The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 25, 1998 · Page 99
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 99

West Palm Beach, Florida
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Wednesday, March 25, 1998
Page 99
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2D THE PALM BEACH POST WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25, 1998 M SL Liz Smith Kids lose out infi custody 6 games' I Premarital sex upsets daughter We'll see 'Colors' The Oscars keep diners at home Ignoring the Oscars Monday night was Britain's Prince Andrew, who dined with old friend Heidi Simpson and three security agents at Ruth's Chris Steak House in North Palm Beach. He is likely on a golfing holiday. Eear Abby: My young-adult daughter, "Ellen," ear Ann Landers: I married a wonderful man;; last spring, and he has two charming little';. at '99 Oscar show B Hdated tor several years colore meeting loin, Jfo whom she is engaged. Before she fell in girls, ages 11 and 6. "Fred's" ex-wife (I'll call.:; I i her "Amanda") divorced him five years ago: I get I; along well with Fred's daughters, and they are al-" low with him, Ellen ait short several relationships because the men wanted to have sex, and she was ; L I T'S NEVER the cheater that goes to hell; it's ; I always the person they cheated on, says " Kathv Bates in Primary Colors, which has-a ; fantastic screenplay by the genius Elaine May. Utnerwise, me gauienng places were virtually empty. "This is our slowest night since we opened," said Cletus Mor-rissey of Blarney Pub & Brewery in Palm Beach Gardens, saving herself for marriage. Tom and Ellen's wedding is in two months, and we just received a letter from her informing us that she is pregnant! In her letter, she said she would un- I I think this Mike Nichols film, based not-so-loosely on Joe Klein's novel, which is based not-so- ways well-behaved in our home. ;;. Amanda has custody of the ;:: children, and Fred has' minimal;; visitation. He has never been !! late with his child support!!! checks, and he is a very good fa-ther. He never says anything I: negative about Amanda in front i! of the girls, yet all they hear!; from her is how awful. their ;fa- ther is. At any given whim,;!: Amanda takes Fred back to.! joosely on Bill Clinton s first presidential paign, is one of the best movies ever made. I'd put it right up there with my favorites such as All I v , counting customers on iour A 'WJ hands. Big change from his 300- c'x II dinner opening two weeks ago. I ft Tiii I I MnHau rpmilar War. ywl derstand if we wanted to disown KS her. 1 I called her immediately About Eve, Tootsie and Gone With the Wind, ine emphasis on true Southern be havior is incredible. Thorn Smith '., Ann Landers f I 1111 uu. ence demons off to get a hip replacement, hot 251 Sunrise would have been a morgue but The movie is a morality Dear Abby Abigail Van Burtn anu iuiu i in uku wc iuvr 1111, . know she loves Tom, and everything will be all right Although I know she heard me, she still seemed upset play about how morals shift, not from white to black, but from white to gray to black and back. How nobody is all good or all bad. And I hope Academy Award voters will be remem bering Bates' performance when 1999 rolls around. She is : Bates just tremendous. It is also a wonderful movie to look at. There are many fine performances Abby. I have never shared this with my daughter, but her father and I made love before we were married. He has been the only man in my life, and I never felt hypocritical teaching Ellen to wait for sex until after marriage. Now that I see how bad she's feeling, I'm wondering if it would make her feel better to know I understand more than she might guess. Should I tell her? Wants To Help Dear Wants: Since your husband is half the equation, ask him if the "secret" should be revealed to your daughter. I'm not at all certain it would make your daughter feel better to hear that she had been held to a standard that you didn't meet. Before reaching a decision, read on: Dear Abby: I'm writing this letter for all of those well-meaning people who subscribe to the notion, "What he or she doesn't know, won't hurt them." After my father was killed at his restaurant during a robbery (at age 48), my mother and I were at his court to ask for more support!! money or to cut back on his visitation privileges'. .'