The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 12, 1976 · Page 54
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 54

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 12, 1976
Page 54
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Page 54 article text (OCR)

i I 4 41 i V 4 C2 Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, December 12, 1976 f"3 y CwhmS EihnmX hmiii3 Eiiiis2 Eiimh3 EnmhiS Kmmhhi3 IimihmmI ICihiibI Give Me the Great Indoors Anytime Q EYE GLASSES D H 12 PRIDE COUPON H Ktll rma Bombeck 50 OFF ALL DESIGNER FRAMES ONLY BUDGET OPTICAL 1653 FORUM PLACE - W.P.B. store salads. And there'll be big, comfortable chairs and sofas where we can sit down and have a drink. We won't even have to climb into coats or boots and sit on hard bleacher seats. We'll watch the game on a colored television set in comfort." "Wanda! You have just described your own home!" "I knew you wouldn't understand. Are you coming?" "A car just ran over my foot," I grimaced. "Did anyone ever tell you you're a complainer?" D D 684-1313 JUST EAST OF PALM BEACH MALL BEHIND FORUM III COMPLEX "One of these days," Wanda said softly, her eyes fixed vacantly, "we're going to go to a football game in a camper. We'll have our own stove where we can cook steaks and a refrigerator where we can Okay, you all know how I feel about camping. A Motel 6 is about as primitive as I want to get. I just cannot understand people who are turned on by swishing their silverware in a mesh bag through a stream where a dog just relieved himself. That's why it came as a bit of a surprise when Wanda called last week, and said, "Before the football game next Saturday, we're going to have a tailgate buffet." "How far is the tailgate buffet from my all-electric kitchen?" "Don't start that again," she said. "You have to be the most boring, unimaginative person I know. Don't you ever like to try anything different? We'll pack a lunch, allow ourselves an hour or two before the game and have a fun time eating off the tailgate of the station wagon." "You're right as usual," I told Wanda later. "This is fun. I don't think I've had so much fun since I slid down the deck of the Titanic without spilling a drop of my iced tea." "Well, if you're not having a good time," snapped Wanda, "it's your fault . . . crouching back there behind the spare tire. Why don't you stand around the tailgate like the rest of us?" "I'm cold! Besides, the sandwich is dry." "You're eating your glove." I crawled out of the car and planted my feet firmly in the fresh tar, not daring to believe what I saw. The parking lot was an orgy of campers, folding tables and tailgates. The entire football field was under siege. One lighted match and the entire place was set to blow. "Isn't this great?" Wanda chirped. "You know, even the food tastes different out in the air." "You're right," I said. "This doughnut tastes like it flunked its emissions test." turdfoss Rurdines Wlofido. v Doctors and Schools Can Offer Sex Data r Planned ' J Parenthood Answers Your Questions r I J Q Since parents are the primary guides for their children as they grow up, where can parents go for help when they really want to do a good job on sex education but feel both a lack of insight and a good deal of fear, too? A You're right that parents are the primary guides for their children. You also are right that the intent is there to do a good job along with fear in attempting it. Your local physician may have resource materials for you to read through. And, since sex education is being taught through Family Life Education in some of the public schools, the Health Specialists' Office at the School Board offices may have materials. Planned Parenthood also can provide you with a list of books for parents' reading. You have come a long way in just asking for support. THE TOTAL BEAUTY SALON sperm. Because the uterus has been preparing for possible pregnancy, its lining has become spongy and full of extra blood and other tissue to nourish a developing embryo. If "fertilization" (sperm meeting egg) does not take place, the lining is not needed and is pushed out of the uterus. This is why it is considered such a normal and natural thing. Q It seems the sexual side of a relationship is always built up into the most important part. What if you try sex and don't like it? A Sexual