The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 9, 1976 · Page 81
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 81

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1976
Page 81
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Page 81 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post, Thursday, December 9, 1976 D17 A Sample Literature Examination Part 2 NEVER rYyTOO - make their talking an argument -;, rather than a discussion. Choice (3) '. is incorrect because a celebration means a happy, joyous time. Willie' and Louisa certainly don't sound ' happy. Choice (4) is not correct because there is no mention of dinner in the scene. Only the description before the scene says the woman was cooking. However, she could have been cooking at any time of the day. 2. The correct answer is (4). Choice (1) is wrong because Willie doesn't always do what his wife . wants he still drinks, even though Louisa doesn't want him to. Choice (2) is incorrect because nothing Willie says makes you think he is lying when he says he loves his family. Choice (3) is not a good answei because Willie gives reasons why he , cannot find a job (lack of experience, age) that show he has tried. His inability to find a job, his love for his family (which has no money for food), and his wife's anger at his actions all show that he is dis-; couraged. 3. The correct answer is (3) because Louisa says that Willie drinks because he doesn't want to try to find a job and that he doesn't care for his family. She says he would rather drink than work. Choice (2) is wrong because Louisa does understand that Willie probably doesn't look for a job every day. She tells him so. Choice (4) is wrong because she certainly understands that he doesn't like her pestering him. His answers to her words show this. Choice (1) is not a good answer because the fact that Willie is old is not the only reason he cannot get a job. 4. The correct answer is (4). Louisa seems upset with Willie. She is certainly not calm, choice (1), or indifferent, choice (2). She has not given up hope, as Willie has, about Willie's finding a job, choice (3). She feels Willie doesn't try hard enough and therefore she is disgusted with him. 5. The correct answer is (1). Wil- He says that he can't get a job be- cause he has only been a farmer and ' has no experience as a worker in the city. Choice (2) doesn't make sense , because the fact that he looks for a job every day doesn't stop Willie , from getting a job. Choice (3) is in- LOUISA: And you were so sure you could get a job up north - black man's Canaan. And my sister Ida lent us her savings to come up here, and now you won't work and we're so far in debt we're never going to get out even if you work every day for the next 50 years. WILLIE: How do you expect me to work when even the construction men want guys that have worked those kind of jobs before. If it's not that, they want young fellers that can jump across those beams and I'm just too old to do that. LOUISA: But you don't try. Every day you just go out and say "I know I won't find anything today." You go and get a bottle of wine and sit in the park and drink it till it's late enough to come home. You don't even act like you give one darn about those kids, and they love you to death. WILLIE: You know I love my family. LOUISA: Well, why don't you show it? WILLIE: I do the best I can and that's all I can do. Maybe I'll find something tomorrow. 1. The scene shows a family 1. argument. 2. discussion 3. celebration. 4. dinner 2. Willie appears to be a man who 1. does what his wife says. 2. doesn't care about his family. 3. would rather drink than look for a job. 4. is discouraged because he can't find a job. 3. Louisa doesn't seem to understand that 1. Willie is too old to work. 2. Willie doesn't really look for a job every day. 3. Willie drinks because he is unable to find a job. 4. Willie doesn't like her pestering him about a job. 4. The tone of Louisa's voice could be described as 1. calm. 2. indifferent. 3. discouraged. 4. disgusted. 5. Willie says he can't get a job because 1. he doesn't have any experience. 2. he looks every day. 3. he likes to sit in the park and drink. 4. he is not a young man. CHECK YOUR ANSWERS 1. The correct answer is (1). Choice (2) is not a good answer because the subject being talked about - the fact that Willie doesn't have a job and his wife's feelings about this turned on in a warm room with the smell of hot coffee and fried chicken. I pushed the thought from my mind and looked down the row of park benches. A sleeper in one of them stretched slowly. The early morning light crept across the gravel lane. I felt the head and tail of the dime in my pocket. I played with the humps and furrows of the design on the coin and then walked across the park into the all-night cafeteria. 1. What is the purpose of this passage? (1) to describe a policeman walking his beat. (2) to describe the city in the early hours of the morning. (3) to describe a man's thoughts. (4) to describe how it feels to be in prison. 2. The man in this passage could be described as (1) poor and lonely. (2) sarcastic. (3) unable to sleep. (4) frightened. 3. The writer described the man by (1) describing his actions. (2) telling you what the man is thinking. (3) explaining his relationship to the city. (4) telling you what the man cannot have. 4. For a moment the man felt he was in prison because (1) there were many windows around him. (2) he was alone. (3) the cement was dirty. (4) the iron gratings looked like prison bars. 5. The man continued bits of conversations he heard in his head because (1) he liked to talk to himself. (2) he had no one to talk to. (3) people were talking and laugh- ing as they went by. (4) he wanted to find out what happened to the people. CHECK YOUR ANSWERS 1. The correct answer is (3) because the writer begins the story with "I" and describes the scene through the thoughts and feelings of the man in the story. The writer describes the city as the man sees it. Therefore, choice (2) is not a good answer because the writer's purpose is not to describe the city in the early hours of the morning. Choice (1) is not a good answer because the man is not a policeman. He is described as wearing "a frayed coat," which means that it is worn and old. A policeman's uniform is usually not frayed. Choice (4) is not a good answer because it is too specific. The man says that, for a moment. This is Lesson 28 in the "Never Too Late" course for readers who do