The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 12, 1976 · Page 141
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 141

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 12, 1976
Page 141
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Page 141 article text (OCR)

f G2-Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, December 12, 1976 s From Gl wapping ft ' experiment. We felt fortunate to have had two houses in very different areas of England, and to have had a car at our disposal, too. In the time available, we saw a good deal of the country. An added benefit was the low cost. We didn't spend nearly as much money as we had expected. We will certainly exchange homes again. Already we have had an offer of two weeks in eastern England in a large manor house combined with another two weeks in a seaside house on the Spanish island of Ibiza. A Canadian family has offered a white Christmas in Montreal and a Texas family has two houses available, one in Houston and the other a luxurious-sounding lakefront cottage. We don't feel ready to make more exchange plans just yet. But it's fun to think about them and correspond with the families. In the meantime, I'm saving money for plane fares and hoping that in a year or two, we'll be making plans for another exchange vacation. Jack and Ruth Chamberlain are residents of Lake Park. modern American chain hotels since we more fully experienced the English way of life by doing so. Our last trip into London was by car. We had noticed that many London streets changed names every few blocks, and on this 15-mile drive the main thoroughfare had five different names. Uxbridge Road became Holland Park Avenue, which became Notting Hill Gate, then Bayswater Road and finally Oxford Street. Jack, intrigued by these frequent name changes, earlier had counted the pages of street names in the London Street Guide. He found 129 pages, which came to approximately 30,000 street names in London. We returned the car safely to the garage where we got it three weeks earlier. The Dodds would return from the United States two days later to find it in even better condition than when they had left it. Jack had washed it and cleaned 'it out, and it had half a tank of gas. We returned home completely satisfied with our house exchanging Staff Photo by George Wedding Ruth Chamberlain Adjusts Quilt She Brought From Scotland LAST DAY TO SAVE UP TO 42! Our Christmas sale tabloid ends tonight at 10p.m. Hurry 16 pages packed with discounts! tV If scenery exceeded our expectations. One of our favorite road signs was one. which appeared after several cautions to shift down and stated succinctly, "You Have Been Warned." At one point Jack had to back the car some distance to find a spot wide enough to let a truck (excuse me, a lorry) by. The house in Dunfermline was -cold - there was no central heat -but the hospitality was warm. We were offered breakfast in bed and 'got the impression that our hostess thought this a common American practice. We were given paper napkins at meals (this is not the usual custom either in England or Scotland where a great deal less paper is used than here) because our hostess knew Americans are used to them. We were provided a large bedtime snack since she believed Americans always have something to eat before they go to bed. We were introduced to the bed-warming method of turning on an electric blanket beneath the bottom sheet then turning it off upon retiring. Even under four blankets we were a little chilly; the next morning we discovered our windows were partly open. The bathroom window was always open, in 50-degree weather, and I discarded the idea of a bath after only a split second's deliberation. A fast sponge bath sufficed. Dunfermline is the birthplace of Andrew Carnegie. We were told more than once how Carnegie was prohibited as a child from walking on the lawn of a large estate. He vowed to own the estate someday, and when he fulfilled that vow, he donated the property to the town. -We were interested to learn that the" home we were visiting is owned by; the Town Council. There are a great many of these so-called