The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 25, 1998 · Page 4
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 4

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1998
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THE PALM BEACH POST WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25, 1998 -4A 'J MODERN VENETIAN BUND CORP. Welcome to capitalism: Agents jockey for defector ballplayers '' BAMBOO & MATCHSTICK SHADES Hills, Calif., said he'd spoken with Chinea at the camp on 1 uesaay. Cubas met with the players on SunHav. I f ': 7rU i Timeless beauty :V"J 7 1 Natura wood -Stained Painted FJS2tf. i "We were contacted by family TKy F---t J MOW MOT J NOW MOTORIZED! members and by Mr. Lninea to mme and trv to heb and that's what we're doing," Dominguez said. "The players have the op Visit Our Factory Showroom Today! tion. They can go with Joe or they 417 Bunker Road West Palm Beach 585-2561 ( 1 Block West of Dixie Between Southern Blvd. & Forest Hill) can come with us. Thp Bahamas was unlikelv to deport the ballplayers, despite an fit ami sports agent Joe Cubas to Costa Rican President Jose Maria Figueres on Monday. They asked for humanitarian visas. Cubas said Tuesday night they were still awaiting a reply from Costa Rica. Some 107 Cubans at the Nassau camp began a hunger strike Monday and continued to refuse food Tuesday to demand equal treatment with the ballplayers. Detainees have complained of poor conditions and inadequate food. In Miami, Brothers to the Rescue, a volunteer fliers group that searches for Cuban rafters, was organizing aid shipments to the camp. Cuban national baseball team players Angel Lopez, 25; Jorge Luis Toca, 23; Jorge Diaz, 23, and Michael Jova, a 17-year-old junior Olympics player, left Cuba by boat Friday. Along with pitching coach Enrique Chinea, 41, and four friends, they were picked up by a Bahamian fishing boat later that night and were turned over to Bahamian authorities. Gus Dominguez of Total Sports International of Beverly Vie Associated Press NASSAU, Bahamas Rival U.S.-based sports agents pursued the release Tuesday of four Cuban baseball players and five companions who defected last week from their communist homeland. The defectors detained in a Bahamas refugee camp since Sunday are trying to win asylum in Costa Rica, where they may be able to negotiate better contracts as free agents than if they are subject to baseball's draft in the United States. Costa Rica's foreign minister, Fernando Naranjo, said Tuesday his country is ready to grant them asylum if they are not first returned to Cuba. Another Cuban star, Orlando Hernandez, won Costa Rican asylum after defecting to the Bahamas in December. "Definitely there are no problems to grant them exile," Naranjo said. "There is the same readiness as when we gave it to the other group." A letter signed by the nine defectors and another man who has been at the Nassau camp since December was sent by Mi TotaUnveniu,yZ- agreement with the Cuban government to return all refugees. Still, the defections had created a "very delicate situation" for the Bahamas, a foreign ministry official said. The Bahamian government has been trying to deport 68 Cuban migrants but Cuban officials have not responded to information requests since the Bahamas allowed Hernandez to leave for Costa Rica in January, the official said. All Cuban migrants who don't qualify for political asylum have the chance to obtain sponsors to go to third countries before they are deported, the official said. On Tuesday, the camp held 235 people, 151 of them Cuban. (OFF ANTIQUE & NEW DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY OR BEST OFFER SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE The entire selection is a commitment to high quality designs & colors to suit designers & most discriminative tastes. PERSIAN OUBOSSON Ushaks Traditional Modern Wool Silk Includes: Serapi Heriz Sarouk Kashan Kerman I aDnz Manai rrom smaii 10 paiaua i:b. Arlington eligibility bill passes House laX IVY SS? since rw-w 1970 WE SHIP ANYWHERE!!! 21 2 U.S. Hwy 1 at Northlake Blvd. open Mon.