Servicea office. 2nd level PBIA. EOE-MF-D'V-Drug Screening, Asst. AAanagers READY FOR AN ORIGINAL? TRY "the ORIGINAL PANCAKE HOUSE" W are growing In the Trt-county area and rooking for nanos-on. energetic. Managers, in but a nee. Bonuses. 401K and More Fax Resume 954-797-4923 Mail: PO. Box 16971 Plantation, Fl. 33318 BAGEL BAKER Full lime. experience neceseary 561 364-8808, 561-883-3223 BAGEL BAKER WaUtngion ara wm tram, a an tor Michael, 795-3334. BAKER 4 Counter FT PT wilt train, AM hra. Muffm cirmarnon rolls Boynton Man 3Ctf-btfi4. BARTENDER AM Shift Muet be flexible. Exp pret. Appry: Mon-Fn after 7pm; Sal 4 Sun after 12 noon at Bay City, 4240 Northiake Blvd.. P B G. Bartender, Daye Servers. Food Runners PantryDessertGrill A Host Staff m Carmine's Ocean Grill, OA Blv. PBG 824 1 141 BARTENDERS , Deck Hands 4 On -Call Banquet Servers Atlantic Coastal Crwaea ia seeking energetic 4 enthusiastic people Appty in person, PhM Foster Park. 900 E Blue Heron Bvd. Singer Island Bartender Server lor local pons bar grill. P'T. Good work cond WPB 7 12 8359 BEACHPOOL SERVERS FT 4 PT, AM 4 PM Bussers Bartender Room Service Attendant AoDfy in Deraon. everyday. 2 4: Juprter Crab Co . 181 Ocean Ave Smger lei CASHIERFOOD PREP Mud be last, fftanory a reli able Aocry at loc. after 2pm: Ruaao a Suba. 1262 North lake Blvd. K Mart Ptua. 845 7722 CASHIER Ram Dancer Steak House Poartioa avail, very busy rastawrarit aeeka neat, organized, rekabte peraon, bank exp hetpfuf Muat be able to work weekends caa Jm or .Jeff 884-281 1 EOE CASHIERS SHIFT MORS HT Ub. bKvHS atjUU WK vVEHOV 3 5! 68T 8534 CHEF COOKS ftaban Foodt Saute axp req'd Top pey to qualified person! 561 738 6262 COOK, break last 4 kinctv full pen time. epercea, win tram. Dek mn. 964-1116 COOK Deii Real Eip pref. AM I PM ah'fta avai. Aoory GCHiMET DELI HOUSE 7107 Lk Worth Hd 965- iBOa COOK F T, 40 nrs wk App'y person- Roe s Key west Oa 4088 Foreat Hi Brvd . P B aak tor Tm or Donrua No Phone Caa P-eaae COOIC, GREAT U tonn nun. -n Cl 897 2856 COOKS, AM 4 PM tvrft .ith tateuranc evaa A.-oiv Lgerhed 11803 US COOKS F T P T AddV person: twcntNNAs i-tx., 4636 Jog Rd S . Greenacrea COOKS leeeer VMsge A Cleserc ReSKMece b MyatL CCHC ra koosm tor eidrv la pise seieda n loo. FT. Hrs ernna oeyrj-very FP KMor boo aet. lareel benetita. laLeeraa Vmeae. 27 2 OonnrjHy Or . Lamen. Fl 3342 AC tO( COUNTER HlF PBEP WOOK renerrietic persoa wssosa ror usy oowniow" lie. vr, i Sty w NAruRt s way CAFE " '3 COUNTER HELP - CSmnrn Doners, est en bowtrre. WPB hvrrn tor et aivita Good wsoes 7t-0O39 Sieve EbuMTBT CLUB eeede Weri bisrt bus bisn tsooo Bene-fas Teer roerw boerrroria Lea Jenra ida 2p Se t str ixio 6ARA6R SALE UT A PROFESSIONAL HELP PLACE A CLASSIFIED AO ANO CALL FT Restaurant loungeClub Ca A Sanrari " ) Macaroni; Grill BOYNTON BEACH Frjattkina Available, for: y i SERVERS I Cr.p'd Uw COOKS I 4 HOST STAFF Ero Top $S$! OrMt Benwfits! Tuiilnn Atislttrinc Piatt, J fjiiin)llitiei!lr Moal Prorjrarn 1 A f-mviuie Qchedullrig all m I fori A O'uanizad rVotitmg 3 AlitittMtieir , - : t MMf'DIATP JOB OfTEflS . Wll I. HE MADE TO i MlALrrUftl AJfLICANT8l , J. Bo tlnp by today A fiH mil en appllcalioD at i f-Ronmiio't macahoni anitt 1S01 N CtHigreM Avnini L in Hoynton Baach o 011 Clark Top pay lor riant peraon FT. Apply 264 S. Octan BlvrJ Ltnlana 562-7160 GRILL COOK Nights for busy year round rest. Need prof 'I. ft exper O'Brian's 12860 US t. JUNO BEACH HEAD COOK Exp'd! Apply in person Cafe 0' Jan.. 225 E. Ocean Av. Lantana 688-7496 HOSTHOSTESS SB.&O'hr, benefils after 30 day, FT. Apply: AMiCI, 288 8. County Road., Palm Beach. HOST STAFF S8hr. Days or Evea, HTr-r avail, jonn bun, WPB. Call 697-2856 HOST STAPf FT year round poettion. vyeft esisuRaneg restaurant. Apply between t 8 -1 1 or 1-4 DECESARES PLACE FOR BIBS X 839 US Highway I, NPB HOT DOG CART PERSON F-TP-T, SALARY COMM' TIPS Call 954 971-9366 KITCHEN MGR TRAINEE Italian Restaurant m Boca. Call Nuno, 417-4149 Kitchen Sous Che 4 Wait staff. Apply Dorian Gray Rest. 351 US1, Jupiter. 743-9800 LINE COOK SI0HOUR Must have heavy broiler experience, PM work Boynton Ale House, 681-736-0591 LINE COOK - PT Apply in B arson. Brass Ring Pub. 200 3 Hwy. 1. NPB. 848-4748 LINE COOKS DISHWASHERS PTFT. Must Be Experienced Cafe Chardonnay Busy year round Health Ins. Apply between 2-4 daily! 4533 PGA BLVD PBG LINE COOKS Experience preterred. Apply. Mon - Fn. 2-4 THE OLIVE GARDEN. 1890 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. LINE COOKS Experienced. ALSO CASHIER Appry in person: TESTASS. 221 Royal Potnciana Way. Paim Heacn. LINE COOKS 4 SERVERS OLIVE GARDEN 500 1 Lake Worth Rd LINE COOKS, Starting at SiOhr with experience Apply btwn 2 5 Mon Sun. ROSALfTA S 5949 S Congress. Atlantis. 964 5747 LINE COOK with Broiler E-p Great Texas Land 4 Cattle 6000 N Military Tr WPB- mile North ot 45lh St MANAGEMENT Mm 6 yrs futi service exp. Send resume to RJ Gatora. 