coun-cilljiouses, whose upkeep is the responsibility of the council and whose tenants have a great deal of securi-tyr Tenants can only be turned out "f Jr cause," as our host put it, and one example would be neglect of the garden. The Scottish and British people are very proud of their gardens, large or small. ;We left Scotland reluctantly, and returned to Garstang by a route which took us through the Yorkshire Dales. These rugged hills and valleys are beautiful, and since we had herd nothing about them, we were pleasantly surprised. Our last night in Garstang we had one of the most interesting experiences of our trip. We made reservations for dinner at an inn in nearby Pilling, which, like several others in which we dined, followed the pleasant custom of providing menus and taking the order while guests were seated in the lounge or drawing room near the coal fire. We were escorted to the dining room when our meal was ready. After dinner, coffee and tea were served in the drawing room, another custom we found delightful. We left Garstang in time to spend two more days in the London area. On the way back to Hayes we drove through Wales. The hills and valleys and gray stone houses with their smoking chimneys were just what I had pictured. Just at dusk, we arrived at the Beauchamp Hotel (25 rooms, 8 with private baths). We were happy we chose to stay in English hotels the two nights we were away from "home" rather than in one of the Catering TOYLAMD unui norm t SWW af? "Ill - fceV' . -Jll H Bhb m m mm w m mm ma m "m n m mm m m mm,mmv m VP i jf nun wren: OVtR 150 NtW TOYS rrmm r"" 1' V'"" 'I VjrAJW J V-rsyvy J vx nmtjF,J r t-i l fJ ir. '1"! SAVE 1.0A "1 mum a AAr Hi mrnmmv m M. I I MKM I PIUC K Ilk KM SAVE 5.00 4.88 10.88 49.88 DISCOUNT PRICE WAS B.8B FAMOUS MAKE LEISURE JACKET AT A DYNAMITE PRICE! 9.83 DISCOUNT PRICE WAS T&M- BABY ALIVE FEELS SOFT LIKE A REAL BABY, 16" TALL (Limit 1 No Call Back Slips) DISCOUNT PRICE WAS TTT88- WE GOT 'EM! THE ORIGINAL LEVI'S BLUE JEANS Top weight cotton denim is riveted and bar tacked. Shrink to fit. 29 38. DISCOUNT PRICE was 3"t94. BODY HUGGING SCENIC PRINT SHIRTS FOR MEN Knits in a silky mix of acetate nylon Long sleeves. Sizes S, M, L. XL. DISCOUNT PRICE WASM-ffB DELUXE M0T0CR0SS BIKE HAS QUALITY FEATURES Dainf nrnorl fnmo mntnnrnrr eiHHIa hinHlohirc nrinc inii fonHare nac Sensational selection of styles, fabrics including knits. Top colors. S to XL. Hn bin i ui LbU ii a i lie, inu iubi ujj jauuib. iigiiuiuugi, iiuj gnu ivi:ui.i j, 50 j tank anrt hanrilphar chiplri Mpptc PPIH cnprifmfinrK TV I SAVE 2.07tZ I SAVE 2.00 I SAVE 16 f 5.94 13.81 DISCOUNT PRICE WAS 15.88 LLOYD'S 9-FUNCTION BASIC SLIDE RULE CALCULATOR IS 3.99 DISCOUNT PRICE WAS 4.77 27 PC. COUNTRY FESTIVAL SET, TOY PLASTIC REPLICAS OF CORNING WARE PRODUCTS 16.88 DISCOUNT PRICE WAS 18.88 THAT'S COFFEE! VAN WYCK'S AUTOMATIC DRIP C0FFEEMAKER BREWS FROM 2 TO 10 CUPS SUPER LOW DISCOUNT PRICE MEN'S 6" WORK SHOE IN TAN SUEDE LEATHER Oil resistant vulcanized black crepe soles. Comfort construction. 713. Gl- F - rom PACKE0 W BATTERIES i CASE 397 2:96 VALUE PLUS! SUPER LOW DISCOUNT PRICE MEN'S BAN-L0N SHIRTS WITH THAT SILKY FEEL Pure luxury in 100 Ban Lon Tex trallzed nylon. Top colors. S.M.L.XL. SUPER LOW DISCOUNT PRICE MEN'S SHORT SLEEVE BLUE CHAMBRAY SHIRTS Perfect partners with jeans, styled with tails I two pockets. S, M, L. XL. SCOTCH PINE CHRISTMAS TREE, 2 FT. 1.87 DISC. PRICE V1'V' j um , f .m oTix. m . -. Wvs . "fc" V 3 SAVE 18 valve nvs' 50 tea 1.66 VALUE PLUS! 7.73 Ml i ! L1 T7 a t 1 DISCOUNT PRICE WAS "h81 is i n a m m mw mw n t v mm ACRYLIC "MOPS" FOR WOMEN, A GIFT FOR ALL WINTER EAGLE 50 PETAL MINI BULBS 2.87 DISC PRICE I4.oo SUPER LOW DISCOUNT PRICE BEN ROSS MARK 45 FMAM PORTABLE RADIO (MILITARY TYPE) BATTERY ELECTRIC DISCOUNT PRICE WAS 9.88 LADY SUNBEAM ELECTRIC SHAVER IS SELF-SHARPENING, NO NICKS, CUTS, SCRATCHES 100 o acrylic pile stays soft and fluffy, padded vinyl sole. S to XL. SAVE 13 '. What are Americans spending their money on? Scarves, chocolates, smoked salmon, Stilton cheese, some antique furniture, crystal, china, round-necked cashmere sweaters at $32 and shetlands at $12. Hut