The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on September 14, 1999 · Page 69
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 69

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 14, 1999
Page 69
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THE PALM BEACH POST TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1999 MSL 20 Liz Smith Film fest execs win bed tax cash Children should not visit inmate Woman leaves family high, dry . ear Abby: Eight years ago, the most beautiful ear Ann Landers: this is in response to "Locked Down in Massachusetts," whose woman in the world came into my life. 1 11 call her "Mary." We dated for seven months Bt's official, apparently. At last Thursday's meeting of the Tourist Development Council, representatives of the Palm Beach International Film Festival led by soft-speaking but wife did not want to bring their young son to before she started asking for a proposal. I happily agreed, and in 1993 we were married. visit his daddy in prison. I support the wife 100 percent When my wife and I were married, her :- rj f t II . .OL LIIMIPJMUI1MWJUUL ... - '- "A hard-dnvmg co-chair George more (he runs Hardrives) made their pitch for bed tax money. To sweeten the deal, they mentioned that the guest list would include actor Tommy Lee Jones (named in this column Aug. 24) and director William Friedkin. His credits include The Exorcist, The French Connection and most recently for TV, a remake of 12 Angry ex-nusoana was serving a three-year prison sentence. He was a drug addict who did everything from writing bad checks to participating in armed robbery all to finance his habit My stepdaughter visited her grandparents every other weekend. Once, they persuaded us to let her visit her father in prison. We were not happy Two years later, she convinced me that we should buy a house. A year after that, she said she wanted to have cats in our home. I don't care too much for cats, but I gave in to two cats. Then she started yearning for children. When we married, we both realized that she could not get pregnant So she began inquiring into adoption. I wasn't too fond of the idea of Thorn Smith Ann Landers Dear Abby Abigail Van Buren Tycoon, editor making waves vj HERE'S AN old-fashioned view that your H personal life should be kept private, and y that's my view." So says J. Shelby Bryan to Texas Monthly's Low Talk columnist Evan Smith. Bryan, the chief executive officer of ICG Communications and a powerful fund-raiser for Democrats, is the man who is supposed to be the romantic fly in the sticky ointment of Anna Wintour's marriage. Bryan, who will confirm only that he is separated from his wife, Katharine, says nothing more about about his relationship with Vogue's editrix. But Smith did at least get some biographical background. Tidbits such as he played football at Lamar High School in Texas. "I was a Redskin; I wasn't any good." Oh, but he was good at something. Today, Bryan's company looks forward to revenues of $1 billion next year. And let me add this. I have heard only the most unsettling things about Mr. Bryan, all about how "fascinating, naughty, thrilling, exciting and bad-boyish" he is said to be. Conversation about this tycoon makes him a cross between a movie star and Lord Byron. And I am being told by everyone observing that the delectable Wintour is over the moon in love with him, more excited and happier than she has ever been in her formidable and controlled life. It isn't just his money, either, although, of course, money is always in vogue. JOAN JETT, that fierce pioneer of female rock and roll and the first woman to own her own record labels is pleased that her big '80s hit, Bad Reputation will be the theme song for NBC's quirky coming sitcom, Freaks and Geeks. Joan, still fabulously tough, is also still out on the road, giving shows that take the top of your head off! Today's Birthdays: "Lone Ranger" Clayton Moore is 85. Actress Zoe Caldwell is 66. Feminist author Kate Millett is 65. Actor Walter Koenig is 63. Actor Nicol Williamson is 61. Singer-actress Joey Heatherton is 55. Actor Sam Neill is 52. Singer Jon "Bowzer" Bauman (Sha Na Na) is 52. Singer Barry Cowsill is 45. Rock musician Steve Berlin (Los Lo-bos) is 44. Actor Joe Penny is 43. Actress Mary Crosby is 40. Singer Morten Harket (a-ha) is 40. Country singer John Berry is 