10998 Okeechobee Blvd . RPB. FL 33411 or fax to (561) 790-0015. Management More 30K avg bonus of $700' frith Corp Spvr 50K Dtr Ops 60K We deliver more than just 0122a... we deliver a career! Check out our MIT program: Career growth $250 bonus wnen promoted to Store Mgr m Tramrng Comprehensive paid training Exc benefit (med dent 40 1 K eic) Franchise opptyl You muat posses Strong leadership skills B 18 yrs od w valid drivers hc 4 good driving record. Call today for your slice ot the ptel 1 8O0 313 6339 EOE DOMINO'S PIZZA MANAGER - DENNY'S Franchise. Experience onry Must be hands-on people par on Fax resume: 533 9761. MENS A LADIES LOCKER ROOM ATTENDANTS F'T exp helpful Apply at- WYCLIFFE. 4650 VVYCLIFF COUNTRY BLVO L W . Df WP POOL ATTENDANTS 4 waitsiatt f-'l. Apply: Dlwn 2-4pm. Aberdeen Gotl A CC. 8?St Aberdeen Or Bovnlon Bell Fl 33438 DFWP 738 403 PROFESSIONAL SERVERS For Fine Dinmg, please cell 279-02P9 RESTAURANT HELP TOOJAYS - OELRAY POLO SHOPPES Hiring AH Positions. Apply: 5030 Champion Blvd. Aft 2pm. Restaurant CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN NOW HIRING!! Servers (mfn. IB yra) Hoat'esi Appty In person daily 2 30-4 30pm The Gardens Man on POA RESTAURANT POSITIONS REO HOT ft BLUE i RESTAURANTS Ar seeking reliable, leer players toi both locelioris tor the loHoevrej positions Cooht Servers Hoete Carry Out Ceehieft Apply In person 7 dev betw4M 2-4pm " 170l South Fed,rat Hiyrtway, Da-ay 8cn end E216 Prrkn Beach take Blvd. Weal Patnt Beeon ; RESTAURANT HELP TOOJAYS LAKE WORTH A PALM BCH SERVERS CASHILHS BUS COOKS DEU Pieaae Apply a. Parson 419 La Av 52 87 313 Royi Poincin 659 7232 RESTAURANT HELP TOOJAYS PBG A JUPITER e AM PM SERVERS CASHIER-COUNTER - DELI Fu 4 part time Dav 4 Eve-nrga Top M Busy Loca tiona 822 8131 627 8555 belor 1 1 am or after ?pm SAUTE A OR GRILL COOK Ep 4 Ret Re-q Appiv person 3 y Mof-dv-Fr-day. JTAR(X) 71 WCTM AV PB SERVERS BUJSERS For MH.hel Real FT PT Fy bearer p-3 D WP Apply bfwfl 7 4 S us t, Tg.Htata- SERVERS Coo. CoAjriia Hetp B.SV apacaie Bch front Reat Cae Ljne Rfe S S Ocee Bod Oeat Appry btwn 3 5pm 981 2'4 94Q4 SERVERS CRAB POT Hgn vrtwsa weieHront eee-too reaiawretvt o Hm-wQ e-pe Serve AM PM Apcv at p-r only an)- 1 1 OO m et x East 6 s i-irTfj B'vd SERVER X m: -3T j'A,f 8 . i ear fcvs Hgn va- - real fUaf pav"-g Kt town 4 beaMte f-X''v e ! ABBEY ROAO ICMOO N Miaiery Tr PBG SERVERS Greet Jo B an-ts f" ri Da. a o - a '" La- 8 tb SERVE AS rvv. vpv-v vee Oajr ' aaeaj 4J bet-- f T T iCK0 tVJ HP K 4fr-.1i-iv AVr- k F 7 M- t-.i fMvt Ebeod ' (. 8vd W SE VE S AeMee or ' Aw- tn Trades LANDSCAPE FOREMAN CDL etas A Must reao Event- EOE M F. 581 347-8780 Of 7t9-0949 LANDSCAPE MAINT FORE MAN m-t. Exp. necessary. Bersems avail caa intt BROS SERVICES at 744-68S6 i aywai aaaiMT. Exo m all ohesee. Mwat be reUbie Own tran Start $7 hr 753 8507 LavnOrnamental Spray Teen For Boca area mi have clean Florida drivers cenaa DFWP S .0 per hour bexeefna- Can ipm .'tt-w LICENSED J3jrnevrnan for pal osTt-ceH installationa. psece Work. Benefria. SIGN-ON BONUS, Company truck, 40UI0. tfrWr1 tut 800-808-4770 LOADERLABORERS need ed. Experience neeaeo 56 1 -888 0288. DFWP, EOE LOADER OPERATOR Exp tor Land Clearing co. CaH 954-753 2624 LOCKSMITH needed. Road service, shop 4 count Exper. only. FT. Benefit a 4 Pension w ' growing EOE DFWP. 439-6731. LOT PORTER Immediate opportunity available for new car get-ready Porter. Muat haw wstid FL Driver a license. be 18 yra. old and have dean driving record. Full-time, excellent ben IDs pkg. Apply in oer son Al Packer Ford Wast. 10601 Southern Blvd. Royal Palm Baach. No phone cans pieaae. LOVWSOV DRIVER Class CDL, 2 yra exp. Must be able 10 operate oozer, toaoers track hoes to load onto low-tvw Uiimt he able to work 80-80 hra weekly. Local haul. Good oav 4 benefit EOE- (561) 640-0888 LUBE TECHS Mobil Lube E pre, exp d helpful but not nee. top pay, exct oenema. ureal workplace, can 863 7208 or 241-7853 MACHINISTS A CNC MACH Growing automation co. n, ri. Eve 4 wknd hra. 56 1-646-6746 MACHINISTS Busy, eatab- kafvad co. needa machmil with CNC background Experi ence witn maenme aei-ups niua FT -4- benefits. Deer held Beach. Call Ralph (954) 427-9998 ext. 151 MAINT. WORKER Harbour s Edge a upscale life care retiremenl community aeekmo a Maintenance P son with 6 yrs general carpentry, atectneal and plumbing axp Good corTimunication kills necessary. Excellent benefit package. Pickup and submit application al security gate, aui t. Lwion uivu., uw rav Beach or tax resume Attn: Director of HR. 561-272 4190. EOE M r MAINTENANCE ASSISTANT tr FuU-time. tor senior avmg cornmunity. Mechanical 4 etec tncal aptnuoe required. Expe rience preterred. Muat enjoy working wrth aemors. Good foenafila! "Aoofv at Df son weekdays 1 6am-3pm at THE CLASSIC, BlOO commons cir. West Palm Bch ur wr-aoa MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR Concord tvtanagernant seeks a individual to nanate maanienance activities at our new community in Port St. Lucie. The ideal candidate ww oe experienced in plumbing, electrical. HVAC, carpentry, doo4. oroundakeepinq etc dividual