The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 12, 1976 · Page 110
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 110

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 12, 1976
Page 110
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Page 110 article text (OCR)

Actor's a National Champ in D Class Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, December 12, 1976 E15 S '5 ET5 Newman s a Star in I VINTER visitors special i Cars, Too ' ,m' I I FOR 6 MONTHS $ K Ji 70 E I ii ...i ii .. I 1977 Cutlass Supreme Hardtop Cou- 1 pr wtk H J "V I pe with Air Conditioning, Automatic U 26 Wik lease H f l-Sf . . I I I Transmission, Power Steering., Power D Jim Murray 'I don't know anything to compare with feeling a finely-tuned car responding to your wishes and your competition Paul Newman jf etfJf Z---1 Brok"' Tin,ed Gla"' Radio and jTITZX 1 V" J jLfsl LEAS,MC 832-2854 1 I M 717 South Ollvi Av. at Lokevlew J gSCK (Downtown) Wtit Palm Beach, Flo. xSr (c) Lot Angelts Times I interviewed a race driver the other -day so good-looking that, if they made a film of his life, they'd have to get Paul Newman to do justice to it. If you saw him in a race car you would immediately look around for the camera, the director, or the process screen in back of him. They'd get a double for the racing scenes. The eyes are sea blue, the hail curly. He'd make a perfect Butch Cassidy or Hud or The Hustler. But he's probably the only guy in America who doesn't want to be Paul Newman. On the other hand, there isn't much he can do about it. He is Paul Newman. He's also "P.L. Newman," the A's Mascot Has Kidney Problems views on acting, he will talk endlessly about a Datsun engine, or how to get one tenth of a second faster laps. He shows pictures of his cars like a grandmother showing pictures of her grandaughters. It's not the smell of greasepaint which excites this thes-pian, it's the smell of the castor oil or the high-octane fuel; it's not the roar of the crowd but the roar of the Ferrari. Still, you have to wonder if it would play in Dubuque. Can't you see Solly phoning up C.B. with the excited idea, "C.B., baby, have I got the storyline for you! We have this actor who's rich, handsome, successful, houses on both coasts, and these big blue eyes, curly hair, crooked little grin. Every woman in America is crazy about him. Hell, in the world! They name babies after him, and send him mash notes, and he's nominated for 10 Academy Awards. Only, he throws it all aside to go out and run in these auto races! Boss, is that a picture?! I ask you?!" There'll be a scream at the other end of the phone. "Solly, have you gone mad, lost your senses? Who'd believe it? Who would play it? Next, you're gonna try to tell me Paul Newman! Solly, take two aspirins and forget it. I wouldn't wish that plot on Disney." DAVIS, Calif. (UPI) - Could it be that Charlie 0. is heartbroken by the wholesale departure of long-time Oakland A's heroes? not That's Charlie 0. the mule, Charles 0. Finley the owner. man in Car 75 on the sports car circuits of America. He's not just a dilettante racer but the real article, a regular at Daytona, Pocono, Lime Rock and Road Atlanta. In fact, he's a national champion. He won the title and the President's Cup at Atlanta this year in a runoff of D Class champions from seven districts of the U.S. (He was the New England district champion.) And, in Paul Newman's next production, the love interest is going to be a gorgeous hunk of Italian machinery that can make his heart pound faster than Sophia Loren or Gina Lollobrigida together a red-painted seductress from the Ferrari factory. Hollywood takes a dim view of its leading men being real-life race drivers. Enough of them have been killed in fast cars or falling planes as it is, without asking for it. Their reasoning is, one crash and Newman might have to start taking on character roles. I mean, what if his eyes turned brown? But the new Hollywood has no control