The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 12, 1976 · Page 46
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 46

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 12, 1976
Page 46
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Page 46 article text (OCR)

BlO-Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday. December 12, 1976 ART AND CRAFT CLASSES SECOND SESSION STARTING IN DECEMBER LAKE WORTH ART LEAGUE The Sydoriak family; Pattio (left) Dave and Al-bie, sit in their small two room apartment. 'We have 76 cents to our name. We have nothing.' The family is one of many that can be helped through your contribution to the Empty Stocking Fund. Stiff Photo by J. Scott Appltwhlto 414 LAKE AVE LAKE WORTH CITY HALL ANNEX PHONE 586-8666 Empty Christmas To Sydoriaks and Coming Others OPENING M friy EVENINGS DEC. 1 5th ' J'-J BY APPOINTMENT c ANNOUNCES OUR ... THIS IS ITlll Whaf we've been planning and you've been waiting for. Our New Retail Sales Showroom is packed with the largest selection of nursery and juvenile furniture in the Palm Beaches. Come see for yourself! By MARY LA VERS Post Staff Writer Dave Sydoriak wanted to go to school to become a licensed plumber. For the past four years he has worked on and off as a non-licensed plumber, taking time out for a stint in the Army, in Colorado. A year ago, Dave, 24, his wife Pat-tie, 20, and their son Albie, moved back to West Palm Beach where he and his wife were born. During this time they have worked to "get ourselves back on our feet" and create a steady household. After having lived with friends for a while, the Sydoriaks moved into their own apartment in a low-cost housing area. About six days after they moved, their television and Dave's plumbing tools, worth $300, were stolen. A week later he was laid off his job. "It seems as if we can never get ahead," Sydoriak said, while sitting in the sparsely furnished two room apartment. "If my tools hadn't been stolen, I would have gotten a job that pays $4.50 an hour, but I can't do any plumbing without my tools. Can I?" Sydoriak sighed, stared at his son and tightly shut his eyes. Albie, 3, was sleeping on one of two cots in the room, along with a bed with no mattress, a borrowed television set, two chairs and a small make-shift table made out of PVC piping. "We were actually doing all right before all this," he said. "We were getting a fair amount of money, about $3,000 a year after taxes were taken out. But I don't know how they can say the average income is 10 to 12 grand." He added the Army has owed him $800 in back pay since January 1975. Things have been moving slowly for the Sydoriaks. "It will be at least a year" before Dave can buy more tools and he has been unable to find another type of employment. Pattie would like to be a waitress but she has to take care of Albie during the day. He was going to a day school but $20 a week for care became too expensive. Their situation sounds like a soap opera, but for David and Pattie it is a reality they must face as they awake to the sounds of dogs barking outside their torn screen door. The dogs are covered with fleas which have spread to neighborhood children and have forced the Sydoriaks to keep Albie inside the house. Christmas is approaching and the Sydoriaks