The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on May 25, 1922 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1922
Page 4
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ran PAixmouNT news I Mr. Mort HoRiftwvrth $ W at s her home North Main street. v , in .i i. I,. r. ii r Boy wm Bo Roy with vm Rcgr Friday niht at the Royal. Dollars z MILDRED WHITE jS j rive AT THE MAYFLOWER MARKET Mi Violet Conner of Cincinnati, I I the et v?f Mr, dehn Conrad andj family j . ' ln Clin wnt to Cartha Tuesday where ?W wttl iit daughter. W. H. davksvn ha returned to Ren ton Harbor, Mtah., after a visit with Shis daughter. Mr. Emerson Moon. William McCormick and family and ' : Will buy choice of any Ladies or Men's Oxfords in ourStore. See them before you buy. Fresh Shipment Fresh Fish c S m 5 En Movn ansl fawity isia.v in AnvWMu f s I , j I j . I t i , ; V ; " ination; w had heard unpleasant jFark Sunday and had pwmc supper,,, tr,,thwN brom, of faith-tWf j sn n4 trvubW KvnerUy, wbtn- j w Ml Jcwl JUvor aVHsrHU Mfs y IX !Vrv ha rtumwl tn ; jwl thoujtht now f tlx? ap Ihtt h?w? in Kpnton 0 attfr a vWt roirat of thl namoiroou Jwih hf jxatvns Rv, ana Mr. T, JJ thl U Ntuw flsaa un-iVirv"- i wiwtl Ufihta of charafivt - ' wVr joa,w askl Jwvl shyly, "at Waj Ff wa in IaUnpK ! w lf yoU Try a Uuby Broom $1.00 Dried AppUss 25c tb Frh IvlnappWs SOc, $3.40 do. Crwn Bean 15c tb Sweet Potatoes, 5 Ihs 35c Whole Wheat Uye Bread... 9c licnic Ham 20c tb Quart Jar Olive SOc Sweet Tickle ISc do FRUITS AND V EG ETA The Bee Hive Cash Store Shoes Are Solid The Mayflower Phone 11. t-... xK.t i ',iMw A'wipr pwt at a party in Mavion the Rvyl et WTkv Mi Wiwa lriW i aitin tV. tti'ftrn of aftrnon n Mv. IVSly KeVy vt Marion i vi" f th SILK AND COTTON CREPE For your summer negligee. Easy to launder. Just the thing for your dainty summer outfit. LADIES' HOSE AND CHILDREN'S HALF SOCKS In Silk, Lisle and Cotton. PARISIAN AND BON TON CORSETS. MRS. ELLA PATTlrRSOiN'S ART STORE ith' her daughter Mr. Ciny (Vmrf, JT, lV 4 havi hi tame on1 Itl kMmM kk.-.N.wl ivift.W. s , M Marie Hurt spent the wx-eV- er-t .Hi ame ot Alex k !. . ' Kev. arsl ti. V. J:.sVe av awa- oi a tev--iay ti to l?stiar.apvvli and 1R5 River. t Mr. and daw.dhter Hasel. of jtiarw-UU r visiting Fred llavkney a'Kd farr'y. " Rvvr Wirskw ha gve to Mur.vie whetv he is vvr.eivtesl wixh the S;avr,,hi hert Wing sueh that it has Wen lva;o vvtnpajxy. I impossible fr him to lie down. Save Aloncy And Dress Better Oct the TAUril look I that tantl out that . . - v.j v i CI " flCCS L;pWnril irOUl I JRIBBLE BROS. c PEOPLE "you .NOV en hieWs i aHe tw h- p .a vta vlays ttVeit. tine :wttit at the ReyaV -yle I ew wa va!el Uh? Twrsvay vV l ress. Mr. lvkl Jerrs. w ho ha jvety i'l i ;tesl W.ier. ta-en H Mary Rearer, of tr.dia,apwtK ! tVe vV'rk-esl et of Fdgar M. C 1. Rarrvws. av tuner, i now '"tn Faxrmeunt Leve o-rvler with Mrs. MaVie Ce.tian. Phor-e ?i -35 ring "John Crecraft i spending, several ly? of thi week with hi grand- prvnt at Fowlerton, Mr. and Mr. Jn LcK Q TtCI-J Mr. and Mr. Ttaxpv and dauh-i tr and Will Jvhnvn wt Indianapolis, ere wvek-end jpuest ef Walter .h and fa wily. tJeyvl CawpWll arv.1 family were vr Sunday icut of Adams cvun-ty frienv!. Mie Nvrma anvi remained for a longer visit. j , , ' 5 Cii1 vw. t4. tjilt ttt.. ...!.. Wtmsklk standing in the dorvvay, m lljiht of 4Mre flashed acr Ids face. He rirmUwk a he wailed dumbly, her , word of greeting, hi own skepticism, : when Master had ioken et tho woman's popularity. "She it boly, Masters had ld, wnd then wind them around her Kner. I audi had an amused idea that the victim tn devotion were men of n.ay s-t tt lnuolalli" HVnw tn lnIJs an,rts njxrly, j wm wHtlwc thl aftrniuM j mh laww oan Jn ana satM hor- f ifvr th mahogany tahlo, Sho j ,nIUt at tho author a sh spra.l tho ht of ixaiwr out Vfr Iwr. V UUtlt nuAn to hav s tlivloH a swtvtary. Ana I thlnkw-hl tao wa only aamlrlus "that ho ha also a con-I tat ourvi? of inspiration. 5ocro-i tary to a usvsful wrttor of tuovlo. l.w i.s ti haien. I wonder, that yon r-ever aspired to the sereon? S Jewel laughed ftly. i assure. !w n'i'uru, ium t you tuay my ptetutv! self In your k. . ... V . .... -- k . k ... . . 