not have high school diplomas. The lessons, being published in The Palm Beach Post every Sunday and Thursday, will prepare readers for the General Education Development (GED) examination. If they pass, students will receive high school equivalency diplomas. For more information about the GED program in Palm Beach County, call 832-2424, or visit the Adult Education Center at 1235 15th St., West Palm Beach. Other centers may be more convenient. Telephone for their location. (Continuing from Sunday's lesson on literature, this is the second portion of the lesson, a sample literature test. The answers are provided at the conclusion.) NARRATIVE Read the story through once. Then read the questions that follow the story. Don't try to answer the questions the first time; just get an idea of what answers you should look for when you read the story again. Then read the story again. This time, look carefully for the answers to the questions that follow it. Return to the story as many times as you need to choose the correct answer for each question. Circle the number in parentheses next to the answer you choose. WORDS TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND THE STORY iron gratings fences that protect stores from being broken into at night. jostle - means to push or bump. sympathy - to have sympathy is to understand the feelings of another person, especially feelings of sadness. I walked slowly past the neon lights in the long, lonely hours of early morning. The iron gratings that protected the store windows stretched for blocks ahead of me on both sides of the street. For a moment I was in a prison of blinking lights and dirty cement, the black bars crisscrossing the world of brightly colored things I could not have. I was alone on the street. The crowds of people that jostle and talk and laugh as they stream by were gone. No eyes met mine; no sleeve brushed against my frayed coat. I heard no bits of conversation that I could continue in my head, making up the questions and the responses, the surprise and the sympathy. I reached the corner and heard the click-click of the inner workings of a traffic signal switching lights. Click-click - the sound of a light being LATE DRAMA Read the scene through once. Then read the questions that follow the scene. Don't try to answer the questions the first time; just get an idea of what answers you should look for when you read the scene again. Then read the scene again. This time, look carefully for the answers to the questions that follow it. Return to the scene as many times as you need to choose the correct answer for each question. Blacken the box next to the answer you choose. WORDS TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND THE SCENE experience - job experience means that you have worked before on that kind of a job, or a job like that. Canaan Canaan was a part of ancient Palestine - the "Promised Land" of the Israelites. construction - construction workers are men who put up all kinds of buildings apartment houses, offices, schools, stores, factories, etc. SCENE: A dark, dirty room in a city slum dwelling. A woman is cooking over a stove while two small children are playing on a big double bed. A man gets up from a chair and takes a bottle of whisky from a shelf above the sink. LOUISA: That bottle. That darn bottle's the third one this week and no food yet - not even a pound of bacon or a stick of butter. WILLIE: I don't have a job. LOUISA: Well, it's not that you can't get one. It's that you just won't try. WILLIE: But I try. I try every day. LOUISA: No you don't. You just walk around the streets all day long. WILLIE: Aw, honey. I've looked all over and besides I don't have any experience except my farming, and those city foremen want men with experience. There's no way to get any. You know I've never done anything except grow tobacco, and when our tobacco barn burned down, we didn't have anything left' and no way to get through the winter. Christmas Shopping Hours Monday thru Saturday 8:30 a.m.-IO p.m. Sunday 11 a.m.-7 rpv h em .iiiio i enter rinun ioh(iv rnru .vmirmiv u:,m a.m.-v a.m. .Sunday - vxm-a p.m. New Device Developed To Sample Ocean's Depths a nnAUDiiAL SearsWill correct because W line doesn t say that he likes to drink and sit in the park; Louisa says it. Choice (4) is not the right answer because his age keeps him from getting a job only in construction. (To Be Continued in Sunday's Post-Times ) p.m. Prices Effective thru December 11th SALE! WITH 36,000 MILE WARRANTY he felt as if he were in prison. However, the writer describes the man's thoughts about other things besides feeling as if he were in prison. 2. The correct answer is (1) because the man cannot buy the things he sees in the store windows because he is poor. He only has a dime in his pocket. You can tell that he is lonely because he has no one to talk to and he makes up conversations in his head. Choice (2) is not a good answer because "sarcastic" means "wanting to hurt someone by making fun of them." Nowhere in the story does the man want to do this. Choice (3) is incorrect because the story doesn't say why the man is walking the Street. It might not be because he is unable to sleep. Choice (4) is not correct because the man does not seem frightened. 3. The correct answer is (2) because the story is written as if the man were thinking aloud. Choice (1) is not a good answer because there are only a few words that describe the man's actions. Choice (3) is incorrect because the man's relationship to the city is not the most important idea that describes him. Choice (4) is not a good answer because it is too specific. Choice (4) only tells you that the man is poor. 4. The correct answer is (4) because the man says that the black bars of the iron gratings gave him the feeling of being in a prison. Choices (1), (2), and (3) are incorrect because he does not give any of these as reasons. 5. The correct answer is (2) because the man is lonely and has no one to talk to. Choice (1) is not a good answer because the man didn't talk to himself; it is implied that he took the parts of two different people having a conversation. Choice (3) is incorrect because no one passed by. When people did pass by he listened to their conversations and continued them in his head. Choice (4) is not correct because the man didn't really find out what hap- pened to the people when he continued (in his head) the conversations he heard as people passed by. 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