muat possess good organteTattcnalcommunicalion skill and be able to handle multiple project at one time. A mm ot 2 yra avperviaory experience 4 EPA HVAC cert -Ilea t ion i required We offer a friendly and pro fessional wont efmrorvneni, competitive eelary and bene fits ror conaioeraiion, f a a send re sum 4 i requirement a to Dept. MSTC FAX: (561) 336-4262 Tiffany Club Apartments 1&00 SE Tiffany Club Place rort &t. Lucie, tl J4Vo. Marina Mechanic wanted. board ' Outboard exp. only. benetita. Call 954-425-8022 MASON LABORERS and APPRENTICES. Own trana a muat Top pay. (561) 968-4273 MASONS and LABORERS FT, exp rea d. tjeorge rarner Masonry loo .J oow-101 1 MECH. EXP'D Diagnose Dri- vaoiiity. own tooia. looo sal ary, uetray oci vm-vvo Mechenic's Heloer Ed Morae Honda nas an an- medeaie ooemna tor a chanic'a Helper. Soma auto motive exp. najapiui, tvtuai have neat 4 clean working habits: vad rt drrvera uc muat, Apply in peraon ask for Tim Ouran Service Mgr., Ed Morae Honda, 9275 Ait A-t-A. Lake Park - E.'U E ur-WK METAL FRAMER A PUNCH OUT. run time. Tool 4 trana- port. requited. Call 626-3143, hmo urywau trie. OPERATOR lor CNC Router kt LW aign ahop. No experience necessary, otto OPERATORS A TRUCK Drivers. Exp d. Clasa A 4 B. (581) 582 2860 DFWP PainterBody Person Experienced Auto production paint en-op. ftppry hi pereon. 4Q5 H Military i rati, wko PAINTERS 6 yrs. axp. Tranap, U Vs., yfamibt m ee TiiX3re m must FT, top pay 712-9987 PAINTERS tnirv tevet do, open to dustnal powder ft hgh oMs coattrvg applicator. Good pay ft bna. POMA Corp.. 790-5799 PAINTERS NEEDED For rmml ft reaadenttai work Must be wilrvj worker, advance- ment poss i paj oi fr PAPER CUTTER Experienced. computer tied 45 Wohlenbero cutter API 883-7145 DFWP PARKING LOT STRIPER tor orowna co. Must know lavout. make ft eataiier car at ops CDL fcc a Pay based on exp. Ht red onz gaf.; PEST CONTROL TECH. Great pay a benema wta tram Jupiter 74P -ifest PEST CONTROL Exterior Tech Experience preferred can wick. 4J-uouu PIPEMUD PERSON w 6; Se exp UrKtergOAjrid Utrt. E Deevan tnc 747 9547 DFWP PLUMBS R -A ACK PLOW TECH Benefit pkg CaH Dee Maria Kiog tw aw l-w PLUMBER muat hav car 4 valid FL drrvera he. repiurnb exp hetpful Beneflta. can o-vriAJ or joo Jertn PLUMBERS Exp d wanted FT for CmtrieT-tca' RaSedentia work. Good Pay' 732 8741 PLUMBERS ft Exp d HtOf needed DtVosta ate Detrey thra Jupiter Top pay a oene-fns CH 820-1218 or 10385 k on wood Rd , PBU. EUt PLUMBERS Piece Worker tor established company. Must hav looa ft transport tbrMM CmII far a rxan intent Z.cero S tnc 547 t6O0 DFWP PLUMBERS-SERVICE A HELPERS lor buy xad-a cornpany Immediate open ag Good bonehts 793-3 1 69 tut vrvwr POOL PERSONLABORER POOL CONST p d! CaH 748 2588 JP Krtteamer EM PRE-HUNG Door Ihf Exp leput - wt tram invned OovfQ MF. 7 3 30 627- 1768 622 9109 EOE 134 Rrveraade Dr Palm Bch Gdna PRESSMAN (H F) A 8 Dtck 9400 Ce Deve at THE K WELL. Juprter 561 748 1441 PRESS PERSON Exp in rvtoh quenty 1 a 2 cowr on o Dck BOCA COLOR GRAPHICS 1 800 854 3427 QFWP ROAD MARKING Prarjnrot w-m COL for Strip-r-a Co m Jupner 746 6123 EOC Drug Free wprkptece ROOPERS. 8vera ft Laborer nded Wnrrmd svorti CH 5l 848 2285 Of 309-O296 Ravin Gen. Maint Sec. ror a rie rroc mgi i-t erm accobafits a Broward A PA cnte Covpt van aup-pted Atnty to 0r-aOBatTte hsstory o botng eM atftne ft P'Orfacwscy Mech E-ecfr. imjt Roof Reoa Cieen Up ft tr-erpacy Raaooree Oeea eVw retvord CrO-vx Mot exp a piwe Rew-ie HR Dept 22ft C Roit-naon S . Ste 800 Oanoo FL 329CI or tax to C7 425 3'87 EEO Sale Service Tack Boy. Boa ixi-e a eet control -agrt-oet p-3 copvtmieaiori m tvoe-iry Ped it4-b. tv bevwaMa. AtXn"i Eawf, aairiarJp4 acat wors a f 8 cc. 7w SEAMSTRESS a t for boet cva. rAtpfvoWetry. Lk F- eip SEAMSTRESS h--w ct4bop. a aOtBT jp bTeairrvonia 58 8' 0 SEAMSTRESS F rto-av4pt- r'n A reetmoa. ef a eja 17 7 e . SEAMSTRESS M F sipe- ec-d m wear ft 6 -Ta 78 SEAanSTRESS iJPMOL S Cam tract- A4orEstimtr lor apt Sfle n Boynton Beach. Protect marsaoement exp a plus. Exp d on!y need apply rax resume tsoif -' Counter Perwt. t Parts Pufter lor auto salvage yrd Lpe-o- aoe. expo. &et-jo-w DEMOLITION DRIVER FiDd Cleu A COL. Pie a i-mjuire 231 NW 18th Ave Def ray iJcn. Lan aei-sfo w-xjo DRAPTSPERSON for custom cabtnet aftop- Boyrrton area 734-3f44 DRIVER Aircraft Service Intnl. - PBIA. Tractor Trailer - CDL. Clasa A, Tanker ft HAZMAT enoor-e- meAta. Local rauwa have 2 yrs exp 6493-7992 DRIVER Claee A Flatbed e pAnertce a must. Home most weeervas ev Mi-wiyo DRIVERHANDLER Loading A uruoadirig. Class B dnver DFWP. Boyrtton 735-3667. DRIVER OTR tractor 4 trailer. must have clean COL, must have re-Tig exp. Apply n person: 7030 Maverhai Rd.. WPB. DRIVERS NEEDED Exp pref. Won emergency medical transport. Appty 2)21 S Mot- tary Tr. or caa awju. DRIVERS. OTR Class A CDL, home often. Call for appt. (561) P9Z-Z313. DRIVER WANTED! Reaton4ie. artth dean drtv- ing record. COL keen Class u. some neavy iming. lornun xpertence, oiiiriguaJ a ptas. Catl 561-783-54. ELEC