The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 11, 1976 · Page 15
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 15

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 11, 1976
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post-Times, Saturday, December 11, 1976 A15 Carlton's Rated Cleanest BUY DIRECT! SAVE 20 TO 50! 70,000 Sq. Ft. Landscape Plant, Hedges. Trees 10,000 Sq. Ft. Magnificent "Low Light" Plants VISIT OUR HIDDEN HOUSE GARDEN STORE SAL-SUN. FOR UNUSUAL PLANTS AND TREES WW Our Famous Special! Red Ixora Hedges- 7 for $10 A Potted Poinsettia Bouquets Will Bloom 'til April wpsn Ivsrv From Post Wire Services WASHINGTON - The government's twice-yearly cigarette tests showed yesterday that the top-ranked varieties are cleaner than ever and, once again, Carlton "70s" regular-size filters are lowest in tar and nicotine. In all, five cigarettes encompassing two brands weighed in with less tar and nicotine than the lowest level recorded in the last test released in April of this year. The new low mark is less than 0.5 milligram tar and .less than 0.05 milligram nicotine per cigarette for the Carlton 70s regular filter. That compares with the previous record low of 2 milligrams tar and 0.2 milligram nicotine for the same cigarette in the earlier study. Here are the latest Federal Trade Commission cigarette ratings based on the order of tar values. The order would vary somewhat if listed . by nicotine value, which is the second figure. All are filter brands, unless otherwise noted. Day 4u8 7 Ft. Hawaiian Xmas Trees Will Grow To 30 Ft. Design Grown Multi Head Dracaena Marginatas Flowering Plants, Ingrid Potted For Xmas Gifts Dramatic Shade Grown Varigated Elephant Ears Large Brain Cactus, Staghorns, Ming Aralias wn Checks I Phone 793-3322 Free Landscaping Advice OUTDOOR INDOOR TERRACE PATIO OFFICE OCEAN SIDE WJ.B. Optn Sat.-Sun. Doral king, 13 and .9 Multitilter king, 13 and 8 Marlboro Lights king, 13 and 8 True 100s menthol, 13 and .8 - Fact king menthol, 13 and .9 Winston Lights king, 13 and 9 True 100s, 13 and .8 Raleigh Extra Mild king, 14 and 1.0 Viceroy Extra Mild king, 14 and 1.0 ; Kool Mllds king menthol, 14 and .9 Marlboro king menthol, 14 and .8 Eve 120 mm hard pack, 14 and 1.0 Marlboro king menthol hard pack, 14 and .7 Fad king, 14 and 1.0 Eve 120 mm menthol, hard pack, 15 and 1.0 Parliament king hard pack, 15 and 8 Belair king menthol, 15 and 1.0 Miyako king, 15 and .9 Alpine king menthol, 15 and .8 Parliament king, 15 and .8 Virginia Slims 120 mm menthol hard pack, 15 and 1.0 Long Johns 120 mm menthol, 15 and 1.2 , Vanguard king, 15 and 1.0 Pall Mall 100 mm menthol, 16and 1.2 DuMaurier king, hard pack, 16 and 1.0 Kent king hard pack, 16 and .9 Galazy king, 16 and 1.0 Viceroy king, 16 and 1.0 Saratoga 120 mm hard pack, 16 and 1.0 Silva Thins 100 mm menthol, 16 and 1.1 Virginia Slims 120 mm hard pack, 16 and 1.0 Benson & Hedges king hard pack, Hand 1.0 Saratoga 120 mm menthol, 16 and 1.0 Zack king menthol, 16 and 1.1 Parliament 100s, 16 and .9 Raleigh king, 16 and 1.1 Virginia Slims 100 mm menthol, 16 and .9 Virginia Slims 100 mm, 16 and .9 Max 120 mm, 17 and 1.2 Kent king, Wand 1.0 Phillip Morris International 100 mm menthol, 17 and .9 Max 120 mm menthol, 17 and 1.2 Super M 100 mm menthol, 17 and 1.2 L & M king hard pack, 17 and 1.0 Kent 100 mm menthol, 17 and 1.1 American Longs 120 mm menthol, 17 and 1.3 Silva Thins, 100 mm, 17 and 1.2 Twist 100 mm lemon-menthol, 17 and 1.3 Old Gold Filters king, 17 and 1.1 Benson & Hedges 100s hard pack, 17 and 1.0 Eve 100 mm menthol, 17 and 1.1 Eve 100 mm, 17 and 1.1 Kool king menthol, 17 and 1.4 Old Gold Filters king hard pack, 17 and 1.2 Zack king, 17 and 1.2 Marlboro king hard pack, 1' and 1.0 Tall 120 mm menthol, 17 and 1.4 Marlboro 100 mm hard pack, 17 and 1.1 Benson 8, Hedges 100 hard pack, 17 and 1.1 L & M 100 mm, 17 and 1.1 Benson & Hedges lOO menthol, 18 and 1.0 