The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 26, 1998 · Page 128
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 128

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1998
Page 128
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Page 128 article text (OCR)

THE PALM BEACH POST THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 1998 19A Oust lawmakers who just feed the fat cats MSL T T More careful adult drivers will help save teens' lives lights at nearly every intersection. This also occurs I have been reading various articles about the tragic deaths of the three Wellington teenagers in December 1997 and also the comments by Don Marksz, father of one of the teens ("Father crusading to rescue teens from son's fate"). After the most recent article, regarding lowering speed limits in Wellington (among other subjects), I feel compelled to respond. Since 1990, 1 have been in a position of enforcing traffic laws, particularly in school zones in Palm Beach County E on other major roads. I believe that before another sign is erected toward any "solution," perhaps a reminder of basic driving laws would be more appropriate. Each driver on the roads of Wellington is capable of being part of the solution ... or part of the problem. Holly Hamilton, school traffic safety unit Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office West Palm Beach Mack listens to the money, not voters firm, o -J3 a o Congratulations to The Post on the series "Lobbyists and Legislators: A special report" (Feb. 15-17), about lobbyists' effect on the posture of state (and even worse, national) legislation. You have done your readers a great service. Revelation of these deplorable tactics is distressing. Too many laws being passed are not particularly in the best interest of constituents but in the interest of the self-serving people who hold the power of legislation. The Feb. 18 article "Bill would let phone rates double" perhaps best illustrates this stratagem. The passage of a major deregulation bill by a House committee that would more than double BellSouth's basic residential telephone rate is a perfect example. Among the yes votes was that of Rep. Willie Logan, D-Opa-locka, a shameless recipient of a mere $700 worth of Miami Heat tickets as well as other gifts from BellSouth. Rep. Logan's claim is that this unconscionable increase "will be good for business and consumers." The only obvious business benefit would certainly be to BellSouth, and the only consumer to apparently benefit will be Rep. Logan. Other legislators claim that insufficient knowledge of a topic makes dependence on lobbyists a necessity. If legislators, with a full staff of high-priced advisers, can't come up with a better answer than that, perhaps they're in the wrong job to begin with. Or maybe they are relying on lobbyists for more than just advice. Articles such as these enlighten voters to the fact that this is still a nation of the people, by the people and for the people, and certainly not solely for the welfare of our elected representatives. The only way these politicians will finally get the message is if voters continue to vote self-serving politicians out of office. Nathan Jurist Lake Worth Serve Floridians: Pass on free meals Your series on lobbying of the Florida House of Representatives was a tremendous public service. It clearly shows how much Florida legislators are beholden to special interests. Does a meal costing $24.99 buy influence? u (Wellington included). Although Mr. Marksz's interest in solutions to some of the "problems" has arisen primarily since the unfortunate loss of his son, I would remind him that many oeoole have been and The recent defeat of campaign finance reforms in the U.S. Senate was another victory for the special-interest groups and our insidious politicians. Despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans favor the reforms, our politicians, including Sen. Connie Mack, R-Fla., and others keep ignoring this. We will remember this fail- fiBQDS Certainly. This is especially true when meals are bought for legislators over a period of years. Are the meals bought because the legislator is a kind person about whom the corporation, union or other purchaser is enthused? Everyone understands that they're bought because the recipient is a legislator. Granted, the $21 a day legislators receive for meals is inadequate, but legislators can cure that problem. About all of the corporations that buy the meals have stopped employees from taking such perks because it does not serve the corporation's interest. How about stopping this meal practice and serving the interests of the people of Florida? Keep it up, Palm Beach Post. Keep it up. Lloyd Brumfield, vice-chairman Common Cause-Florida Stuart will continue to be very involved in seeking "solutions" to traffic problems in Palm Beach County. Some of his ideas may indeed help. A majority of safety issues regarding Wellington roads can be addressed by one solution community responsibility. Most drivers stopped for traffic infractions within school zones are parents delivering or retrieving students, local residents traveling to or from their workplaces and others who reside in Wellington and travel the same routes nearly every schoolworkday. These adult drivers serve as poor role models for children in this community. Since the widening of Wellington Trace, for example, traffic frequently flows at between 55 and 60 mph, in addition to multiple vehicles running red Sen. Mack ure at election time. Vincent Lombardo Boynton Beach Cockfighting both illegal and immoral In response to the article The bloody 'sport of gentlemen' " about cockfighting: To call this act of barbarism a sport is terrible. Pitting two animals against each other, in a battle to the death, takes us back to the days of the gladiators. The fact that the authorities do little or nothing to stop this activity bewilders me. While I realize that there are more important matters for the police to address, to allow this activity to continue unabated is sanctioning an illegal, murderous act. Scott Passman Greenacres Beach tar a worse nuisance than dogs As a lifelong resident of West Palm Beach, I couldn't disagree more with those who would ban dogs from the beaches. I've been taking my dogs to the beach in Palm Beach for more than 10 years. The spot we go to is well-known as "Dog Beach." In all that time, I never once stepped in doo-doo. My experience is that most pet owners are responsible and bury their pooches' little indiscretions in the sand. Dogs are like children to most pet owners. They love taking them to the beach, and dogs love to go. Take some time and watch them play and swim. It's heartwarming. Ttioro oro rwtainlv mnrp sprioiis nroblems their help, my work would not have been success-. . ful. Along with the help they gave me, staff mem- ... bers also educated me on the new role of the zoo . in the community. The Palm Beach Zoo is not a museum for ank ' -mals; rather, it is a center of learning, research - 1 . and conservation for endangered and threatened - ' species. The future of the zoo is promising for : both guests and scientists such as myself. Those who have been to the Palm Beach Zoo ... probably know what a great asset it is to the area: To those who have not visited, I encourage you to take a day and explore what I believe is one of the best attractions in Palm Beach County. Kevin St. Jacques ' Missoula, Mont. But let's face it: What has really ruined our beaches is oceanfront condominiums and all the out-of-town transplants who fill them up. Eugene W. Potter West Palm Beach Zoo is for learning, not just looking I wish to commend the management and staff of the Palm Beach Zoo at Dreher Park. A graduate student at the University of Montana, I came to the zoo to study the vocalizations of some of the monkeys housed there. The staff was very accommodating in aiding me with my research. On more than one occasion, the keepers assisted me with experiments and audio recordings that called for close contact with the monkeys. Without Write us The Palm Beach Post welcomes letters from readers. All letters are subject to editing for brevity and clarity. Even e-mail and faxed letters must include the writer's name, address and daytime telephone number. You may receive a phone call for verification. 'Open letters' or letters addressed to a third party will not be published. Our addresses: Letters to the Editor The Palm Beach Post Martin County Bureau 2101 S. Kanner Highway Stuart, FL 34994 Fax: (561) 287-0241 Internet: X 1 1 V- 1 V. (41 V- 'J ' I with our beaches than a little poop. Try beach tar, for example. 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