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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 2

West Palm Beach, Florida
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Tuesday, September 14, 1999
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2A THE PALM BEACH POST TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1999 A Newsmakers Hoarse-voiced Donaldson "squeezed out of '2020' gig Palm Beach Post Wire Reports ABC's Sam Donaldson was the odd man out when ABC's Barbara Walters decided she wanted to be a sole host of Friday's 2020 edition fol ) Ik -A " , - - lowing the retirement ot Hugh Downs. Donaldson also is on the mend from surgery to repair a nodule on one of his vocal cords. The owner of TV news' most insistent voices will know by December whether he's completely cured of hoarseness that has plagued him. "Psychologically, it's been very bad," he said. "If you cut off my right hand, 111 wear a glove . - ... ' H -J-r- r 1 v- t jws',' . :..-t -t VW-T '7'- Donaldson 1 ',- , t si But if you take my voice ,' away, that's what I do for a living, that's my self-image." Donaldson is ending his second stint as White House correspondent, and will no longer nosx one nignt a week on i o stay some- ' what in action, he will appear occasionally as a "national political reporter for the TV network and host SamDonaldsonABCNEWS .com, a 15- EL' -' SB" mmute news report that will air three times a . week on the Internet only. YURI TUTOVThe Associated Press Russians take two towns KARAMAKHI, Dagestan - Russian paratroop- makhi after two weeks of fighting. They also ers fire mortars from their position on the out- took 21 Dagestan rebels prisoner, Russian skirts of Karamakhi on Sunday. Russian sol- security sources said. The troops were said to diers raised the flag in that town and Chaban- be conducting mop-up operations Monday. Billionaire's ex-wife seeks $4,400 a day for daughter The New York Times NEW YORK Patricia Duff unveiled for the first time Monday exactly how much child support she says she needs from her billionaire ex-husband, Ronald Perelman, to raise their 4-year-old daughter $4,400 a day for the next 14 years. Duffs request, which totals almost $22.5 million, came as she concluded her phase of a snaillike custody trial in state Supreme Court in Manhattan. Duff, a prominent Democratic fund-raiser who is worth $23 million, and Perelman, the majority owner of Revlon Inc. who is worth an estimated $6 billion, have been locked in an ugly custody and child-support battle over their daughter, Caleigh, for the last three years. If Duff is awarded the amounts that she requested, Perelman would pay $1.6 million a year in child support, in addition to $1.3 million in alimony, to Duff until Caleigh turns 18. Duffs supporters contend that such a settlement is piddling to a multibillionaire like Perelman. On the witness stand Monday, Duff presented a detailed budget listing Caleigh's monthly living expenses. According to Duff, she spends $9,953 each month on travel expenses for Caleigh and her nanny. A total of $3,175 a month is spent on clothing for Caleigh, and $3,585 on "recreational" activities, she said. The cost of Caleigh's personal domestic employees apparently nannies and maids is $30,098 a month, and the 4-year-old dines out at a cost of $1,450 a month, Duff said. As they have throughout the trial, Perelman's representatives ridiculed the figures and suggested that Duff was trying to use her daughter to pad her income. "In her testimony, Ms. Duff was only able to estimate actual expenses for Caleigh of $5,000 a month, or $60,000 a year," said Allen Rubenstein, a spokesman for Perelman. "These numbers speak for themselves." In a June 1998 affidavit, Duff estimated her monthly child-support needs at $87,000 a month. The figure that she proposed Monday was $132,000 a month. She also included a request that Perelman pay part of Caleigh's housing costs. The cost of the Upper East Side apartment and the Connecticut and East Hampton homes that Duff is proposing would range from $1 million a year to $750,000 a year, she said. She also estimated $1.3 million to $2 million in initial first-year start-up costs. Duffs time on the witness stand was not as contentious as in recent days, when she was repeatedly reprimanded by Justice Franklin Weissberg for failing to answer questions. When asked whether Caleigh's nanny also flew first-class on four weekend trips to Florida in 1997, she replied, "Absolutely." After her testimony, Duff repeated the argument of her lawyer, Richard Emery, that Caleigh should enjoy the same standard of living as Perelman's children from previous