! If Fred arrives at Amanda's house five minutes! early to pick up the girls, she makes him wait on the ;; ! porch while they sit and watch him out the window;;; until the exact time arrives. She has told the girls to ;; call their father "Fred," and they must call their new'j' ; stepfather "Dad." ;; ; We have all been in counseling. Amanda and;-Fred took co-parenting classes, and Fred and I. are;:: seeing a marriage counselor. The children are in ;; family counseling, and I am seeing a therapist.,; While all this has helped me and my marriage, it's:; been a colossal waste of time for Fred and Amanda.;;: Nothing has changed between them. If anything, ;; it's gotten worse. ; ; My parents divorced when I was young, and I-j; know the pain these girls are experiencing. Do you!!! have any advice? Second Wife in Dallas ;!! Dear Dallas: If you and Fred are seeing a mar-!!: riage counselor and you are seeing a therapist, I;'; don't believe you need much more input from -me; ; or anyone else. I would urge you, however, to con- ;, tinue to be supportive of Fred and kind to the girls. '; Dear Ann Landers: I imagine you'll get a lot of ; heat from some clergy and others for your realistic;;; solution to the problem of safe sex. However, as a; ; clergywoman, I want to say "hooray!" j I do not think there is any sin in masturbation.;: The sin is in abusing our God-given bodies by ex-!; posing them to disease. The sin is exploiting God's!.' children with our needs for sexual gratification. The;: sin is bringing more children into this world than;: the Earth can support or than human families can-love and nurture to adulthood. !;, Masturbation and other alternatives to inter-!! John Travolta as a kind of idiot-savant manque charismatic . . . Emma Thompson as a wounded pragmatist . . . Larry Hagman as an all-too-human politician . . . Adrian Lester as an innocent in idealist plunderland . . . Billy Bob Thorton as the down-home, top-gun guru, who seems a lot like James Carville. ; MATT DAMON'S former flame and Oscar-nominated Good Will Hunting co-star, Minnie Driver, is doing everything she can to avoid running into Matt. Theirs was a bitter split. Minnie and her parents walked out of the British Academy Awards ceremony in L.A. on Saturday after they spotted Matt. And though invited, Driver didn't show up at all for Miramax's big pre-Oscar bash on Sunday, which was said to be the most fabulous, "fun" pre-Oscar event. Matt showed up with Winona Ryder, looking smitten and telling pals he was "madly in love" with her. Today's birthdays: Former astronaut Jim Lovell is 70. Feminist author Gloria Steinem is 64. Singer Aretha Franklin is 56. Singer Elton John is 51. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker is 33. THE LOCKHORNS bunny hoest and john reiner attorney's office to start proceedings, and the question of "date of marriage" came up. Mom said, "Aug. 23. 1925." and I said. "No. Mom it's 1924." She for Ken Martel s private party. "This guy's my life," the Palm Beach producer said of the evening's entertainment, singerguitarist Max Montana. The talented Guatemalan usually works Mangos in South Beach. Too bad Max didn't play for Saturday's crowd, including The Donald, Ivana, daughter Ivanka, Ivana's beau Roffredo Gaetanl, Tom Jones, Nancy Kerrigan, Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. They apparently left rapper Puff Daddy at Mar-a-Lago. Bob Cuillo was at 251 Monday. Jackie, the Jacqueline Onassis comedy he co-produced with fellow car mogul Roger Dean, closed on Broadway March 1. But Cuillo says it will play London in May and Germany in June. Wunderbar. Sauer sits next to Rather at dinner Stockbroker Davis de Montluzin asked for a nice table at Cafe L'Europe for a 14th anniversary dinner with wife Laurel Sauer. He got it next to Dan Rather. During the meal, the CBS anchor approached and asked Sauer if he hadn't seen her on TV during his week of lecturing and fishing in Palm Beach. She told him she anchors the news at WPTV-Channel 5 (NBC), and Rather complimented her work. He promised to send her something. (A contract for 48 Hours, de Montluzin wishes.) When the staff brought out a cake and sang "Happy Anniversary", Rather joined in. Mills calls in sick after bad reviews Sick day. Hayley Mills missed the final performance of The King and I Sunday afternoon at the Kravis Center. An usher said she was ill, perhaps a case oicriticus malus bad reviews. Mills can act, but her nights were not grand for singing. The usher added that understudy Roxann Parker might pleasantly surprise. Indeed, the audience was so smitten that it offered a standing ovation. Ezralow to have dance premiere Daniel Ezralow, whose choreography was a highlight of the endless Oscar telecast, will have a turned to me and said, "Hush. Well talk about this later." I was 22 years old when I learned I had escaped illegitimacy by just 34 days! First I felt betrayed, then foolish because in mom's large family, I was the only one who was unaware of this fact of my birth. When I asked her, "Why, Mom, why?" she said, "Because Dad made me promise you would never know of it in his lifetime." Apparently this proud man could not bear