St, Moritj 100 mm menthol, 18 and 1.1 St. Moritz 100 mm, 18 and 1.1 Kool king menthol hard pack, 18 and 1.3 Marlboro 100 mm, 18 and 1.1 Zack king hard pack, 18 and 1.2 Benson 8. Hedges 100s, 18 and 1.0 Newport king menthol hard pack, 18 and 1.2 Pall Mall king, 18 and 1.2 Belair 100 mm menthol, 18 and 1.3 Lark king, IB and 1.1 Sano reg., nonfilter, IB and .6 Newport king, menthol, 18 and .6 Philip Morris International 100 mm hard pack, 18 and 1.1 Salem 100 mm, menthol, 18 and 1.2 Salem king menthol, 18 and 1.2 Raleigh 100 mm, 18 and 1.3 Marlboro king, IB and 1.1 Viceroy 100 mm, 18 and 1.3 Chesterfield 101 mm, 18 and 1.1 Kool 100 mm menthol, 18 and 1.3 Montclair king menthol, 18 and 1.3 Kent 100 mm, 18 and 1.1 L & M 100 mm menthol, 18 and 1.1 Long Johns 120 mm, 18 and 1.4 Old Gold Straights reg., nontilter, 19 and 1.1 Winston 100 mm menthol, 19 and 1.2 L&M king, 19 and 1.1 Oasis king menthol, 19 and 1.1 Camel king, 19 and 1.2 Eagle 20s king, 19 and 1.1 Camel king hard pack, 19 and 1.2 Winston 100 mm, 19 and 1.2 Eagle 20s king menthol, 19 and 1.1 Winston king, 19 and 1.2 Phoenix 120 mm, 19 and 1.3 Chesterfield king, 19 and 1.1 Salem king menthol hard pack, 19 and 1.2 Tareyton 100 mm, 19 and 1.3 Lark 100 mm, 19 and 1.2 Winston king hard pack, 19 and 1.2 LT. Brown 120 mm menthol, 19 and 1.4 Newport 100 mm menthol, 19 and 1.4 Pall Mall 100 mm, 19 and 1.4 Phoenix 120 mm menthol, 19 and 1.3 Philip Morris reg. nonfilter, 20 and 1.0 Tall 120 mm, 20 and 1.5 Kool reg. nonfilter menthol, 20 and 1.2 LT. Brown 120 mm, 20 and 1.5 Picayune reg. nonfilter, 20 and 1.4 Tareyton king, 20 and 1.3 American Longs 120 mm, 21 and 1.5 Home Run reg. nonfilter, 21 and 1.4 Old Gold 100s, 21 and 1.3 More 120 mm, 21 and 1.5 More 120 mm menthol, 21 and 1.6 Dawn 120 mm, 21 and 1.5 Dawn 120 mm menthol, 22 and 1.6 Mapleton king, 22 and 1.1 Domino king, 23 and 1.2 Camel reg. nonfilter, 23 and 1.4 Old Gold Straights king nonfilter, 23 and 1.4 Pall Mall king hard pack, 23 and 1.5 English Ovals reg. nonfilter, 24 and 1.6 Lucky Strike reg. nonfilter, 24 and 1.4 Raleigh king, nonfilter, 24 and 1.4 Piedmont reg. nonfilter, 24 and 1.3 Philip Morris Commander king nonfilter, 24 and 1.3 Chesterfield reg. nonfilter 25 and 1.4 Halt& Half king, 25 and 1.6 Pall Mall king nonfilter, 25 and 1.6 Stratford king, 25 and 1.3 Lucky Strike King, 26 and 1.3 Mapleton reg. nonfilter, 27 and 1.2 Chesterfield king nonfilter, 28 and 1.6 Fatima king, nonfilter, 28 and 1.6 Herbert Tareyton king, nonfilter, 28 and I B English Ovals king nonfilter hard pack, 29 and 2.0 Bull Durham king, 30 and 1.9 Domino king nonfilter, 31 and 1.4 Players reg. nonfilter hard pack, 32 and 2.2 Bronfman ALL THREE FARMS HOW OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK Carlton 70s regular, .5 mg tar, .05 nicotine Carlton king menthol, I and .1 Carlton king, 1 and .1 Now king menthol, hard pack, 1 and .1 Now king, hard pack, ) and .1 True king, 5 and A True king menthol, 6 and 4 Pall Mall Extra Mild, hard pack, 7 and .6 King Sano king menthol, 7 and .3 King Sano king, 7 and .4 Merit king, Sand 5 Tempo king, 8 and 6 Merit king menthol, 6 and .5 Iceberg 100s menthol, 9 and .6 Kent Golden Lights king, 9 and .7 Lucky 100s, 9 and ,6 Lucky Ten king, 9 and .6 Pall Mall Extra Mild king, 10 and .7 Benson & Hedges regular hard pack, 10 and .6 Velio king menthol, 10 and .7 Vantage king, 10 and .7 Velio king, 11 and .7 Vantage king menthol, 11 and .7 Multifilter king menthol, 11 and .7 Doral king menthol, 11 and .8 Salem Lights king menthol, 11 and .8 LAST TRAM FOR FIELDS LiAVtS AT 4:10 P.M. mm MOT Ul 0 no WERE FLORIDA'S FRESHEST TOMATOES GROW FOR YOU TO PICK From Page 1 ) Y ft -Ytvl 1 JwmmmmSr z y 2 n" I fTAT LM,,M,P PICK FARM rTTr m fresh produce "Ti-prMTr" AT UR stand PICKING BUCKETS FREE 844-2671 FARM 2 737-7800 FARM HI 965-1965 FARM 1 - Who else but . . -i7" ft ,r j i ""SUmi vl I Microwave Cooking gives you all the features you'll