The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 10, 1976 · Page 34
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A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 34

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, December 10, 1976
Page 34
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Page 34 article text (OCR)

B12-Palm Beach Post. Friday, December 10, 1976 HOROSCOPE ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Not a good day for recreational activities since you have much work to do. Show gentility toward others and gain their goodwill. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Arrange matters at home so that there is more harmony there. Not a good time to start a new project. Be logical. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Try not to criticize others so much and gain their goodwill. Much care must be exercised in motion to avoid possible accident. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) You may want to change existing conditions, but this could lead to disaster now. Count your blessings instead. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Don't delay handling important career matters. Also, don't rely on a busy friend for assistance with some problem you have. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Plan time for right handling of personal matters and try not to involve others in them. Evening is fine for the social side of life. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) It is better to work alone today instead of getting into group activities which would not work out well now. Think constructively. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Take care you don't jeopardize your reputation in any way in the outside world today. Be sure to keep your promises to others. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Be certain to study a new idea you have from every conceivable angle. Avoid one who has an eye on your assets. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Make sure you first know the facts before discussing an important problem with mate. Study your responsibilities well. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Not a good day to have talks with associates on a mutual venture since they could be under tension of some sort. PISCES (Feb. 20 to March 20) Be more enthused about work awaiting your attention. Don't engage in activities that could endanger your health. SAGITTARIUS CARRpLL RIGHTER- BLONDIE HERMAN WIZARD OF ID S with all would you )( on one f tf CLIENT Y&U WPl fi?ei4Cl0U$l... - ( THESE BlLLS,WE ve AGREE to vUonoition WATER THB vVHrSKEY.' I . HEPE I I'M Hefe ; V- GOT TO START CLOSE YOUR J "T" fl I Ulk 5UM J S (ECONOMIZING' CMARGE ) V TH 'Im 1 Hr ' ( Sr ikL I " " I (WHENEVER I NEED TD 1 COtfVEGN THE RjM-aAM SIDE OF THE STOfzC. "If you remember, I did mention possible mmmm ztir 13 LL-igJ LJ-. J LisZ. side-effects." .feots" i, TSSS 1 it ' TUMBLEWEEDS r INSIDE W00DY ALLEN UOTSA LUCK, HOW THE HECK j OF NPmtpv Z i 1171 7 Z TTZ- T7TJ N " f PIP YOUR HORSE T I I TO 'fl ', I TouP V I W yah M ONTHAT j LZlmNEATHm WK PLAYING IMA W AUPieMg , hlim I I I if m' A T I but shedoesntJI like mf tall this 1-, , , , , , , A i FUNKY WINKERBEAN , MOMMY ALWAYS ALWAYS DO IT. ) MOMMV AND DADDY'S V 1 llAl X4s ! o T rAM'T Iti I Om "" A ct; A ' u m A iv MARY WORTH -j -K. A rilfl-rJWfltltffi 0 ' . o I CAN'T CLAIM 1 I MV WIFE WAS 6RAPUATEP ) I NEVER KNEW AMNE MORRIS?- I f LJ I i J ' . v'1' "tr: A . tfrrn"LLjCP it "N ' THAT HONOR.' I THERE.'--ANNE MORRIS.' f SHE WAS MY PATE AT THE ONLY M il . , K TA "WSiJKt "Tj ARE YOU A PROPPEPOUT j YOU PROBABLY NEVER'flS' PROM I EVER ATTENPEP- Jrl f"l ' ' JnLi A(Ufoyjr GRADUATE OF AFTER ONE A, -yi t-i fc Ttll WE.' IS LJLJ Ul rrn((umrr xntP' bndae hillcrest 0 year; 'AC.x'V' fafl she still TjI m crosswora H' V "tTr unuyc college mr I V why?po AVI mVrz TV as pretty H HT"I H V H PELEVAN? a o c 7 YOU KNOW V.viJ A f 1 V AS EVER? VI I I 1 I ) Your right-hand opponent bids One Spade, both sides vulnerable. What would you bid now with each of the following four hands? 1. A AJ6 VQ9 KQJ4 4A983 2. AA75 VJ87S3 A8 A64 3. 