The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 25, 1998 · Page 45
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 45

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1998
Page 45
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'tn'pyin t fi j-s inr" life LJSums 1 ma IV L uuu I it if rf it - I wtiJi i ah i- I iiijwniMMiwiTTiwwnnnwwntpjiiinLflifM V- r i - ,,T .....J?g - ONLYATDELRAY TOYOTA! ONLY THIS WEEKEND! '96 TOYOTA COROLLA DX o Aaa Auto, AC, full power, only 1 1,197 miles. P13954 ....?! 0,00 lib TOYOTA CAMRY V Vfi . w. w $2,988 $4,483 $4,988 '95 TOYOTA CAMRY LE 1 1 e O O Auto, AC, full power, only 27,323 miles! 128SL 0,300 '93 TOYOTA CAMRY XLE Hi coo V6, leather, sunroof, more. 0485A V, JOO '95 TOYOTA CAMRY LE tltCfift Auto, AC, full power, showroom condition! 1897A . . Y w, JOO Ml lUIIUIIIUIIIIiy, JUWCI jicci my uiui, i . II I Attf .... gt r---- , dual airbags, gold package. 98-2085 '86 BUICK CENTURY LTD 4 door, lull power, only 47,998 miles! 98 1577A '92 ISUZU AMIGO 5-speed, AC, gorgeous vehicle! 5265A '89 MERC GRAND MARQUIS GS One owner, only 41,541 miles! 1599A '92 FORD TEMPO GL Beige, full power, 1 owner, only 57,405 miles! 1 66 1 LA . '94 FORD ASPIRE Auto, AC, extra clean! 5249A '89 TOYOTA CAMRY V6, burgundy, lull power, showroom condition. 1 942A . '94 FORD ESCORT LX WGN While, auto, AC, low miles & more. 52211 '95 TOYOTA CAMRY LE 1 1 0 7Q Q Auto, AC, full power, only 27,311 miles! 12851 ? IO,00 ease per mo. 39Mos. '91 ACURA LEGEND LS White, leather, sunroof, only 39,927 miles. 1935A 15 for '95 TOYOTA CAMRY LE i 0fifi Beige, fully optioned, only 21,357 miles! P13885 $ I 0,VOO TOYOTA COROLLA '97 SATURN SW2 WGN coo While, auto, AC, low miles, factory warranty! PL3931 V t, '96 TOYOTA CAMRY LE Oflfl Fully optioned, leather interior, more I590A y ' JJ7QQ '95 TOYOTA CAMRY DX 1 1 1 Ofifi 2-door, red, full power, only 18,210 miles! I953L. , . . W,TOO 1. .Ml II. I Air conditioning, power steeringbrakes, dual airbags, ill l imn AA i r '95 TOYOTA CAMRY LE i i no a Beige, fully optioned, only 8,601 miles! 1752L ' J,TO O i yJgh M gold package, overdrive Transmission. ro-ivn MiH.I.I.:MilJ I s $nu,f sn k& '94 TOYOTA CAMRY XLE va mqq V6, beige, leather, sunroof, more! 1604A y I HHQQ '90 TOYOTA CAMRY DX While, only 50,144 miles, one owner. 1692A '91 TOYOTA COROLLA DX White, 5 speed, low low miles. 981637A '90 TOYOTA CAMRY DX While, one owner, low low miles! 981 649A '92 BUICK LESABRE While, loaded, one owner, low miles! I1440A '91 TOYOTA TERCEL DX 2-door, while, auto, AC, low miles! 2054A '93 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE Red, AC, low miles, super sporty. 1 791 A '92 BUICK LESABRE Custom, one owner, low mites, must see! 191 9A '92 MERCURY SABLE LS One owner, only 43,054 miles, must see. 1 985A '90 CADILLAC FLEETWOOD While, one owner, only 45,574 miles! 1 992A '90 NISSAN MAXIMA Auto, AC, lull power, low miles, must see! 1537A '95 CHEVY CAVALIER 2-door, white, auto, AC, stereo cass. 1472A '91 TOYOTA CAMRY DX Beige, full power, low miles, one owner. 