tartan dwarfs all else. 1'erhaps people are buying insurance iigainst the day when the Scottish jiatinnal party takes over as it keeps threatening to do; more likely it is because plaids are back. Certainly the prices are right: short women's kilts lor $23, full length for $27. A lew of these and Americans can pay for the plane fare. As for the shopkeepers here, it makes the debasement of one's currency a cheerier experience. Somewhere between the fast-food joints and the places serving $1 50 dunks and $7 chopped steaks lies'the Itinchtime connection. It is called tin' wine bar. an indigenous phenomenon that is little written about, perhaps because it is so obvi- XHIS. Talking about wine bars means dispelling certain myths about pubs. Pubs are friendly and warm and good for beer. Hut their food is usually terrible. At the other end of the scale lie the West Knd and Soho restaurants, very good and very expensive. ; The wine bar. of which there are perhaps 50 or 60 in London, is Mr. In -Between, offering a selection of v ines but no hard liquor, and a simple, usually unvarying menu (soups, Smoked salmon, cold chicken, quiche lonaine and plenty of cheese). - Top Ten SSmS fifn yMww I i-ROLL PACK 30 SQ. FT. GIFT WRAP I CIT CI7CC mil I I f I J I If P--.. H fa ::m ossa IIS It ' B-HHJ- I . mi i if k J. -mmr mm mm it t m m mm m mm 67o was 77c II WM' Jf-xA CmS WW I 11 SUPER low DISC0UNT PRICE I ?$) WERE 2TbU III $ II 11 wr "BLE LUE! n ilVNikJ" I II It M M Mi Mi mm w i vwnhi mm SAVE 18 I 1 1 I 1 1 1 f I H VALUE PLUS! SAVE 2.00' 1.66 15'x3" 6 PLY THICK TREE GARLAND VALUE PLUS! 7 0 Q SUPER LOW DISCOUNI PRICE STEAM-N-CURL MIST STYLING STICK WITH THERMOSTATIC CONTROL-GREAT Gin IDEA! III I II I m 0 cotton ,s mM or comfort. H sLlS' Short sleeves. S.M.L.XL. f SAVEIM Vll f WOMEN'S ;f I "LYESTER V ...?. & 1 9.88 DISCOUNT PRICE WAS TT.88 BOB GRIESE HEADPHONE RADIO IS SOLID STATE. ADJUSTABLE PADDED HEADBAND. 9V BATTERY DISCOUNT PRICE WAS M7- VEL0UR SCUFF WITH PADDED SOLE BY FAMOUS MAKER Comfy slip on with quilted uppers. Beautiful colors, all washable. 5 10. 1.971 DISC. PRICE X I PANTS, 8-16 ihfk, 1 SAVE 22 U VI 4.88 SAVE 3.00 ALUMINUM rni nivi Den . : , it ruLuinu blu a 1 nr n QT. EAGLE 10W40 MOTOR OIL 53 was88 WA5 10. OD m. m 4 1 1 mmawi m I 1 U . t I 7 r- ,f j SiVE . . , . - m SAVE 15 MVMl SAVE 1.00 v -"2.94 1 DISCOUNT PRICE WAS 3.88 VAP0RETTE 90 DAY FLEA COLLAR ROCK COMPILED BY WIRK AM " 1 - RulitjfrbdnU Mdn Spinners ' 2 - Stand 1 (ill Burton Cu minings J - Yuu Mctt'f' M' Fci'l liM' Ctonuny Lpu '4 - Yuu Don't Mdvo To Be a Stdr McCuO '9'ml Ldvi.s S - Tonight's the Night - Rod Sti'wart. ',- Sorry Si'cnn lu Be the Hardest Word -kf iton John J Chen he la Feinine - Dr Buzzard . S - Nights Are Forever - England Dan and John V - Dazz - Brii k . )0 - After the Lovin' Engleuer! Humper--diiK K COUNTRY COMPILED BY WEAT FM - -1 - Thinking ot a Rendezvous Johnny Dun-enn 2 - She Never Knew Me - Don Williams. "J - Good Woman Blues - Mel tillis '4 - Hull Hoy - Mary ka, Place ' ! Sweet Dreams Einniylou Harris 6 - HiMhilly Heart - Johnny rVoilnguez I.Wm I ears Do key lee '8 - Thank God I ye Out You - Statler Brothers 9 - Take My Breath Away - Margo Smith 10 Broken Down in liny Pieies - Bitty (Crash) Craddor k BRUSHED FLANNEL GOWNS FOR MISSES 2.96 were 3t98 1 GAL. BLEACH, QUALITY PRODUCT BY EAGLE 49c 1.44 DISCOUNT PRICE WAS T.8I . GIRLS' MOP SLIPPERS A WELCOME CHRISTMAS GIFT Luxurious 100 acrylic pile with pad ded vinyl sole. Colors. S to XL. OUR WAY-OUT-WEST SHIRTS 10.88 DISCOUNT PRICE WAS 11.88- LIGHT 'N' LOOK LOVELY MAKE-UP MIRROR BY NORTHERN W DISTORTIONLESS MIRRORS HAVE LONG OR SHORT SLEEVES If "Jpupo- fl QQc Iffll Plaids, checks, prints-in polyester cotton, acetate nylon. S.M.L. 816. was58 WAS t6 - Riyitr. lHh MS N. (sngrtst Aye. Ml IMh SI. Ph. 141-4451 Pdm Iwh 414 lW.rt U, I31O0S0 I. 10th SI. I S. Ftdtrgl Hwy. Stuart, Flo. Ph. 717-4111 IS44 S.I. I II Hi. 74 At I i 15th Am. I Dtl. iMih I M loynt.n lach I Ph. J74-54I4 I 141000 Slwfi.f Tttnlfl Dr. I U.S. N. I Twft.. Ft. Ph. 965 I34 Crtltv.ood Ploig lot. Worth W. r.wrv. Ih right to limit pn daily 9 til 9. Sunday M 6.

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