The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 12, 1976 · Page 150
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 150

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 12, 1976
Page 150
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Page 150 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, December 12, 1976 Gil FOR AN UNUSUAL HOLIDAY GIFT GIVE A TRAVEL GIFT CERTIFICATE Elton's New Album Bland and Flat 1 I 1 I I FOR INFORMATION CALL 622-2929 -Getaway ravel GENTRY BtDG. 860 U.S. Hwy. One - Suite 102A, North Palm Beach, Fla. 33408 u.j. nwy. une - jyue iua, worm raw Sounds To Me By Bud Newman Ioov HBHHaaBBIMHRH ment song called "If There's a God in Heaven." This could be Elton John's worst album to date, pumarily because it lacks that one ingredient that helped make him the superstar he is. Without "the hook," Elton's music and Bernie's lyrics merely stumble along in lifeless, meaningless, artistically shallow way. With it, Elton is consistently fun to listen to despite his other shortcomings. "Blue Moves" is anything but a fun album. PALM BEACH TRAVEL SERVICE, INC. song "Bite Your Lip (Get Up and Dance)" closing out side four, as well a. on the pitifully boring "Boogie Pilgrim" and only slightly more satisfying "Chameleon." The musical device works well only once on a number called "Crazy Water," the only song in the set with a trace of the famous Elton John snap and sparkle. - It's clearly the best song of the lot. Only four other songs rate casual interest: "Tonight," the longest song on the album at eight minutes, "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word," "Cage the Songbird" featuring David Crosby and Graham Nash on backup vocals and a social com 326 Royal Palm Way Palm Beach, Fla. 33480 phone 655-7215 Established 1924 Complete Travel Service Call us we care Many of the songs feature long instrumental intros or long, repetitious fadeouts with Elton and a chorus of backup vocalists singing the song's title over and over and over for as long as three minutes on one number. Good examples of this can be found on the album's token funky 'l WsTANT Va?sV$RT PHOTOS Photography by MOYA 4212 So. Dixie Hwy. Phone: 832-8457 Meria Hawkins Tuula Daniels Jennie Chambers Billie Norris - Dee Tasch Toni Anderson Manager "(Ft COSTA LINE THE "ITALIAN" LINE OFFERING THE MOST CRUISES IN THE CARIBBEAN ROALCO TRAVEL COSTA LINE AGENT 844-9094 CRUISE WITH US. - IT'S A ROMAN HOLIDAY! P-n-H Great Italian Resorts I .J titlm fi till We kept our promise . . to hold ms Bohemes 1976 rates at 1975 levels! uirvv im ir iiiv f c ) 'Blue Moves by Elton John. MCA 2-110004. Six years ago this week, a new song was beginning its climb up the American pop charts toward the Top Ten. It went on to become the first major American hit for a then-unknown English artist formerly named Reg Dwight - an artist who has since gone on to dominate the world of pop-rock music to a degree not seen since the Beatles retired undefeated. "It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside; I'm not one of those who can easily hide," sang Elton John in the opening lines of "Your Song," his first hit in late 1970 and one of his best loved compositions. Looking back to that time, there was nothing overwhelmingly poetic about the lyrics of Elton's songwrit-ing partner Bernie Taupin. And Elton's music for the moderately-paced ballad was pleasant enough, but uncomplicated and nothing out of the ordinary. Yet the song was the kind that, once you hear it a couple times, "you can't shake out of your head. It had that intP'gible ingredient which people in the music business refer to as "the hook" - a little extra something that reaches out of the speaker and demands your attention. And that, to me, is the essence of what Elton John's extraordinary musical success is all about. He has an incredible knack for "the hook" that's apparent not only in his numerous hit singles, but also on a good percentage of his album cuts. He demands, through his antics on and off stage, that you not take him or his music too seriously. And the sheer volume of his product seems to acknowledge that he knows his music is not for the ages, but for the here and now. Whether it's the nonsensical nostalgic "Crocodile