The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 26, 1998 · Page 179
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 179

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1998
Page 179
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Page 179 article text (OCR)

ATHE PALM BEACH POST THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 1998 THE FAMILY CIRCUS bilkeane NON SEQUITUR WILEY s B-C" JOHNNY HART " Nf I'M CoBRY, MR. WooD, BUT 1 'l mm i 'I : 1 yr v I; TUEBE X LIMo WMTINC- lWlW 1 COLD SNAP X -V X I : 0UT6IDE To TAKE ME To MY W W ' r ntrr tfl I AT WUtTLK' CTUDIo... - , HAGAR THE HORRIBLE ' CHRIS BROWNE lirVLT 1 sMmP n&oVfZ i -T-3 ZTy) f "... and If you're on the Jury for Daddy's parking KfTM1 Q'jlSL I AtiiL CESvi tlcketcase'areyuvotinS Nty or not guilty?" VIV .!'clT1" "JS'-TJ' "i.S ' SSir bSK l sSrteteffir BILL AMEND l M6;-s--? Ckpfy CAlMDoWN? YoO'RE TALKING To A AAM.' I ; ; : e?-i&Ja tf t. .. . o----' i .peter, calm school is m chemistry wiz, remember? My whole DOWN. I'LL 12 HoORS AND ILL JuST PUT A FEW oRRR... FACE IS GARFIELD jim davis th'Nkof ive&ota choice Solvents onto maybe a,up, m- . r.,,., JIM UAV . Something, blue goatee this rag and that tost owe. ? SO, WU WANT I -Vs P0 IT QUICKLY ANP VOLS n 1 ON MY FACE.' iMOELiBLE INK WILL SMEAR. 0 I ' I ' ':'T j SMEAR RiSHT OFF j (f J 2CS2t 7 3 CfV flffr CATHY ' CATHY GUISEWITE I ' I" , ...Sl ' v--LT : ; 1 Yt0 fflORE HEAVV FABRIC I T IT'S SPRWG.' Time "TO Al I I I I EmER&ED FROm V . , WRAPPED AROUND US... EMERGE FROn VOUR C0C00H J COCOOM BUT I'm" I HI AND LOIS CHANCE BROWN NO fflORE HIOIN& UNDER. I AMD BE A BUTTER.FLV l-J STILL A CATERPILLAR. i , et i ' j I ii , - ,Buw LNeR&- v , . ,, "" ri n S Sor'M at tHe saaas tiMb ivr - p?etenpVoU poM't y l -I " ' Yf rrr. 1 r l V rl- 11 h I J " f V x I 1 i I 1 XI y 4. I 1. 1 -i . f , i i 4 tYMT; . tllfl-. jl rf :f ' : I:. I- 1- , -11 r-r-- . "Nl I F-' a t 1 1 I " I. il I I T- v f K,.rfiil'rtiW , I I i i i i 1 v-- 3 r 1 1 j a , -y-v i i j i hi ivi M c r vb lit i i ill r- tw-ra i j i i i i i v-rt t p------r i i' ! 1 ' '-r;,, r. T.-v , -TFI ZITS ' JERRY SCOTT & JIM BORGMAN THE WIZARD OF ID johny har t & brant parker f (ffigg??J J I j ' h " ' Y ' ' 1 r " ' ,; ' a '' ' '"'v,.;,- -rr s 1--J SALLY FORTH gred Howard' & craig macintosh DILBERT scon adams r r7ro protect kids if rrs bad for ki, ' "not if you thimk f l WHY S THERE VI . I ic it ru cra Vrt I I t -am pn -tljat l... , M BUDGET CUTS HAVE HIT OOP PROTECT HfcRD. I'tt FORCED TO BEG FOR atI R SORE AND ADULT . , TO WATCH? Vga, rrA A PS-13 MOVIE. J 2 iPiS . :ri I CAN EXCELLENT! SPARE WE 5CnE COFFEE OUT PENCIL 0F THAr-S -BB.BBMMl FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE LYNN JOHNSTON w ( There's a FWCel on The KoHjMAM.TRis 13 so TWO PfliRS cfSoctks, ) StTTL Table. FtoRytx), Mike. Jcoo-.mvmom is aT-shhttMSome 11 LJjy-tj--TV r The BEST J omderwear. j V-AH- NOW I DCNT HAfe To rv laundry' FOR ANOTHER TWO PEANUTS CHARLES M. SCHULZ b--t WEEKS.' Mr I EVERfBOPY IN THE WORLD HAS A D06..WHY WON'T WW WON'T MOM LET THEM HAVE A D06 ? A LOT OF PEOPLE IN THE WORLP DON'T HAVE 0065.. Si MOM LET ME HAVE A 0067 - .ii i i f $ i ... a j :1 k jM j i SHOE JEFF MACNELLY ART & CHIP SANSOM BORN LOSER rCtOXK.,WZf, WOULD YCO A4.WAVS RV.EWBEa IT5 OKAV TO LOSE. j just don't do rr I J onvj;tea.vv J J WKKT IMTH6W0RUF0?:7I DOKT NO, r3UT NiEED TO LOCATE fA,Y N0 TO LOCATE YOU . CO 1 1 1 C,a) -CI ? irf vN jP? "N ig VCX3 mTY i LM-AY Y1 re3yY MORT WALKER BEETLE BAILEY CURTIS RAY BILLINGSLEY I GOT YOU HOU'OYOU 00H.1 FEEL TI T7 III BET THAT'S AMI? WHRE Y s LX SARSE PAIPING THE Ij- YOU THINK YOU'RE AP U CQ FRH76E AGAIN.' TOGOINS WITHTHAJS IN TROU-BLE LIKC A FACE A CZEAM I GOT YOU IN TZOU-BlE I GOT YOU f N TK0U-6L6 COMING ON FULL OF OlRTY iNTsnu-n WATER. , (5 TOU J I GCT XOU W TKOU-BLE I GOT YOU I IKI TROU-BlE fj ( I 60T YOU ' A) p-S IN TROU-BLE3r- Wi,'S I GOT YOU IN TROU-Bie 1 GOT INTItoo 1 UUI -BL8 HM. sf p 1 1 -t zl o.V 1 NICOLE HOLLANDER SYLVIA T DEAN YOUNG & DENIS LEBRUN BLONDIE i-TK,-Hre'Af i ' "14 s. J' hOt IN NO, IT'S CftLUEP "WOW TO (5T TS JUST TOO M HVMAT iS IT A ( (VI- I'M 5T;U TSVIN& TO 6tT TOue Mi5 BOOK ft5EA3 ThE MOST OOT OP VOUC Fed A Em?LOVEE5 TmCOUGM -rp to eetiEE j r &ve me coa c? stwa5. But UJ trt to HQR- Guy (T-S TCXj6m 60n6 MoH'TonNCr pArfitj. Her HiV-.-f f(ffp vi;i MAKM Wrjeft rurf PiFFfcLt- "1 A rU-W AFrff5fYr.f AOAkf Of A Oitl, -I u c N Err? WK f A-'Hft- sne5 Abt 'i pnT 5tq 3: CAM prAv u. r-r 1 -

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