ELECTRICIANS IJeianer Electric la heing exp a Journeymen, Mechanici A Helpers with commercial experience for protects m all Eans ot browaro ram each counties. Call or coma in. Hmng iMMtutA l tLT . The best pay, th best bene fits A the best eiectncel learn mi South Florida. ME1SNER ELECTRIC rjj3S-B0r362 S6I-27B-S362 220 NE 1st St. Deiray Beach. FL. can lor oirectrone, vou'H be alsd vou did. EOE U F-DV DFWP Elctrlcl Jburnymn M'F Lrc'd; A Helper! Comm 'Bend lop pay a oeremi ooo-oooo ELECTRICAL Joumevmen r-oreman - Mr- lop r-ay. tareat workma conanioni PB Brwrd Call 561-989-OS30. ELECTRICAL Experienced buper mienoent tor acftoo. project. Rel req. Self-atari er. Great opportunity. Fast Trac Electric, 561) 743 8055 ELECTRICIANS wanted Ao- pr entice' Helper. In 4 bene- his aau. Lg lerm. i i-iu ELECTRICIANS WITH EXPERIENCE. SAFARI ELECTRIC. 964-7639 ELECTRICIANS 4 HELPERS Man. 2 years exoerience. Benefits. DFWP. Call 1 -BOO- 273-3371 or 964-340-5242 ELECTRICIANS, Htlperty Piece Workera. PBG area. 358-6806. 795-6950 ELECTRICIAN Needed tor senncs dept. Experience needed. Exc pay, ben. 401K and pd holsick- ivac. cau tor appt: 561-744-2192. EOE. ELECTRICIANS MECHANICS B HELPERS For large national co. Comm'l moustriAl only, txc i benefit! Long lerm employment. tLrfc Vr-Ytr use OPJ-VYDO ELECTRICIANS, Foremen M F. Svc. Tech. MF. Apprentice! A Helper Exc osv healthdenlatlile. 401K. vac. hoi pay EOE DFWP Call M-r, b-o, rjuv-eeo-ouio xiu elcon ElectriciansForemen $500 Signing Bonus Large electrical contractor is seeking career oriented Foremen ft Journeymen (m'f) for its South Florida operations. Commercial and Industrial exp. req. Top pay. incentive bonuses, aoi'Kj. meotcai. pa vacations ft cafeteria plan. CaH 954-563-9758 Patrick Power Corp ELECTRICIANS Journeymen. Foremen for commercial work. Benefits. 401k. EOE Fax resume to 954-753 5252 ELECTRICIANS LIC. FOREMAN (MF) Co. Truck provided. MECHANICS, hriy 4 piece Co tool provided Httn Vision Dental his 401K Vacation ft Holiday. Long Term Residential Work. SIR ELECTRIC 561 738-9000 ELECTRICIANS local co. looking lor Electricians, Mechanic ft exp d Helpera. Competitive wages, vacation, sick pay ft 401(h). All local commercial work, CaH 681-841 8414 tor confidential mlerview d DFWP ELECTRICIANS Minimum 3 year a. exp Commercial work. a (581) 790-1830 ELECTRICIANS Rough ft Final Crew Re protects, Patm Beach Cty 954 348 7780 ELECTRICIANS Service amaH jobs ft fob Foremen. PB ft Broward Counties flete Top pay 4 banes DFWP 1-800 394 7174. ELECTRONIC TECHS- lela- cornrrtfatione repair F T. Fax resumes 581 840-0431 EQUIP OPER Muat be exp to operator traefchoe. dozer ft loader. Land clearing axp help-fut. Irnmed opening. DFWP Good pay 4 bene EOE 60 0888 ESTIMATOR Experi4rnced dividual needed tor exterior- interior milfwork products 4 quote creations Boynton Beach 736 3667 DFWP FACILITY MAINT. ASSISTANT F 'T Tool ft exp req. Benefit avail. Apply betw t0-4pm at WYCLtFFE. 4850 Wycitff Country Blvd. L W . DrWP FENCE INSTALLER F T Muat have truck, tool 4 experience in wood ft chain- link CaH 796 8972 FENCE INSTALLERS For cham w - aiumsnum PVC mataitation. Expertonced installers only wrth Fia Class B kcense. Top pay 4 benetita. Martm Fence Co. Ask lor Jim, 848 2688 EOE DFWP PENCE SUB CONTRACTORS For cham tank fence installa tion in Broward. Perm Beach ft Marian count. Experienced matador only lnaurarce ft equipment required Top pay EUc Mar i wi rence is4j 848 2866 aak for Jsnv PIELO SUPERVISOR tor BECKER GROVES, with urige lion maintenance ft citrus ex perience CaH lor appt . (56 1) 481-1180, or tax resume to 48-14i7 EOE DFWP FIRE EQUIPMENT SERVICE TECH VJO wk training aata-ry Futt beneWa 663-9900 FOREMAN M F Work oper a 5yr exp Undergrd Utn tut Oeevan Inc 747 9547 DFWP GARDNERS EXP'D, W P B. ferpHA TECH EXP - JUMItH EOE DFWP 683-4238 GUTTER INSTALLERS and APPRENTICES wanted hiH time Good pay (561) 793 gir HEAVY EQUIP MECHANIC Excavator Loader Operator Class A hetpful &6D 637 2574 HEAVY EQUIP MECHANIC Must nave exp nnowteogaoe i hyreunc repairs a weramg Own tools a muat Tranaporta-tt neaoftable Good 4av ft HEAVY EQUIPMENT Oper ator tor ana tMveoprte- company Apply at Ryan Inc . 788 S Matfiar Trait Deertiekt Beach E OE OF W P HURRICANE SHUTTERS tnsta'ar - Repev Peron W- ftraun Fit. DtM tOO ft trwCk pjt rtor rtec wwrey w INSTALLER INSULATION Exp or w Un. ri pay oene-fits. DFWP . 954 a 29 9057 INSTALLER E W-dow treetmeTl6 CO viowexiY a kiv-ae o tnd Rea ft van rtbej Caf BAOG't tor appt IMITALLERS wttti pevoervg vp naeoeo tor pw beatir co Cak 74 Wl IRRIGATION Inataker Serce Tfivcn. eee irnwrwwv w cea d"ver kc 7Q-Ofe58 IRRIGATION TECH tor god co ve rcnon wier-avT-wmm Ce feoirce D--n sfpf apptrn eve IRRIGATION TECH w exp to itvMcaoe rif-n to SS t to PO Boa Jix-ier FL 3W8 JrOURNEVMAN ELECT. tHffrdK te SM r ) l-m-B CtTBir-TT tree Tr-p hoy pey Heerth rvttrmmmm monm ofxw ft CO it' Ford vmr 55 0'B KIT CM CABINET MAK ER BxHir)ef Omtm t w ' 5p pey. LA not S-CA p rrr P- fJ t - L--T Bin, r r i ," i - -1 (wAAOERS A MASON. TEACHER preechoot ope-tfg. F T, tow ratio class rma Green Acres. 