The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 26, 1998 · Page 10
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 10

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1998
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

THE PALM BEACH POST THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 1998 S c 10A Boys could get short sentences .99 52" Flush Mount mSmmW WithTigM SSSP s7 a or 5 Bladot QUIET QUALITY FANS AT FACTORY DIRECT PRICES! GULF COAST! 1 IJWSIIHJ I were hidden "all over the house," Golden said. Golden said the guns taken from his house were a 30.06 rifle and a .44-caliber Magnum with scopes and a World War II vintage .30-caliber carbine. Also stolen were a pair of small semiautomatic pistols, a .38-caliber Smith and Wesson revolver and a .22-caliber Magnum two-barrel Derringer that didn't work. Police say they recovered a 30.06 rifle and a .44aliber rifle after tackling the boys as they ran away from the school toward the detention that could prolong their sentence, prosecutors said. "We're looking at all other options," including federal charges against the two boys, said Davis. He would not say what those might include. Law-enforcement officers said the two boys, dressed head to toe in camouflage and hidden in a grove of trees, opened fire on students at the schoolyard of Westside Middle School about lunchtime Tuesday as the 11-, 12-and 13-year-olds filed outside the school on what they thought was a fire drill. 52" 99 Tai W .WW" nor Ight taasT ar vtnn u SCHOOL SHOOTING From 1A tin)e. I didn't like them much," she said, going back in her mind to a time when being cruel still meant mean words hurled at her by unruly boys on a school bus. ,' Erica wasn't the only one who was stunned Wednesday. The 11-year-old's grandfather, Doug Golden, tearfully told reporters that the boys had stolen some of the guns from him. ; "They used my guns," he said, his lip trembling. His grandson Andrew, he said, was tutored by his father in the use of guns. :As the cold-blooded nature and awful scope of this crime continued to baffle, prosecutors tried to find a way around a state law that, at least on its face, would require them to try the two boys under the lenient guidelines of juvenile court. The very thing that made the crime so shocking the ages of the two suspects could result in sentences of just a few years in juvenile detention for Mitchell Johnson, 13, and his accomplice, Aridrew, despite the ominous van. But police would not link the guns to Doug Golden. Law-enforcement officials would not comment on most evidence in the case, leaving reporters to find most of their information from the youngest witnesses 1 '7Sh& 9&& 1391M i Location Hiun P&mFORMAHCt man PmnromuAHcm I J I 1 Six remain in hospital In all, 27 shots bored into the bodies of the students and two teachers, one of whom the one killed sheltered students with her own body. Six of the wounded remained hospitalized Wednesday, five in stable condition and one in critical. On Wednesday, several pieces of bloody paper towel were to the shooting. It was they, the students who went to school with the boys, who first provided a motive: that Mitchell and Andrew planned the shooting to get even with a girl vw .... r.cp "LOST OUR LEASE SALE!!" sounding charges of capital Art -si-wr "ww 2 P 7 1 PolyWool BLAZERS -rfK. lUU7o 5 ILK 0 SPORTCOATS who had broken up with Mitchell, and that Mitchell had bragged to them: "I got a lot of killing to do." Andrew, students said, was just mean-spirited. One parent, who knew him, would not let his children play with him, and called him "demented." At the detention hearing, 13-year-old Mitchell sobbed and held his hands together as if praying. Eleven-year-old Andrew seemed unfazed, and smiled at his parents at one point during the hearing. Terry Woodward, Mitchell's NOW$ NOW $ 09 qq Save $90 Save $80 tossed about by the winds and a cinder-block wall was pockmarked by bullet holes. A wreath of flowers lay outside the school, which was closed for the day, and the U.S. flag stood at half-staff. White ribbons put up to honor the victims fluttered in the breeze. On Tuesday after he heard about the shootings, Doug Golden drove from hospital to hospital fearing Andrew might be among the wounded. Instead, he was directed to the sheriffs office. "After we got out to the jail and found him, they brought the guns in