the thought that I might consider him imperfect It was l ;". easy for Mom to go along with it because she always tried to protect me by withholding unpleasantness. course can be that responsible solution. Thanks for daring to say so. The Rev. Christine Robinson, ! Unitarian Universalist minister, Albuquerque, N.M. Abby, all this happened 50 years ago, and I have long since forgiven them. But I have not altogether Dear Rev. Robinson: I have always had the ut forgotten that I was deceived by those I trusted most Can't Forget In LA. most respect for the Unitarian Church, and your let-!; ter is yet another example of the good, common,'; Dear Forget: It is for that specific reason that I ad sense it espouses. ;; ; vise parents never to lie to their children. Ann Landers appears daily. Write to her in care Dear Abby appears daily. Write to her in care of The Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700, West- dance premiere next season with Ballet Florida. His wacky Read My Hips is already one of the company's big hits. "THE DOCTOR SAID I WAS READY FOR SOLID FOOD, BOT NOT THIS SOLID!" of The Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700, West Palm Beach, Fla. 33416-4700. Palm Beach, Fla. 33416-4700. - -" Dour 'Mabel' struggles gamely for eheei Horoscope by JOYCE JILLSON MACK AND MABEL ; Where: Royal Palm Dinner Theatre, 315 S.E. Mizner Blvd., Boca Raton When: Through May 31. Tickets: $36-$51, including dinner. Call (800) 841-6765. The verdict: Silent movie days saga told with a tuneful, dramatic score and a weak, downbeat script, saved by two strong performances in the leading roles. former love could become a wonderful friend. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Check over a business partner's calculations just to be on the safe side. Loyalty should be your first priority. Others judge you based on how you end a current relationship. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). Colleagues are the source of important invitations; you can utilize social connections to reach a higher political plane. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Entertain tonight. Encourage youngsters to excel at school. Sincere flattery smoothes over problems with a former adviser or employer. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20). Attend anniversary parties, and you'll make needed business contacts. Play hard to get in love. Defend a child's actions. your behalf. Reasonable remarks provoke anger; be sensitive to the feelings of others. Put a stop to neighbors' intrusions. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22). Threats are meaningless. Stop looking at children through rose-colored glasses. Try again with a Libra love. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Spend money, as this gives you an incentive to develop your latent abilities. Failure to disclose your intentions could bring romantic disappointments. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). You have marvelous talent in all games and with sports. You finally have the confidence to win. Visit parents. Scorpio (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). You will be held responsible for the advice you give to others. Intangible rewards come from your spontaneous generosity. A ' If today Is your birthday: Your inner radiance brings luck ui business and family matters when you let others share a heavy responsibility. Being free to do as you please is expensive, but the rewards are high. 7 Aries (March 21-Aprll 19). Waiting for others to make the first move gives you the upper hand. Being late alienates important people. Taurus (April 20-May 20). Lighten up on yourself now, and ytou'll get a ton accomplished. A lover serves as a welcome distraction from work. : Gemini (May 21-June 21). You are being manipulated in love; decide if you truly want this. Turn a mistake into a major triumph by opening yourself up to those in authority. ; Cancer (June 22-July 22). A loved one is honestly acting on soundstage production numbers that are so relentlessly cheery you'll want to take an insulin shot ( Wanna Make the World Laugh,; Hit 'Em on the Head and the repetitive, overly insistent Hello,' Dolly. 'Mame number, When Mabel -Comes in The Room). To call the!., show schizophrenic would be an1" understatement. ; - ' Sit back, don't analyze the-show too carefully and enjoy-the leading players. Adjan, who ' earned a Carbonell nomination. ' few seasons back as Fanny Brie" in Funny Girl, gives a similar" spirt'-to Mabel, another dynamic show biz performer spurned. Adjan sings and clowns ably and the Royal Palm should keep her in mind for future productions. There is an art to playing as irascible a character as Sennett without turning off the audience. Fionte manages the trick, juggling the silent film impresario's callous gruffness with the performer's warm, sweet tenor voicerAl-though a positive resolution, is discounted from the start, weStill find ourselves rooting for it. Chances are you'll be rooting for the show as well, faults and all. It is not really solved yet, bul you 1 have to admire Herman for "his musical experimentation. 