433 9331 EOE TEACHER P I lor atterscrvxd program ta Jucxter Jo a y t lean o educatora. 747 1003. TEACHERS A ADS ,0i Ctviaian Pfe-Schoot FT PT ha Boca Can &6i 39t 2t7t TEACHER Sm pmaie achool in Jup needoe Math Teacfter. grades 3-9. Ret red welcome Fax resume sc wa- TITLt CO . POST (XOSEB Exp oniy H Psmi branch ol stat-vMM 9cy P" De- M FAX rnn Sei-842-1988 TITLE CO PE-PnOCSSOR PROCESSOR Ep only N. PM CmrKti ot ftl aoncy. Fw &eoMi FAX fawn to Ml-ftM 39IS oi CsJ Hwnpnno. Sflt-&4-4a80 TITLi CO . POST CLOSER Eio ofr N Palm braJKA of ata-w0a agncy Full be- fflt FAX resume to M1-d44-38 15 ot can Iron Humprmos SS t -644-4 960 TrxtTTrlatr Imtrvctor tor PT 1 FT poMMM ! LakO Worth srto CaR Key Power (3Q5) 371 5SS5 Travel Aoent Eip Gmtse Asent atcreaae yowr earrmga. worth the orrve. Ca 600-437827 TRAVEL AGENT Seefcmg expeoerrced geH tor growirg travel agency. Meat be last and detati ortem-ed. Wortdapart preterred Fax resumes to 561-287-0136 or CJ 561-287-3121 PERMANENT FT Position veuab-a at npb Pedorrnc tacwtty Hours ftexa. Excellent worn eenron-menL Customer service an-eoied proeaaonaia need only appty Call Cftfia. 642-7400 15-30 Technical Industrial 2-WAY RADIO Expending company irxMung for team players: INSTALL ES BEhrCH TECHS SCRVCE MANAGER Str. btta. prof Sharing. Appty n pereon. M F & 4 Crtatw CrnnurcatKns. TOO Fia Margo hc., bh wkb AUDIO VISUAL TECHS Expanor3 AV co. aes Tech tor PBG area 2-4yrs exp Fax resurre stfWTio CUSTOMER SERVICE wnmed opeTMng tor peocw onemed person wrth good matft skaa and great toMow-tfvru Data entry, computer 4 booKkeepwng aarJls heiptut-Fast paced ewornt. DFWP Appry ia person today at Beer Furniture Snowcase, 910 U S Hwy t. WPB or 2324 N. Wrtary Trl. WPB DRILLERS HELPER No experience necessary. Must have good dnvmg record. Ap-pry at: 3600 Investment Ln, B104, WPB or Can 861-1939 NO. 30924 LEGAL NOTICE BfVTTATtON TO BO SEALEO BIOS tor the ing bf Preeurfbcirrg of Lehe Shore Poof era be received by the City bf Be Glede, Pakn Beech County, Florida, in Conference Room B of the City Hen In the Municipal Couvptej. Bene GAede, Fronde until Thurbddy Apr! B. 1MB. 3:00 p.m. at which time Ml bvde wa be public ry opened and reed. Any bid received after the time and date epecified above wM be returned unopened. Specificbtion are on fee la the office of the City Clerk end eveHeble for mapacBon. and conNia thereof may be ob- aavd office. AS bide muet accomoanlaa by vtetement mdlcetlng that the bid It erne meat or exceed the City ! epectftceoont. yevopea eddreeeed ta the City derh, Crty of Bene Glede, Mu-Mopel Comoiex, Bene Glede, Florida 334 30, end ptekily marked on the outude: BIO NO Ib-BS BIO ITEM: Reeurfecing of Lake Shore Pom BIO OPENING DATE: Thureday, April S. IBSB J 00 p m. The Ctty of beet Glede re-aervee the right to rafect any and e bM, and to accept any bid or any eonvbvnatjon ot bide which in m bote tudgrnent vrw beet eerve the pubbc brtarebt City of Bob Glad Debra II Buff Crty Clerk PUBLISH: Marc 17, IBM Pa Beech Poet NO. 43082S Notice of Bete bf Pereonel Property conetetvng of Pereonal Neme kalonMng to ' (below) to eebaty ban of Owner of Storege I (below) located at 1001B Sp emit hue Bh Boca Ret on. FL 3344). mjtlficebon bf Sale ta be bub-belted on March 27, 19BB and Apr 3, ItrbS. Sale of content of (Below) atorag cage to be Med et 2 PM . April 10. 1BBS. If there ere queeUone about (f1) 4B7-S4S4. 1) Stnttb, Leeeer Cage a 2SS (32S8) t) RuttH Berdecii 400 (242S) 3) Erme Verm 44S 16711) PUS: The Petm Beach Poet March 27, 1BB NO. 430B34 PubBc Rottcb m hereby given thet Sheahaa'a T owing, be. wt hovd anrbac aucbo at 12:00 m on 4-12-BS at: Sheehan' Towing. Inc. 1263 Roebuck Court Weat Pan Beech, FL 33401 Pureuant ta Florida Statute 711.7B the fonowlng treMciee wnt be eohj to the titgheet bidder. 1904 Oateua roe jm imn24S3Emoqs34B (7BI igsB kno iABARO 7F X G4O4J903 (74 Term at the bate are caeh and na check I wm be eccept-ed. Seber reeervna the right to hnei bvd. Aa Seta ere flnel. No amuniukili wM be eotd la "ea PUB Friday. Merck 27. 1BBB NO. 430B42 ANNUAL RETURN NOTICE The anmiM return bf the Karen l.ilil Mrem MemoriM fund Si, 1BB7 M evee- et tt brmcroai bffic tb- celed et 360 S. Oceen Bhrd., FL d the TbL nan til ii e-ii7 PUB- The Pabe Beech Poet 27, igrB NO 43043 nCrTYCf OF PUBLIC SALE iwid at 4401 viae t . . i feet Patm Sink. FL Uaor Saw FN, AewB 17. NO 430S2S FOLLOWING VEMKXES SC BOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION LOCATED AT EAST coast Townea gao so olo Dtxvl vrwv . juerrr. pl 4tJt- AAMML t. IBS BDO pm be Bate a u trta a 1G TBS levTOe B t B49B Ann, s. tbu oa it 'N VOLVO DOOR VWI V ILBeMrST 133 1 71 nut) The Perm Slack Peel Merc tgag Pebe Buck. FL 334BO, tor tn-aiibin dvjrmg fagular bubr-eeea never by any craven whb naeill wrhm ISO day eereef. Th pvmcibM manager ef the llwilibji m Jerome alart at 11AM FN. W 17. tbU A unrt to I AC MECHANIC ResponsalrhM of tfx Fufl Tan poMton tnciwd trootHe- arootrvg. repaiftpg. and ciean-vvg air coAd(ttorurg and refrigeration system. and trouctestiooting reparing ewctncai "gnTmg, ano ptump- aig sysiems. une year (rKius-tnal AC repae, Fionda onv- er'a ircense, and Universal Retrigeranl Recovery Ceniti- caie reouaeo. Appy in Person Uortday Fnday 9a Sp mi our man tobOv Appty by FAX: 561 cL0-4192 Appry oy aaaa: The Palm Beach Post 2761 S Dt Hm Weat Pan Beecn. FL 33406 'Please inrcate poerhon apprteo lor on al matenala aubmrtted- Equal Oppl'y Employer MF AC Service Techa 4 tnataaara Tveo of working in P B Co 7 Relocate Martm St. Lucie Co. Paid vacation 4 holidays. 