10 AKJ972 A83 KJ7 4. K8 V5 AQJ92 AQ762 3. Double. Your hand is much too good for an overcall of two hearts. While it's true that overcalls at the two level represent good hands, still there's a limit to how strong they can be. This hand exceeds that limit. A double potentially shows a much stronger hand than an overcall. CATFISH 46 Souvenir SO Tidings S3 Newspaper (slang) 55 Invisible atmosphere 56 Nautical term 57 Man's name 58 FaU 59 Cud-chewing animal 60 Product or table 61 Type measures DOWN 1 Defect 2 Genus of frogs 3 Peak 4 Commercial abbr. 5 Sevareid 6 Carried on 7 Popular rock group 8 Kind of Collins 9 Utility 10 Dramatist Jonson VJOXD AMY CFVDO ladies1 1. One notrump. This is by far Change the ace of diamonds the best way of identifying iheto the deuce and you'd have a type of hand you hold. You have typical two heart bid. To show you have about an ace more 12 Popular rock star 19 Son of Jacob 21 Meadow 23 Spread for drying 25 Start for age or box 26 Sea eagle 27 Peruse 28 African republic 29 Own 30 Sea in Russia 31 Prefix expressing negation 35 Pronoun 38 Filthy place 40 Swiss river 42 Weird 45 Mountain lake 47 Bait 48 Metal 49 Surpasses 50 Compact mass 51 Cheer for the toreador 52 Female ruff 54 Son of Jacob ACROSS 1 Friar's title 4 A handful 7 Kind of stake 11 Licks up 13 Money of account 14 Stratagem 15 Dill 16 Ben or Bertha 17 Prayer ending 18 Grew 20 Prehistoric tool 22 Large tub 24 More profound 28 Shackled 32 In flames 33 Slight confusion 34 Roman 502 36 Bone of the forearm 37 Confesses 39 Stuck fast 41 Dedicate 43 Dispirited 44 Russian veto word Avg. solution time: 25 min. snE OUR BES Afe i HIOIR MAMA OD.OR LANE AM AS NIB! NUWBL L Gte'snw EAR T MlSBlOlN it KHUKO DDFpBS JlE'SS'F the values for a double, of course, but that would suggest better , distribution. The notrump overcall shows 16 to 18 points, balanced distribution, and at least one stopper in the adverse suit. 2. Pass. It would be dangerous to bid two hearts with such a shaky suit, because, if the next player doubled, the outcome might prove disastrous. Overcalls should be based primarily on how many tricks you can take, not on how many points you have. The safety of the overcall is nearly always the first consideration. True, this hand would rank as an opening bid as dealer before the relative strength of the other three hands is known but once your right-hand opponent makes an opening bid, you should tread cautiously. The bidding may develop so that you can enter the fray later on more safely, but until then T I IM B'l OE30EI TE L LI E XlElSl than that, you double first and then bid hearts. This makes it possible for your partner to distinguish between bids that are aimed at getting to game and those aiming at a part score. 4. Two diamonds. Here you have the high-card values for a double, but it is tactically better to overcall with two diamonds. If you doubled, there would be too much danger of finding yourself unable to show both minor suits later on. Your partner is likely to respond to a double in hearts, and you lack support for that suit. It is better to run the risk of being dropped at two diamonds, risking the loss of a problematical minor-suit game, than to run the danger of landing in the wrong contract by losing valuable bidding space with a double. Practical considerations frequently outweigh technical requirements. 12-10 Answer to yesterday's puzzle. STEVE CANYON : ...WE'LL A1I55 f HOHO.' THE PKTTATOR'S PRlWTE T POfSN'T ''wHEN HE HAS X...THEN 15 IT EXPECTEP - ' l THE ROSE FOWL AIRCRAFT MOVES FROM ITS 1 HIS PILOT THE COWMAN PER WHEN THE PILOT IS ON THE l? ( COL CANvON SIR . PLACE! HE MUST HAVE AN CALL THE ON SOARP IT IS GROUNP- HAVING PINNER ? I oj it's best to play possum. HAGAR HORRIBLE Tomorrow: Duplicate bridge. I AM Mot its THIS C14EAP I THAT'S FlllW. IT FIT THE BEAR PERFECTLY JHA ITPOESM'T FIT.... IT rUrJGS OH ME LIKE A SACK CRYPT0QUIPS i i- i. v)v i r 1 2 1 hp s 6 m nnnri(,i Htm- -. -m - 2( mmm t rmm 7 31 38 59 0 111 'ilmi 'M dm. una. yP4 45 M 4 w- wfc 'wm m$ xririr srir-Tir si W6 tjtt'mu TERRIBLE Yesterday's Cryptoqulp 5LrK i CAUSTIC ORATORS HURT THEIR CAUSES. Today's Cryptoqulp clue: D equals A DVRZ VDTYZRSE TSJXMQZEZQ XZRW D WMJZ TYZW NBC Cancels 2 More Shows From Lineup: Quest, Serpico I CHS" MiL7 11 POINSETTIAS fltoQMEEB fffik Red, Whit. $O00 SftSO T & Pink MW to l) (?mb!IStoQVER We havt firtwood by the piec or cord LOS ANGELES (AP) - The number of weekly programs NBC has canceled rose to five Tuesday as the network confirmed industry reports it was dropping the "Quest" and "Serpico" series from its evening schedule. NBC on Monday said it had canceled Dick Van Dyke's comedy-variety series. It earlier axed "Gemini Man" and NBC's Wednesday night TV movie series. Ail five canceled series were in their first season on television, and all had low ratings. A spokesman for the network here said replacement shows for "Quest," a western, "Serpico," a police series, and "Van Dyke and Company" will be announced later. 1

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