The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 25, 1998 · Page 72
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 72

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1998
Page 72
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MSL THE PALM BEACH POST WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25, 1998 13A Can't lawmakers fight insurance rate hike? fcn March 10,77e Post pub lished the Op-hd article ' Let killers appeal, but A A Zoo's only expansion is in serving community better jf Ml not forever," by State Rep. Victor Crist, R-Temple Terrace, regarding House Bill 3175, which he claims will reduce delays in death-penalty cases. On the same day, you ran an article about an alarming increase in windstorm insurance rates ("Wind insurance rates to rise 35"). The rates will jump 27 percent to 35 percent in Palm Beach County this year, deductibles will go from 1 percent to 2 percent, and rales could rise again next year. State Insurance Commissioner Bill Nelson has fought these increases, but he seems to be getting little or no help from the Legislature. Unfortunately, some state representatives seem more interested in proposing legislation that will make them look good rather than passing laws that will protect the public. IIB 3175, if passed, will probably never do much to expe- r 4 .IT. Bri response to the letter concerning Palm Beach Zoo (" 'Disney-izing' will ruin quiet zoo refuge," Feb. 24), we would like to set the record straight aboilt the zoo's plans for redevelopment. 'The board of directors of the Zoological Society t)f the Palm Beaches has been working diligently to plan the new zoo properly to ensure that it does not become "Disney-ized." jkey finding in our feasibility study was the importance to the community of preserving the natural beauty and intimacy of this zoo's setting. ers already illegally erected and is actively keeping open the possibility of erecting more. Members of Families for Appropriate Cellular Tower Siting recently attended a school board meeting and were allowed five minutes each to speak. But a picture is worth 1,000 words: We showed the board a video of a tower collapsing onto a crushed and devastated school during Hurricane Hugo. We might as well have shown it to the family cat. The tornadoes that killed dozens of people recently in Florida reached 210 mph. These cellphone towers are simply not designed to withstand the weather to which Florida is notoriously prone. Would the school board willingly trade our kids' lives for dollars? The answer appears to be yes. Sylvia Wilson Boca Raton Support School of Americas protester The original concept for the School of the hit with unreasonable increases for windstorm coverage. Will any state representatives fight ibis, or are they too busy having lunch with insurance company lobbyists? Scott Bunkelmann North Palm Beach dite capital cases. This bill shows that we have politicians in Tallahassee who propose legislation solely for the purpose of pandering for votes. Meanwhile, nearly 4 1,000 homeowners in Palm Beach County alone are going to be Uur mission is also to serve more people with the unique experience that only a zoo can offer in teaching about animals and their place in the natural world. As to an expanded zoo, our plans include no enlargement of the - .i I Americas might have been well-intentioned. Through the years, however, that concept has deteriorated. Such people as former Cath physical size of the zoo within Dreher Park but only an expansion of its contributions to our community, including its education program offerings; its;c,onservation work locally and internationally, contributing to scientific research in efforts to save endangered species and their habitats; and its community partnerships with like-minded organizations to use, as wisely as possible, the donations it receives. ..Being "big" can be measured in ways that have nothing to do with physical boundaries. Rolla D. Campbell Jr., president and campaign chairman Palm Beach Zoo at Dreher Park I knew the snowbirds and tourists were here, -. and I waited in a line with dozens and dozens of cars wasting gas and energy for the lines to inch . . forward. When, 45 minutes later, I got to the test area, I ; asked the person in charge how many 8-month-old cars or, for that matter, 2- or 3-year-old cars fail the test. Almost none, ever, he replied. Then why, I queried, do we have to go through ; this infernal examination for new or nearly new cars? Smiling, he picked up a fistful of $10 bills and waved them at me. Joseph W. Berlinger Boca Raton. ' ?s i ' t ill' ' olic nun Mary Farley of North Palm Beach, who willingly put themselves