The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 12, 1976 · Page 79
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 79

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 12, 1976
Page 79
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Page 79 article text (OCR)

D8 Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, December 12, 1876 Today 's GED: Part 3 of Literature Examination (c) nostalgic (a longing for something long ago). (d) humorous. . The main idea of this poem is (a) Life experiences can be remembered. (b) A patchwork quilt is like squares of earth. (c) Mama sewed memories of her children's lives in a patchwork quilt. (d) Mama sewed a gold coin in each corner of the quilt. 3. The correct answer is (a). The word "we'd" in line 7 shows that the poet is talking about his family. None of the other choices is possible. 4. The correct answer is (c). The poet is remembering what his mother did when she made a patchwork quilt. As he writes about it, memories of his childhood and his family come back to him. Choice (a) is incorrect because the poem is not sad. The poet is remembering his mother's patchwork quilt with happy memories. Choice (b) is not correct because the poet doesn't use words that show he is pessimistic. Choice (d) is not a good answer because the poem is not funny. It doesn't make you smile or laugh. 5. The correct answer is (c). The poet tells you how Mama sewed pieces of her children's clothing into a quilt. As she did so, she remembered the times they wore each dress or sjirt. Choice (a) is incorrect because it is too general. It doesn't include the idea of life experiences being remembered in a patchwork quilt. Choice (b) is too specific. It is only one idea the poet uses to describe Mama's patchwork quilt. Choice (d) is also too specific. Mama's gold coin is her contribution to the quilt. The main idea, Choice (c), includes Choices (b) and (d). 13 Jesse's cabaret shirt that 14 Charmed all the lasses; . 15 A Martin Luther King black arm band 16 That could never answer "why." 17 To each life experience, Mama gave a new birth 18 The squares of each quilt were like patches of earth: 19 Recalling the lives that had been ' lied upon them 20 Awaiting the morning, expecting the dawn. 21 And a corner of each held a hemmed-in gold token 22 Sun always rising, love never ceasing, trust never broken. 1. Lines 9-16 describe (a) pieces of cloth. (b) the pieces of cloth that made up the quilt. (c) Mama's children. (d) What Jesse and Fannie wore to school. 2. Line 18 is an example of (a) a metaphor. (b) a field of earth. (c) a simile. (d) a sentence. 3. The family described in the poem is (a) the poet's family (b) Martin Luther King's family. (c) a farmer's family. (d) a family in New York City. 4 The tone of this poem could be called (a) sad. (b) pessimistic (expecting the worst). ADVANCED MEDICAL TESTING OPIN MON. thru Fl 1:10.4: 30 CENTER 3923 Lake Worth Rd., Suite 210, Lake Worth, Fla , Jurt Eait of Kirk Rd. THE PROFESSIONAL MART BLDG. CHECK YOUR ANSWERS 1. The correct answer is (b). Lines 9-16 describe the pieces of cloth that made up the quilt; denim, calico, plaid, and a black arm band. Choice (a) is incorrect because it is too general. The pieces of cloth talked about are special pieces those Mama put into the quilt. Choice (c) is not a good answer because it is too general. The lines do tell what Jesse and Fannie did when they wore the clothing that later made up the quilt, but the lines are about the pieces of clothing, not about Jesse and Fannie. Choice (d) is not correct because it is too specific. Only line 11 describes a plaid Fannie wore when she went to school. 2. The correct answer is (c). The poet uses the word "like" to compare the quilt to a field of earth. The word "like" makes a comparison a simile. Choices (a), (b), and (d) are not correct line 18 is not a metaphor, a field of earth, or a sentence. PREVENTIVE HEALTH SCREENING IS IMPORTANT! 