40 ' K. medical B0O-Z73-3g99 ALARM TECHS In it a Hers Comoirtar Merate. CCTV. 1 cea control. 2 yrs eip Bene- mi. A&ai, tax aoi-4o o&4d. Aluminum Aoollcerert: Top pay. Vinyl siding, 4 Soffitv Exp. Murt have tells 4 Ins. 1-eW-794-4e2 ALUMINUM CUTTER AtHti to work with dimension and angiea. Permanent poat-bon Appty, POMA, 9040 Bei- vedere Rd.. WPB. 790-5799 ALUM SCREEN 4 FIELD HELPERS. W. traai right peo-pte. Call lor appt 746-7274 ARCH. - Precast stone co. WPB. needs person w know ledge an types mom makg, readmg specs, pians. potmng products, take charge ot prefects. Exc sal benefits Fax resume 561-659-0641 or call 561-659-90135 9a Op ARITSANCRAFTSMAN to work w unique design team. Studro work a travel tor in at a J-tation. Exc op lor self moti-vaied person. EOE 737-0340 ASPHALT WORKERS EXPERIENCE NECESSARY CALL 791-9995 Awtobody Shop Helper Baatc toois wHr.g to (earn and COMBO TECH. CaH 848-1822 AUTO LINE TECHS knmediate opening for: ISUZU and OLDSMOfitLE experienced Techs--ASE cert needed along with a positive attitude 4 good work history. OC-FCTER. LUBE TECH Must be CSI mnod. team Kayeri Cad or apply in person F. 8 OO 3 00, ask for George Riker, Ed Morse Auto-Park-3703 Northlak Blvd.-Lake Park. 561-775-4800. E 'O E DFWP Auto Mechanic Experienced wtoois. Appry: 1415 Village Green Dr.. Port St tacte. NO. 430927 Notice I hereby given that Dr. M. AldiQU has ceased practicing at Primary Car MedtcM Center, 1924 Lafc Worth Road, Lake Worth. Fl 3341 Ph 6B1-647-779S. Patlente1 records ar being transferred to th Meoscbl Center ot Dr. Ahmed Akhn, 4176 S. Congress Ave., St. E, Lake Worth, FL 3341. Ph 661 968-1100. Patients w teen at th new location from 4-1-94. PUB: March 27, April 3, 10. 17, 1998 NO. 43045 Leurro Enter prieee Inc., DBA ALS le not a succeseor to or the seme entity ea Airtornothr Leasing Services Inc. DBA ALS end M not heOte or responsi ble tor any of th debt or ob lige ttona of Automotive Leas ing Services, Inc. PUB: Th Palm Beach Poat March 27, 1S8 MO. 430B4B Lege! Notice On Apr 13, 1808 at 10:00 ere a public auction be held at 2712 Perk streeL Lake worth, FL Th lodowinB vehicles wkt be euctioned off for charge a seres cesh. 1SSS Monde vtn 1HGCE1824SA0048B7 Publish 3-27-8 NO. 430S50 Th annual return of th Da- l S Sat Gadd Fan Foundatio lor the camndar year endin December 31 1BS7 Is tvsMebte at Its coun sels offic located et Cum-mtnga 4 Lock wood. 140 Boyai Palm way. Suit 20b. Keen Beech. Florida 33480 for m- spectjon ourmg raaular buei- nea hour! by any cittren who jests It within ISO aaye tiereof. Trustee of th Foundation M Sara It Gadd. PUB: Th Pabn Beech Poat March 27, 1B9S NO. 430SS1 The annuel return of the Crew-fore-Moward Private Foundation for th calendar year end ing December SI, 1B87 M tvetierjle at ft counsels omc located at Cumvnmgs S Loch-wood, 140 RoyM Pan Way, Suite 20S, Petm Beach, Florida S34S0 for inspection during regular bueruoBB hours by any citizen whb requests it within 180 days hereof. Trustee ot the Foundation M Hal B. Howard. PUB: The Pabn Beech Poat March 27, 1B98 NO. 43031 STATE HEALTH A HUMAN SERVICES BOARD WEEKLY CONFEHENCE CALLS: FRIDAYS: MARCH 27, APtbL 3. APRIL 10, AFWL 17, AbfttL 24. MAY f TIME: 12:16 - IrOO P M PLACE: 111 SOUTH eAPOOvL AVENUE, ROOM 30 1Q WEST PALM BEACH, FL. 33401 WEEKLY LEOISLAtTVC UP DATES WITH SECRETARY FEAVER: FRIDAYS: MARCH 17, AfHtrL 3, APRIL 10, APRIL 17, APRIL. 14. MAY 1 TIME: 1-1 P M PLACE: 111 SOUTH SAPOOIL-LA AVENUE. COvtFEREHCC ROOM 1, WEST PALM BEACH, FL. ACCOMMOOATVON: ANYONE NEFDINO INTEIVftETERS OR OTHER DISABILITY RELATEO ACCOMMOOATIONS SHOULD NOTIFY JACKIE JANSEN AT S37-bbSl or 7 DO LINE 1-B00-4S3-S14S. PUB: The Pabn Seech Poet Merch 27. 1BBS NO. 4309M A copy of tit Aeatta. Weporj f tJt Joaam 0 Itafeatt ft 1, 1W7 rej P O A. Blvd.. mwm 400, PH PL 314 10 J I) B24V016i awrtfatf etfwC mjomn wt tHN Aat f ftOO PM. Mqiaay aJmfN mmv. by awy cstftce mM for eaxai m4 aba Tewwa Po M Neyai Pewa Wey. t-awo M mo t5i 3KrtH vm Te Pa Be-acai Peat Merck 27. 