1 . . . . favorite theater, whew you have go ; ltndl loathed forwarvl tensely. "Yu are glg to aei 5 nod!eU "l am een now re hearslc. They find that I do very nwt jr ttrran Is not atlstlet with mv iart. He want something er. more suhtle. I am e-ssentlally. he says a woman of mystery. Jhe gave Indl a fleeting glane. Yow etvld write stteh a story for me. Mr. limits, you. the delightful mxstery maker. t he author flushed with pleasure, a'4d st silently watehlng the dusky ' head hent over tle tahle. And do von find the local color you eslrl atnong tho tuovle folk, Mr, landtsr she asked p.lltely. "I la stuping among us hero at the Inn j heen of help In tho writing of ycur coming nowiy ! "Hf lnestlnaMe help." he told her. "My plot seem to unfold itself. "I am so glad. Jewel folded her pages together and crossed to the divan at his sdde. " Won't .von tcvd ao son-.ething ahout itr i "NVt csste-ary to talk shojx," I lndls sjd wncmfortMy, then re- J ... a jrretted hi trutueness. Jewel, standing hefotv him, had the srrv fd manner of a reproved child. larlot, she hogged ruefully. 1 did not know that ou would muni teiung just me. I havV l n so Interested In you in your work." she hastily cor- rected. Then Landls found himself telling. enthusiastically, happily even. In her Interest, alt tho magic surprise of his w unexpected sltua- unusual seu.n. When Jewel left him he sat long. of hr sw,, ftur. How outekly she had grasped hls.faucte. jiow grateful was her praise. Still hunger Landis reflected ; sunshine changed to shadow in the long rootn, I love her. he said over and over to himself, I vvho never before have known love for woman. Masters came with the turning on of lights. Currana scout ha been Intervtew- In you, I see. he said. "Clever little lady, that Miss Jewel, but she did not get much Information. 111 wager, from a shrewd old oyster like yourself. Do you know Masters paused Impressively. ni bet little Jewel has helped to build more than half of Cu Iran's 'hit plays with (stolen information combined with her own ingenuity. Getting dope from writers Is Jewel's specialty. Matters turned away. Oh, queer little girl; oh, dear little girt, he hummed whimsically. Landls went out into tho cWlly garden. He wanted to walk and thtak and be alone. So she had got htm, too, and had wound him around her fingers." And he had given trust ingly Into her faithless keeping the secret of the long work of his brain, the marvel story over which he had labored long and absorbedly. And Curran would flash that story crudely across the world before he, Landls, could bring It to his own exacting satisfaction. While his deep disappointment, tho deepest that he had ever known, roust come to htm through the woman that he loved. Landls stood still in the garden, he drew his breath sharply. -I followed you, thrilled a voice nearby. MI heard what Mr. Masters said, and It Is all untrue- Also I heard you whisper here: T love her stllk And lf It Is me that you love, as I think, as I hope, then Jewel's laugh was softly triumphant, "take me. please, for I shall never star In tnr nlsv. or f or anr one Peanut Butter 18c lb 41b, 30c Kispy Crackers. .16c tb Dried Peaches 20c lb Seeded Raisins 15c lb Can Peaches 25c Can Apricots 25c Fig Bar 25c tb Potato Plants 10c for 100 New Potatoes, 3 lbs 25c BLKS OF ALL KINDS Bob Lindsay, Prop, a Announcement Miss Floy Huston will bo at home after Tuesday, Juno 6, and will take pupils in music fur the summer after that date. Phone 293 Fairmount EXCURSION VIA FAIRMOUNT TO INDIANAPOLIS Round-Trip Tickets, $1.40 SUNDAY, MAY 28th, 1922. Train leaves Fairmount 8:33 a', m Central Standard Time. Returning tickets will be good only on Train No. 40, leaving Indianapolis Union Station 5:40 p. m Central Standard Time. For further information consult Ticket Agent, Big Four Route. :I3 SM Li u tLi't'inciJ ! tiiiriniMjifrM iwisnitiAD You should vU yourself ot the benefit of this science. MoATEK & McATEE Graduates of Palmer School uavenport. low L" YOUR riht to sood health