The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on September 15, 1999 · Page 2
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 2

West Palm Beach, Florida
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Wednesday, September 15, 1999
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2A THE PALM BEACH POST WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1999 Newsmakers Surgeon general urged to counter violence Today' hires Ferguson for 'little panache' from London Palm Beach Post Wire Reports Facing energized new competition this fall from ABC and CBS, NBC's Today has hired a With all we've seen, it makes sense to get into the realm of prevention. SEN. ARLEN SPECTER R-Pa. Vie Associated Press WASHINGTON Youth violence is a public health threat, and the surgeon general should lead the fight against it, a Republican senator told the Clinton administration Tuesday. "With all we've seen, it makes sense to get into the realm of prevention," said Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., who heads the Appropriations Committee panel that oversees financing for such programs. "We think the surgeon general is a good person to head it" Since April's deadly shooting rampage at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., federal policy makers have accused the entertainment industry, the media, the Internet, gun availability, lax school security and President Clinton gave Surgeon General David Satcher a key role at this year's White House conference on youth violence when he directed Satcher to conduct a landmark study on its causes, Specter said. A 1972 surgeon general study documented how some children imitate violent television scenes. Specter's panel and its House counterpart will largely determine how $300 billion will be allocated for fiscal 2000, beginning Oct. 1. 7 Education Secretary Richard W. Riley described the department's after-school efforts designed to give idle youth constructive alternatives and said, "We've had $1 billion worth of applications for a program that we only have $200 million for." home and work environments. The witnesses also sought more financing for such efforts. Health and Human Services Secretary Donna E. Shalala acknowledged the public health angle of youth violence but said the surgeon general's office, which she oversees, lacks the resources to take the lead in administering the myriad of programs. The surgeon general is chiefly a spokesman on health policy. "Violence is one of many youth risk behaviors that are preventable, but there are no easy answers, short cuts or panaceas," she said. "We are working to establish a White House Council on Youth Violence, which will be an interagency coordinating body for federal youth violence services." royal new reporter: the Duchess of York. The former Sarah Ferguson was hired Tuesday as a London-based correspondent for NBC's ; morning show. She'll contribute human interest stories, features and interviews about once a month. "She is a very personable, warm, en-. gaging personality and I .know that this is something that she is interested in," uninvolved parents, among others, of having a role in fomenting or simply allowing such violence. On Tuesday, three Cabinet secretaries and the deputy attorney general testified before Specter's subcommittee on how their agencies Education, Health and Human Services, Labor and Justice were helping states and communities create better school, If r7 Ferguson said Jeff Zucker, Today executive producer. "It Struck me that she could bring a little panache to us." The duchess, ex-wife of Prince Andrew, . has some experience: She was host of a British ; talk show that ran for 10 episodes. It was called Sarah . . . Surviving Life. "It was the first time I - really felt comfortable with my job," she said. Gingrich, wife agree to split assets Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich and his estranged wife have a, n .4, Am j il ) 1 mJ ; u M J?" kil - ' reached agreement on division of income and assets during a legal separation in - advance of their divorce. The agreement between the 56-year-old Georgia Republican and his wife Marianne, 48, avoided a potentially contentious court hearing that had been scheduled to take place Thursday in an Atlanta courtroom. "It gives them both y' . . . : f ' " ) Gingrich Former POWs sue Mitsubishi for reparations The three men, one of them from Boca Raton, say they were forced to work in Japan's copper mines. The Associated Press SAN DIEGO When he was a prisoner in Japan during World War II, Frank Dillman saw men beaten, beheaded and forced to endure other cruelties if they didn't comply with orders to perform hard labor. On Tuesday, Dillman and two other former POWs filed a lawsuit under a new California law, seeking reparation from Mitsubishi Corp., the Japanese company that allegedly held them captive during World War II. "Mitsubishi is the fourth-largest company in the world," Dillman said. They could pay a billion dollars and it wouldn't matter to them. I don't know why they would want to fight it." The lawsuit alleges that Mitsubishi was one of many Japanese companies that enslaved thousands of POWs during the war without ever compensating them, yet using profits from their labor to become some of the most profitable corporations in the world. The suit was filed by Dillman, 79, a San Diego Marine veteran; Maurice Mazer, 86, a Boca Raton Army veteran, and George Cobb, 79, a San Jose, Calif., Navy veteran. All three said they were forced to work at Mitsubishi's copper mines and smelter near Hanawa, Japan. The suit is filed under a California law that went into effect in July extending the statute of limitations for slave labor cases to Dec. 31, 2010. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages from Mitsubishi, which has more than 400 subsidiaries worldwide. "I think Mitsubishi should pay all of us for our injuries and the work we did and the lack of food and medical supplies," Cobb said. The suit, filed in Orange County Superior Court, names Mitsubishi Materials Corp. and support to live off of," Gingrich's lawyer said. Marianne Gingrich's attorney also confirmed an agreement and said he felt that the former speaker has behaved poorly during the couple's divorce preliminaries. Private 737 perfect for Christmas Neiman Marcus in its just-released Christmas catalog offers a slice of wilderness preservation for $200,000 or, if you want more lift in your gift, there's a private Boeing 737 jetliner. The Dallas-based department store teamed with .'The Nature Conservancy to offer the ecologically endangered land, named for your loved one. For those who prefer more noise and horsepower, Neiman Marcus is offering the . business version of the Boeing 737 as its most expensive item ever. Customers decide on final fittings, so the unfinished jet, which can be configured to seat from 15 to 50, is listed for $35,250,000. Finishing will add $8 million to $10 million. 'NYPD Blue' creator claims cheating TV producer Steven Bochco has filed a $61.6 million suit against Rupert Murdoch's 20th Century Fox Film Corp., claiming the studio cheated him out of profits from his popular NYPD Blue show by licensing it at below market value to a new Fox cable network. Bochco, creator of some of TVs most successful dramas including LA Law and Hill Street Blues, alleges breach of contract and fraud. The suit alleges that Fox licensed the NYPD Blue series to its fledgling cable network FX below its fair market value, depriving Bochco of his rightful proceeds. BOB GRIESERThe Associated Press , during World War II as Japanese prisoners un- : , fairly profited Mitsubishi Corp. Veterans Memorial Center & Museum on Tuesday, the three men recalled the harsh conditions , in the slave labor camps where many prisoners were killed or died from starvation, disease or -dangerous working conditions in copper mines. Dillman and Mazer are also survivors of the " April 1942 Bataan Death March, during which '. some 16,000 American and Filipino troops died on a trek to a Japanese prison camp in the Phil- , ippines, which was then a U.S. colony. ' After the march, Dillman and Mazer were taken to a prison camp where they remained until Japan surrendered in August 1945. Cobb was imprisoned by Japan a few months after his submarine fell to enemy fire. The three men said they were nearly 100 pounds underweight due to the harsh conditions, ' '. which included meager portions of food, constant ; beatings and the hard labor. ; ; George Cobb (left), Maurice Mazer of Boca Raton and Frank Dillman say their slave labor Mitsubishi Corp. in Japan and its U.S. subsidiaries, Mitsubishi Materials USA Corp. and Mitsubishi International Corp. Mitsubishi International Corp. spokesman Steve Wechselblatt said company officials had not seen the lawsuit, but believed it wrongly targets their company. "We deeply sympathize, as do all right-thinking people, with the victims of war," said a statement issued by the company. "As trading companies, neither we nor our parent company are engaged in manufacturing. This is also true of the predecessor of our parent company. For this reason, we do not believe this suit has merit with respect to our company." Munich Harada, treasurer at the New York offices of Mitsubishi Materials USA Corp., said he wasn't aware of the lawsuit. Meeting each other for the first time at the Talks on Nazi slave labor compensation to continue Correction Tlie Associated Press WASHINGTON Compensation negotiations with 16 German companies that used Nazi slave labor will go forward despite the dismissal of several related lawsuits, a top Treasury Department official said Tuesday. The companies have assured us formally that they wish to continue participating," Deputy Treasury Secretary Stuart Eizenstat told a hearing of the House Banking Committee. Eizenstat said that while the companies want a legal conclusion, they also have always viewed it as "primarily a moral issue." denied any legal liability in U.S. courts, but have clearly indicated their moral responsibility for the gross abuses inflicted on millions of forced and slave laborers," Eizenstat said. "It is now time that they make a proposal to settle the suits in a fashion consistent with their moral responsibility," he said. He declined to describe the amounts of money under negotiations but said the two sides will have to "give considerably." Attorneys for survivors at one time reportedly demanded $20 billion. German industry has offered $1.7 billion. In two separate rulings Monday, federal judges dismissed cases against Ford Motor Co. and two German companies. But under international negotiations being overseen by Eizenstat, German industrial representatives and the German government are planning to set up two foundations or funds to handle survivor claims a system Eizenstat said would be faster and cover more people than pending litigation. And he urged both the companies and attorneys for survivors to compromise on a settlement amount, a figure on which they are "far apart." The German companies have time and again Because of a reporter's error,77je Palm Beach Post on Saturday misstated the location of the Bonnette Hunting Lodge. It is on Hood Road, near the Golf Digest property in Palm Beach Gardens. The Bonnette hunting area and gun and rifle range formerly there was moved northwest of Indiantown along State Road 710. FLORIDA LOTTERY Travelers to Russia, China, I India likely to face Y2K woes Saturday's I No. picked Winners Prize Lotto I All 6 2 $3.5 mill. 7-22-25 5 of 6 152 $1,675 30-42-48 I 4 of 6 9,181 $66.50 I 3 of 6 173,953 $4.50 Next Jackpot $7 million Monday's I No. picked Winners Prize Fantasy 5 I All 5 8 $21,872 1-8-18 4 of 5 836 $34.50 24-25 I 3 of 5 18,100 $4.50 Mega Money 1-12-23-29 Mega Ball 23 Tuesday's Fantasy 5 3-4-10-20-21 Tuesday's Cash 3 0-6-3 Play 4 8-5-4-5 Stolen Greek antiquities found in Fla. J - ' 7 ' For current and past winning numbers in most states: 900-680-6669. Calls are 49 per minute. Numbers