The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on September 15, 1999 · Page 26
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 26

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 15, 1999
Page 26
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Page 26 article text (OCR)

O'Til i (....-p f y-y-y f -y ,y i y "y y y y-g, y -y r r y-yyyy-gp-yyy ( f ..p--..y....r-( , giiiii.-ir g-r , j..yiiiiTgiiTri -j.i 1 1 1 -Trgr.ii , trnrnip ri, i mi, I., i .yi.ii,..... n. .iMin.i;-. ,tr,.1 r.-yi .. y,,.,, , .T,-,, ,., y Mi1 i f 20A THE PALM BEACH POST WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1999 Advert Advertisement isement Advertisement TV""" I rji I - V beverages without suffering through the morning-after hangover! Back pain? Five simple stretches that will ease your pain and speed recovery. Is it really arthritis or just food allergies? We explain how to tell. , Flush away a bladder infection fast with the juice from this bright red berry. 1 Avoid a stroke nine ways to keep your blood flowing like a foun-1 H tain of youth. Painful bursitis. Five tips to get rid of it. Want to cut caffeine? Minimize the agonies of withdrawal with these practical pointers. Prescription drug danger! Don't take them with this beverage. Hand pain or numbness? These tips from Kaiser Permanente j Medical Center in California may help. Calcium you know it's good for your bones now find out how it can lower high blood pressure! ' Potassium for your heart! See this , list of potassium-rich foods for a healthy dose, naturally. Say "soy" and take advantage of ; this natural, heart-protecting antiox-1 ' A common spice that is an effective cancer fighter. A memory booster that helps prevent Alzheimer's disease. An arthritis remedy that is more effective than prescription drugs. "DuDGiKBI? EISlDi3SQ0QG GGs7 ITGDSUa) ifflepi?!: o3 03flB?y Soni?gGl?w,'-. idant when you stir-fry your dinner! ; Cataract surgery may be over-pre-' scribed. Can a mere daily multi-vita- v mm cut your risk of getting cataracts? Five natural, herbal cold remedies ; Eight fresh ways to kiss bad breath' goodbye. Snoring again? Simple steps to;' help you stop. ' ; How to stop a real stroke before it strikes. . ; TMJ Syndrome keeping you awake? Six sure signs of this painful, joint disorder and seven ways to relieve it naturally. Save your teeth! Munch on these! Stop feeding the frenzies and win the battle of the bulge without a fight1 ... for life! t' An aspirin a day keeps the heart doctor away? It's possible, says a ( report in The New England Journal ' of Medicine. Beverages that help heal your : heart. ' "Left-sided appendicitis?" How to , select the right fruit and fiber to eliminate diverticulosis. Use these seven tips to quiet the.! rumbles of intestinal cramps and gas. Menopausal mood swings nine' ways to relieve them naturally. Dry eyes, dry mouth and dry skin a improver that scientists say is in your kitchen. Help reverse heart disease with these healthy fruits. Make an aspirin lotion at home in two minutes that will kill pain fast and help you sleep peacefully at night. Soothe a sore throat and more than 40 other ailments with this herb! If you're diabetic, you must avoid all sugar, right? 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