Rock," his solid rockers like "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" or ""Take Me to The Pilot" or his plaintive ballads such as "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me," "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" or the delightful but essentially meaningless "Daniel," Elton's music is infectious. At least it always had been up through the release of his latest double album "Blue Moves." The sad truth is that Elton's music has never been flatter. Throughout the album's 80 minutes of music - nearly 10 of which are taken up by three instrumentals of questionable worth - Elton's songs rarely excite or stimulate. His rockers don't rock and his ballads are bland and uninspired. Simply put, "the hook" is missing from "Blue Moves." : n; s Caribbean Now, COMPARE our 1977 prices for assurance & South America that you will still get a quality cruise and the best value for a week's Caribbean vacation ... on a vessel justly known as "The Happy Ship" , . . by aline with a reputation for dedicated service, superb cuisine and cruising excellence . . " t ? REG IN W GERMANY You gel a choice ut ships, a choice of cruises I troni 10 to I 1 days), a elioicr of ports. nd eai'h ship gives you a vvidc sanely ol tun tilled deck sporls and activities, sightseeing ashore, exciting night life, entertainment and sumptuous continental cuisine dd our distinctive Italian atmospheie. and you have ( ostj I ine's famous Roman Holiday w Fcderlco C. Sailings through April '77 Cruise to ports such as San Juan, St. Thomas, Martinique, Trinidad, Caracas (Venezuela), Aruba, Curacao, Cartegena (Colombia), Panama, Montego Bav, Port-au-Prince (Haiti). 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Italia Sailings through March 12, 1977 Cruise to ports such as Cap Haitien (Haiti), San Juan, St. Thomas, Antigua, Martinique, Barbados, Caracas (Venezuela), Curacao, Port Antonio. 14 day cruises from: 975 to 1 630 $385 to $695 Suites Slightly Higher SAILS EVERY SATURDAY Ask your travel agent about our money-saving FlYFREE CRWSE EASY program: llrldge 25 DISCOUNT If you make your deposit for the ms ITALIA on or before December 24. 1976 you can lake advantage of our 25. savings for second occu pant in room on cabins starting at $1,220 for cruises ot 14 days on Jan lb, 29, Feb 12, 26 and March 12, 1977. 1 AUTHORIZED AGENTS FOR COMMOCORE CRUISE Delicate Operation Pis M llnea KiU's h4sal in per person douhlc ,H.sup4rKS 4rul jildhilil plus purl ut k-s Ships rirc lulun Ks'gistr ( all your lmfl agent or One Bi'.avne Tower Miami, I lorida (3131 Tel.: (305) 358-7395 Ookbrooh VquOf ' US 1 li ,A Blvd VI Norfh Palm (,-ah im Ookbrooh VquOf US I Si " a Blvd North Palm 'acK Miami National Bunk 8101 Bucayn BWd Miami, Ftondo JJI38 COSTA LINE It's a Rinnan Holiday - lit Amoncan Band 401 No lokt 61. d N Palm B.oth fla 3340) I.I 48V7 59 327 I Oc.on Bl.d Stuar) Fla 33494 Ttl 7407400 & 287 9133 Itt Amoncan Bonk 1700 Nofih Di. lok. Woiih Fla 33400 I.I St J. 1431 Ul 62 4 JO l 3 By B. JAY BECKER Post Bridge Columnist South dealer. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH J 7 4 3 VQ 10 5 J 6 2 A K Q THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE CROSSWORD PUZZLE Last Week's Solution, G5 Solution Next Sunday Dec. 12, 1976 EAST Q 10 9 5 9 7 4 3 854 6 2 WEST A K 8 2 A Q 10 9 3 97 4 Exam Time MAURA B. JACOBSON Edited by Will Weng ACROSS 1 Yorba , SOUTH A K J 82 K 7 J 10 8 5 3 56 58 59 60 62 65 Steak order Inning units Poetic prepositions Answers a reply What is put on Basic's bed? Lost or be Bathhouse Calif. 6 Certain fwitball passes 13 Look over 17 Sine non 20 Affirms 21 Old French region 22 Ashtabula's state The bidding; South West 1 V Dble 2 2 North East Redble 1 4 V 6tf London gallery 69 Business abbr. Undersized What did 23 24 7" 7" i "i'-' " '-' r 'j " 'b X ' ,6 u zzzzz JitziiiiU nil (lit : p i I F J: It) , u 40 ''H p ''I "jil '1'1 '" ''' iizzitniiiLiin--i ita pi -i l11m.i.J. EaU .I., .,n Iwi.'! . Z3: mT r - . i Liiii' i 70 71 72 75 77 78 Hagen et al. Chessman Chef, in Bonn Swat again Gazzara or Blue Who work in Shanghai supermarkets? 104 Shah's coin 105 Pakistan tongue 106 Do a Tuesday chore 107 Talking bird 108 Fleming 109 Org. 110 Con vote 111 Draft initials 112 V-mail destination 114 Syrian city 116 Implore 118 What does the queen do at the corner? 