33 Blood Tesis from only one blood sample . . , Plus Electrocardiogram (EKG) (Interpreted by Lie. Physician) and Urinalysis. Plus - free blood pressure check tor J 27.00 a full year. -i CoD Now for Information fc Appointment 964-4577 MFTEST $8oo ALL TESTING BY FLA. STATE LICENSED & REG. PERSONNEL. SUPERVISED WEIGHT CONTROL PROGRAMS AVAILABLE. rf.A Panm nnA Inn LP WMW HUM 0Wg Of Christmasl Florida Professional Karate Equipment Company 2944 Forest Hill Blvd., West Palm Beach HAROLD KIRSH, D.O. Announces the Re-establishment of His Office for the Treatment of COLON and RECTAL DISEASES Community Hospital of the Palm Beaches 45th Street and 1-95 West Palm Beach, Florida 842-5050 by appointment Former Chairman: Department of Proctology Cherry Hill Medical Center, Cherry Hill, New Jersey This is Lesson 29 in the "Never Too Late" course for readers who do not have high school diplomas. The lessons, being published In The Palm Beach Post every Sunday and Thursday, will prepare readers for the General Education Development (GED) examination. If they pass, students will receive high school equivalency diplomas. For more information about the GED program in Palm Beach County, call 832-2424, or visit the Adult Education Center at 1235 15th St., West Palm Beach. Other centers may be more convenient. Telephone for their location. (Continuing from Thursday's lesson on literature, this is the third and last portion of the lesson, a sample literature test. The answers are provided at the conclusion.) ESSAYS Read the essay through once. Then read the questions that follow the essay. Don't try to answer the ques-' tions the first time; just get an idea of what answers you should look for when you read the essay again. Then read the essay again. This time, look carefully for the answers to the questions that follow it. Return to the essay as many times as you need to choose the correct answer for each question. Circle the letter in parentheses next to the answer you choose. WORDS TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND THE ESSAY Unavoidable something that is unavoidable happens whether you want it to or not. suspense story a suspense story doesn't tell you how things are going to turn out until the very end. Expectation expectation means a feeling of looking forward to something happening. Long bus rides are like television shows. They have a beginning, a middle, and an end with commercials thrown in every three or four minutes. The commercials are unavoidable. They happen whether you want them to or not. Every couple of minutes a billboard glides by outside the bus window. Buy Super Clean Toothpaste Smoke Ever Cook Cigarettes Drink Good n Wet Beer Fill up with Pacific Gas Only if you sleep, which is equal to turning the television set off, are you spared the unending cry of ' You Need It! Buy it Now! The beginning of the ride is comfortable and somewhat exciting, even if you've traveled that way before. Usually some things have changed new houses, new buildings, sometimes even a new road. The bus driver has his own style of driving and it's fun to try to figure it out the first hour or so. If the driver is particularly reckless or daring, the ride can be as thrilling as a suspense story. Will he pass the truck in time? Is he going to overtake that station wagon? Will he move into the right or left hand lane? After a while, of course, the excitement dies down and restlessness sets in. Sleeping for a while helps pass the middle hours of the ride and so do stops along the way. Food always makes bus rides more interesting just as it does television shows. But you've got to be careful of what kind of food you eat. Too much liquid, like soda or coffee, can make the time between stops uncomfortable. Then the suspense comes with the question, "Will I make it to the next stop in time?" The end of the ride is somewhat like the beginning. You know it will soon be over and there's a kind of expectation and excitement in that. The seat, of course, has become smaller and harder as the hours have passed. By now you've sat with your legs crossed, your knees under you, on one hip and then on the other, with your hands in your lap, with your hands on the arm rests even with your hands crossed behind your head. The end comes just at the right time. There are just no more ways to sit. Southeast Distributor 20 OFF on any item with this (d) to describe the billboards along the road. 2. The writer of , this passage would probably favor (a) bus drivers who weren't reckless. (b) driving himself instead of taking a bus. (c) a television set on the bus. (d) no billboards along the road. 3. The writer feels long bus rides are like television shows because (a) the commercials are fun on both. (b) they both have a beginning, a middle, and an end, with commercials in between. (c) the drivers are always reckless on television shows just as they are on buses. (d) you can choose what you want to look at on both. 4. Why is the end of a bus trip like the beginning? (a) You usually sleep through both. (b) The driver is more reckless than in the middle of the trip. (c) There are more billboards to look