The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 10, 1976 · Page 21
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 21

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, December 10, 1976
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post, Friday, December 10, 1976 A21 ' WESTERN AUTO (( STRETCH YOUR HOLIDAY BUDGET WW CONVENIENT CREDIT! OPEN SUNDAY FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE -Iff! n. Steel I in ii . yy t,: i I f f , .I i?h a i iSVfr Wm c"rton i if , 1ft &mi& ? 20 In. Buzz Bike h Lauairau ow Fori'hrinlmas and Saw! Kasy-KakeOven r jmTu:ii.,t w Jr. Housekeeper Set. Toy Vacuum Cleaner. 489 Cooks I sinir l.iirhl Mops. Broom & More! Bulbs! Accessories! 29-1528-8 less bulb 19.1302-3 Sat TOY CHEST 29-1 907-4 99 REG. t-tW-UI 1 TH ill m.i r.J . 15.99 Layau-ayl'lan At Compony Stom Only. If nave .'. 1H-In. Plush Monkev AAA Vinvl Kace, Kars, Hands and Shoes! VIEW-MASTER 9 S grse- tsP 29 1874.1 J9-2652-5 1 f jiPf 499 Mary McGrory c i -JKf 3-Speed 2(i-In h 4? TOfeLiW rfffih ,iicyc,e h rm-our ei IkCysJjl $sf lien's or Ladii's' 0 The Man Everyone Likes REG. 22 In. IVtf Table. 4 99 With Chalk. Kraser CASINO PIN3ALL !o2; GAME 29-3516 1 Vgg 9&L 24-Inch Racing-Style iMuau au Sow FurChrintmas and Save! rbssis- titer r uj m mm MM Slotiessz-ur T BWrlrl Chase On A 19 29 1023 0 mW I Basketball And Vntnmntic La Sunshine Coal Set fe&Mr. (,offee"lj Family 36 4135(01 ' XX 29 1766 4 t&nz cry ao i-iii ( up- &7 Reg.39.95 WASHINGTON - "He's a very nice man," said an old Washington hand of Cyrus Vance, the designated successor to Henry Kissinger. Everyone knows Cyrus Vance, and just about everyone likes him: Soviets, senators, Greeks, Turks, Cypriots, hawks and doves. He obviously was not the unanimous first choice of the entire Carter staff. Hamilton Jordan, the young campaign manager, told that Playboy interviewer that Carter "would have failed" and that he, Jordan, would "quit" if Vance were to become secretary of state and Zbig-niew Brzezinski to take over the National Security Council (NSC). Vance is in, Brzezinski is the front-runner for NSC, and nobody expects Jordan to kick over the traces. Obviously, he was trying to make the point that nonestablish-ment types, nongraduates of what one wag calls the "National School for Secretaries of State," should prosper in the Carter administration. Vance is not a new face. He was deputy secretary of defense under Robert McNamara, subsequently served as Lyndon Johnson's favorite trouble shooter, in Cyprus and in the burning American cities of the 1960s. He is a member of the inner circle of the eastern foreign policy establishment. Carter tried, but not very successfully, to skirt the "Washington issue" by protesting that Vance is a native of West Virginia and a resident of New York. A Killer Kor ' Mr. welcomed by high officials. Vance is dedicated to detente and the advancement of the SALT talks, which is a source of much reassurance to those who watch with apprehension Carter's burgeoning friendship with James Schlesinger, the hard-nosed secretary of defense who was fired by Gerald Ford for insisting on doubling the defense budget. Schlesinger's reinstatement in high office is being urged by such likeminded souls as George Meany and Scoop Jackson. That would cancel the apointment of Vance. If Carter wants to do something for Schlesinger, out of deference to the conservative Democrats, Sen. Frank Church hopes it would be to make him ambassador to China, where he was warmly received last summer. "He sees the Russians in the same light as they do," says Church, second-ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, "and they would be honored to have a former secretary of defense." There is universal agreement about Vance's character and good will. The only question is about his clout with Carter. If foreign policy is once again to be made between president and secretary of state upstairs in the White House, Vance has no problem. But if it is to be fashioned downstairs in the basement, as it was during the Kissinger