The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 25, 1998 · Page 8
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 8

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1998
Page 8
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THE PALM BEACH POST WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25, 1998 Jones executed for 1981 murder of Jacksonville police officer Salads in a Bag Who buys an entire head of lettuce anymore? We'll give you a chart comparing the prepared salads you can get at the supermarket. Vie Associated Press STARKE Leo Jones kept his eyes on his religious adviser and repeated a prayer in Arabic, then was put to death Tuesday in Florida's 75-year-old electric chair for the sniper murder of a police officer. His execution was the second of four scheduled over nine days. Jones spent his last year challenging the constitutionality of capital punishment in the electric chair. Ultimately, the Florida Supreme Court determined it was not cruel and unusual. Jones' attorneys raised the objections after flames shot from a sponge under the mask covering the head and face of an inmate being executed in March 1997. The problem led to a yearlong halt in executions in Florida that ended Monday. No flame was visible either day. "I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger," Jones said repeatedly, staring at his religious adviser, El Hajj Rabbani Muham mad, while being strapped to the chair and readied for execution. When the jolt hit, Jones' fingers tightened and he flinched. i- JJPalm Beach Jbst Find the vehicle of your dreams in The Palm Beach Post Classifieds. MRB He was pronounced dead min utes later. Jones, 47, was condemned for the 1981 slaying of Thomas Szafranski, who was shot in the head while sitting in his patrol car in downtown Jacksonville in 1981. Jones' execution was the 41st since Florida's death penalty was upheld in 1976. f. 8A i , -" rry yy 'Black Widow' takes last-ditch appeals to state Supreme Court Swimwear & Coverup Sale 25-33 Off An excellent selection of solids and prints from Ceeb, Maxine, La Playa, Jantzen, Gabar, Sirena, Dotti and Wearabouts. Sizes 10 to 18. Reg. $54 to $80 Now Only $29"-$59" 'There's a serious issue . . . that they're going to risk her being subjected to a botched execution. ' SYLVIA W. SMITH Judy Buenoano's attorney bomb in 1983. Until the car bombing, Buenoano had not been investigated or under suspicion for the earlier deaths of her husband and son. Appeal issues that the court continued to consider Tuesday involved the background of a juror at Buenoano's trial and the work of FBI chemist Roger Mar-tz. He testified at her Pensacola trial, and that testimony was admitted at the Orlando trial. Smith told Florida's high court that Buenoano's right to due process under the law has been violated because she still doesn't have all the documents she has requested about Martz, who was criticized last year in the STORE HOURS: Monday through Friday 10 to 7 Saturday 10 to 6, Sunday 11 to 5 The Associated Press TALLAHASSEE Pointing to a sloppy FBI chemist, a juror with a hidden criminal past and the state's procedure for executing a woman, a lawyer for Judy Buenoano on Tuesday asked the state Supreme Court to delay her scheduled execution next week. The oral arguments were held two hours after the execution of Leo Jones. . Several hours after the hearing, the high court issued orders rejecting Buenoano's challenge of .the chair and related records appeals. J Dubbed the "Black Widow," Buenoano, 54, faces electrocution Monday the third of four executions scheduled this month. ; She was condemned for the arsenic poisoning of her husband in 1971, three months after Air Force Sgt. James Goodyear returned to Orlando from Vietnam. ; A year ago, a foot-long flame erupted during the execution of Pedro Medina. Florida's high 7 court upheld use of the chair last fall, and this week's execution of Jones and Gerald Stano were carried out without any problem. But' Sylvia W. Smith, Buenoano's state lawyer, said the state plans to change its procedures, including personnel, because of her client's gender. "There's a serious issue . . . that they're going to risk her being subjected to a botched execution," Smith said. Buenoano also was convicted of drowning her 19-year-old paraplegic son, Michael Goodyear, in 1980 and trying to blow up a fiance, John Gentry, with a car Juno -622-2924 JupiterTequesta - 747-0006 Palm Springs - 965-6591 West Lake Worth - 965-4665 Boynton Beach in Sunshine Square - 369-1773 Stuart in Cedar Point Plaza - 220-8066 Stuart Center - 287-7123 Vero Beach -562-0480 internal investigation of the FBI laboratory. But Chief Justice Gerald Kogan pointed to separate evidence that Goodyear died of arsenic poisoning and testimony by two women who said Buenoano told them they could solve their marital problems by poisoning their husbands. MASTERCARD VISA AMERICAN EXPRESS DISCOVER swim I U GOOD NEWS BAD NEWS firilrTlfafll 3713 S. CONGRESS AVE. 1 ILJILJILjI LAKE WORTH I Irinral 3323 s. dixie hwy. IlJ Uj LtJ west palm beach 1 r .;.5--L-v?v. . il ii ' ,. ..I Mi,, i l IBUYING CARD 1 i-vvt I THE CARD THAT REWARDS nr DwthtM rnin AO VANTAGE BUYING CARD ' vHI umyN 1 rtmrt hi IIh formifM APPRECIATION BONUS CfflTlftCATE .. l n.n. tonus I I hMkTTWrSWSWMrJi 4 Hill i I il fit"--., 1 1 .,' iuitfj.fl iE . ; -i i i "; i i i OAaiNiTirr-i '4 ! PgHeinclccflC29 m6ml& tusmum ylll I : ; Ml: : M : : : :Jc : : IHl limuumnuut ii m,m "".n urc i: r.r .11. v Milfl II s " 11 A I i 11 S 7nv rt 'lyi iz o- A upper ca l I oraiAHV 5w A99Jf53 IA UPPERCANAOA W6I SAM ADAMS i H KIUIAMS yU T99 m I99 ri wwwn&M ggiV 4.99 m. 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