The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 12, 1976 · Page 68
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 68

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 12, 1976
Page 68
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Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, December 12, 1976 C17 Routine X-Rays Help Prevent Complications During Surgery compare Squibb nFRrrni m 1 1001.11. 9ss 4001.11. 991 500 mg. 994 500 mg. no. 37 JTheragran-M pH GERI-GEN Ca'T- TlOi to Supertron 49 99 $1 with Rose Hips $1 bic I I MULTI VITAMINS WITH MINERALS LJ Ascorbic inn 100 HEIUTHLME Francis R. Colavecchio )8ILJ $18S'98ll IS4.W 100 Acid 25O.$370 250-5475 SAME FORMULA 250-S4 90 1000 mg. 2511 IQOOmg. 992 h! ZUUI.U. 995 1UUUI.U. 989 m GERITOL Capsul" Caps" ft n Fto $159 $Q99 COMPARE Squibb Theragran to Therapeutic with Rose Hips $949 lJ 100 $190 Ascorbic I 100 Acid 5O0-S875 The telephone number is 837-2418. fessionals. Readers may send their The Hot Lino is 833-RAPE. questions to Colavecchio at The Answers to questions in this column Palm Beach Post, Drawer T, West are obtained from local health pro- Palm Beach, Fla. 33402. RFRIJIPW 250 I 500 V Multi-Vitamins 'HUB nn II ML J m. HlillllV'J 3(1 250-58 39 $79 SAME FORMULA 100 JL LIQUID PROTEIN This Can Happen B-Complex . $5.45 50 mg. in 8 FACTORS 250-S13 00 '9 100 90 FOR FAST WEIGHT LOSS "GRAPEFRUIT" DIET PLAN Eat No Grapefruit... and Enjoy 5 Tasty Meals Daily. Our G'lpe'rwt Jet si coniaiis a'uMi gfacet'tj,! essence 'ort;,'ed!r 'C'C-1 QDA of Vitamins C ano E T'uS one J' 'he to You PREDIGESTED SOLUBLE 15GramsofPredigested Protein per ounce. PLEASANT TASTING 16 oz. 32 oz. LIQUID Protein HOLIDAY SNACK IDEA COCONIT longest al ads iijuaoie inoi,i a mc eiinnluV tjocto' s D'escr-pfion1 in-judes cotjipfe V uaI aurrlI menus 'Or a nulfitionally sound and balanced j' meals aiay dipt plan Macaroons $098 FLOOR SAFES WALL SAFES OFFICE SAFES DEPOSIT SAFES $g50 $2W 180 (30dasupply) 29 WILSON-ROWAN 655-3637 LOCKSMITH CO. I 655-3637 j 429 OKEECHOBEE BLVD. WEST PALM BEACH MILLERS UNPROCESSED BRAN, lj 12 OZ. Reg. M.39 I I m u & tSZft) GNC-Your Hnlth Food GiH Shop f OZ. FamousDiet Formula theAlMn-ONE Kelp, Lecithin, Cider Vinegar, Vitamin B-6 Tablet. America's MostWantedForrtiulation! fmimu1 Rich in f j P A NEW SHIPMENTS ARRIVING DAILY! Honey Gift Assortment Colorful gift carton con tains 10 oz each of Yucatan. Holly Orange Blossom. Clover, and WildflcMCT Honey 1.99 9.75 COMPARE AND SAVE! HARD TO FIT? We Carry Sizes 4 to 12 Widthi AAAAA Narrow to EEE Wide Q Why are chest X-rays always performed as a routine part of a hospital admission? A We asked Dr. Don Bane, a radiologist in the Boynton Beach-Lake Worth area. If the patient is admitted to the hospital for a surgical procedure, chest X-rays are done to see if cancer, pneumonia or any other health problem is present. Then it is evident what complications could occur if a problem went undetected during surgery. On nonsurgical patients, the chest X-ray is more a preventive medicine approach. It is amazing how many people do not have a routine chest X-ray until they are hospitalized. Medicare, it is interesting to note, requires all hospital admissions over the age of 40 to have a chest X-ray and certain laboratory tests. Q Why are Medicare's allowable charges often less than the amount my doctor actually charges? A .- The following answer is trom the Medicare Program Circular 76-17, Attachment I. This is because allowable charges are figured on the basis' of doctors' fees that were charged anywhere from six to 18 months in the past, during what is called the "base year." For example, from July 1, 1974, to June 30, 1975, "allowable charges" were based on what doctors actually charged during the calendar year 1973. Not only that, but the allowable charge is based on the fee most often charged during the year. So if your doctor charged $7 for 51 per cent of his office visits during a base period, and charged $8 for the other 49 per cent of those office visits, the allowable charged would be based on the lower fee of $7. Another reason may be that the fee which covered 75 per cent of the claims