in the position of serving a prison term to bring the horrors perpetrated by graduates of the school to our atten- West Palm Beach Remember whom to call in emergency "WVion TV.rlrlo Vila " 4ir PmU.r I AAInr,,- great track events that formerly took place at Lockhart? I'm sure that all of the high school athletes who looked forward to getting on the "fast track" at Lockhart are eagerly awaiting the announcement that a replacement is on the drawing board. I know that I'm hoping it will happen and soon, as the area desperately needs a quality track-and-field facility like Lockhart was! Roy Chernock Lake Worth Editor's note: Roy Chernock is a master runner and coach for the Wellington High School track team. Emissions tests have deterrent effect The Post's editorials favoring the cessation of car-emissions testing appear to be missing a salient point the deterrent effect. I remember, in the days before we had the tests, how people would drive for years with a defective exhaust system rather than spend the money to have it fixed. j Now, most people will have their cars repaired before having them tested, knowing they might have to make a second trip to the testing lanes. For this reason, I feel that the low failure rate is not a fair indication of the usefulness of the:emis-sions tests. Sam Heiss Lake Park Tests are emitting lots of dollars In July of last year, I bought a new luxury automobile. Because I have a birthday in May, I was sent a registration renewal in March, and I went to Delray Beach to go through the usual hell of emissions testing on a car less than 8 months old. f (March 15) was a wonderful piece. But, after read- mgihe first paragraph, I knew I had to write to remind all Post readers to call 911 first, not a friend or Relative, when an emergency presents itself. ', The response to a 911 call by an emergency medical team, who can use lights and sirens to get to you, is much faster than calling anyone else. When the team arrives, usually within minutes, it Ms. Earley tion, deserve our greatest re spect and support. It is frightening that Americans are put in prison when they are fighting for what we hold so dear in this country justice. Joan Gannon Stuart Editor's note: Ms. Earley was scheduled to begin serving a six-month prison sentence Monday after being arrested with 600 other protesters in November outside the U.S. Army's controversial School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Ga. Switching to soccer leaves runners out I read with renewed dismay of the "grand" opening of the Lockhart Soccer Stadium in Fort Lauderdale. That facility used to house the best . and only championship track-and-field facility in South Florida, and now there is none! Will Jon Stoll and Ken Horowitz, the city of Fort Lauderdale and the Broward County School Board combine their efforts to find the money to develop a similar facility to again host all of the can immediately start lifesaving medical care. Write us The Palm Beach Post welcomes letters from readers. All letters are subject to editing for brevity and clarity. Even e-mail and faxed letters must include the writer's name, address and daytime telephone number. You may receive a phone call for verification. 'Open letters' or letters addressed to a third party will not be published. Our addresses: Letters to the Editor The Palm Beach Post Martin County Bureau 2101 S. Kanner Highway Stuart, FL 34994 Fax: (561) 287-0241 Internet: 1 lease teach your children how and why to call 911 in case you are unable to do so. A retired paramedic thanks you. ' Joan E. Polesak ; Boynton Beach i : Schools no place for cell towers I Despite growing evidence that schools are no pldce to put cellular towers, the Palm Beach County School Board is stubbornly trying to retain tow Students speak out MAOISM in Kids need motivation to aim toward graduation DIM 1j more skilled they will be for future jobs. Students need to be taught how to use them. Many teachers don't know how to use them, either. Students with experience using computers often have to explain them to the teacher. Teachers need to integrate computers into the curriculum. Students from the Engineering & Technology magnet at Forest Hill High School in West Palm Beach discuss school issues. When I was in eighth grade, I had an edge on most students because I kiiew which college I wanted to attend the University of Michigan and which field I wanted K A fcr iX3rif,j i. f """"""" James Larson, 16 School lacks the basics Hard to learn in a crowd only too into engineering. Other students really ! didn't know the importance of high school or what they wanted. Students who are not successful i pte . AMERICA