marriages. She said the lifestyle that she was requesting paled in comparison with the type of luxury that Perelman lived in. "If s not private jets," she said. "It's not a big yacht If s rough parity with an Upper East Side family. If s a privileged life, no question about it" Prosecutor: Suspect said dragging man to death gave him a 'rush' ' Manhattan becoming studio city ' " ' ABC's Good Morning America opened its new storefront studio in Times Square on Mon-" 1 '(Jay with a party that was crashed electronically by NBC. NBC mischievously beamed the Today Z ;sriow from a giant screen overlooking ABC's -' js'tiidio a sign of how competitive morning J 'television's window wars will be in downtown ' ; "Manhattan. By Thanksgiving, ABC, CBS and J NBC will all have storefront studios where view--' ers can peer in at the live morning news shows. ' "With 2.3 million lights on a facade bulging 20 . feet into Times Square, ABC's new studio is a ' perfect fit for the visual hurly-burly of the fa-r trtbus crossroads. ABC isn't saying how much was spent on the new studio. NBC's competing 'toddy show had a street-level windowed studio ; - 'fn the 1950s and opened a new one in 1994, co-' ihciding with an unprecedented hot streak in ': -the ratings. CBS is building its own nearly $30 :t -million facility for the Early Show overlooking ' -Central Park. Parrot-head king flying high "y Rather than boarding up for a hurricane at "his Palm Beach home, Jimmy Buffett joined near-' ' ly'4,000 people at the International Seaplane : ' Fly-in in Greenville, Maine, i, ..un!J,,j..u. f" X plished," Jasper District Attorney Guy James Gray said in his opening statement. Defense attorney Doug Barlow, who declined to make an opening statement, said Brewer was Brewer The Associated Press BRYAN, Texas A white supremacist charged with dragging a black man to his death was so proud of his participation in the gruesome act that he bragged in a jailhouse letter that it was a "rush" and "I'm still licking my lips for more," a prosecutor said Monday as the man's murder trial began. "I'm the . . . hero of the day," Lawrence Russell Brewer wrote to another inmate while being held at the Jasper County Jail for the June 1998 slaying. Brewer is the second of three white men to go to trial for killing James Byrd Jr., 49, by dragging him behind a pickup. One of the men has been convicted and sentenced to death. "Well, I did it," Brewer wrote in the July 1998 letter, which was intercepted by a deputy. "And no longer am I a virgin. It was a rush and I'm still licking my lips for more." In the letter, Brewer referred to "rolling a tire." A witness described "tire" as a derogatory jail-house term for a black person. "He sees himself as a hero, a star, that he's really accom- 150 miles west of Jasper to Bryan after the defense argued that the people of Jasper would want to convict Brewer to redeem their small town's reputation. Brewer, convicted of cocaine possession, and King, a convicted burglar, had met while in prison. Gray said Brewer was the top officer, or what he called an "exalted cyclops," in a white supremacist prison group known as the Confederate Knights of America. "Youll see Mr. Brewer wrote to Mr. King: 'I will school you,' " Gray said. "King, when he came in, this guy was the mentor." Prosecutors have said Byrd's abduction and slaying were intended to give publicity to a new white supremacist group, the Texas Rebel Soldiers. Among documents entered into evidence Monday was an oath in which Brewer declared his allegiance to the Rebel Soldiers group and pledged service to the Aryan race. The oath, which he signed, also was marked by a bloody fingerprint inside a design of three interlocking Ks, a symbol of the KuHuxKlan. last weekend. Three years ago the 52-year-old leader of parrot heads everywhere nearly died after crashing his plane into Nantucket Harbor, but he still climbs into the cockpit now and then. He's said the crash made him a better, more cautious pilot He dropped in Saturday to have a hot dog with pilots. Proceeds from the annual fly-in benefit a number of causes, including , K 4 .. , Buffett writing about sex and not a slaying. Brewer, 32, could get the death penalty if convicted. Brewer and John William King and Shawn Allen Berry, both 24, are accused of abducting Byrd, 49, chaining him and dragging him until his body broke into pieces. Byrd's shredded torso, minus his head and right arm, was left on the bumpy country road between a black church and black cemetery. The crime one of the grisliest racial slayings since the peak of the civil rights era shocked the nation. King, the first to go to trial, was sentenced to death in February. Berry is awaiting trial. Brewer's trial was moved about .. the Maine Aviation Historical Society. Have you heard . . . J Belgian Crown Prince Philippe on Mon- j day presented his new fiancee to the nation in a chaotic media ceremony on the grounds of the J royal palace. Scores of television crews and I photographers pushed and shoved security of- ; fleers as Philippe and Mathilde d'Udekem d'Acoz ' strolled hand-in-hand across a sun-drenched lawn of the royal palace at Laken, on the north- ! ern outskirts of Brussels. The couple's engage- 1 ment was announced Friday. 