The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on May 25, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1922
Page 3
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS home of Mrs. Charles Millspaugh near j Marion and Mrs. Lester Kimes and Matthews. j sons Gerald and Wayne of Fair- NOTICE TO BIDDERS Notice is hereby gaven to Bidders mount. and to the Public that sealed propo- FOWLERTON DEPARTMENT Rev. and Mrs. Hiram Harvey en- sa,s wiU e received by the Board of Fonlerton Entertains j Friday evening, Horace being a grad- Summitville I. O. O. F. i uate. His sister. Miss Anna, jrrad- An invitation was given to the "ated one year at the same school. Summitville I. O. O. F. to visit the j Alex Deeren, Fred Leach, Sherry local lodge and several responded Smith and Jim Leach drove to Lake Monday evening. Among those pros- Galatia Sunday morning, ent were Ed Montgomery, Irvin Mrs. Elizabeth Thorn has returned Mrs. Clayton Millspaugh and children of Upland are spending a few days at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Briggs. north of town. John Langsdon and Robert Lees attended Black jand Gold day at the Fairmount high school Friday. Miss Elsie Lees has returned home from an extended visit with Columbus and Indianapolis friends. Mr. and Mrs. Vergil Dulingi and daughter Mary and Miss Sarah Leach visited Mrs. Ann Carpenter, an aunt of Mrs. Duling, who lives with her daughter at Stockport. Mrs. Carpenter suffered a stroke of paralysis sometime ago and owing to her ad FOR SALE tertained Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Trustees of the Town pf Fairmount, Bennett and daughter, Geneva and Indiana, in accordance with require-Velma for Sundav dinner. . ments of law until the hour of 7:30 Mr and Mrs W R. Harvev enter- p" m- June 19th' 1922 for the furnish-..i;1', B "J IL ;; in of all materials and the perform-tamed for Sunday dinner, Mr. and " . . - , . MVs. Miles Rush of Rigdn and Mr. f Ji7 13 i and Mrs. E. Stuckey and son Glen i. "! 2 , ,, m Tr ,. twelve inches in diameter and to a Allen of Marion. Afternoon callers - - , ,i . . , . . Y . were Mr. and Mrs. Herman Rich and JJ nnPI 2?., P Mrs. Rose Seale, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. ?,nd. Zlt JTf1 Harvev were evening callers I t,urbine PUP complete with motor to narey were eening callers. I drive same, compensator and neces- Mr. and Mrs. Fay Anderson visited sary concrete foundation for pump, the formers brother, Mr. and Mrs. Contractor shall guarantee a mini- Price FOR SALE Marion fence, right. Oscar Loy & Son. George, Worth and Oscar inson, a to n,r home here after spending sev former bank cashier of the local bank. era! days at the home of Mr. and Mr. mson gave a splendid taiR to y.Vs. Will Beas'.oy of Rush Hill near the members which was h'.ghlyy ap- , Fairmount. FOR SALE Virginia Crystal Black Ash Coal. Loy & Son. preciatca, as -Mr. ir.on "s Mrs. Jtnrie Ai!es from near Weav Frank Anderson Sunday and Mr. and mum production of One Hundred Fifty an accommodating worker as well as er, spent Sunday here. I f - ..,.. a r v;ii t, ii i c . vanced age little hope is held for her j business man. Mrs. Grover Hartings and daughter , i kq tt r o-allnno of wntr TMr min. Opal of Ehqnod were evening callers ! ilfL' thfSl w nn JlR SALE-Cultured buttermilk and cottage cheese at Cloverleaf Cream of Mr. and Mrs. Fay Anderson. j operated and shall further guarantee Mr. and Mrs. Marion Jefferies and that this quantity shall be maintained son Robert, drove over from New for a period of (one year from the station. Twnsh:p Students ' rear . f nesboro were callers Sunday , Mr. Mrs. C. R. Partridge, Mr. Entertained at Picn. s evening on Mr?. Jennie Crawford. j arui Mrs. Art Jones and Mr. and Mrs. The drivers of the township high ' . Mrs. Thomas Walsh and Mrs. Will j Elsie Lees were guests of Mr. and Cattle last Sunday and spent the day date the well is accepted. nntus an.i Will : L-asTcs oi vias vuy came on me eariy Mrs. w aner I enroa ac .uaunews school truck, Ray with the latter's parents, Mr.and Bids will be received bv the Board Tuesday morning to!nTr'ir,F ra-in Tue?1da' morning- and FOR SALE Eggs for hatching. Fishel's Direct. $1.50 for 15. Mrs. S, P. Roberts. Corn, left this Sunday afternoon. Several from here visited the Hubert's park north ot town Sunday af for either the drilling of the well or the pumping equipment and its in Mrs. Denny Winslow. Miss Albert Andrews of Huntingi- ton who is visiting hr grandparents. ternoon. cither UP the students from their dif- assis-iea xneir, mrs. jiary j ferent country homes and took them Roberts in cloanmg house, to Eaton Talk for an outing. The ( c- cream and cake were served students wiM furnish luncheon at the ;nday evening at the I. O O. F r.oon hour while the drivers will serve ; h" n llor.of visiting members of stallation separately or on the entire 1 . -Kir - 1 . Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Carpenter liv- Mr. and Mrs FOR SALE Maytag power washer and refrigerator. George ing west of Fairmount called on ; Monday night with Lucile Jones. ' " v " v.c u.uu.. friends here Sunday and attended! Mr. and Mrs. Russel Harvev were' Each bid shall be accompanied by cream 1 . a certified check for not less than ten services at the V. M. church. Marion visitors Tuesday morning. ir-fc . - tt ! , r l r ft r-t v r ... nor ppnr III'. I nt T ho nmnnnl a t h a Vcr orKekor'cle0 friends 1: and bid, wWchhVlI "W 'foeVted b7 FOR SALE-One set of wire wheeU Call 279. here Sunday eveninp. fMrs. J. B. Whiteley drove to Marion successtui Mdrier tor failure to com- lor iora, pracicany new Amos Ailes has bought the John ' Sundiv mVht and beard Dr. White menee work within 30 days of the ' - separator. Lacy Smith and Lacy Leach Sunday at dinner. