The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 12, 1976 · Page 76
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 76

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 12, 1976
Page 76
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Page 76 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, December 12, 1876 D5 Letters to the Editor Not All Children Are Ready to Read at the Same Age I was born and raised in this area, and have been enjoying these parks for over 30 years. It is distressing for me to think that I cannot enjoy these parks during certain hours, due to the Lake Worth city commissioners passing this ordinance. Lake Worth Police Chief Majewski requested this ordinance, setting closing hours "as a means of controlling rowdies." What kind of a limited mind thinks like this? If someone is rowdy, arrest him. Why should all citizens be deprived of another place to relax and enjoy the evening, because of this? What next? A curfew for all citizens to keep "rowdies" off the streets? Why isn't a decision like this put to a vote, by the citizens of Lake Worth? Another lost freedom. Walk on the cool grass, enjoy the breeze off the lake, soak in the moon and the stars, and be taken away to jail. Edgar Campbell Lake Worth There was love, harmony and peace in our home. Many of the men who read this may say, "He must have had a soft job." Quite the contrary, he was in the plumbing and heating business. His day often started at six in the a.m. and he was late many times for a six o'clock dinner. This type of upbringing was in my heart and mind. I also raised four children, and our life pattern was the same. My husband took an interest in our children, their activities and keeping all their toys in constant repair. Each winter, he would freeze the backyard over, creating a skating pond for the children and their friends. I wonder at times how many of our younger parents of today even know the stories and songs which are of interest to children. In fact, today's children have not the facts of children's minds, but have thrust upon them the knowledge of adults. What a deprivation to the children of today. Mrs. Grove H. Shephard Boynton Beach Article XI of the Constitution of the Episcopal Church clearly proves this. A canonical resolution, such as that passed by the House of Bishops and later by the House of Deputies, ' can no more supersede an article of this church's constitution than can a joint resolution of both houses of the' U.S. Congress amend an article of our national Constitution, if the pro.-' visions of Article V of the said constitution are ignored. Yet that is exactly what the house of Bishops of the Episcopal Church did on Sept. 15 when it defied the provisions of Arti cle XI of the church's constitution in its rush to please the ladies. What recourse has the loyal Episcopalian who is appalled by the lawless shattering of the church's unbroken tradition of 2,000 years? Very little, it would seem, especially when the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church arrogates to itself the powers of a supreme court, and sits as judge and jury of its own actions, pronouncing as legal an action which is patently unconstitutional and illegal. In the light of all this, it would seem that we are entering in the Episcopal Church an era of lawlessness which will have no ending but disaster and disunion. The Rev. Canon Harold S. Olafson West Palm Beach It seems these big companies, the more they get the more they want, and they don't care who starves to death as long as they get their exorbitant price to feather their nests with. The telephone is very much of a necessity for us widows or anyone for that matter. It sometimes means the difference between life or death. And every time I see that commercial on television to call your loved onss it just makes me burn. I say to myself, "There, I just helped pay for that commercial which must cost thousands of dollars to be put on the air." Anyone that can afford a telephone (and some that can't) already have a telephone and certainly shouldn't have to pay for that to be broadcast on the TV. I have terminal cancer and need a second telephone, as I paid a good price to have 3 jacks put in my trailer. But when they told me I have to pay $24 for one I just have to make do. We just can't afford to eat and still have a roof over our heads, too, and the luxury of electricity and telephone, how can we? I just hope our future new president, Mr. Carter, can straighten out a few things. I voted for him and am banking on him. Sure hope he doesn't let us down especially all of us old poo" souls that are trying to exist on Social Security. heresy. I address myself to that august body in clear stentorian tones: "Thou shalt not, thou canst not." Which reduced to its simplest reads; "How could you?" Sylvia N. Krasner Lake Worth Insane Policy I have finally become disgusted enough with my fellow Americans that I had to write in to your paper, and express my view on something I heard this evening on national news. A national newscaster reported that Communist Cuba is suffering economically, due to their main export (sugar). It seems that sugar has dropped from 70 cents to 7 cents on the world market , and one-quarter of Communist Cuba's sugar crop was wiped out because of drought this year. Just when I thought America had Communist Cuba by t' ? underwear, the newscaster crushed all hope I momentarily had for a free Cuba. The announcement was that the good ol' U.S. of A. would probably take advantage of Communist Cuba's economic plight by trying to normalize relations through trade. So once again America will pull another Communist nation out of the hole. What possible advantages can America gain through such (usual) one-sided relationships? What logical thinking American would believe there could ever be any normal relationship between the U.S. and any Communist country? Better yet, what red-blooded American would want one? There's not much that I can do as one man to shape American foreign policy, but by heavens we best stop this insane policy of helping our enemies. If we don't then the Communists intend to give us just what we deserve. Terry L. Sarner North Palm Beach Illegal Park Law I was interested in the feature by reporters Charles Keefer and John Peterson on the unfortunate educational situation in Palm Beach County. In particular, I noticed that teachers, as usual, blame the children's lack of reading ability on television. However I suspect that the children watching TV all the time are the same types of children who used to sit beside the radio and listen for long periods. It seems to me that if a child learns to read easily, he will enjoy reading as well as television; but therein lies the rub. Not all children are ready to begin reading at the same time and some will have problems whenever they begin. If we could eliminate these early problems so that when a child begins reading, he will enjoy the success, maybe we will have better readers. Also, as we progress in school, innovative learning situations are fun but do not replace the need for drill, especially in phonics, spelling, grammar and math tables. I think students should have spelling and vocabulary tests weekly through senior year in high school in all public schools. This of course may not improve the performance on the APL (Adult Performance Level) test, but it couldn't help but prepare our children better for the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). Mrs. William Ross Jupiter How? Long a member of a society that loudly advocated a free press, and all the freedoms detailed in the Bill of Rights, I admit I have erred. I am advocating censorship; the censorship of "how." The how is of pivotal importance in our social structure. The how of expression is of no less importance than the what. What has provoked this revolt can be attributed to the new "Good News Bible" just published. It is for everybody all to read. Obsolescence has red inked the "yea's" and "thou's," the "begats." It has been simplified to its very base. Hence the familiar pastoral beauty of the 23rd Psalm which reads, "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want," has become, "The Lord is my Shepherd. I have all I need." My censorship role has begun. The sincere and sober American Bible Society must accept full responsibility for this insensitivity and, yes, Without one shadow of a doubt, the action of the House of Bishops in the General Convention of the Episcopal Church at Minneapolis, permitting the ordination of women to the priesthood and to the episcopate, was completely unconstitutional and illegal, and therefore null and void I want to speak out against the new Lake Worth city ordinance which authorizes the closing of four Lake Worth public parks in the Mrs. Evelyn Rider Lake Worth IMO0 t Stories mm ma n CUT-PRICE. SPECIAL AND REGULAR GIFTS THAT MAKE SENSE! BO 1 I MOBILE CB 1 This letter is in response to the Nov. 29 article by Stewart E. Fason, regarding bedtime stories, fairy tales and, let me add, lullabies sung by Mom or Dad. What a beautiful and relaxing manner of tucking little Amy oi Jimmy into bed each night along with saying good night to Jesus, oui heavenly Father. These are my memories which cling close to my heart, as I was put to bed each night, along with my brothers. My mom used to sing a French lullaby along with many others. We three children sat on her lap, and she'd sing and we'd laugh at the French song. Our Dad would so often pick up our story books and read us about the Three Bears, Goldilocks, Humpty Dumpty, Little Red Riding Hood. Exploited GUT 50 HI-FI SYSTEM CUT 50 MUSIC IS THE GIFT I just read the article in the paper "Giving to Ma Bell." For heaven's sakes and all our sakes, isn't there anyone in this world short of God in heaven who can stop them. I sometimes think even God is turning his back on us, especially us senior citizens that are trying to exist on anywhere from $150 to $200 a month Social Security. THAT GIVES ALL YEAR! TRr.fi3i'ChannCl THE UN'QUt REALISTIC cmv n urat-.MAIlirrn,.. use ....ucn " ey. 149.95 tvtHY control , built into the speakermike handset I :' t '. ' CUT fey MOBILE CB 2 5349 Total Regular Price . . . 399 80 $50 VolSZrs. 8- Woofer and Tweeter' . Realise Lab-54 Auto-Turntable. Elliptical i THE BEST-SFI 1 ... .1 nnetlC l.aririu'ja Mag" --.v dr.a give Rog 15995 him (her?) 23-channpi if! 95 mobile CB radio at Tft 00 "s best' Hurry' GIVE A "PETTABLE PORTABLE" 995 T0 1295 VOL can f 4- CHW II Oth, Each Plush Pet Has a Safe Battery-powered AM Radio Stuffed Inside! 5 Cuddly Models' Al 4dK Shack Inbms. ti.H CUT son TAPE-RADIO PHONO t THREE-PIECE SYSTEM 1 AM-FM STEREO BATTERY-AC jlsL ( Thanks, REALISTIC BATTERYAC CASSETTE RECORDER RADIO Reg 69 95 0 12-654 95 Rog 79 95 13 1131 ImWT 14-836 Just set up an IRA or Keogh Retirement Savings Plan before Dec. 31. All deposits made to an IRA before Dec. 31 , or to a Keogh Plan before April 15 (provided the plan is set up before Dec. 31) are 100 deductible on your 1976 tax return. Portable Stereo Great Gi't Slidmij Volume! Balance Controls' Compact AM-FM S;ereo Play It All System by Realistic1 Dust Cover' Full Auto-Stop! Digital Tape Counter! ARTHUR FIEDLER AND THE STEREO RADIO PHONO CUT 16 KLAY5 90 iS SYSTEM! COMPACT PRICE! BBOQOB1 ULTRA-THIN CALCULATOR! Reg 29 95 2I95 IB 65-622 So if you don't have a pension plan where MINUTES! 2" 50-2040 4jJ p . Only at Radio Shack' f 9 CljT20 TO 25! CASSETTE TAPE 60MIN. 419 90 MIN. .456 Ru'J 1 59 44-602 HB.2.09 4.M3 8-TRACK TAPE 40 MIN. 4 59 80 MIN 499 Rey. 1 99 1 Beg 2.49 44 840 44 841 you work, or if you're -30095 r v www i self-employed, now f v I is the time to get 13-1130 Only 7116" Thin' Includes UL Listed AC Adapter Rechoryer! Extra-Large Green "Dtgiti on" Display! Complete Radio Phono System by Realistic. With Dust Cover Great Gift' one going. Stop in at any Home Federal office and talk it over with us. 600-IN-1 ELECTROCHEMICAL LABORATORY CUT 25 SD"tF7 - if! 1; ) 1 u - m ar mm 8. 4 OffUMM n i Home 2-i9i sw$3 - 150-IN-1 1 ELECTRONIC c 2Q95 IT iim 28 248 250 IN-1 CHEMISTRY LAB KIT PROJECT K Reg. 7 99 599 28-192 ' Lxplore Organic Chemistry. tiectrochemistry. Food Analysis. Ci ystallography .in J Much More' 23 Chemical Reagents. Pegboard Console, Solid State Electronics, Tempered Glasswear. Balance Included! Build Wireless Communications Equipment, Test Equipment. Computer Circuits. Electronic Sound Effecti. As Seen on TV! Magic Tricks to "Crystal Farms"! there's no safer place to be. fS PALM BEACH PALM COAST PLAZA PALM BEACH MALL PALM BEACH PALM COAST PLAZA PALM BEACH MALL ME MBER ESLE iMCi Ut t lH-"4oMllul Radio hack OPEN ONLY 12 MORE LATE NITES TIL CHRISTMAS! STORES OPEN SUNDAYS, 1-6 PM (Oui housidc LENDER FOREST-HILL WEST JUPITER-TEOUESTA PALM BEACH GARDENS BOYNTON BEACH VERO BEACH FT. PIERCE H30 S. fodoral Hwy. U4-4762 MAIL TO: Home Federal Savings, Retirement Trust Division, 293 S. County Rd, Palm Beach, Fla. 33480 Please send me complete information on your tax-saving Individual Retirement Account Keogh Plan BOYNTON BEACH , . Causeway South Shopping Center 1620 S. Federal Hwy. 732-1874 LAKE WORTH Town I Country Shopping Center 1922 West lake Worth Rd. 588-6767 WEST PALM BEACH Palm Itacb Mall 4IJ-1502 K-MART Shopping Cinttr 4440 Hill Blvd. W-47l LANTANA lantana Village Sq. Shop. Ctr. 1315 S. Dixio Hwy. 582-3196 NORTH PALM BEACH Twin City Mall 144-806? DELRAY BEACH Dolray Mall 1S2I S. Federal Hwy. 22-6011 Name Street City & State; .Zip, BOCA RATON If 1 H.I. Sth Ay.. 395-2663 Boca Raton Mall 252 N. Federal Hwy. 368-1 Ul Phone IS g A TANDY CORPORA! ION COMPANY PH'CFS MA AHY AT iNtl'V"HuAl NU'Hf 1

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