want AN not find enough evidence" to support conviction on the abduction charges. "The point is that the defense did not have enough evidence to show there was homosexuality, and the prosecution did not have enough evidence to show that there was a kidnaping," he said. "That does not mean there was no kidnaping, and that does not mean there was no homosexuality." "He (Bronfman) engineered it," said juror Amelia Driscot, a Mount Vernon, N.Y., housewife, in agreeing with Lynch's account of a phony kidnaping. She was one of seven women on the 12-member panel that began deliberations Wednesday night after an eight-week trial that began Oct. 14. Lynch admitted extortion to the degree that he delivered ransom demands to Edgar Bronfman and picked up the ransom, which later was recovered. But he said he was only doing young Bronfman's bidding. Lynch said he was forced to help when Bronfman threatened to expose him as homosexual. Bronfman testified that the kidnaping was real and he was in fear of his life. He denied having any part in the extortion scheme adding he had no need for the money. He said he was kidnaped at gunpoint from his mother's estate about 25 miles from New York City. Young Bronfman stands to inherit $20 million when he turns 40. Bronfman gave a tearful account during four days of testimony in which he described being led from the Seagram estate at gunpoint, bound and blindfolded. He was found by FBI agents and police in Lynch's Brooklyn apartment, bound and blindfolded. Juror William Link said he was unconvinced. "The ropes fell apart in the jury room," he said, "and the blindfold had a flap over the front." Byrne, 54, a limousine operator, did not testify during the trial. However, he had claimed he had been duped into taking part in the crime. The lawyers for both defendants said they would appeal the extortion conviction, which carries a maximum 15-year prison term. Kidnaping carries a minimum of 15 years and a maximum of life. State Supreme Court Justice George Beisheim Jr. scheduled sentencing for Jan. 6. Both defendants have been held without bail since their arrest 16 months ago and Byrne's wife, Elizabeth, told newsmen she hoped Beisheim would sentence them to time already served. Despite the kidnaping acquittal, Assistant Dist. Atty. Geoffrey Orlando said he would seek the maximum sentence. He added that he had no intention of pressing perjury or any other charges against young Bronfman. "I was surprised. It was a compromise verdict. There was a sympathy factor," Orlando said. NOW ONLV AP Wirtphoto SECOND ARMS CACHE Ontario, Calif., police examine some of the ammunition and explosives found in the yard and garage of Donald G. Wiggins, 41, of Ontario yesterday morning. Police said Wiggins had been under surveillance since Sunday when another cache was found near Lancaster, about 50 miles north of Los Angeles. Sheriff Peter J. Pitchess said it was possible the munitions were collected from military installations and stored by a large number of people in preparation for some sort of revolutionary campaign. TV Show Captions Receive Go-Ahead $((j)(o) Model 102 Automatic defrost control 9 Large easy clean acrylic interior Removable glass shelf 50 minute timer 600 watts 160 page "Exciting world of Microwave cooking" cookbook LITTON with vari-cook at a new low price! ni liiH a1 things as weather information, news and stock market reports for all viewers. PBS, the network for the nation's noncommercial stations, has been experimenting for more than two years with both closed and open captioning on a large number of its programs daily. The few decoders for viewing the closed captions now in use are mainly at schools for the deaf. Television set makers and commercial broadcasters had urged the FCC to delay granting PBS's request in order to allow two or three more years of experimentation. They questioned whether enough people would be