experiences are not always satisfactory, so don't worry there's nothing wrong with you. Perhaps the relationship wasn't the right one, or maybe you just weren't ready for sex. Chances are that future sexual experiences when the circumstances are right will be enjoyable and fulfilling. Questions and answers for this column are prepared by professionals associated with Planned Parenthood, an international family planning organization. Founded In 1916, it has 200 affiliates throughout the United States. For further Information, write: P.O. Box 3324, West Palm Beach, Fla. 33401, or call 655-7894. In the south county area, call 737-7455. PROBLEM NAILS? BURDINES HAS A BEAUTIFUL SOLUTION It's easier than you ever dreamed possible to have the elegant nails you've always wanted. Come in and ask about our lengthening and sculpturing process. Talk to Ms. Elinor. (She'll even do one nail for you gratis.) Cracked or bitten nails are no problem. Set 35.00 Call 833-8168 or 833-4481. Closed Sundays. Q Won't telling children and young people the "facts of life" promote experimenting with sex? It would seem there's enough promiscuity without promoting it. A There is no evidence to support the view that telling young persons the "facts of life" increases promiscuity. As in all other areas of life, factual information helps children and adults make wise decisions. Without the facts, it is easy to make mistakes and get into trouble. Attitudes about sexuality learned at home are helpful when children and youth face decisions about their own behavior. Curiosity can lead to sexual experimenting. Teaching children facts and helping them develop healthy attitudes will not prevent all the trouble. But it can help. THE TOTAL BEAUTY SALON CHRISTMAS SPECIAL SAVE ON REALISTIC" LIVING CURL PERM This is the perm that's good for your hair. The acid PH chemistry plus the unique curling lotion actually help to protect it Realistic's revolutionary hot perm contains no harmful alkaline The results9 Hair with a living curl. Smooth, silky, alive with beautiful body 20 00 CALL 833-8168 OR 833-4481 BEAUTY SALON CLOSED ON SUNDAYS Q I know what happens during my period. But what is happening inside my body during menstruation? A Menstruation is the monthly shedding of the lining of the uterus after an egg cell has reached the uterus without meeting the male's 800 NE 13th St., Lauderdale 763-1403 2882 No. Federal, Boca Raton 391-9837 THE GDVENW WE THINK THAT THERE COULD NEVER BE, A BETTER PLACE TO BUY YOUR TREE A CHRISTMAS PLACE SELLS THE FINEST CROSSlii iGMJeVER YONti q J-M MUST SEE THIS Xf f FANTASY j V .CHRISTMAS lAHfcTj IN ARTIFICIAL TREES MOUNTAIN KINGS FLOCKED TREES Iff SPRUCES AND PINES 2 to 12 FT. TALL A CHRISTMAS PLACE Scrooge! Aj $ dP& fvf TT HAS THEM ALL hnwfi Actual Sue NO BAH HERE! 5? Know the facts about artificial trees They are priced according to Branch and Tip Count (amount of material used to manufacture tree) i I Construction Shape Durability During one ut the worst air raids 'of Work) War II, the 14th century Church of St. Michael in Coventry, England was almost completely destroyed. As the church roof blazed, hundreds of hand forged 14th century nails rained into the sanctuary. Parishioners fashioned three of them into a small cross impressively mounted before two words carved into the wall of the ruins "Father Forgive". Inspired bv the beautiful simplicity and stark reality of this, Mark Hall has created a striking treatment of that cross in both Sterling Silver and 14Kt. Gold. Truly a collector's item. ,r Mark Hall Sterling Large S20.00 Sterling Smell $16.00 14Kt. Small only $82.00 IDichaels JEWELERS 327 CLEMATIS ST. WPB 655-8010 OLD PORT COVE JEWELERS 1212 US 1 N. PALM BEACH 626-3989 Murray and Mik Spirbar, Ray Whit, . Friti Uwit, Nail Emerton J A Christmas Place selects only the top quality trees available from the finest manufacturers. Fill your home with the most beautiful Holiday Decorations ever. l-lll- " l J jfc tjrr " ANIMATEC)I 11 ' OPEN 6 DAYS OVER 100 ' ALL THE SIGHTS I J WHERE BEAUTY, I r 1 jOUL-d ICENES 'I 10 AM -9 PM DECORATED I AND SCENTS OF I NOSTALGIA & LAX y 1 :' ; f J DELIGHT ' OPEN SUNDAY artificial I CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS fLjT ' . OLTjjC 10 AM -6 PM J TREES PAST i PRESENT MAGIC REIGN! "

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