over its assets. There is no L.B. Mayer, no moguls to bribe mechanics to jimmy up a car so it will stop running on the parade lap. Robert Redford skis, Steve McQueen races. Nobody goes to nightclubs or plays polo or has yachts any more. Lots of people get hooked on racing through movies. But Newman is the only one who did well starring in one. He made "Winning," a moderately-successful flick by Newman standards, some years ago, and the time he spent tooling around Orange County Airport taking high-performance driving lessons from Bob Bondurant, he found more fun than kissing Elizabeth Taylor. "It was marvelous. I would guess it is the feeling you would get running 100 yards with a football through the entire other team. Or climbing an unclimbed mountain. It's a free feeling. I don't know anything to compare with feeling a finely-tuned car responding to your wishes and your competition." Newman has even raced for speed records at Bonneville. He has hung cars on fences, spun, rolled, and once hit a tree out of control when his brakes gave out at 140 m.p.h. "It was a right-hand drive a British Ford Escort model. If it had been a left-hand drive, I wouldn't be here today," he said. Newman drives principally a TR6 and a Datsun sedan in his sprint races. Friends thought the fancy iViiij.iiiriiMrifmnii.HUdJd.iiii'j.iiiiirimTOm r-riRE co. 1 ft I SODoGDGDGD MD-Ll ADJL STTEEG. At any rate, the A's mascot is ailing. A spokesman for the University of California Veterinary School said yesterday Charlie 0. is in the intensive care unit with a kidney infection. "The veterinarian just called me," said Stanley Cosca, Charlie O.'s handler. "He said he just wanted to make, us aware that it is very, very serious." The . vet also wanted permission "to put Charlie away" if his condition worsened, Cosca added. "It's definitely a kidney infection that had been developing for quite some time, unknown to us," he said. But, Cosca added, it had been evident for the last few weeks that everything was not well with the mule. "You could see something was wrong, the way he was just moping around," he said. Cosca, however, wouldn't go as far as to say Charlie O.'s condition was brought about by the A's loss of six stars in the free agent draft Sal Bando, Joe Rudi, Rollie Fingers, Gene Tenace, Bert Campaneris and Don Baylor. Charlie 0., with his swishing tail, created quite a stir during the 1972 World Series when he was marched around the banquet hail and introduced to dining celebrities. PB Gardens' Hay Signs with FSU Palm Beach Gardens' outstanding defensive tackle Bernard Hay has signed a grant-in-aid to play football at Florida State University. Hay, 6-foot-2, 225-pound senior, anchored the Gator defense this year that. helped Gardens capture the Suncoast East title and a district playoff berth. Hay was named to The Post's All-Area team last year as a junior and was chosen as the Gators outstanding player this season. CJIIITEI-JALLS SIZE REGULAR SALE PRICE F E. TAX E78-14 70.84 53.13 2 95 F78-14 73.58 55.19 3 00 G78-14 83.31 62.48 3.10 H78-14 88.71 66.53 330 G78-15 88.71 66.53 3 30 H78-15 94.08 70.56 350 L78-15 103.90 77.93 3.80 5L OFF OUR REGULAR SELLING PRICE WuWilTOWW"'"' . .hvu .nTnu TIQP CO'. LIMITED WARHANI 1 S r SATISFACTION GUARANTEED vfSJs 1S FFon ODL CHANGE & OR YOUR MONEY RtrUWUtu 4 .mniot.i satisfied with ClUDCSIXlLsILODO STEEL BELTED RADIAL WHITEWALLS would be passing, that as soon as he began losing races the passion would cool. Only trouble was, he didn't begin losing. Others suspected a complicated publicity stunt. But Newman frequently drives in nonspecta-tor races ("The most fun of all," he says) and insists on being listed in the program as "P.L. Newman." At 51, Newman's eyesight is 2015 or about what Ted Williams' was when he was batting .406. He has a 30-inch waist, and stays in shape at a gym. And he likes to spend his weekends at 140 m.p.h. An actor who refuses to give inter- ILUBKDCATDOrJ UP TO 5 QTS. OF PREMIUM