1999 Havawwe Code, mm mm aatH mbtm tor leapecwoa mi 440Q FOA. Bd.. mm BeaSAvt mfmwmjm aaaeatsa oittoa 19 mmy afwar Vwa da mi Me paaacenca. Prtwcteiat wewater. jeaaoA 0 Mentwtt. lVeedewt PUB: THe Pawa Baach Poot Marcs, 17, 199m NO ooo n- ftaamal WiQBrt of "PALM sWACM aJEA natB PmA TSjeOetB aMC " ta eaMe ad te e eee bmsow tot etseeMvC; ansmra a" any tttuea wmm mm iswtiti wtaaMMi ibo ohm mnmn alisataaaitr Petm Baaea Area irwamS. tmx- at a FABRICATOR WBLOeH tana m ,pnc Sw cesuiTX to P 0 6o 3363. Siun. FL ot F OFFICE CLERK WANTED-F T, at-F 8 5pm. Hvy prwes cua1oTer retattons. bgftt tiog-typing Entry level position Ca M-P 9am - 4pm for OV ections DFWP 561-626-6991 SOIL a. CONCRETE TECH Exp d tor weu eeab d testatg hrra. FRASER ENGBMEERHvG 100 1 Jupner Parle Or Si 1 18 CaB 746 7696 tor appt. SOILS 4 CONCRETE TECH Experience required F T. vat-a driver s bcense. pay based on experience, benefits Oun-kefcerger Eng 56V343-9787 STREET LIGHT TECH (Laborers) M F Buca-et True exp heiptui WPB Ft. Lauderdale and area DFWP EOE. 600 404-2392 Swrvvyirvfji 4 Mapping Ce. haa immediaie opening lor Jr Party Cfvef or Instrumem Operator. Call George Pa no 669-6414 tor wiefVtew TECHNICAL OpporlaMties Aerospeca automotive test lab tooAtftg tor experienced personnel to ft me fottowvig posmona CaHbrattofl Teci). Vibration Snock Tecii. Eec-trorMca Data Acoutsitiort Tech. Hydraulic Pneumatica Tedi Please fax resume to East West Tecfmotogy. arten-tiort Scott. S61-776-7344. Top Pay-Co. Benefits UACMKlST LEAD PERSON to VRS um EX P smi mach estimator electronic asseuslER apply metal dexterity co. 624 S F ST. LW 586 4171 15-36 Trades AC OUCT MECH tor rental protect, 5 yrs exp Great Opp ty 561-391-3595 AC DUCT MECHANIC Mtrsmum 5 Yr Experience. ASPEN AC 1 800 459-4444 AC DUCT MECH FT pot. 3 yrs exp. Benefits 40 IK DFWP Drivers L 832 0416 AC I rut Matron Helper Exp d. good pay 4 benefits, Deiray (56 1) 272 7t23 AC INSTALLERS Sfieet Metal Duct Mech. Uuat have & yrs exp good pay. bene, call 561-463-0133. AC INSTALLER With tools Co true 4 bene-fits. Jup-ier 56t-746 Q4Ct ACOUSTICAL CEILING M- STALlERS 4 HELPERS, own toois 4 tran1 Bob 566-3621 AC REFRIG. TECH. 5 yrs. experience. Top pay 4 benefits. DFWP. 738-2646 AC S. C aunty Contractor eea quaiitieo personnel m alt poait'On. Install. Helpers. Technician. Apply at 70S Bond Way. Defray Bch. 276-6472. eves 624293 DFWP. 7 NO. 430930 OKEECHOBEE COUNTY ANO CITY OF OKEECHOBEE SOLID WASTE ANO RECYCLING COLLECTION SERVICES REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Seeled propoeet wvX be cerved hi the County Adntrrh- tr ttor Office t Okeechobee County Courthouee, 304 N W. 2nd Street. Room 10B. Okee- chobaa, Florida untj 2 O0 p m. 0 Monday, Apr 27, 1998 lor niciuarve fratichisee to pro- nde Sond Weate and Recr ckng Collection Servicer within the City of 0eecho6ee end the urttneorporeted are of Okrrechobee County, Florida beginning October 01, 199. AS propoeele muet be lurjmrt ted et the ebove eodrese Request lor PropoaaM (RFP) umentl for hard tervtcel my b mapected andor ob tained at the County Adrnlnte- trelor a Office tregrnn March 27. 199 between the hour! bf 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m.. Monday through Friday. A forty-five doner (S4S.00) nrtn-refundebl tee wis b r- ouirbd for eech bat of RFP document. An RFP rpone wnl not B reed en reel accompanied by th rgutred Performance Bond tetter of commitment. and Bid Sond I th amount of twenty Bvoueand doiujrl (S20.000.00). A MANDATORY PRE -PROPOSAL CONFERENCE wis be held on Friday. April 3. 199S. at bK a.m. m th Oeeechobee County Commieeion Chamber, Courthouee. Inter eel ed partiee may contact th County Adtntnlitratot a Office at (941) 7S3-S441 with any gu-tawne or requeata for eoortton- M mformetJon. Nalthar Okeechobee County nor th City of Okeechobee accepts feeponavbtkly for any expense related to preparation or detrvery of propOstH. Th County nd City ch re serve! th right to r steel any and aM propoaM. to wMve veciinvcM errors end biformar-rbes. and to accept the proposal which, in their judgment, beet serves th interests of dee Okeechobee County and the City ot Okeechobee ere Equal Opportunity Emptoyers- Cbf Bette, Jr., Cherrman Board bf County Commissioners Sharon Robertson, Cierlt Board of County Conrmltaionere Pubkeh: Palm Beach Poet Marck 27, 199S NO. 430B41 AveMsbrirty tor Inspection at the Met in A Berbers Me seel FotmdetlcMV Annuel Return December 31, 1997 The Annual Return of the Met-tin end Berber Nessei Foundation, tor the texaMe year ended December 31, 1997 mey be vetlebia for inspection at an appropriate vocatjoa m Pen Beach County. Florida, arranged by the Meneger of the founds Iron, during normal hours, upon request for such inspection mode withm 180 day of thM dele by eny cm-t en. AHernelery, the manager mey eetaefy the rnspechon re quest by furmetnng copy, fro Ot charge, to persons who request inspection. Re- FoundatJon'a Meneger. bleNta . Neeeei. cb Dorr Shaw Chaphn 4 Dugen, 249 RoyM Petm Way, Suit 603, Feb tea, FL 334S0. The tete- ehone aumber ot the Founde-Bon m (61) S22-996S. PUB: Th Petm Seech Poet Merck 27. 1998 MO. wm be ctoejng Me offices hi Port St Lucw and Stuart, Florid o Merch 27. 