1 560A '94 TOYOTA CAMRY LE i , ae Block, spoiler, leather, more. 1590A y I HtOO '95 TOYOTA CAMRY LE 1 a a OO One owner, fully optioned only 15,558 miles! 17551. . T,tOO '95 TOYOTA CAMRY LE tlA COO Beige, sunroof, leather, more. PL3914 y 1 4,300 '96 TOYOTA CAMRY DX tlA COO Full power, white, low low miles. 1447A y ' H, JOO '95 TOYOTA CAMRY LE CIA COO While, full power, only 23,908 mifes 19301 I , 300 TOYOTA TACOMA Air conditionma. $4,988 $5,488 $5,988 $6,588 $6,788 $6,788 $6,988 $6,988 $6,988 $6,988 $7,488 $7,488 $7,488 $7,588 $7,988 $7,988 $7,988 $7,988 $8,588 $8,988 $8,988 $8,988 $8,988 $8,988 $9,588 $9,988 $9,988 AMFM stereo, dual airbags, power steeringbrakes. 98-1997 '95 TOYOTA CAMRY LE tA epo Auto, AC, absolutely immaculate! 17551 y lT,yOO '95 TOYOTA CAMRY LE clAeOO Beige, auto, AC, fullpwr, only 27,622 mi. 15261. . . ' ,300 buy for only per mo. 48Mos. '96 TOYOTA CAMRY i 0OQ Beige, spoiler, full power, must see! I589A I ,TOO '96 TOYOTA CAMRY LE Mc Qflfl Full power, showroom fresh, must see! 1958A ' J, ' OO '97 NISSAN MAXIMA GXE C 1 7 000 While, fully optioned, low miles, warranty. PL3919A . ' ' 00 '97 TOYOTA CAMRY LE n J Jl Fullpwr boloraolworr. 5 to choose from l 765A nlCea 10 9611 TOYOTA SIENNA LE '93 HONDA CIVIC EX White, sunroof, auto, AC, more! 1 641 A '91 NISSAN MAXIMA GXE Pear) white, onw owner, low miles, must see! PL3893A '91 TOYOTA CAMRY LE While, fully optioned, one owner, 35,069 miles. 1 628A . '92 TOYOTA CELICA GT Coupe, red, spoiler, 5-speed, low miles 1 703B '93 MERCURY SABLE GS Full power, one owner, only 59,661 mi! P3940A '92 TOYOTA CAMRY LE Beige, outo,ac, more! 1549A '89 MERCEDES 190E 2.6, while, showroom condition! 1412A '94 MERCURY COUGAR XR7 2-dr, auto, AC, 6 cylinder, more. 2068A Air conditioning, V6, ABS, AMFM stereo, power steeringbrakeswindowslocks mirrors, I ll j rnrt tW v-S dual airbags. ffuutsuj W II $5,988 $6,988 $7,988 $8,988 '94 FORD AEROSTAR XL While, full power, must see! I825A '93 NISSAN PICKUP 5-spd, AC, camper top, low miles, more! 1 333A . . '94 TOYOTA PICKUP 5-spd, AC, sliding rear window, low miles. 101 9A . '91 TOYOTA PREVIA DX While, outo, AC, much more! 1605A per mo. 39Mos. '94 TOYOTA COROLLA While, outo, AC, Iwo miles, more! P3897 '95 TOYOTA COROLLA Beige, auto, AC, low miles! 1502A '97 NISSAN SENTRA GXE Auto, AC, full power, showroom fresh! PL3890 . (TOYOTA 4RUNNER 1 Air rnnrtitinninn AMFM tprpn '93 FORD EXPLORER SPORT iff QQQ 4x4, red, fully optioned, must see! 1 46 1 A I W,7 O O '94 DODGE DAKOTA SLT 1 1 1 OQQ Club cab, full power, V8, must see! I868A ' 'OO '94 CHEVY ASTRO CONV. aoq Fully loaded, only 31,122 mi., gorgeous! I861A' ,00 '93 JEEP GR WAGONEER tlA eQO 4x4, leather, fully optioned, must see! 13516 JOO '95 DODGE GR CARAVAN SE n .J Ta f.n Auto, AC, full power, more! 2028A rnCeO 10 9611 '95 CHEVY SILVERADO EX-CAB tie qoq Auto, AC, full power, more! 0313A I ,TOO '98 FORD WINDSTAR GL 1 1 A OQQ While, fully optioned, foctorywarronY 1586A I O,700 power steeringbrakeswindowslocks, dual airbags. 