years, then Vance will be another William Rogers, who had the title of secretary but was in reality nothing but the tenant of the biggest suite in Foggy Bottom. J Coffee." I "a. of 1 110! n 10.59 ttt Reg.8.69 f Hand-Held Calculator 1 Telstar Game .5 Wall Mobile 36 3660 0 TRASSCEIVER 99 66 486 ' I I 9 79 outrage and little disappointment. For some people, it suggests that Carter will be his own secretary of state, and that foreign policy will be made in the White House, where the strong-minded Brzezinski unmistakably would be in charge. Vance is expected to normalize relations between Foggy Bottom and Capitol Hill. Vance is no Henry Kissinger to dazzle and deceive. Nor is he compulsively secretive, although he is discreet. Many of his closest associates never knew his feelings about the Vietnam war, the foreign policy adventure that enraged the Pentagon during his time there. Several of his contemporaries, Clark Clifford and Paul Warnke, changed their minds about U.S. policy and, after leaving government service, had considerable to say about it. Vance, who served as deputy to Harriman in the peace talks, has not. Since he retired to his law practice in New York, Vance has kept his hand in. The "smartest" foreign diplomats routinely checked in with him, and on frequent business visits to the Soviet Union he was always Jack Anderson m j . j n v h w UM!rT AC adapter for 1 10V home current incl. Z3-(honnal (ompod unit' SAVE $2 Easy to reed riionntl indicator t SWR ml.rl ' Vonobli full-fang squelchl Complete Home Entertainment Entertainment I til I VHF&UHF Reception 1 Button Automatic Color! 24 47114 -Center! IlTaAVEAj II L$60JLnter!-.U CO His selection has occasioned no n v m a m 13-In. Dia. Color TV i Lf 'An . Compact system of radio, jQ j 1 8 track playerrecorder I U & record changer. Wide J LI J J range 6' in. speakers! f W 4b tJV. 111. T V. H aO 100 sol id state chassis! Woodprain cabinet ! Agnew Sought a Pardon From Ford White House SAVE 119.96 19 Cu. Ft. No-Frost Refrigerator P5P! 4 tf'i 9 feh whose wife LaDonna is a Comanche. A formal petition is being sent to President-elect Jimmy Carter promoting Harris for the post. 1 2 cold controls! 15 Inch Diagonal Color TV Black Matrix Picture Tube! Available in left or right hand door! White, Avocado, Harvest Gold, Coppertone! JUST SAY "CHARGE IT!" For a few days in August, it looked as if the Martin Luther King murder case would be even further complicated. An urgent, internal Justice Department memo went out to section chiefs stating "Classified Files . . . pertaining to (King) are missing . . .," But it turned out the "purloined papers" had only , been misplaced in Justice's criminal division. SAVE M 83 I7'9 -- 29.96! SAVE ON THIS GREAT JOUGH ONE . . . LPS II 4 plies of tough Polyester . . . Extra-low Sale Price In finding a labor secretary, Jimmy Carter is caught between the two groups who punched through his election, the blacks and big labor. RETREAD! TIRE WASHINGTON - Former Vice President Spiro Agnew, who pleaded no contest to income tax evasion in 1973, has sought a presidential pardon from the man who succeeded him, Gerald Ford. White House attorneys, perhaps recalling the uproar over their boss's pardon of Richard Nixon, politely but firmly referred Agnew's lawyer to the Justice Department. Agnew's bid for a pardon came shortly after Oct. 10, when his sentence of three years probation expired. An Agnew attorney called White House counsel Philip Buchen's office. The conversation "was very low key, very professional," a White House official confided. The brief discussion, we have learned, centered on the "receptivity" of the White House to a formal filing for a pardon by ; Agnew. "The reply was that there have been procedures established by Justice," the White House official told us. "The request was no more than any good lawyer ; would do for his client." Agnew resigned in disgrace on .Oct. 10, 1973 when he pleaded no contest to a single count of tax evasion. ' The plea, equivalent to a conviction, helped Agnew avoid a messy public