- (14 Block South of Northlake, Next to Papa John's Pizza) ga 10-7 (561)840-8586 Sun. 12-5 ORIENTAL RUGS of Atlanta GA (4041 237-2584 The bill would bar members of Congress, the vice president, Supreme Court justices, Cabinet secretaries and ranking diplomats from being buried at Arlington based solely on having served in the military. A senator, who had won a major decoration in service would be eligible. "This bill removes most of the discretion, ambiguity and guesswork from the eligibility process for burials at Arlington," said Rep. Lane Evans, D-Ill., of the House Veterans Affairs Committee. donors. A review by the General Accounting Office, the investigative wing of Congress, found no evidence of improper behavior in the granting of waivers, concluded that eligibility rules were unclear. Under the bill, burial at Arlington would be limited to members of the Armed Forces who die on active duty, military retirees, recipients of the Medal of Honor and other top awards, former prisoners of war and the president and former presidents. j Vie Associated Press ! WASHINGTON The 1 House approved legislation ' Tuesday defining who is eligible ! for burial at Arlington National ! Cemetery and ending waivers for ! those who are not. Among those who would be ineligible are members of Congress based only on their military record. The legislation, which passed 412-0, is an outgrowth of press reports last year that the administration was granting burial plots at Arlington as favors to political www.dilbsrt com t 1 --. if J 1J t ' lite t'fiJ Firm plans suborbital flight in 2001 AavftMMMn Hlli Juii Unit it 1. 11 1 wi man ton fuinff:irin inlihiit- ""' " " ft'ir Donnell Douglas and Boeing. -"There are always critics, there are always doubters," Haltermann said. "I think there is a - nrpttv troorf chance that what we UPGRADE TO A PLAIN PAPER FAX HACHINE IT f c, , are talking about is going to nap-pen." Ostendorf said that after his Fast - 7 Seconds-Per-Page Fax Transmission Speed Our Lowest Priced Plain Paper Fax Machine! rnmnanv achieves suborbita flight, orbital flights should follow within two to three years. Eventually, the shin will trave threshold of space. The vehicle will be licensed by Federal Aviation Administration, he said. The report by NASA and STA acknowledged that a "giggle factor" exists when the idea of space tourism is mentioned now, even among some scientists and engineers. But "it was a natural progression, people coming over to America as settlers and explorers, and the railroads and going out West. It is a natural progression, going up into space," said Bob Haltermann, executive director of the STA's Space Travel and Tourism Division. The STA is a consortium of many of the nation's top aerospace firms, including Lockheed Martin, Mc SPACE From LA to $20 billion a year, it said. At least one private firm already has plans in place. Chris Ostendorf, program manager of Zegrahm Space Voyages in Seattle, said his group has booked 30 people for a $98,000 suborbital flight that will fly on Dec. 1, 2001. If the flight doesn't take place within 12 months of that date, the firm will refund all deposits, he said. ': Ostendorf said a "space cruiser" is being developed that will ride a conventional airplane to 50,000 feet, then separate and zoom up to 328,000 feet, the to a "space hotel" that companies Everyday 7 t low in Japan and Hawaii hope to create, by 2010, Ostendorf said. He said the oeoole who have signed up for the initial voyage are wealthy adventure travelers, "some quite literally who have heen everywhere else and want to be the first to go out into outer space. Sharp UX-510 Plain Paper Fax Rivers' water 'smells like . . . fertilizer' Canon B64Q Plain Paper Fax Hubble Jei prim lethnolog) Lp lo 21 pages of memory l-ear Insum ELhanae V arrant 271143 200 sht'd p.iper lapatiiy 512 KB memory upprox 30 p.igcs Cnmrnient topier 299-103 SHARP Cation A: CLEARANCE! I Print t i - Atlantic Ocean 1-3"" color PRINTER BEBATE! . - 4B - - i I IwVtKa ' HUM j 1 tti. j Jensen Beach Blvd.", ';rstuart;f HEWLETT PACKAPO HEWLETT PACKARD Vns, Witham brother. South HP OfficeJet 610 Color All-la-One Fork (j Color primer, copier, scanner and plain paper fax Brother MFM950 All-la-One Plain paper lax, printer, copier, scanner and telephone answering ssiem 1-vcar replacement warrant 4U-47I 'Offer tupires 5198 S store for details HP OfficeJet 500 Celer All-in-One l''i,im pjper lax. topter, scanner and (.oot primer P( h(il--up wnh U:ndnws is required I-r,ir HP txpresfc hi-nair Warratm 2BI 241 t'L. hook -up is required l-ear HPexpres repair warrant 2 Miles Tl m iron I BTlliowes. I BTfelwwes SfrELLOWES ( Crotf-Cul MARK MEMPnlU Stall AtiSt i NO FISH : From 1A ' the banks. No fleet of recreational fishermen bird-' dogging him as he stops at his favorite fishing spots near Harbour Ridge and Sandpiper Bay "primo, primo snook territory." ! . Wind, water, illness. Gentile said it's hard to tell ! which bad thing to blame: El Nino's winds and rains. ! Billions of gallons of fresh water pouring into the ; rivers from overflowing Lake Okeechobee to the : west. Fish with sores, lesions and tumors be-' lieved caused by