9 The new model on The Price Is Right can't understand why the show chose her to show off ; prizes and hold price tags. Why? Because Nikki 1 Eering considers herself a major klutz. During " Ziering's first taping of the game show, she I slipped and fell, dropping the price tag which ; host Bob Barker had to pick up and threw her ! arms up into the air. "Everyone was wondering, ; Why is that girl doing the wave?' " the former Playboy centerfold said. FLORIDA LOTTERY Researchers say gene therapy reinvigorates older brain cells 7 die as quake hits again in ravaged Turkish areas Saturday's -j2:totto No. picked All 6 5 Of 6 4 of 6 3 of 6 Prize $3.5 mill. $1,675 $66.50 $4.50 Winners 2 152 9,181 173,953 $7 million ;Bext Jackpot No. picked All 5 4 of 5 3 of 5 Prize $17,443 $30 $4 Winners 8 768 15,645 -BSijnday's 'F3ntasy 5 13-17-19 15-26 now panicking." Turkish television stations showed ambulances racing through the streets of Izmit and Adapazari, towns near the reported epicenter of the tremor. Other scenes showed people running through the streets of GoP cuk. Buildings were reported to have collapsed in all three cities, which were devastated by the Aug. 17 quake. Hundreds of people gathered in streets and in parks, unwilling to return to their homes. Monday was the first day of the school year for most Turkish children, and Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit ordered schools in the affected areas closed until further notice. Some parents said they would keep children at home indefinitely. Ecevit also sent a team of government officials to survey the damage by helicopter. Many Turks had criticized him for not responding quickly when the big quake struck last month. The New York Times ISTANBUL, Turkey At least seven people died Monday and hundreds were injured when a severe tremor shook Turkey in the same region where more than 15,000 people were killed in a huge earthquake less than a month ago. The tremor, which came in mid-afternoon, was felt in Turkey's three biggest cities Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir which are separated by hundreds of miles. An Istanbul observatory reported that the quake registered 5.8 on the Richter scale Oast month's quake registered 7.4). It caused dozens of buildings to collapse and sent thousands of people racing from their homes. At least 239 were injured, many suffering broken bones after jumping from their windows. "These aftershocks have created panic," said President Suleyman Demirel. "I am worried that people who were already nervous are The Associated Press WASHINGTON Aged brains have been restored to youthful vigor in a gene therapy experiment with monkeys that may soon be tested in humans with Alzheimer's disease, researchers report Scientists hope the treatment will reinvig-orate thinking and memory. 'To our surprise, this technique nearly completely reversed" the effects of aging on a group of key brain cells that had shrunk in elderly Rhesus monkeys, said Dr. Mark H. Tuszynski of the University of California, San Diego. Tuszynski is senior author of a study that was to be published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The studies reinforce a new understanding of how the brain ages and suggest that neurons in the older brain don't die at first, but go into shrunken atrophy, he said. "We've all heard the dogma that we lose 10,000 neurons a day after the age of 20," said Tuszynski. "Well, that is false. That doesn't happen." An actual count of the cells in the cortex, a key area in the thinking part of the brain, shows that very few cells are lost with age, he said. Instead, he said, his team found that it was control neurons in another part of the brain, called the basal forebrain, that were most dramatically affected by aging. These cells, Tuszynski said, had shrunk in size and had stopped making some regulatory chemicals, a change that seriously affects the thinking cortex. "These cells are like the air traffic controllers of the brain," said the researcher. "They are on the ground, deeper in the brain, controlling