OIL "rt-U (0r any reason you i a e - - Norton Tire any new passenger car u f ,, inv0ice. within Co . return it. along w'tMur c''gd ,na'u money will be 90 days of the date o f pu chase. rme'cial ve. refunded in full no questions asea NEW OIL FILTER INSTALLED JadUUI COMPLETE LUBRICATION mcles exciuaeu I iTi I FOR MOST PASSENGER CARS ft LIGHT TRUCKS STEEL BELTED RADIAL WHITEWALLS SIZE T REG. PRICE J SALE If E. TAX 175-13 59.01 50.16 1 99 17514 62"64 53.24 2 '0 185-14 57.20 2 30 205-14 " "77 .51 65.88 2 77 215-14 8446 71 J9 298 195-15 7539 64.08 2 6e" 205-15 82J 2 69 .8 0 2 slT 215-15 87 25 ' 74.16 3 16" "225-15" -Yl.Ol" " 77.36 j 3 33 '230-15 104.33 88.68 3 40" FR78-14 ' 81 39 69.18 2 80 HR78-15 " 91.62 77.88 3 16 JR78-15 95.56 81.23 3 29 MONROE? GRIPPER pull one inch piston STAGED VlviNO ADJUSTS to all road conditions AUTOMATICALLY AMERICAN fwrrs SHOCK ABSORBERS BRAKE JOB FOR DISC BRAKES infill ironl hw o.K pOs Cncn foton A caioer Rspacn outer tront bearings nt needed i Adust and beeo Drakes o' needed) Add orke ttud ii needed) dec & Adjust 'tit brfce COMPACT ft INTERMEDIATE CARS $2S)95 Uml&iS LUXURY CARS $34 95 I p HisF E Ta 2 11 & T-ade a Mcpherson r.i .Scr95 INSTALLED Limited Quantities REPLACEMENT CARTRIDGE FOR YOUR FOREIGN CAR SHOCKS ... SIZE 1 '" PRICE F E. TAX CR78-14 46.95 23' DR78-14 48.95 2 42 ER78-14 51.15 249 FR78-14 53.46 2 69 GR78-14 55.71 289 HR78-14 58.71 3 07" GR78-15 . 58.5 6 2 97 HR78-15 60.21 3,5 JR78-15 62.25 331 LR78-15 66.45 347 IMPORTED RADIALS 1T1 THE STREET TIRE WITH THE TRACK RECORD AS LOW AS 1 SIZE 155SR-12 145SR-13 155SR-13 165SR-13 165SR-14 175SR-14 185SR-14 155SR-15 SAVE COMPLETE SELECTION 0E CONVENTIONAL & RADIAL TIRES FOR VANS. CAMPERS & LIGHT TRUCKS f E TAX t 38 1 33 1 46 t 60 1 69 1 87 1 91 I 63 1 78 FITS MOST FOREIGN AND MOST MODELS OF THESE AMERICAN CARS Vlfl Mtui hall latcK iln. Smkrl. Inn Mttarct. Cwt fiur Oirl Oalir ihl Vuliri. MiiMir Iptli Omni (mm firm bin mi Tarai. Cair Mm PRICE 25.34 24.82 26.72 28.28 30.70 34.25 35.72 30.88 32.43 ye -13 38!! SILVERTOWN PREMIUM POLY-BELT 4 Plin il folyeilir. 2 Margins Belli WHITEWALLS 4 PLY POLYESTER PREMIUM WHITEWALLS SPECIAL PURCHASE POLYESTER CORD FIBERGLASS BELTED NO NEED TO REPLACE THE STRUT HOUSING WE ARE NOW FULLY EQUIPPED TO SERVICE the Mcpherson SYSTEM AND WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY FOR MORE 165SR-15 iirairi SIZE I " PRICE Ltmited Quantities SIZE E78-14 G78-14 G78-15 H78-15 L78-15 E78-14 G78-14 G78-15 H78-15 L78 15 L7.8:15 Jj FJETAX 1 74 2 25 2 39 2 55 2 58 2 75 2 80 30J9 2 25 SIZE I PRICE I ft TAX 7L13 3L4J 32 30 255 A78-13 28.83 175 L7!:14 37.66 3320 2"58 " F78-14 35.17 2.43 .F2!:,4 3?,34 3 4 7 0 2 80 - G78-14 36.58 2 60 67:4 4P,?3 " ' 308 - 178-15 42.64 lTr- G'8.15 41.76 . 36.81 J....308 H78-H 42.90 . NVAAAaA y -. ..4375 , I i fri ructM m m t it KcMi --rjn wl'imttaitiiiMttM(jii II 3 ym mk m fliMiiif tmt m II II m tm tm w mmm ( II III P'fllMtifiUlalWlBMII II II I MACPHERSON Replacement Cartridge A 1 Vift-in bore factory-sealed unit, built with the line quality features ot all American Parts SAmnrJSDibers A superior INFORMATION CALL OUR STORE replacement tor most tront ' V'"L1- wrx iwii. 3 08 MAIN STORE CLEARANCE CENTER 17 -s. l.47.3J OR ANY OF OUR DEALERS foreign car 0 E Macpherson strut systems that can be Installed without discarding he Strut housing 1 UP I I "- f I THE REGULAR SELLING NORTON IUf I I 1 Uf rnite un li SINCE 1934- Mill CAH f TIRE CO. m m mm m m. xa irr wmrmw f I Ii ll ll l MAJOR BRANDS fsWnB Li u i QPPE;riiL All Stores Open Every Saturday 'Til 5:00 P.M. West Palm Beach 515 S. Dixie Hwy. 832-3044 Lake ParkN. Palm Beach 532 Northlake Blvd. 7T F1IGGS, INC. V-A" 600 Datura Straat 600 Datura Street BUDGET TERMS AVAILABLE W( H0N0I: MASK 8 CHARGt. lANKAMEIKAKD AMIRICAN EXPRESS. DINilS CLUB. SHOPPKS CHARGE West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 Phone 833-2481 Area Code 305 " AMERICAN RARTS SHOCK ABSORBERS 848-2544

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