have "76 cents to our name. We have nothing." The Salvation Army's Empty Stocking Fund will provide toys for Albie's Christmas and food for a holiday dinner. And perhaps with these, there will be a little gift of hope for the coming year. Contributions for the Fund may be sent to: The Empty Stocking Fund, P.O. Box 789, West Palm Beach, Fla., 33402. A list of the most recent donors appears below. Manny Seavon, 5, Luclnda B. Twlss, 5; Kather-Ine C. Dowd, 15; Gladys Smith, 3; Elsie Thorn, 10; Charles A Krekus, 2; Robert L. Earnest, 5; Dr. F.O. Hendrlckson, 5; H. Lotman, 25. Pearl Case, 2; John Cade, 30, Stephen Willis, 5; Jay F. Zook, 25; Carl D. Wells, 10; Mrs. Harry E. Hagqulst, 3; Margaret Donado, I; Barbara Romack, 10; Martin J. Donnelly, 1; Alex Timm, 1. Richard J. Grlmaldl, 10; Lawrence C. Farrell, 2; Camilla S. Lewis, 3; Edward P. Fleury, 2; Lillian M. Smith, 20; John P. Repetto, 100; George W. Barrett, 5; Olin C. Hershberger Jr., 5; Samuel S. Moore, 15; William Trongeau, 10. Robert W. Boyle, 2; John B. Beatson, 15; Paul L. MacAnaney, 25; Fidel Sodupe, 2; Frank Gol-dacker, 2; George W. Padgett, 5; Mrs. S.Y. Pereno, 5; W.L. Metz, 5; Anonymous, 10; Elizabeth Strlgel, 5. G. B. Harkins, Jr., 10; Mr. and Mrs. Philip Gots, 10; Mrs. M. Welll-Caulier, 5; Mr. and Mrs. G. Csaszl, 10; Mrs. S. J. Smith, 5; I. Setala, 3; Harry W. Krasberg, 5; Jack Preston, 5; Inga Lesnevlch, 2; Mrs. William H. Thomas, 5. D. E. Stewart, 25; Carl W. Banks, 5; John J. Ayers, 3; C. E. Leader, 25; Howard F. Armand, 10; Frank Harding, 2; George W. Hazlett, 25; Harold T. Weiand, 2; S.P. McCampbell, 3; Selma S. Tyback, 5. Gertrude Powell, 1; Fermon A. Stone, 10; Robert J. Santer, 5; Mr. and Mrs. E. Fravel, 2; Raymond C. Donahoe, 5; Cecily Hangen, 10; B. F. Hance, 2; Harry M. Yeager, 1; Russel E. Esh-bach, 100; Flora E. Greager, 5. Charles V. Riedel, 10; Warren H. Bush, 20; Mrs. Harry S. Macleod, 1; John D. Cushlng, 50; Lawrence O. Arnold, 5; Mr. and Mrs. John A. Nugent, 5; Edwin C. Wood, 1; Mrs. E. A. Nelson, 10; Walter Strlebel, 5; Dorothy R. Sprague, 10. Marlorle M. Jamison, 5; Dwlght W. Wlnkel-man, 25; Martha W. Allison, 15; George E. Bllek, 5; Howard C Kohout, 5; Homer B. Thompson, 5; L. D. Thomas, 50; James R. Hunt, 5; Ernest W. Allardt, 5; Roland H. Plnder, 10. Beatrice M. Anderson, 2; Gilbert E. Edgar, 5; W. E. Johnson, 5; Joseph C Caruso, 3; Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Reynolds, 25; Mr. and Mrs. Dick C. Herring, 15; Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Phares, 5; James B. Forbes, 5; Mrs. Folmer Sorensen, 10; William J. Pavllk, 5; Charles J. McKenna, 5; William Shumelda, 1; Marian D. Cushman, 10; Peter Stracum, 10; William F. Lutwyche, 20; James R. Brown, 25; Raymond W. Koster, 10; Frank Husvar, 5; Donald W. Walker 25; Charles C. Pearson, 5; A. W. Jandard, 1; William F. Crawford, 10; Raymond B. Lockery, 2; Gordon 0. Jerauld, 25; Inez Vanscoy, 1; Norman M. Frederick, 5; George V. Clark, 5; Will Tulloch, 15; John F. Vanway, 10; John Eisley, 3. Roy H. Zlegler, 5; James ft. Carroll, 2; Abbey L. Drlschei 5; Irving L. Rosenzwelg, 5; Mr. and Mrs. R. Halvorsen, 20; Clara H. Talkes, 5; Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Browning, 5; Azel Niskanen, 1; Raymond B. Flrehock, 5; John T. Herron, 5. David Bell, 5; Robert