cannot be contested because Na-ture is always making an effort in this direction. L,a niropractic opens the Wt.wav to health bv allrvw. . lnir tho full nnractrUul now oi nerve energy from the brain center to the various parts of the body. Become acquainted with the scientific principles of Chiropractic and you will avail yourself pf the benefits of this science. Ak for Chiropractic literature ErrATFS&MTEE FAIRMOUNT ZOO r a kJA4 III Z- yogPP HEALTH IV Man 1 Mr. Ktank Bcay ha arrival ifrvm (Mifia an4 U nnake an px-j tnaNl viit with tar fattaf Jvo Corn nxt tht-rlativies Mfv anvi WiUiaw McCormWk ! iiTnvay evnin pin Mr, anvi s Pvfv and Ox T. Hamilton have- r. Itttftusl from lnvtanardi where they! of hrother of Mr. Hamilton. M Mr. Ret Revinton of, Awwrmiw iw iwn jrue?s oi .u". Review father P. M. RaUUt ad family. Mr. Revinjrton tetwrnsl to! Connersviile Tuesday and Mrs. Revv wi ,jw5u menus at cwajsee. v . ZTTT.. n?vn tne n;eror . Royal Saturlay. Matinee and jntffht. Mr. IVaronv father of Mr. KUa ltern and Mr. Ma Hevk. who sni taw very Ul i reported sUghtly Jimptvvl, inasmuvh a he wa aide to rest on the lel. the condition of There wa large attendance at the meeting- of the O. K . S. Tvtesdav Night, ritualistic rite taing eonfemsl upon a eanv;a;e. .tter to!ge wa vlismissel del ie Sou re-f reshment eon-sistintf of iee erem. cake, straws 1 evrie anvi ev.?Tee wnu served in the V-anvjuct hall. Rotart Little reeeivv! a wire" Wednesday frm Indianapolis notifying h;m that hi son Cedrie. vvho wa hopUal have hi eye; sa3cn.rnnw au ims ami resei, was tl? lT W Tht? y T s;ie.i are a$:ain normal and the arm much improved. The New is in receipt of a letter from C R. Small, whose home part of the year is in Greenville, N. C. but anmllv. about this tim Mr mall make a vumey to lake Juna- luska where ho spend about three month xn the summer. In h letter he y: We are preparing to spend a few month again in the "Land in the sky where we do not need an electric fan. Tho mountain air i finfk Farm machine J55o.W5.000 were to the value manufactured of in the United States during the year 1920, and all exeept J66.62o.000 worth were sold at home. PIANO TEACHER Carrie N. Coleman, graduate of Houghton School of Music and Combs Conservatory, Philadelphia. Five Cents Will buy any of the foUow-iorartkks: 1 can Small Pet Cream 5 1 can Small Carnation Cream. 5c 1 bar P. A G. Soap 5c 1 bar Flake White Soap 5c 1 box Beet Matches 5c 1 box Sardine in Oil 5c 1 box Mustard Sardines 5c 1 ft New Potatoes 5c All ye want of any of the above at prices mentioned. The Store That SaTea You $ $ Money S $ THE BEE HIVE Cash Store ; ; i j j i s j 1 " s ! 5 s j j SUNDAY SERVICES M. E. CHURCH A .Salute to tho Valiant" is the sermon theme for the morning worship. Glad recognition is made of those who sutTcred for our sake with a prayer that we might emulate their .glory. The Epworth League haa charge of the evening service at T:o0. Several young people are in a playlet, The Epworth Loagjue Looking Glass. You will be 1 interested in the story the emblem tells and in- j spired to "look up and lift up." Come and see. Sunday school, y;30, DAVID S. JONES, Faster. WESLEYAN CHURCH Sunday school, 9:S0 a. m. Public Warship, 10:30 a. m. Preaching by the pastor, 7:30 p. m. Mid-week prayer meeting, Wednesday, ?:S0 p. m. A christian welcome to all. J. J. COLEMAN, Tastor. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Sunday school, 9: SO a. m. Evening service, 7:30 p. m. j The pastor will give a Memorial Dav sermon at this service, taking for ! his subject "Life Thro' Death. Welcome. MARTIN LEE GRANT, Pastor. GREAT MAN'S SON FORGOTTEN Lafayette's Bey, Named for George Washington. Was Once a Refugee In This Country. The Century company says that comments provoked by "Sword of Liberty, recently published by them. Impressed them with the fact that the average American seems never to have heard of George Washington Lafayette. It seems strange that his story was not exploited during the wartime resurgence of enthusiasm about Lafayette and his noble friendship for this country; yet how many Americans know that