and I recognized them," he said. Golden said the boy then admitted stealing three rifles, four handguns and several boxes of ammunition from his house. His grandson had his own weapons, Golden said, including a shotgun, two rifles, a crossbow and a bow, but didn't know the combination to the steel vault at his house where they were kept, so he and Mitchell tried breaking in. "We were told the other boy brought a torch and hammer and ITALIAN WOOL PLEATED SLIDER SLACKS Polyester stepfather, said that contrary to earlier reports, Mitchell is not a cousin of Andrew, "I never heard the kid's name until yesterday," Woodward said. He said the shooting was totally "out of context" for his stepson. Golden said the only male wounded in the shooting, Tristian McGowan, 13, shot twice in the arm, is Andrew's cousin. Andrew's grandfather said the family should have been ask Cracked Ice & Microfiber 3 for 129 3 for SLACKS $ NOW Soy admits stealing guns ; The grandfather said the boy admitted stealing seven guns from him and pulling the fire alarm that forced the victims into the line of fire. ; "He told me he fired some shots," said Golden, who talked to his grandson with police in jail after Tuesday's shooting. ; "He said he shot at a car on the parking lot but 'I don't remember anything after that,' " said Golden, the manager of a wildlife area. Juvenile Court Judge Ralph Wilson ruled Wednesday afternoon that there was sufficient evidence to keep the boys in a jail cell until an April 29 hearing. At that time, said Brent Davis, the county prosecutor, the state plans to file charges of five counts of capital murder and counts of battery for each of the wounded against the boys. But under Arkansas law, anyone under 14 must be tried as a juvenile, and if convicted, can only be held behind bars until their 18th birthday, unless they commit a crime while in juvenile iiappy girls who loved 'Titanic' $ 99 Save $70 99 Save 50 Sportcoat sizes 48-52 add 10 Slacks - Sizes 46 are slightly higher. 300 S. COUNTY ROAD PALM BEACH 655-3921 (A few doors south of Royal Palm Way) Open Daily & Saturday 9:30am -5:30pm ing him if anything was troubling him. "Nobody takes a kid's problems serious because they are kids, but to a kid, they are serious," Golden said. some other tools to try to break into the gun vault and they couldn't do it," he said. So the two broke into his house and took the rifles from a gun rack and found pistols that The Associated Press contribut ed to this story. ; Hi!, f M SECOND ANNHJAL CILEAIRANCIE w VICTIMS From 1A 1 Paige Ann Herring, 12 Natalie Brooks, 12 Brittany Vamer, 11 Stephanie Johnson, 12 BIG SAVINGS ur j several occasions, she stayed the night at her neighbor Ashley Hendon's house, said Bonnie ON SCRATCH & DENT UNITS: Save up to $1,000 on some models 4V4sKasjsSBSMaaaautw "mm V-4 2'i Hendon, Ashley's grandmother. "She was a nice, quiet little girl, not pushy and very polite," I'll 'Ja- I J Here's a great one day opportunity to save big money on top-rated, high-efficiency central air conditioning units. Look over a tremendous selection of some of the top names in air conditioning.Names like Trane, Carrier and other major brands. Remember, these are brand new, fully warranted units with minor scratches and blemishes and will be installed by Sasso's factory-trained technicians. Hendon said. Like others who talked about manager of Walpole Supermarket, located not far from Westside Middle School and the only grocery store in the neighborhood. Natalie Brooks, 11, often went to Walpole's with her father, Floyd, an employee at the Craighead Electric Co., Walpole said. She was described by friends an ebullient girl with a big smile and a penchant for jewelry and baggy jeans, a girl who liked the usual things that most pre-pubescents currently like: the Spice Girls, Hanson. And of course, the movie Titanic. "We went to see Titanic three or four times," said Charlynn El-rod, 12, who became friends with Natalie two months ago after bumping into her at the local skating rink and mall. "She really liked the part when the ship was sinking, and they were in the back seat of the car." the four girls, Hendon mentioned several times in a brief telephone interview that she still couldn't :V SAVE $100's ON 1997 O softball and was a straight-A student, said Joette Cogburn, whose son was a good friend. On many nights, Cogburn recalled, Brittany