trial. At the time, the Justice Department filed a detailed statement which showed that Agnew began accepting payoffs in 1967 when he was governor of Maryland. The payments continued right up to January 1973, when a federal grand jury began investigating Agnew. Footnote: We can find no evidence that Agnew took his plea for a pardon to the Justice Department. His lawyer, Judah Best, declined comment. A 78-13 HlurkMllll Iilliiliss I'lus 1.71 The Congressional Black Caucus, in a strongly worded private letter to Carter, urged him not to appoint former Ford administration Labor Secretary John Dunlop as his own top man at labor. But big labor cherishes Dunlop for resigning after President Ford welshed on a promise to support a pro-labor bill. Labor leaders, therefore, are strongly backing Dunlop for the job. The caucus asserted that Dunlop "demonstrated in-sensitivity" to minority groups by making "no effort" to upgrade the Labor Department's Office of Federal Contract Compliance. The office is supposed to enforce civil-rights laws with federal contractors. LOCAI PUIICHASK ll l- .K.T. & Tradi'-ln Reg. 32.95 Convenient Credit'. Price includes free tire mounting! Expert wheel balancing available! BIocIiwqII tubln "a8 13 32T95 T 24 M ilj . 08 14 43 9$ 32?5 2 ii Q8 IS iUi mi. 1 M8 1 ti Ii I 34 Ii 2 8 Whit4woll TubiUii A8 13 35 95 I 26 95 174 BH 13 3995 39 95 I 84 i UIS 14 4195 3M5 2 .12 F8 14 405 3370 2.3? H8 14 36.70 2 75 i60.l 33J95 25 45 l8J 6 00.15 349J UjO I 87 078 15 4695 35M 2 58 HB 15 4I95 36 70 2 80 LB 15 54 95 I l 20 I 3.08 SIZE SALE PRICE ,u, B78-13 J6.49 $11.88 45f r78-J4 20.95 (1 7 0O 46f jGTMi 22.49 J 55' F78-15 21 49 - 46 078-15 22.95 C 4 T 88 -i5 H78-M 23.49 J 58i H78-15 23.49 58? 17id5. .24 49. C 1 A 05 178-15 124.951 3 I Q.7J f 6B. To select Dunlop for the Labor Department job, said the black legislators, would "be a signal that the new administration is not to begin afresh with a new direction." Pnc.t Plul Tu. and Tfodt In Tin Alt Avoilabli in F78-I4 llocliwoll and 7.00ilJ, 178-14. G78-M, J7I-IS Whittwall PRICES PLU5 TAX AND TRADE-IN SHOCK ABSORBERS FRONT WHEEL BRAKE OVERHAUL OIL & FILTER CHANGE INSTALLED ALIGNMENT Sh In.lpll.d l 4 whlt, cyllndar Big banking interests are lobbying to block Rep. .'Henry Ruess (D-Wis.), from continuing as chairman of ; the powerful House Banking Committee. The pro-con- sumer Ruess ha3 led the fight for banking reform. This, ! naturally, has not gone down well with the bankers. ; Ruess, incidentally, comes from a banking family. But between 1970 and 1973, he gave his entire bank stock, worth $150,000, to various charities. 99 995 99 chtkl. borlngi Collar, combtr and tt-in od-juiudl Front nd. krakoi. 5 Frvnt f for thttki rvplocvd wvtlg. quip-quality ihtxktl ChtKk houit, brohtt, ttrtt Into imtim, W wM IMK-M nw M liftHi tU Mm llk 7 MOST rapachad, all dixliMl, Hold odd- ach tKocki, tihouil i jl. l.j, Ma aat mi ak (4 ImIi put I Mm UiImL Mk knin lilrt. Mtif U.S. (art. chiclitdl brakt Ha I5H4. 11,70 Wnr Meanwhile, in a recent court deposition, Mary Lep-per, the former director of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare's higher education division, has also criticized Dunlop. She swore that Dunlop, as a dean at Harvard in 1970-73 "opposed . . . setting goals and time tables" for attracting more women and minority employes to the Ivy League school. Dunlop, now back at, Harvard, twice refused to discuss his record with us. "I'm a private citizen . . . not a candidate for office," he said. "Write any damn thing you please." Footnote: In fairness to Dunlop, he generally received high marks js secretary of labor. aura. Mat aarll. Hf Hf. rr I'hc Ki(!hl I11 l imit Viinlitii Nll. Sale WEST PALM BUCK 7716 So. Dixit Hwy,. 686-4834 J5S5Sun. 121276 1 WEST P1LM BEiCr- 862 So. MilKirv Trill 8S8-W2Z Jl Many American Indians want former Oklahoma Sen. Fred Harris for secretary of the interior, who oversees Indian affairs. They are organizing a draft for Harris, -,yho has led the fight for Indian rights and

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