40. THE L0CKH0RNS bunny hoest and john reiner Men. The festival is moving from April to Feb. 4-13, with the awards gala at the Kravis Center Feb. 6. And by the way, after some wrangling, Elmore and friends got their money $65,000. Aldas give $5,000 for artists Money was much easier to come by over at the Palm Beach County Cultural Council. But then, the $5,000 gift was in honor of Esther Rosen, the artist from Palm Beach Gardens who loved to paint musicians. She died in May. "Esther was a very rare person, a life-affirming soul who was extremely gifted and very modest," read the note accompanying the donation from Arlene and Alan Alda. The money will go to the Cultural Council's $600,000 endowment fund to help artists in need. The fund's official kickoff is Oct 1. Palm Beacher's will jilts family Still creating a furor, even in death, is Charles Van Rensselaer, former Palm Beach society columnist and member of one of the oldest families in America. Its money was old, too. Very old, like from the 1600s, and some family survivors thought they might see some of it after Charlie departed this earth July 15. Surprise, surprise. He apparently left his oceanfront condo to a married couple who served him as masseur and laundress. The family has a lawyer and is challenging the will, which will likely be a long, drawn-out affair. Charlie always did like a good scandal. Andre aces with Brooke's dad "You know, he's playing a lot better now that he's not married." Frank Shields, Palm Beach businessman and decent tennis player himself, on the improvement of outgoing son-in-law Andre Agassi since he and Frank's daughter Brooke separated last April. Daddy Shields made the offhand comment as he watched the U.S. Open at one of his favorite hangouts, Dempsey's in Palm Beach. He even brought in an extra TV so patrons at the bar would have better viewing angles. Dempsey's, by the way, has a new manager, Cletus Morrissey, late of the ill-fated Blarney in Palm Beach Gardens and the Palm Beach Tavern. mmmmm mmm about it but were unsure of how to say no, so we let her go. Two weeks later , we found a card in her room from another inmate. That "nice friend of Daddy's" turned out to be a convicted felon who now had our daughter's name, phone number and address. No Tears for the Jailbird in D.C. Dear No Tears: Your letter conveyed the message better than anything I might say. Thank you. Dear Ann Landers: I have been married to a wonderful man for 15 years. He has two children, from a previous marriage a son, 'Trent" and a daughter, "Elsie." When my mother-in-law died, she stated in her will that her diamond engage ment ring would go to Trent when he became; engaged and Elsie would get her cocktail ring. ; ; The following Christmas, Elsie told me she truly wanted the engagement ring instead of the! cocktail ring. She gave me a sob story about Trent being Grandma's favorite. I fell for it, and let her! talk me into giving her the engagement ring, with1 the understanding that if Trent became engaged, she would give the ring back to him. : She months ago, Trent met a lovely girl and proposed to her. When my husband told me to get Grandma's ring back, I panicked and bought a ring that has a similar-sized stone, only the stone is a zircon. I then called Elsie and told her to re turn the ring pronto. I have called her every day since, but she says the ring now belongs to HER Meanwhile, Trent's fiancee had the ring ap praised and was informed that it is a fake. When she confronted me, I confessed. Feeling guilty, 1 purchased a genuine 1-carat diamond ring and gave it to her, along with a fancy bouquet of flowers. I have called repeatedly to tell her how sorry I am, but she avoids me. My husband says I am to blame for this mess, and it is killing me. - Sony in Rock Hill, Ga. Dear Sorry: You did serious damage to your credibility, dear, and it's going to be a long time before you patch this one up if ever. If you continue to be contrite and straight with Trent and his fiancee, they may eventually believe you are truly sorry and forgive you. I hope, for the sake of family unity, it happens soon. ' : B Ann Landers' column appears daily. Write to her in care of The Palm Beach Post PO. Box 24700, West Palm Beach, Fla. 334164700. bringing a child into our home when we knew little about its medical or psychiatric history. Again, to make