'i; fl! By Hap Erstein Palm Beach Post Theater Writer BOCA RATON The leading lady becomes addicted to drugs, gets accused of murder and her rocky romance ends when she dies at an early age. Mack and Mabel is hardly the usual chipper Jerry Herman musical, but that's what makes it so interesting. And that's probably part of the reason why it has never been as popular with audiences as Hello, Dolly! and Mame have. Since 1974, when it ran only two months on Broadway, Herman has been trying to soften this downbeat history of movie director-producer Mack Sennett and his hand-picked star of two-reeler comedies, Mabel Normand, and turn it into something upbeat. As you might imagine, that is a tug-of-war that has given the musical battle fatigue. The script by Michael Stewart is cobbled together from fact and musical comedy fancy, but the score is arguably Herman's best. The two don't always fit together neatly, though those songs certainly deserve a listen. And once heard, don't be surprised if you leave the theater humming them. This is particularly likely at the Royal Palm Dinner Theatre, where they are delivered winningly by John Fionte (Sennett) and Irene Adjan (Normand). Stewart and Herman want to celebrate the early days of moviemaking, when Sennett rose to mogul status by inventing the Keystone Cops and the Bathing Beauties, supplying the world with laughs and something easy on the eye. He also plucked a plucky lass named Normand out of a Brooklyn deli and made her a movie star. So you would think they wouldn't have much trouble steering their lives toward the happy ending that audiences so desperately want. Unfortunately, Sennett was a workaholic grump who didn't have a romantic bone in his body and Normand's resulting un-happiness led her to escape into a drug vial. Herman captures the difficulties in their relationship beautifully, with Mack's anthem of indiffer Sheinwold's bridge by FRANK STEWART South dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH J64 C872 OAQJ72 A5 hearts, and East-West aren't certain to bid or to make anything if they do. My fan has nothing to regret; she did well to bid five hearts, since four spades was cold. Moreover, not every East-West pair would beat five hearts; East defended well. DAILY QUESTION You hold:A873 f A 1095 ence ( Won 7 Send Roses), Mabel's drugged-out torch song (Time Heals Everythttig) and Mack s final ill V: ! unfulfilled pledge to Mabel ( Promise You a Happy Ending). In between them, though, are several EAST A873 VA 010954 410982 ; WEST KQ1092 083 !KJ76 y 410982. Your partner opens "My partner didn't like my bidding in this deal," a reader says. "WTien I opened one heart, the opponents climbed in and zoomed up to four spades. Since I wasn't sure we could beat that I bid five hearts. "When West led the king of spades, East overtook with the ace and led a club. My queen was covered by the king, and I was a dead duck. After I won and forced out the ace of trumps, they cashed a club. "My partner says I should open four hearts to keep the opponents out but I thought I had too much high-card strength for a pre-empt Well accept your decision." An opening bid of four hearts might have worked this time, but what if the North and West cards are switched? Then South is down at least one at four one heart you respond one spade if ! ' V ! I 1 SOUTH 5 VKQJ10943 I OK6 Q43 Stb Weil Nrt Ea :i? ! 20 ;5"? All Past .; Otaial4 and he then bids two diamonds. The opponents pass. What do you say? ANSWER: This is an awkward area in Standard bidding. Your partner may have 12 points or 18, and you can't be sure whether to raise or pass. I'd try three diamonds. This bid usually promises about 10 points, but two aces provide an excuse to be aggressive. RICK KIRKMAN AND JERRY SCOTT Anyway you slice it, Wednesday nights feature big savings at Ben's Steakhouse.Our Prime Rib dinner gets cut back to $13.95. Our gigantic 16 oz. Sirloin is ! tiimmed to a mere $13.95. 'And our 1 1 oz. Sirloin is shaved to just $11.95. Equally nice, -aU these dinners come with soyp or salad bar, potato or vegetable. Pemember: on Wednesday nights, Ben's can-, cut it. Great Steaks & ; ; Seafood since 1975. '- Ben accept most major cm cards BABY BLUES J ooo? Christ's :,v,::,T;: Church ) . . - v ' PLEASE CALL ! !,. 561 712 0024 : rr- 1 J vat 3400 S. Congress. Palm Spnpjs - 967-3400 7.

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