a mysterious microscopic algae '. called Cryptoperidiniopsis. ! State scientists are studying samples of sick fish ! from local rivers found this month from New ; Smyrna Beach to Jupiter Inlet. The influx of fresh water from the lake has ; thrown off the mix of salt and fresh water needed to ; nourish marine life. ; On this day the waters are empty and eerily ; quiet, with few other fishermen and boaters out. ' Pelicans and sea gulls are bird-dogging Gentile, ': though. "They think I might be a crabber," Gentile ! said. The crabber who works the area feeds the ; birds when he services his crab traps. ! Many of the pelicans are babies, still in juvenile I feathers. Some stand in the yards of private water-' front homes, lined up along the sea walls, i Ordinarily, Gentile would figure the birds were ' looking at bait fish, and he might join them in fishing ! the area. But these birds aren't looking at the water. ! They seem listless, staring at nothing. : A pelican soars out of nowhere, chasing and harassing a seagull carrying a small fish. Gentile j calls it "looting, mugging. They're all hungry and ; there aren't enough fish." ; He motors up beside a seagull picking at a rotted ; catfish. "Desperation feeding," he said. The color of the water brown makes Gentile mad. The smell of it makes him madder. "It : smells like the garden section at Home Depot," he " said. "Fertilizer." Some scientists blame nutrient-laden runoff for boosting growth of the microbes that may be making the fish sick. Crows are drinking river water. Gentile notes. '"You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that means the water is no longer salty. These rivers are all fresh water now." ! At each stop. Gentile casts his bait into the dark -waters and remembers what it used to be like. Four tarpon in one world class morning here. Drifting in fellewes PS40 HrtMil Shredder FellowesPS5S Paper Sartdder feflewet PSEOCC Cms-Cut Shredder h-shtrl tapattl txtra rrdutlton and unu 1 p.mvlatn and -vxcn tullrr 717-CI Manila: rt.rrsr Itiru ttori-. hc t i. apat it -w.v'.Vlj'vir and 5-ejr uiier warrant 7172M I ir pjnUKM and 5 car cutter warranty 7I7M riiahMiiinogfflgmT a school of jack and ladyfish there, catching so many fish you think you should be on TV. At Hell's Gate, near the inlet, five weeks ago, 30 boats fished for pompano on an outgoing tide. This day, there's only one other boat Gentile's dad, Capt. Bill, and his uncle Bobby, are visiting from Chicago. Gregg asked them to come out and fish so there would be "a couple other sticks in the pond." Dad and uncle have four ladyfish and jacks, with no lesions. "Four fish in an hour." Gentile scoffs. "That isn't even my idea of a bite." A half-down dolphins and their babies head north in the Indian River, away from the too-fresh water. Gentile sees a fish jump nearby, judges it a pompano, but gives up trying to catch it after a few casts. Heading back up the North Fork later, he uses the quiet trolling motor to check a bird island where egrets and herons are nesting. He worries they won't have enough fish to feed their hatchhngs. "I want everyone to go out to the St Lucie Ijocks and smell the water I want everyone to come out on the river and see what isn't here," Gentile says. "It's just kind of overwhelming. "If I had real clients today. I'd tell 'em the fishery's so sorry we're gonna bag it early," he says. t LK"IHJM Macr.-n ino smtuf pyrta 0 or m)ft mad wit fr O Lpot tKn-iot U'3 - a crwvifr rrMfl C'fl mroii MoOflra'r' C' Ca'C Ban ot Crfcgj Th (Kjrcnas (" ir-uv t oa-0 l within XT 6 itwitt oa orh'"S rt'i aa'ufs 30 ! pu'cra pitf r'om ft oa ot ourcriasf Of cfta'aw tc rustom account As 0 Of t t7 A6 ?C PS ;r3tf may rt'rl in CO ' W NC W mm monty M crfl 0 V "rtiv atpy Details for Law ric Curantee. ocaRxtoa 123 NW 13th toca Raton US1 & Yamato Boynwn la 260 H Congress Ave Omt 140 S tlnivfrs'ty Dr DctrfttM leack 1133 Federal Hy. R LautfardaK 530C N W N"Mti A R. lanait if. N H?rai wy R LanOnlita 63?5 Aews A Huleek S3C1 W TV- Av Moilyaod SV"3an St Kendall 8950 SW 137th v Lake Wo 4558 Ue Woth Rd. LawtardaM Lakat 3301 N Stale Road Maroatt 5500 W Sample Fd Miami 15033 S OmeHwv Miami 27ffi Ave 4 Coral Way Miami 8311 W fagier St Miami 8665 S W 40th St Miami Downtown 100 Kl 1st Ave Miami Sannot 3600 W LeJf jne Rd Hom Miami iZiKBiscayneBM! Norfli Miami Beack 17801 Biscavne Blvd. ' Palm Bead) CanJent 24?0 PUA Blvd Pemkrslia Pinet 650 H Untversity or Pamaana 951 f McVab Rd Was) Baca 8095 Gases West Paha Btaca Ail Cee:note B'vQ Call 1-800-5S7-3376 m I r mm 3m i Lm t mmm iai rr, t p'l.t rjij;, S' 3 von(? mif OTV

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