C Havens, 10; Marlon L. Hill, 10; Lee Puckett, 25; E.G. Godfrey, 2; Ros-coe T. Goshorn, 5; Mr. and Mrs. C.N. Bruce, 10; H. L. Christensen, 10; Howard Rudaslll, 1; James K. Toomath, 3, F.D. Johnson, 10; Addison S. Davidson, 2; Allen C. Sherman, 10; Ruth Thompson, 10; B. Sau-ter, 1; Richard H. Obrlen, 5; Robert J. Flaskamp, 5; Norman L. Park, 50; Margaret Lupton, 1; Frank L. Fisher, 15; Hilda H. Malan, 2; David Galloway, 5; Halleck Butts, 3; Mrs. George A. Drake, 5; Mrs. William L. French, 1; Elmer A. Johnson, 3; Mrs. M. Diederlchs, 2; Thomas McCourt, 2; F. J. Fanch-er, 25; Gerald Farrar, 5; William M. Kinder, 5; Thomas Fleming, 2; Jay G. Phllpott, 3; Leslie M. McConnell, 5; Jan M. Bellows, 50; Clifford Painter, 2; William J. Szy-manski, 10; Walter E. Mantz, 2; W. W. Geyer, 25; Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Leavey, 10; Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Zohm, 5; Ryan McDermltt, 1; O.E. Stults, 5; Mrs. J.R. Wilson, 5; Mrs. D. Griffin, 10; H. Arnold, 5; Charles Emerson, 5; Miml Murphy, 5; Shaun Murphy, I; Mr. and Mrs. A. Collins, 10; Mr. and Mrs. George B. Davidson, 25; Armand Bastlen, 25; John C. Renard, 20; In Memory of Mrs. Lydia Hurley, 5; Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Lynch, 5; Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Hesse, 5; Howard F, Borroto, 10; Winthrop W. Addy, 5; Grace M. Schultz, 10; Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Sims, 10; Mr. and Mrs. A. Bonnette, Jr., 30; Mrs. Charles. W. Boyle, 10; Frank Breiner, 10; John I. Vasser, 10; Henry W. Foster, 1; William R. Murphy, 5; Robert R. Baker, 2; Dave Davenport, 5; Herbert - NOW RENTING CRIBS WALKERS HI-CHAIRS t PORT-A-CRIBS . STROLLERS PLAY PENS TWIN STROLLERS CARRIAGES INFANT SEATS CAR SEATS ROLLAWAY BEDS DRESSING TABLES AND ELSE JUST ABOUT ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK Oflll M 1 ""ht I BBB Hymanson, 10, Hans A. Schnurphell, 5; Alno M. Wellola, 3; In Memory of Max Schloss, 5; Walter E. Stevens, 5; Mrs. A.T. Drake, 10; Stetson 0. Sproul, 10; Martha Snell, 5; William A. Roberts, 5; John T. Bailey, 10; Wesly W. Oldham, 10; M; Shepard, 5. R. B. Coburn, 10; Ethel Rossfleid, 5; Harvey M. Dykes, 5; Martin G. Thompson, 5; Mrs. John Amacher, 10; Nicholas M. Condon, 100; George W. Murphy, 1; Elnar V. Kallstrom, 10; Robert L Book, 15; In Memory of Fred Latham, 10; Edgar H. Latham, 10; Wllbrod Desroches, 5; Albert H. Schmld, 15; Elizabeth H. Greer, 5; M.J. Mahoney, 10; Norman Werthelm, 3; George Obert, 1; Douglas Angus, 10; Alfred C. Frltchle, 10; In Memory of Robert T Lewis, 10; Herbert A. Pecht Sr., 10; W. B. Wenkstern, 10; Grace Locke, 5; Henry F. Lllienthal, 10; Paul W. Sundgren, 5; Ernest E. Ruth, 2; Vonda G. Mcil-roy, 10; Maurice Goulet, 5; Harvest Sales Inc., 25; William Onelll, 2. Raymond Scagliola, 5; Louis K. Levy, 10; Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Erickson, 5; F.L. Lichty, 2; Ed F. Furey, Sr., 1; Edwin Shuttleworth, 5; Leonard F. Burns, 2; V. W. Mcintyre, 5; Jack J. Degrace, 5; Calvin L. Keller, 5; Hans T. Svane, 2; Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Wilson, 10; Frances L. Collins, 5; Boyd D. Carper, 10; Robert W. Smart, 20; Joseph M. Lesko, 2; Bob L. Thomas, 5; Bessie F. Eacho, 1; Hiram E. Luther, 3; Richard T. Schutt, 5. Herman