would call the house, asking for Wesley, also 11, in a polite fashion, always happy and always laughing. Wesley, in fact, had had lunch with Brittany shortly before the shootings. "He saw the little girl get her head shot, and he's still pretty shook up," Cogburn said. "He's seen things that most soldiers never see." Stephanie Johnson, 12, moved into the school district two years ago and was described by classmates as a quiet girl who mostly kept to herself. But on CLOSE-OUT MODELS Hani Tb Stop A Thvw.' believe what had happened, not to this town, not to those girls. Check out specially tagged 1 997 close-out models for solid savings. Even nicer, some units come with a 10-year warranty. Reality, it seemed, was having a hard time taking hold. "Three weeks ago, Natalie said, 'Let's go back and see Ti-1 VISIT OUR SPECIALITY BOOTHS ON FINANCING, DUCT CLEANING & MAINTENANCE While you're here, inquire about the new special financing packages offered bv ARS. or addi tame again, Charlynn said. "And I don't think we're ever going to go back again." Of course, Natalie thought cleaning service with the installation of your new equipment, or register for our special maintenance programs to keep your air conditioner in top shape for years to come. REGISTER TO WIN A COLOR TV PLUS the world of Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio. And she and Charlynn had talked about thorny issues IIOWWIMEIIB with their respective boyfriends "She was a good person to tal Saturday, March 28, 1998 at 1:00 P.M. to whenever you had bad things 10th Ave N. IF SASSO I ig N . I 2nd Ave lake Worth Rd FREE SOFT DRINKS & HOT DOGS. 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For faster service, bring the brand and model number of your current air conditioner. See you there! Sasso Air Conditioning "She was never snotty, and she wore bright clothes," said v v i Farrah Gibson, another friend of 586-7000 272-8800 575-1600 silver and silver plate. Pttque-ajour spoon collections. Collection of Natalie's who turns 12 today and plans to dedicate a moment to BOCA DELRAY W KALM bEACH JUPITER wall mirrors. Decorative Bronzes, Dale Qiihuty, Blue Seafarm Natalie at her birthday party on Japanese Netsufce and Ivor Rgu- Friday. rates. Irfeen and Lavender Jade CoOrction, Steuben and Val St Lambert Art Class. Japa-nese Satsunu and Oonsomr, 19th CenturvWaB Qodo. Aitbaur Empire Pedestal Paige Ann Herring, 12, was a tall cirl who excelled at volleyball 1 jstfatSfc I and basketball, said Krystal Os dock, Oriental Carpets. Dinner and Dessert Services including English Coalpnrt, Royal Worcester, Sonde, Cnpetand Aderlv. Woods. Burden, Roval Vienna Charger. Tiffany stvle lamps. CoDecDon of Louis XV' SrtV Furniture. Mounted Chinese Rose Medallion Bi.l Japanr Utjutt bow CoOerkir PUe to be nid without reserve axijdin wald, 11, who seemed composed Wednesday despite watching the 'mil I , j . L- Mfxrr, IJadro, Vrdewood. tLivAind, Lanore. Rmal Douhoo and more. . . terror on Tuesday. Paige also Munificent Ertale Jewb-y: Ladies' Plaanum and Diamond Art Deco Bracelet deco grocery shopped at Walpole's rated with 46.0 carats of diamonds. Ladies' Sapptnre and Diamond Art fJero Bracelet with her father, Tony Herring, an employee at World Color Printing containing 125 Square Cut Sapphjres S8.0 carats and I HO brilliant cut diamond wnchmg 10JsO carats. Black and White South Sea Pearl neddares. Ladies Natural Browa 15.02 carat marous diamond ring. Ladies' Diamond and wfcm goM neddac derorated with 1 48 brillunl cut diamond wrietung 1 8 60 carats. Gens' 14 CM BnOuntCut Dia AcraunUPt lt MmunuB fiiuiw rfurw i V Suture! lo cmtM tppmd Ortei npm Spri0. VI MOA 16733 mond nog. Gents' 1 5.02 carat Cats Eye gold ring and much more. (himfnuxw and Han 4 'anam trrvrd rfunng pmtru ham Ampk parimq. We'll keep you posted on today's DOG-EAT-DOG WORLD of business. The Palm Beach Post Co., Walpole said. Paige also took piano lessons and had a soft spot for homemade fried pies of chocolate, peach or apple made by a relative, To-mozine Herring. "She wanted me to give the recipe to her mother," Herring viid "But I dont think I did, and thatU ajways bother me." Briif.iny Vamer. played ROBERT'S HVt ART ALCTiONrlRSMNCl 128 r 701 Lake Avenue, Like Worth, Fl 3ed 561-582-1250 Fas 561-582-1625 10 Buyers Premium Florida Ik-erne number AC 4 AB IT?

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