her happy, I agreed. Now don't get me wrong not a day goes by that I don't look at my son and thank God for him. Then Mary wanted to help us get ahead financially. We both agreed that she would be the one to return to college, since we could not afford to lose my income and my study habits are not great So we struggled for two years to put her through school. After a while, Mary started going out with her friends from school for a few hours. Then the outings turned into all-nighters. Keep in mind, my son and I were at home while she was out partying with money we couldn't afford. Eventually she confessed to me that she'd had a fling with a guy she met I forgave her by telling her that six years was too much time to throw away over one mistake. Two months ago, she told me she doesn't want to be married anymore. She moved in with her mother. We alternate weeks with our son, but he has trouble staying with her. Part of the reason may be that she yells at him for every little thing he does wrong. He's only 5 years old. Two days ago, she informed me that she's moving to Florida for an opportunity to attend school and have a good job. Mary does not want our son to come with her. In fact she says she doesn't want him at all. Sometimes she says she wishes she could take him back to the agency. Abby, I gave my wife everything she wanted. Now she's leaving me high and dry to cope with the responsibilities of paying the bills and being a parent Any advice? Deserted in New Orleans Dear Deserted: Only this, and it's offered with my sympathy for the treatment you have received from this immature and self-centered woman. The house will appreciate in value, and the emotional and psychic gratification you will receive from raising your son are priceless. If you can let Mary go without bitterness, you will be the winner in the long run. And consider counseling for both you and your son to help you through the heartbreak. Dear Abby appears daily. Write to her in care of The Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700, West Palm Beach, Fla. 334164700. wmtiowtOsot-ooni "YOU'RE ALWAYS TELLING ME TO RECYCLE, LORETTA . . . THAT'S LAST YEAR'S ANNIVERSARY CARD AND FLOWERS.' Horoscope by JOYCE JILLSON 11-111 II t "Vi'l. .. ! Mr M1 A FEW IIOUHS OP YOUH TIME... CAN CREATE A LIFETIME OF f OPPORTUNITY FOR AIIOTHER.V Become a Trained i CrisisLine Volunteer Today. mom fA Cn 030-1 93A ,. J&Z iff" mmm Place your results-getting Palm Beach The Center for Information & Crisis Services I 930-1234 4 I Call 820-4300. (11 but it is too early to ask for an exclusive relationship. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). A career boost is the result of your high-profile project. Make the most of your opportunities by being more prepared than anyone else is likely to be. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). When you let your guard down, arguments are resolved. Job leads are solid. You find ways to structure your time much more efficiently than you have lately. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). You are lucky when you accept where you are now instead of wishing you were somewhere else. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20). Increase your vitality by moving more quickly and decisively. Children are watching your every move. If today Is your birthday: The past is clarified and the future is unlocked in the next three weeks. This month brings festive romance and a light-hearted approach to business. Aries (March 21-April 19). It's time to adopt a new framework through which to examine money matters. Stop using finances as an excuse. Love escalates with one scintillating conversation. Taurus (April 20-May 20). Muddled arrangements lead to a chance meeting. Possibilities to make a love connection are everywhere, no matter how far you go. Gemini (May 21-June 21). Pull back whenever possible. The lines of communication are garbled; double-check a friend's request before knocking yourself out. Cancer (June 22-July 22). Take a stand against undermining efforts. People around you may not be aware of their own jealous tendencies. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22). Indulge in your favorite pleasures, and you'll meet love in the process. You are certain of a positive future, which helps your self-confidence soar. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Your heart and head connect today, so don't be surprised when you find yourself fluidly expressing your feelings. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Talk things over with a loved one or colleague it's too stressful to continue hiding. You may have to spend money to make money. Scorpio (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Express yourself on paper. You may have found true romance, H We are conducting a study on treatments for chronic low back pain using static magnetic fields. We are specifically looking for individuals who: Are between 60 and 85 years of age Have steady low back pain for at least one month, but less than two years. Have not used any type of magnetic therapy for back pain in the past six months. Can walk, climb stairs, and raise from a chair, but may sometimes use a cane, or walker. Have not had back surgery in the past year, or more than one previous back surgery. The Biomotion If you think you might qualify please call Dana Wilhelm at (561) 650-6159 to inquire about additional study details. All individuals who are enrolled in the study will receive a free low back examination by a qualified medical doctor, and will receive modest compensation for time and travel. Sheinwold's bridge by FRANK STEWART is Foundation 0 South dealer N-S vulnerable NORTH Q ?1065 OKQI873 K 104 The New Standard in Assisted Living EAST 64 ?87432 052 8732 WEST A 10982 vK9 OA6 195 Lourdes Pavilion 311 S. Flagler Drive West Palm Beach, FL 33401 Not even Tiger Woods hits every shot squarely, and no bridge player always finds the killing opening lead. But your leads can be consistently effective especially if you don't mind going against the book. Look at today's auction and West hand and pick a lead against 3NT. The actual West consulted the book and led the jack of spades, the top of his "interior sequence." Dummy's queen won, and South led the king of diamonds. When West took the ace, South was safe. He actually won 11 tricks by running the diamonds and clubs, then throwing West in with the ace of spades to lead a heart from the king. One reason for leading the jack from a holding like West's is to keep communication with partner. But West knew East had a imH poor hand and would play no part in the defense; hence, West should lead the ace of spades. As it happens, West picks off dummy's singleton honor. He can then force out South's king and get in with the ace of diamonds to run the spades. DAILY QUESTION Youhold:K753?AQJ410 9 4 A Q 6. You open INT, and your partner bids three hearts. You raise to four hearts, and he next bids four spades. The opponents pass. What do you say? ANSWER: Partner's four spades is a "cue bid," promising the ace of spades and interest in slam. Your values are minimum, but you have good trumps. Since you're committed to a contract of at least five hearts anyway, show your ace on the way there; cue-bid five clubs. RICK KIRKMAN AND JERRY SCOTT it "n T7ii SOUTH K7S3 S7AQJ 0 1094 AQ6 $t -iff a ,rt I if "ii t I si iiy NORTH EAST 3 0 Pass SOUTH WEST I NT 2 3 NT All Pass ii ii ii ii ii a ii ii ii . i 8 8 i i I ' " . a 8 tt Opening lead Choose it 1999, Us Angeles Times Syndicate BABY BLUES U ii ii ii ii it U - IE it 33 -te With more than 40 years experience in providing exceptional services to seniors of South Florida, the Carmelite Sisters and staff are committed to providing the highest level of quality Assisted living, in an elegant environment. Their mission is to encourage independence, and foster hope, with dignity, respect, love, and excellent service. Lourdes Pavilion, located on the Intracoastal Waterway in Downtown West Palm Beach, is part of the Continuum of Care of Noreen McKeen Residence and McKeen Towers. Our Residents will always have Priority Access into our Skilled Nursing Facility. Mill " ! - . it ii 8 g n ii ii ii ii ' li Hi) 1H - M ZOG, I THlMt AU, Or VOOft to vi mJsm ATTglJiTIONl AMD CAfS IOITS...6IV6 616 SlSTgK, Zee, Ag.6ttSSY-l4Y! SNOOGIE AJOOGOWS... V WW 1 TVMMW- I i ;l- .J-5s&A it? A Call 561-650-8900 To Schedule an Appointment ALF9213 I 0i !rViflfc 1f (0k .H..M. .ftjtt.ll "Wtiitfl nHl 0k rtt Mi i iflSmilfti ilftViitl ft 10 if1r i01mi lift iJfti ift A ilflji iffiiflWi iff (iftri-i tfHidrti A 0k ftinifrilff)! 01 nd rfft nfftniilW iir iff ifl fl ilt I

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