willing to pay for the decoders or whether broadcast stations would pay the cost of encoding WASHINGTON (AP) - The Federal Communications Commission yesterday gave a go-ahead for captioning television programs on the TV screen so hearing-impaired people can enjoy the programs more fully. A system called "closed captioning" will be used, in which only viewers with special attachments on their TV sets can see the captions. Thus, it will not distract viewers without impaired haring. But the commission wouldn't go as far as asked by the Public Broadcasting Service and reserve a portion of the TV screen solely for such captioning. The FCC said it wants to leave the way open for possible future use of the same portion of the screen during noncaption periods for such Vari-cook lets you defrost quickly, then roast, simmer, reheat, warm or cook at any variable setting large 1.2 cu. ft. interior Carter From Page 1 Hi mm Model 415 Model 419 1 YfilV 45 minute push-to-turn timer Sealed in ceramic shelf Litton solid state Vari-cook control 99 minute digital timer . . . custom model Automatic temperature probe takes the guesswork out of cooking Congress. Previous legislation did not permit such amendments. In other news: Carter has selected the team of people for the top national security positions in his administration, but is still sorting out which candidate will fill which job, a top aide said yesterday, Greg Schneiders, Carter's appointments secretary, told reporters Carter had settled on roughly half a dozen people for the top four or five jobs at the Defense Department, Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Council and State Department. Carter seems increasingly certain to name Zblg-niew Brzezinski of Columbia University as national security adviser and Harold R. Brown, president of California Institute of Technology, as secretary of defense, according to sources in contact with Carter, Vice President-elect Walter Mondale, and their aides. Carter beat Gerald R. Ford by 1,681,417 votes with a record of more than 81 million ballots cast Nov. 2, official tabulations showed yesterday, The Democratic candidate got 40,827,394 to the Republican President's 39,145,977, certified results from the 50 states and the District of Columbia showed. Independent candidate Eugene McCarthy got 745,042 and a long list of minor party candidates and write-ins got 963,505. He said he had no idea what the final total would be of the defense budget the Ford administration will submit before he takes office, but he said he still believed from $5 billion to $7 billion could be saved in military spending through "better organization and efficiency." On the economy, Carter said it was possible that $10 billion to $15 billion or more in stimulus would be needed, but it still was too early to tell. The Democratic members of Congress encouraged the president-elect to emphasize spending as a means of economic stimulus. Indeed, several dozen representatives signed a letter to Carter in which they argued that a tax reduction was "an extremely inefficient way to reduce unemployment." The Black Caucus issued a separate statement in which Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) a caucus member serving on Ways and Means, said the "illogic of a tax cut as a means of stimulating the economy defies description. "To suggest that by providing relatively small amounts of money to the more prosperous in the nation will stimulate their individual spending is wrong not only by reason but by experience." Rep. Benjamin S. Rosenthal (D-N.Y.), said Carter hoped for legislation that would allow him to amend roorganization plans after they had been submitted to v. LITTON . . . changing the way America cooks KEY WEST Key Plaza W. PALM BEACH Palm Coast Plaza DELRAY BEACH Delroy Moll FT. LAUDERDALE Lauderhill Mall FT. LAUDERDALE N. 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