the activities of cells up there in the cortex. They control the flow of information in the cortex." The researchers found that about 40 percent of the basal forebrain cells could not be detected in old monkeys, and the other 60 percent had shrunk in size by 10 percent But the cells were not dead, Tuszynski said. By inserting genes for nerve growth factor, or NGF, into the brain, he said, the cells were revived and restored to nearly full vigor. "We restored the number of cells we could detect to about 92 percent of normal for a young monkey and size of the cells was restored to within 3 percent" he said. It isn't known yet if the restored cells also reinvigorated the monkeys' thinking and memory, but that is being tested in another group of old monkeys, he said. But the therapy is so promising that the researchers applied in June to the Food and Drug Administration to test the gene therapy technique in humans with Alzheimer's disease. If the FDA gives its approval, NGF genes will be injected into the brains of Alzheimer's patients to see if they will restore some cognitive powers gradually destroyed by the disease, he said. v tyenday's Fantasy 5 1-8-18-24-25 Monday's Cash 3 5-3-6 Play 4 4-4-7-4 i'ol tlrrent and past winning numbers in most states: 900-680-P 3W69. Calls are 49$ per minute. Numbers are also available on uihe internet at: Palm Beach Post em-j joyes will not give out winning numbers over the phone. 2::The Palm Beach Post -rr a um newspaper MAINtoFFICE 0 1K1 "South Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, R. 33405 ,HDME DELIVERY RATES Ssverr days, $3.15 (13-wk term, rates differ by term) Monday to Friday only, $1.50, Friday to Sunday only, $1.95 Published each morning by Palm Beach Newspapers, Inc. periodical postage is paid at West Palm Beach and additional mailing office. USPS 418-720 Postmaster: Address changes to The Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700, West Palm Beach, a 334164700 Miss America Pageant to allow divorcees, those whoVe had abortions NEWS DEPARTMENTS West Palm Beach 8204401 Stuart Royal Palm Beach Port St. Lucie 223-3550 8203620 344-2505 8203030 279-3450 8204438 8204708 8204730 8204702 8204461 8204440 HOME DELIVERY AND BILLING West Palm Beach 8204663 Other 80O654-1231 MAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS Rates vary by zone 8204231 Subscribe at CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Tequesta to Boynton Beach 8204343 Delray Beach to Boca Raton 800-392-7023 MartinSt. Lucie 223-3500 Fort Pierce 461-1423 In Florida 800392-7023 Legal 8203106 RETAIL ADVERTISING P.B. Gardens Delray Beach Business Entertainment Features Listening Post Opinion Sports order to vie for the rhinestone crown and thousands of dollars in scholarship money. The new rules would require simply that they sign a document saying "I am unmarried" and "I am not pregnant and I am not the natural or adoptive parent of any child." Pageant Chief Executive Robert Beck sent new contracts to state pageant directors in August notifying them of the change. Beck and other pageant officials declined requests for comment Beck, who took over the top job last fall, told the state pageants to have contestants in this year's pageant scheduled for Saturday at Convention Hall sign the new contracts as a condition to compete for the title of Miss America 2000. The state pageants went to court to fight the change, and the Miss America Organization agreed to back off for this year. But the board approved the change for next year. State pageants are expected to continue fighting it Leonard C. Horn, the longtime CEO of the pageant who stepped down last year after 30 years with the organization, said the rule change was a mistake. Tt is totally unnecessary and will ultimately lead to the destruction of the Miss America program," he said. i The Associated Press ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. In a stunning departure from tradition, the Miss America Pageant has lifted its ban on women who are divorced or have had an abortion, The Associated Press has learned. The board of the Miss America Organization voted last month to drop the 49-year-old rule. The change takes effect next year. Fear of violating New Jersey's discrimination laws spurred the change, according to court documents obtained Monday. Since 1950, contestants have had to swear they had never been married and never been pregnant in V, West Palm Beach 8204300 PENNYSAVER West Palm Beach 8204777 Delray Beach 800432-7595 Boca Raton 800-432-7595 Classified 832-7400 P.B. Gardens Delray Beach 820-3000 279-3400 2233500 ' Stuart

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