Lafayette had a son named after his fast friend. General Washington, or that the boy was at one time a refugee In this country) The story Is psrt of the Background of the account of two revolutions American and French contained in the book. Following the earlier phase of the French Revolution, during which Lafayette was so Immensely popular, and after the hostility to his moderation had developed which drove him into exile, he sent his son to America, to the care of tho American George Washington for whom he was named. It was his boy. according to the authors, Frank W. and Cortelle J. Hutchlns, who, on returning from America, dug up from the garden of tho Paris residence where they had been burled, the two swords given to Lafayette by the American congress and the French republic In recognition of his services In the two republics. This Georges Washington Motier de LaFsyette was born in 1779; ho was therefore but thirteen when he lied to America In 1792 and his distinguished father to the neutral territory of Liege, The Argonaut. J .Mr. KIUVttK Rogu wa taken tvjM?reta for the ummer. tyrant cunty hospital WednesvlayJ . , 4V ... .v. ,t ... r:.f Rhert. the youn son of Mr. and Mr. ad Mr. Uwrt-ix RuKer have; returned from a wnNrk-er.d vis$t with frer.d in i-ajl. Mr. ard Mr. W .H. Ryrr of d'aivis are Thrlay iruet of Mr. a?sl Mr. W;l Jon . Rev. al Mr. J. Frank HarHsen. hv have ist vWed a swvxessful ser-ie of evangelist ie meeting at Flora. Rl.. are at home fsr the summer. Charles CuUey and family movei employe! inhe oV4 of thij RvC Fvur railrvvvl company for sv:e ttme. HavT yv seen that amasing story of te Fanny Herself" in picture? To-rite at the R.nal. K lUrskMjk meeting which wa to hav tan held at the home of iv l,ee Taylor ha been pot- ponevl and the May meeting will bp hed in connection with .ht June meetirqg. After a twv-wk visit with hi parvnt. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar M. Baldwin, Mark Baldwin left "JWsday for St. Pawl to take ut hi work for the 1 1. S. Burlaw rvf vdl in th stat of Mr. Ed. Rihelin wa taken to M rivvn where Dr. Wm. II. Braunlin per- fvn operation removing hi twnril and adenoid. RoWrt wa mpn?ed by hi mother, Mrs. 11. E. Fayn and Mis Clista Sratih. Mi Helen Johnstvn and Mi Kath leen Cain will represent th Intermediate Christian Endeavor of tho Friend church and act a delegates to tho district convention of tho Christian Endeavor Society held at tho Second Friend church in South Marion. Mr. and Mrs. Ancil Window and Mr. and Mrs. Lin Wilson spent last week with Marcus Winslow at Earl-ham oolleiro and while in Richmond heard Billy Sunday several times. It will bo remembered that tho Ker. William Sunday closed a seriea of mooting in Fairroount twenty year ajto this month. Burl Cox, who recently submitted t tho knife for tho removal of a tumor and a kidney at tho Mayo Brother hospital in Rochester, Minn., left yesterday ajrain for that institution, and was accompanied by his wife. Mr. Cox has boon in very poor health for two weeks and returned to the Mayo hospital for examination to find out the causa of the second attack. tj(n t relievo sm trowNe in a tot Th Kvs in the M. K. Sunday school a, tautM hv Mr. Bert Kelley. wrtl met FrWav veninr at the home will meet Ftnlay evening at the heme 4f Ls!i? Wilburn en South Walnut street. Mr. anvi Mrs, Earl Fowler and baby. jrl l4ie, arrived from Blooming-tmt Wevlnesday for a visit with the frtmrs brvttar, Wayn Fiowler and Jfamtly. i.Mr. Claude Jents. Mr. Xn Ed-tr&i. Mrs. Ed OI father and Mr. llrt lUhble were r a charm-tiN party riven in Alexandria Trday afttme Mis FreU Frrwstn, Mr. and Mr. Zimmerman and two collegf friend -of Mi Frrgvxsvrt, who motored over rtMrt Fort Wayne for a wek-nd ')MTue party at th home if Mr. and Mr. tvrjr Frfwn have retumned home. Frof. G. I. Cnristi who wa th v-oeti of th Kiwani chb at their ;Tuwday night runcheon and -who de-r.hrered the addrrs? followinja the rwtinjt in tn auditorium of th Con- - j-r-atiertal ehuren. was the over . Nnifrti rut at Mr. and Mr. Will but you.

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