at. (d) There is an excitement about both. 5. Why does the seat on the bus become harder and smaller as the hours pass? (a) You usually change to a smaller seat. (b) You change buses to one with harder seats. (c) You imagine it has become smaller because you have sat for so long. (d) The seat isn't big enough to sleep in. 6. What does "reckless" mean in this passage? (a) careless (b) careful (c) patient (d) afraid ANSWERS 1. The correct answer is (a). Choice (b) is incorrect because the description of a bus trip is not particularly inviting; choice (c) is incorrect because right at the beginning the essay says that bus trips are like television shows; choice (d) is incorrect because that is only a part of the essay. 2. Correct answer is (b). 3. Correct answer is (b). 4. Correct answer is (d). 5. Correct answer is (c). 6. Correct answer is (a). POEMS The poet is writing about a mother who made bed coverings called patchwork quilts. Such a quilt is made of many different squares of cloth sewn together. The cloth usually comes from old pieces of clothing, blankets, or scraps of material. As the mother sews the quilt she remembers what each square came from and which child wore the dress or shirt or pair of trousers. Each piece of cloth carries memories of the happy, sad, or proud times her family had. The poet says that the squares of the quilt are like patches of earth seen from above. The colors of the cloth are like the colors of fields of brown soil, green grass, and yellow corn. As the earth lies waiting for the morning, the quilt lies on the bed expecting the dawn. In each corner of the quilt, the mother sews a little gold coin. The coin stands for her love and trust. Like the sun that always rises, her love for her family is unending. Now read how the poet put these ideas into a poem called "Patches." WORDS TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND THE POEM LINE 4 relived lived again. 9 denim a cotton fabric used to make overalls and trousers. 10 calico cotton cloth. 14 lasses girls. 21 token coin. 22 ceasing ending. PATCHES I Mama made a patchwork quilt 2 And then she made another; 3 She sewed a family-full of them 4 Relived each sister, brother. 5 She stitched up all the good times, 6 Some long-forgotten dreams; 7 The grief, the pride, the fun we'd had, 8 Were packaged up in seams. 9 The denim knee that picked tobacco, 10 Calico sleeve long hung to dry ; II The plaid Fannie wore when they 12 Guarded her classes. advertisement! for JHOON RHEE Safe-T Equipment Wholesale and Retail Complete Line of Martial Arts Equipment 305- Houn 10-6 Mon. thru Sat. 964-0666 Jl'MBO PULLMAN PULLMAN VVKKKKNI'KR 1 11 if ?frFTWi:K okrnk;hter Free Deluxe 5-Piece Luggage Set 1LII M IU riff ' OaBfM.mli TOTE BAG jj: ' !f J; ifli I J Great Gift Idea Make the holidays five times brighter by giving this This luggage set is crafted of soft, imported simu-beautiful deluxe international luggage set. It's yours lated calfskin, has double strength zippers, security FREE for investing in a $10,1100 four-year Certificate locks, reinforcing straps and features wheels on the Jumbo Pullman. For storage convenience, all bags fit within each other. See this deluxe luggage set on display in our lobby! TWO-SUITKR WKKKKNDKR i i in nr m OVERNK'iHTER of Deposit paying interest. Free Deluxe 3-Piece Luggage Set Great Gift Idea What is 1 the purpose of this (a) to give the writers opinion This 3-piece luggage set is yours FREE for investing The deluxe luggage set includes: One large a $3,000 thirty-six-month Golden Passbook Account suiter, a convenient weekender, and a large overnight bag. All bags fit within each other for storage conve- about long bus trips. ( b ) to persuade you to take a long bus trip. (c) to explain how bus trips and television shows differ from one another. ;614 nience. Choice of two color combinations are available. interest. paying See this luggage set on displiy in our lobby! FREE LUGGAGE TOTE BAG JUST OPEN A NEW CHECKING ACCOUNT Purchase a five acre homesite at fox trail for less than V Your choice of these two top quality tote bags FREE when you open a new checking account. The large tote bag is 15 " x 20 ", the smaller one is 11 " x 16". Over 60? FREE Checking. . Checks imprinted FREE for Senior Citizens. Offers extended for a limited time only. $5000 an acre . . . only 20 down ten year terms. rox Trail is a planned community of five acre homesites and is located straight out Southern Boulevard 13 miles from West Palm Beach. 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