H. Mader, 3; Anonymous, 20; Burton A. Olson, 5; Mr. and Mrs. J. 8. Leggett, 5; Paul A. Kallenborn, 10; John G. Elliott, 100; Mrs. Ariel T. Smith, 10; Ida Glassmen, 5; Thomas F. Canarie, 2; Harold C. Brown, 3.p A. F. Walker, 2; Henry Riess, 1; Adolph T. Smith, 10; Mrs. Harry W. Boord, 10; Albert C. Goldner, 10; Martin Cummlford, 10; Carl Snyder, 25; William D. Caulkins, 2; James Vanhouten, 100; Mr. and Mrs. Don Waite, 20; George E. Call, Sr., 10; Gwendolyn Pennock, 20; Mrs. Robert M. Schae-fer, 10; Howard N. Davis, 3; A, E. Whipple, 5; Frank J. Palmer, 5; J. S. Cargill, 5; Harold C. Wiley, 5; Carmelo Farruggla, 2; Wencel A. Neumann Jr., 25. C. Howard Jones, 10; Raymond A. Cleo, 5; E. R. Andersen, 10; Gary A. Weiss, 10; Tom Whetzel, 10; Harvey S. Shadle, 5; David Hurwit, 10; Thomas D. Watkins, 5; Earl E. McDowell, 5; Alex J. Mason, 10. George F. Hayhurst, 25; Robert Brankamo. 5; Sally K. Gebo, 5; A. B. McClelland, 2; Donald Touse, 5; Watson B. Duncan, III, 10; Frank J. Francis, 15; Charles Hempel, 2; Irving Samitt, 1; L. E. Whltford, I. J.C: Cook, 2; Lester M. Valentine, 5; Charles E. Edlngton, 5; Mrs. H.E. Lumpkin, 5; Mrs. John A. Duffield, 10; Lillian Lawler, 5; E.L. Kramer, 25; Paul M. Gavel, 5; G.T. Wells, 2; John G. Cleary, 10. Thomas G. Cocks, 20; Harold I. Helgesen, 5; Charlotte Thompson, 5; Samuel S. Christian, 5; M.K. Fogarty, 1; Dorolhy I. Field, 1; Edith Tat-tersall, 5; Mrs. Charles M. Frey, 5; Clifford H. Yager, 5; Lloyd R. Rheln, 2; Anonymous, 5; Thomas M. Graham, 50; Gerald A. Murray, 5; Thomas E. Daly, Jr., 5; Don A Boese, 10; E.P. Rankin, 10; Norman Weller, 5; J.R. Heur, 10; Arthur Fuchs, 5; William A. Dobbs, 5. Samuel S. Bottosto, 2; W.S. Barbour, 10; Rose D. Gruber, 2; Malcolm K. Fleschner, 25; Olive White, 10; M.L. Knights, 10; Mr. and Mrs. Leon Landon, 25; Odette M. Dire, 5; John M. Bostrom, 10; Jay H. Bronson, 10; Kathryn DeCamara Morrison, 10; Mr. and Mrs. George Keech, 5; R.W. Tlndall, 10; John R. Am-phlett, 5; Victor E. Converse. 2; D.B. Gibson, 25; Herman Llnshes, 2; George M. Piatt, 2; William C. Mueller, 5; Mr. and Mrs. Theron F. High, 2. Eugene A. Smith, 10; Mary Y. Hagar, 15; Francisco Hernandez, 5; William A. Wilson, 2; Susan B. Hertzberger, 5; Roger Bjttln, 10; Nettle I. Maltz, 2; Arthur L. Flanigen, 10; Otto Ehle, 5; John W. Ashby, I. Louis A. Forsell, 5; Mary L. Murphy, 5; Martin Mica, 1; Alma W. Swltzer, 5; Mr. and Mrs. Darwin E. Inman, 25; Frank Merriman, 5; John A. Levay, 2; Albert Hulley, 10; Edward F. Gallagher, 15, Armand D. Duval, 5. Geraldlne C. Techter, 5; George A. Park, 25; Mr. and Mrs. D.B. Johnson, 1; Arnold G. Duncan, 5; John H. Klinck, 25; William Leslie, 10; Frederic S. Osgood, 5; Vernon J. Orme, 2; Harold E. Greenwood, 2; Edward F. Balsbaugh, 20. Raymond F. Morton, 5; Herman P. Everts, 15; Edward C. Rounds, 2; Claude J. Ehrenberg, 5; Walter Schroeder, 2; Eulah M. Forman, 3; Henry Anderson, 5, Gordon J. Kramer, 5; William F. Lorenz, 5; Robert L. Cox, 1. Emll Peemuller, 3; Chester L. Burnham, 10; Charles Ludeman, 5; Merrow P. Bodge, 1; Thomas D. McGuire, 5; Eugene T. Qulnn, 5. Total, 3,757.000 Total to Date 37,428.79 TODAY SUNDAY 10-6 y s " L7G2UL! O W Js J in irmrrm firnrryirx frivy nm 4 mo, KG 0P1H TODAY-SUNDAY MEN! SAVE FROM 13TO $27 A PAIR! 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