121 Magnon 122 Ask alms 123 Function 124 Declaim 125 Similar 128 Swiss resort 131 Month: Abbr. 132 Murdoch 136 One-liner 137 What is Elizabeth's tennis forte? 141 Made a tennis coup 142 Opposed 143 Aromatic plant 144 Atiptoe 145 Before om ic tons 146 Bank deal 147 Primes the piano again 148 Wintry gust 83 85 87 88 Nuclear org. Fanatical Old Norse estate Places for Grecian wrings " a rose ..." Hartman snack on? 27 Felt 28 Ever and 29 Yutang 30 Near-winners at horseshoes 31 Commotions 32 Yahes 34 Dramatist Akins 36 German city 37 Sea eagle 38 Where in church is Masterson? 44 More terse 48 Maroon 49 Single 50 Goose: Fr. 51 Peking idol 52 Loch Lomond sight 53 One time 54 Pile on 89 I I 1 . kmd L 1 'mmA 1 1 U . . i 90 91 94 96 97 Rug occupant Prognosticator Siberian district Goose genus Where do Opening lead king of spades. Declarer is sometimes forced to make an unusual play because the situation demands it. In such deals lie acts on the basis that the missing cards are divided in a specific way - because, if they are not, he cannot make the contract. Take this deal where West leads the K-A of spades. South ruffs and, since he can count 10 tricks in hearts and clubs, there seems to be nothing to the play. But a complication arises when lie leads a trump to the 10 and a low trump back to the king, West showing out If South draws East's remaining trumps at this stage, he will be unable to cash five club tricks, because he cannot return to his hand after cashing dummy's clubs If South stops drawing trumps after two rounds in order to cash the A K-Q of clubs first, he runs the risk that East will ruff one of them. What does declarer do in such a predicament'.' He first assumes that the missing cards are divided in a way that permits the contract to be made. To do otherwise would be equivalent to giving up. He also dismisses from consideration those cases where East has fewer than two clubs. He must go down if East has either one club or none Declarer then turns his attention to the possibility that East has two or more clubs. In all these cases he can make the contract by proper play. South stops drawing trumps and cashes the A-K of clubs, everyone following suit. Since it would be dangerous to continue with the queen East might have only two clubs and ruff South reverts to drawing trumps. He cashes the A-J, being careful to discard the queen of clubs from dummy, and is thus able to cash his remaining clubs. Sandburg's pirates hide? 102 Italian mutiny 117 or cast Hartebeest Latvian capital lops off 131 133 134 long (soon) Noxious ones Start Pie parts Fidulem's name (ireek watnor Places 118 119 120 122 125 126 the cake 135 Spanish muralist DOWN 14 Bracelet 34 Buddhist sect adjunct 35 Fairy king 47 Musical 7 Coded vis t-vis 1 Tibetan V I P. 15 Draws a 37 Notched stop transmission 93 Old French 2 One of the bead on 38 Smokey Jr. 51 Jeff's pal feeder com Karamazovs g Hill 39 Aardvark 55 Very, in music 78 Smokes, for 95 Soccer 3 Pianist Peter 17 Tobacco chaw 40 Who guard the 57 Became active shoit positions 4 Thirst Annul Mexican 58 Mouths 79 Wading bud 96 Auhuriaii 5 Smoker's 19 pr(, votes border? ' 61 Donovan's gp. K0 l.owlifes Fden concern 23 How do you 41 Mason's gear 62 Beach sight 81 l ong tailed 97 Grass 01 apple 6 Mean one contact 42 After love 63 Will wisp ape 98 tomtort: Ft 7 Diagram Tarkington? or for 64 French keys 82 Item tecoided W t on game 8 Ellis or Fire: 25 Get (find 43 Feudal land 67 Arista 84 KoMaud heio 100 Peer: Abbr Abbr. out about) grant 71 Graduate et al. 101 Formerly, 9 Beam, in Lyon 26 Acclimate: 44 Use the tub degree 86 What did once 10 Laborite P.M. var. 45 Where does 73 Wood sorrel Taurus do in 103 Furious 11 Mineral suffix 31 Before pod Sigmundpark 74 Prefix for the balcony? 107 Extinct bird 12 Room in or color his ferries? phyll 89 Yoko 111 Greek letter a casa 33 Comedienne 46 lie a 75 Carriers: 91 Miss Vaughan 113 Even score 13 Exclusively yea breadwinner Abbr 92 MacDonald's 115 Of summer 137 138 139 140 Holbrook Fort Worth campus Partner of hither C.S.A man, for short 127 Alibi and DDE 128 Greek philosopher 129 Partly open 130 Before gram

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