I think people have begun to accept school crowding as the norm and should be reminded of what a problem it is. Students are packed into classes and into the cafeteria during lunch. Some students become just another faceless number, destined to drift through Ms. Remmerden With over 50 stores nationwide, we offer the all-natural and safe way to lose weight and keep it off Our school is wonderful, but we could use a few things to make it a better place. First, the school needs a paint job. Carpets in the classrooms are smelly and dirty, and many ceiling tiles have water stains. Also, we need a track. When we have physical education, we have to run under the bleachers and on little sidewalks covered with grass. Students who try out for track should have an opjor-tunity to run on a real track. Albert Pavon, 16 Magnet needs computers Our school has a great library but a very small cafeteria school without becoming pre pared for life. Ryan Wolf, 16 lVr have not had the importance of high school stressed by teachers while they are in middle school. I feel so strongly about this that I am starting an organiza- ticin of volunteer students who wil go to middle schools to spl'ak about the importance of graduating from high school. ITiis organization will prepare students to approach high school in a positive way. ' Michelle Remmerden, 16 Staying in school crucial Fewer than 60 percent of kids in the United States end up gating a high school diploma. Of; those who drop out, only 6 percent get a general equivalen-cy;diploma. : Most of these kids will never reach their goals. ; Jimmy Barkley, 16 Lunch hour so uncivilized School lunch periods need to be longer. When the lunch bell rings, there are hundreds of people in the line. People from the farthest buildings are the last in line and will spend more than a half-hour waiting. We need a longer lunch period or five .lines serving the food. Mi Jin Jeon, 16 Auditorium would be nice I don't see any improvement in anyone's education at my I HI AMI RICA's unique, 100 NATU1UL NO DIKT SYSTKM is, by far, the most sensible weight loss proiuam ever! Combined with our unlimited, one-on-onc counseling, lit America is the perfect plan for weight loss throughout the count rv. 1 IT AM F RICA was developed by a doctor and contains no drugs or chemicals. Consisting of 14 all natutal herbs and minerals, it is contained in capsule form and is taken before meals. With FIT AM F RICA, there is no dieting - you lost-weight eating your own favon'tc IoikIs and you only pay for the all natural capsules. Whether your "eight loss goal is 10, 20, SO pounds or more, this is the program for von. Consultations arc I RFF and new ctisi ipi rs art a'a's welcome to walk in WITHOUT AN AITOINIMI NT and no auditorium. Although I am in a technology magnet, there aren't enough computers. We have 150 students and 44 ' .3 :V - , Li - :;;IJ V l Lost 83 lbs. m 6 months f - Dion Genatono "Tlx phone ; j i it cull to Fit X 1 " Vf" America I I ' r V : charmed my f I f- k .1 i life: It can J I KJi life too" I I - : ' I V I I t .- t--a.Mt J 1 ... 1 k l 100 It t. m $ ironlht - Barney Gold-an school be- computers. We need this technology to Ms. Rodriguez cause of lottery money. We don't have enough money to have educational field tris. We don't have prox-r school books in the Weight Lti M.iv "arv b 1 ' t be prepared for the 21st century. Kvery class should have the latest technology items, and every student should graduate with knowledge of Windows W (more up-to-date than W indows !)5) and how to work it. Sarah Rodriguez, 16 Computer training a must Many children from lower-class neighborhoods don't have a computer at home, so they n-tl votnputrr experience at si In mi t"u!iiHiters have txt n put in, but not a suffi-1 1 nt iuiidNt. The earlier kids get started on computers, the Speak out Middle school and high tschool teachers interested in having their classes participate may call Shaion Horine at (561) 820 4741 (fa 820-4728). Students .may mail letters to: Students Speak Out The Palm Beach Post P.O. Boi 24700 West Palm Beach, FL 33416-4700 M rrnip jno academies. Ms. Seneca "Hie dictionaries in the Lngineering & Technology Academy are beaten up. don't have covers and hav e pages missing. n't lottery money supjxsed to help us out? Ata. we don't have an auditorium. We have to use our gym as an auditorium, which is sad. v Natasha Seneca, 16 r,s,; tiiHi; HiKi Rjttm i.ol i 4S 55 1 5 Ijkc Worth West Pjl.n JVah i.-M '4"S 144i Tort St. tK-ir ' hl I .'.VT 4)s V :' SI in "el to.:.; Mi ill ill SimriM- uiilnrj I'm I Jiiilciilale Dcbi Iiviv, l cuiiHlcr IXIrjs Btj.h S6l 2fr? 4'sf

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