received from all physicians in the area for the service in question (office visit) was lower than what your physician charges. And Medicare pays only the lower charge. Q - Why doesn't Good Samaritan hospital accept Medicare ac payment? A - We asked hospital Administrator John Wymer, and what follows is the statement issued by Good Samaritan's Board of Trustees. The Board of Governors fully and carefully considered entering the Medicare program at the time it was enacted in 1966. It was decided that with the limited size of the hospital, its facilities could best continue to provide high quality medical care by remaining a private institution, without such a government program and its resulting controls. Periodically since that time the question of participation in the Medicare program has been discussed, but there has appeared to be no sound reason to change the existing policy. A further full review of this subject is scheduled for consideration at an early meeting of the Board of Governors this season. Whether or not this will result in any change is not possible to predict at this time. Q - Where would a person go for help in a child molesting case? A - David Bludworth, state attorney for Palm Beach County, has established a Sexual Assault Assistance Program for our area. The office is staffed with excellent, qualified, sympathetic individuals. 6" No. 195 100-49C Ginseng s:lZINC $049 PVQV7 10 mg. TABLETS 3'98' 100 mg. tablets 2 No. 2523 No. 2512 r 500 100 VITAMIN 95 BRAN 500 mg. TABLETS No. 2520 $1 B-6 S 79 DOWNTOWN MODEL ETTS HELPS CURB YOUR APPETITE HELPS OU LOSE THAT EXTRA HEIGHT NO CALORIE COU !lG' NO EXERCISES' NO SPECIAL DIETS' Thanks to a group ot Sew YorK doctors you can no lose pounds ot ugly fat without going on any special diet, without cutting out any special foods HELPS REDUCE HUNGRY MOMENTS These New York doctors discovered a food aduvant called MODEL-ETTS " "Model-efts" does remarkable things It neips you cut down your caloric intake by a natural automatic curbing ot the appetite and of the desire tor foods, resulting automatically in a reduced intake ot food The doctors carefully checked results and here s what they 'ound 1 Weight losses of 6 to 20 pounds without any ll etects whatsoever 2 96 of the men and women wno used Modei-etts lost wegtit ' Modei-etfs is absolutely sate it s a food adiuvant-not a drug So start today to shed those unwanted sounds and inches It your condition is glandular pr organic, see your doctor Modei-etts ' may help you stay on the diet your doctor recommends Ask him about it with Mo1qm .55rJ 333 CLEMATIS STREET nnlnrMt4n 100 100 VITAMIN UUIUIIIUC 11 GRAIN TABLETS No. 544 B-12 $139 500 meg I DON'T BE OLD FASHIONED! STEAM-O-VAC YOUR CARPETS 100-60C 100-S2.75 One "Model-efts" Water SUPEREX Th. MuW-VIUmin-Mnv 20 KbLr 3S1 3SC50 2 MONTH SUPPLY only eil Supor Formula il TABLETS Jt Sug.rFrMwIthChol.iod has the hunger satisfying capacity of 1 lb boiled potatoes or 4 eggs or 5 slices of white bread, vet it contains only 6 calories Minorin. No. 577 $5.00 firprnflawnn 100-52.10 The old method with brushes, using detergent, scrubs the soil DEEPER into the fabric and fails to remove soil. Result ... the detergent left in the fabric soon attracts more soil and it is not long before the soil works bock to the surface. Soon your carpets appear more soiled than before. WITH -4TEAM-0-VAC in one operation soil is penetrated, suspended and extracted. No Tablets N0.216 3$i20 . 100-51.79 GARLIC 3$058 CAPSULES N, Each tablet provides "ff 200V. us rda BEE Fruit-Flavored Chewable Natural VITAMIN-C 1 4 Tablets of essential Vitamin C brushes. No powder. No scrubbing with deter- jt NATURAL NATURAL 100-53.99 100-52.19 Taste it.. .and enjoy the most delicious & complete gents. Gentle and thorough. Economical because m VITAMIN E 3$7SS VITAMIN E3$i38 Vitamin C nutrition that ever melted in your mouth cnrpeis May cieaner longer. Nutritional science nos that you need viamm C every day II 100 1.U. No. 55 T 200 1.U. No. 86 I LICENSED INSURED All WORK GUARANTIED NATURAL 100-52.29 NATURAL 100-53.50 Seninj the Pnlm Hrm-hr sinve 1? VITAMIN E 3$58 VITAMIN E 3$700 affects every