199B Y COVKectine Tenemm, M 0 (61) 3fB630 er Florid Pay ee. 127 Mt. aatala Avaaua. Wvnlm Park, FL 32 7S PUB Th Pabn Beec Pas 27, 19BB NO. 43147 u) The Pa Merc 27, ! Ca'asialiun. Sieve ef Ftrjrtde. awistiil ta Sscben Bbsog 190-271. Ft I am trips gad m a at to? Cepe Cod Terrec. Weal Pan tin. FL PUB The Pane Beach I Merc 27, I hvAvbe Neejce M heia erven re gitl at wtm the OmiMiin ef CarBtitbaw Btes t ftontm. MMiliI lb tirkia MiM fr7. Fksoee Slatmet 10 th he weave in wvr Fiahea and Leevaa en Ayr srvecb W ere en snarl m at PO. Bos 31S. Brjevrtem beech. Fl 33434-314) a FresMte BurHes a Bin Peel NO. A30O33 NOTICE Of PROPOSED ORDINANCES The fonowinfl la) Orowiencea deacrlbed by tjtte onry wdi be pieced on Pubbc Heertng and Second ReebVtd at the Regu- ler Seeaion or the City com-miaaion of the City of Went Perm Beech, Florida to be held on Monday, April S, IbSB. at 6 OO p.m. or ee aoo th eft er ea poeaibie and continu- btb from tome to orne and piece to piece aa neceeeenr et City He. 200 Second Street, Weet Perm Beech, Fronde. PBBSOef ord ORDINANCE NO. 3124-SS AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, RELATING TO A DEVELOP MENT OF REGIONAL IMPACT NOW KNOWN AS THE CITY-PLACE DEVELOPMENT OF REGIONAL IMPACT (FORMERLY KNOWN AS "DOWNTOWN UPTOWN"); AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 30S8-07, AS AMENDED AND RESTATED, WHICH AMEHOED AHO RESTATED THE DOWNTOWN UPTOWN DEVELOPMENT OF REGIONAL IMPACT AS ADOPTED BY ORDINANCE HOS. 22B8-8g, 2287-f. AHO 2313-SBi A0O- INO APPROXIMATELY FIVE ACRES OF LA HO TO TME O TY PLACE DEVELOPMENT OF REGIONAL IMPACT; DECLARING THE CHANGES ARE HOT A SUBSTANTIAL DEVIATION TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF RE GIONAL IMPACT; REPEALING ALL ORDINANCES OR POR TIONS OF ORDINANCES CONFLICT HEREWITH; CON STITUTING THIS ORDINANCE A DEVELOPMENT ORDER BY THE CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH IN COMPLIANCE WITH LAW; PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE DATE; AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. 02 ORDINANCE NO. S131-M AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH. FLORIDA, AMENDING THE DOWNTOWN MASTER PLAN OF THE CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH. FLOR IDA. 1BBS. AS AMENDED, DESIGNATING A CERTAIN PARCEL OF PROPERTY AP-PROXIMATELV 0 34 ACRES IN AN AREA GENERALLY LOCAT ED AT THE SOUTHWEST CORNER OF TENTH STREET AMD DrVtSrOM AVENUE. FROM PCGtAATINQ PLAN DESIGNA TION OF BtuLDtNG TYPE ONE TO A DESIGNATION OF CIVIC tJJtLDtMG SITE. DECLARING TWS DESIGNATION TO BE CONSTSTENT WITH THE DOWNTOWN MASTER PLAN OF TME CITY; REVISING THE PJf OULATINQ MAR ACCORDINGLY: REPEALING ALL OTHER OROmJUtCES bf CONFLICT vCREwTTM: ANO PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE DATE; ANO FOR OTHER PURJPOSES. bbBirSal ord CnUNCf NO 112S-B8 A OtrOatANCE OF TME CITY CCmaarSSlON OF THE CITY OF art ET PALM BEACH FLORIDA AMCNOenG BOTH CHAPTER 33 CcOreritG cOOEi OF THE COOC OF THE CITY OF WIST PALM BfACM FLObtOA !' AS AMENDED ANO ObCtrUNCC NO 22D7-BB WHICH PERTAINED TO A nCzOVWNG OF CERTAIN PROPERTCS TO A Comet OA4- PLANiaro DE-rti.tMEnrT fCPOi DrjTbJCT. TO EIPANO THE CJTYPLACE COMarvacuU, PLAJII D DE-vUIPMEtrT JCbOl DrSTRJCT Br imjXratG CERTAJN PbJObf bTf TOT AUNG AR-peoJMATtLy FhrE : ACRES AREA AMD LOCATED GEe (liuf AT leAROEWA STREET BETWEEN eAbOOtL-LA AVENUE AMD PreEMARY AVENUE AM Tvaj BLOCK Sr-Ajacvco BV vjAMJEIbA -ve I T ajao rearvcus S-WftT. bYTWTfb ROBE-JV AVY re J MO THE FLOeeTJA EAST COAST refQ RAAWAY- AMENOblQ TME 20 en U MAP ArroroorAoeeOiY, DFCJ-Avhmo TreS AMENO-Mf err cjrevtrrf tn arrTN Tvez coaa u -eebrvy plan of THE OTr arfhUCevO ALL OTHEB OnoevjjvCct at Cove-FUCT Mf v wt. povaaea SFYYvuvBaJTY CLAUbE PVIOYOVJVCJ AN EFFECT WE DATE AMD FOR OTHER RUtV POBES a ORDER OF TME Crrv ccejrMiSStON THERE (BE da BOUCMET. CY Cer PutXJStv- Frmey, Merc 27, TOO HOY BUVfBf reed eeee t tetvW en tjecvme aeeitybeCeyCia. nrvr maict te any metver iiiiidired et wee aiiibi or btjavlntj, aucb rjvjreee wM treed eev f the pitLaiamiae n) mode, wtec ier aid Mctebee ve taebmeey we erwjmca amen wtecb bva aaatM abbj beeed. Smd Ordmenc euvy be eiibicitd et me othc ef Cry Oer at City He by lemN b-bee nmy anbmj. y mm SjmfMtmM aetnBa. S kMBWal it lUi'l ' ri" lorav mfg hi ImM the Or at. ante IM be I a an be intiitud I Mie aubeemjvjnt Crty Cam J euemon in a I I bred a m. eee only, by the eeeL SAO CI De- tveea) baaaenem. Ad aeete B- rnreeecl te a at l ewM. J- feey' 'bid bTai r?1eN TT ewe leeh. CerjeeaVJa treee hmmehend geede, Nn-nNuve. trree. iiumeig. ee. A earere wab Fiend Se Save Suteaee. tB3. U "- ,V "" Green " " - - - Gti&m " EO1 CnerM. Caa. Tire Fee eivjatae) Frjt March 27 and Abr 3, 1B THE WILL THE tfeLLAOC Of ItoarTN PALM BEACH IB EKFMPT FROM bEOERAL AND STaTf Tints foa Tjwoeh-I PCR- BOMAL PbOtHJRTf. DFitteS KELLY VrueCvE taAJAAOER HJfk'ere THE entM BE ACM POST MAnCM J7 1bB MURPHY CONSTRUCTION CO. f '-nns C-ene CD-er AevtriBb-t Latroer a. rr.i AeYv pdbraea If-' I.-' A. WPB w - ' : k, w t Jt Cm r v c,errw4 one e siuiri get gevc reeuf S2Q-4343 820-4343 j z'-zrr: '-tnt-J'a'""" a Ca Of ) 8T C' mr-0. MaT" DO a.f 3 Dar 1 2f 9f.3B.

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