are also available on the Internet at: Palm Beach Post employees will not give out winning numbers over the phone. : The Palm Beach Post A COX Newspaper MAIN OFFICE 2751 South Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, FL 33405 HOME DELIVERY RATES Seven days, $3.15 (13-wk term, rates differ by term) Monday to Friday only, $1.50, Friday to Sunday only, $1.95 Published each morning by Palm Beach Newspapers, Inc. periodical postage is paid at West Palm Beach and additional mailing office. USPS 418-720 Postmaster: Address changes to The Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700, West Palm Beach, a 33416-4700 By Marilyn Geewax Palm Beach Post-Cox News Service WASHINGTON Americans travelling to dozens of foreign countries in late December and early January could be faced with potential power outages, water shortages, transportation shutdowns or other problems because of Y2K computer disruptions, the U.S. State Department said Tuesday in an unprecedented advisory. Among major nations, the most potentially dangerous include Russia, China and India, according to the department's assessments. But rather than warn Americans not to travel to certain countries, the State Department assessed 196 countries to determine whether they are fixing the so-called Y2K computer bug. The evaluations, alphabetically listed on the Internet at, "will help Americans make their own decisions," said Undersecretary of State Thomas Pickering. The department's refusal to rank countries according to the severity of computer problems reflected the diplomatic delicacy of the task. Many countries could have reacted negatively if they had been on the list, which might have discouraged tourism and investment But while the State Department did not issue grades or rankings, it did hand out some critical assessments. For Russia, the department predicted that 'T2K disrup- tions are likely to occur in key sectors of electrical power, heat, telecommunications, transportation, and financial and emergency services." ; In India, operators of power plants and ocean ports "have been slow to address the Y2K issue," the report said. In China, "there may be a risk of potential disruption in the key sectors of banking and finance, telecommunications, medical services and in electrical power and infrastructure systems outside of the coastal cities." Italy, which has been cited by many Y2K experts as being particularly sluggish in its software repairs, was treated gingerly. The country, which has expressed concern about being named as a Y2K laggard, is expecting a surge in tourism in December as Catholics come to celebrate their church's 2000th anniversary. ; The U.S. assessment said "Italy will lower the risks of potential Y2K disruptions with greater progress in remediation and contingency planning." ; The Y2K bug is a programming flaw which can cause older computers to misunderstand dates after Jan. 1, 2000, triggering malfunctions in the equipment used to generate power, control air traffic, deliver water and much more. Mainstream experts on Y2K now expect no catastrophic system failures in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and most other technologically advanced countries. But some poorer countries are in bad shape. ,. V, ii' ' The Associated Press ATHENS, Greece More than 200 ancient objects stolen from a Corinth museum nine years ago were found in a Florida storage area by the FBI and Greek authorities, Greece's culture minister said Tuesday. "It was one of the biggest, if not the biggest, antiquities thefts," Culture Minister Elisavet Papazoi said. "We are happy that they were found in good condition, and they will soon be back in Greece." Acting on a tip last week, authorities discovered all but three of the 271 stolen objects. They were wrapped in plastic and masking tape and hidden in fish crates in a storage area in Miami, Athens Police Chief Pavlos Roubis said. Roubis would not give any details of the exact location or provide further details. No arrests have been made. Archaeologists on Monday identified the antiquities as those stolen in April 1990 from the Archaeology Museum in Corinth, 50 miles southwest of Athens. At the time, police said at least four people broke into the building, tied up the guard, cleaned out mnst of the museum's displays, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A marble head of Dionysus was among the stolen objects discovered by the FBI and Greek authorities. loaded the objects onto trucks and disappeared. "It was like moving a whole museum," Papazoi said. The museum has since been fitted with an alarm system. In 1997, the Greek culture ministry received information that the stolen artifacts had been transported to the United States. The stolen antiquities include such rare pieces as a 5th century B.C. marble head of a young man known as a Kouros; a small marble statue of Pan, the pastoral god of fertility and 164 varied pouring vessels, urns and wine jugs. One of three items still missing is a marble bust of Julius Caesar, thought to have been carved after his death in 44 B.C. r NEWS DEPARTMENTS West Palm Beach 820-4401 Stuart 223-3550 Royal Palm Beach 820-3620 Port St. Lucie 344-2505 P.B. Gardens 820-3030 Delray Beach 279-3450 Business 820-4438 Entertainment 8204708 Features 820-4730 Listening Post 8204702 Opinion 8204461 Sports 820-4440 PENNYSAVER West Palm Beach 8204777 Delray Beach 800-432-7595 Boca Raton 800-432-7595 Classified 832-7400 HOME DELIVERY AND BILLING West Palm Beach 8204663 Other 80O654-1231 MAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS .Rates vary by zone 820-4231 Subscribe at CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Tequesta to Boynton Beach 8204343 'Delray Beach to Boca Raton 800-392-7023 MartinSt. Lucie 223-3500 Fort Pierce 461-1423 In Florida 800-392-7023 Legal 820-3106 RETAIL ADVERTISING West Palm Beach 8204300 .P.B. Gardens 820-3000 . -Delray Beach 279-3400 Stuart 223-3500 V

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