smgte cell in your ttodv vet youf body can t store it BlI iityxit a suficent supCHy ot V'tamm C your oody can t manu 'acfwe a spec cement cd coagen rne cement mat Vhos every singie :e n r oody foqerer So fOu can see xj mpor ant 1 -s 10 De sure of jetting (noog V'tamtn C Trial 3 wnere Siitrphon 'yjL-are Natural Viamin C Ace'uia comes in T'lese re cnewrio'e v'famm C tawets r& Sue a wondertijiiy langy frue-trtjit taste oeupte fee to cnew 'nem like candy A re so su'e fhat once your 'amiiy iristes Notr-lton Squaie Natural Vitamin C wth Acerola latwis everyone in ,fjur 'amiiy insist on fnem we re offering (ou this 're 'aste 'est 417 Gardenia West Palm Beach 100LU.No.38 T 200 1.U. No. 795 I Why ;W Nutrition Square Whv Nutrition Square STEAM ID VAC Chewable 8 GRAIN 500 mg. 100-51.79 POTENT 1200 mg. 100-53.75 Palm Beach Area Call 655-6333 Boca RatonDelray Call 421-7333 FOR ESTIMATE WITHOUT OBLIGATION Vitamin C Tablets Crpl Cleaning LECITHIN 3$Q53 LECITHIN 3$750 are made with r CAPSULES No. 798 f CAPSULES w575 Florida's nnlv Factory Authorized Factory Trained Representative BREWER'S Natural Acerola Berries. "e fr'jfxa Kwota wry s ore of naMe s wonder It s anw-ngfy in naiijfai Vnamm C up to 80 times as 'n,r as an equal amount of 'Xange lutce i jj '"j 'S xw 'c -ft jenefj V.f'txm Cer'e' J Limitta to ' 'ree oft$r J di 'am.y ust be re j Jeemed at (he store C'fy . State Zirj I l " ALFALFA , L TABLETS No. 2518 YEAST 7 12 Grain Tablets 651 VALUABLE GNC COUPON f,m m BROWN 79 T0ASTE0"p"", " ' mmm SOYBEANS 70 PlainSeaSaltedOnion Garlic Barbeque 1 2 oz. Reg. 89 (if JU'ETO RICE iTp"iiu7. 1 lb. reg. 89 '!btl"VW-i LIMIT ONE-NOT BY MAllT-vfjl SST-I UMIT 0NE-N0T BY MAIL V' UABLE GNC COUPON ,-fc,T VALUABLE GNC COUPON 1, II II 76 is BAC0 DITC Great for 6fr i!)l SESAME SNACKS 21.49 Onion - Brown Kief -Srsume ( hipn Ul I O Salads 12 18 76 UIIIICUM LIMIT ONE NOT BY MAIL tytfAtik yhi'l&iWA LIMIT ONE-NOT BY MAIL '-y,tf4.-M 'fefel VALUABLE GNC COUPON jPfc.l VALUABLE GNC COUPON 79 RAISIN BRAN GRAN0LA YOGURT Qo 12 Pi Your choice W 9 Flavf?. With '3.00 Purchase The Point of View: i 1 There's nothing like silk! V- If - 1 We love it. For the way , I , it looks. And feels. Ill Ull For the way it says "real." ill m And there's nothing like II I the exciting selection of 1 day thru dmnei dressing ' j j B at Lillie Rubin. i l ( Here's just one from i I "Collection 700"... J 1. I designed exclusively j P aV I for our 46 salons j ! tv A in the South & West. ! ' H The Look: j "The Pure Silk Shirtdress" I ' ...pure ease, wrapped I at ihe waist and tied jy I once over lightly... I J" a 'find' in the most I j luscious colors... 155. j 13oz.Reg. 99 Eaplr 1 II 76 100 Natural 2ib. S Deluxe sc95 Holiday D FruitCake Tasty 70 1794 Seasoned Almonds 4 Varieties of roasted almonds 'hl&A LIMIT 0NE-N0T 8 MAIL I''gl LIMIT ONE-NOT BY MAIL SfM VALUABLE GNC COUPON i&fof'tiiM fe;;tefc, VALUABLE GNC COUPON lfcffi 0 FARM FRESH EGGS:; 79 PARTY MIX $119 Perfect for School 1 9 oz. Lunch Box or Between I Reg .TV No. 1459 5 -i mm M w .k.Z 'isSk .U.tA Grade A Large Purchajt DOZ. mcai ircms: nr Plim m iq $ - 1 . & j tpif u n 10 kt'PSiW LIMIT ONE NOT BY MAIL WiC'M kht? LIMIT ONE-NOT BY MAIL Holiday Snack Pack itffifcfrfo-J VALUABLE GNC COUPON Tloricrral CTi i 10 Dackaoes of qood 11UU1UUU GRAN0LA 7Qt COOKIES Ov iUiOiCTicc 9 1(4 oz. Rea 89 tasting, nutritious seeds and nuts Quantities limited-Hurry! 5M No. 183 m p" 76 ,i3 m!il'$A LIMIT ONE-NOT BY MAIL IMPORTANT NOTICE I SEND httvU aimrullClvnntOaii iwnt ifl 't'M m M N nil Ol iilnM ai M '" ,n t11 !' M n ny inconinnt ih.ii inil M iO'iw nciwti ' m dieiinaj 'Itm thai it lanwir.i HEALTHY Moil rVffar DrnmnHu CillftH EXCEPT WHERE man uiucid riuiiipiij i mcu noted! B'ing or mail to GNC Stora lilted to Uft GIFTS FROM Enctosed 11 $ Please ship lh lollowing Oept KK-01 bhoptheblNL Store Nearest You- NOW THRU DECEMBER 18thl PALM BL4CH MALL WPB PALM COAST PLAZA WPB TWIN GIH MALL LAKE PARK DELRAY BEACH BOCA RATON MALL BOCA RATON P0MPAN0 FASHION SQUARE PHOOUCI NAME r GNC II onto ufKW IS X mm SOtloitln TOT 41. 1 no WE MAIL Anywhsre tDOftfll. cm 211 Worth Avenue Palm Beach Mall

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