027641 '94 MAZDA 626 i a aoo AC, fully optioned, must see! 09008 IVtOO '94 CHRYSLER CONCORDE Hn eoo Full power, leolher. gorgeous cor! 1 647A IWJOO '95 TOYOTA COROLLA DX in ORfl While, full power, only 19,337 miles! 14381 I W,TOO 'OS TOYOTA COROLLA Aia aoo S3 onV i-tKfti 4 '97 TOYOTA RAV 4 4x4, while, outo, AC. full pwr & more! P13929 '96 TOYOTA RAV 4 $17,988 $17,988 4x4, 5-spd, leather, showroom fresh! P3910 '95 JEEP CHEROKEE LAREDO tO COO 4x4, fully ophoned, only 28 848 m. P3953 I 0,300 TOYOTA TACOMA II KA LAN Air rnnrtitinninn AMFM stereo COSS.. tilt. Beige, outo, AC, low miles! I502A V700 '96 DODGE AVENGER 1 1 aoo Auto, AC, full power, showroom new! 1338A tOO '94 TOYOTA COROLLA DX (11 AOO FJpowerllueonly 19,0o0m,teii5256 ' l00 '95 TOYOTA COROLLA DX 1 1 aoo Auto, AC, full power, 35.815 imles' Pl3932 00 '95 TOYOTA COROLLA DX ii too Auto, AC full power. only 41.135 mies. 147 j2. . . I 1,300 '95 TOYOTA COROLLA DX ii coo Beige, auto, AC, only 24 655 miles' P13956 ' lJOO '95 TOYOTA COROLLA DX 1 1 700 Auto, AyC. U pow. only 28,916 m.ies' P3907 I I , O O '94 TOYOTA CAMRY DX (19 aoo While, My optioned U mites' !B17A """ '94 TOYOTA CAMRY LE 1 a ao q Forest green, spoiler, only 44,781 miies' i873A I tOO '96 TOYOTA COROLLA DX i ) coo Teal M power only 25,423 m.les' P3948 , JOO '96 TOYOTA COROLLA DX 1 A e p o Auto, AC, hi power only 19,221 mtes' P3938 . . . OO power steeringbrakes, dual airbags. 101892 buy for '96 FORD EXPLORER XLT ciOOQfl leolher, fully optioned, only 24,669 miles I T,TOO '96 JEEP CHEROKEE LAREDO 1 n 088 2WD. while. fuBy optioned, low miles P3947 IT, TOO '96 FORD EXPLORER XLT caa gg 2WD. white fully optioned, only I8.I08 mi F3957 . AV,HOO '95 TOYOTA 4 RUNNER SR5$ aa qqo V6. 4x4. red srool, alloy wheels, running boards' JiiTOO '96 TOYOTA 4RUNNER SR5 t)A AOO V6, leather, sunroof, only 24.663 miles! P3949 y4t,HOO '96 TOYOTA 4RUNNER SR5 fQ O08 4X4 Umd leather root, CD, tow m F3944 ' I 0 O '97 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER tlO Ofifi While, leather, unroof, CO, fuUy loaded! ff 3930 vT,TOO only TOYOTA TACOMA 4x4 EDMORSE 3 ami Si Air conditioninq. 4x4, AMFM stereo cass., tilt, alloy wheels, buy for only ADUAI4TACE power steeringbrakes, dual airbags, 2-tone paint. 98-0010 3 Ed Morse's c KAM.VO. g y OKEECHOBEE BOO. f i BOYNTON BCK BUa : u d 1m i ll li CAMfTT I $300 I S1.M0 1 St 201 S1Q.T2C 1 15lw 8r 12 DOC wt'f CDtOUJI S300 $1,700 SS031 SID3 15(miwlS0OCx;f UCDMA SO SO S7t32 SW Wm9mKW'r SIPIIU $300 $2J0C 'StUS SUtW Wnmmf ttim-l $300 S3 00 $7337 $14.771 j I5tw 12 30C wfc S ' UNTON BUa Delray (561)276-5000 Broward (954) 426-2000 Vest Palm (561) 734-3000 Other Areas 1-800-940-0390 SALES: Mon-Fri 8:30am-9pm, Sat 9am-7pm, Sun 1 1:30am-6pm SERVICE: Mon-Fri 7am-6pm, Sat 8am -4pm htf p:www.edmor$ YKrO BO. II C0wwEC l BIVO t New Cars: 2700-2800 S. 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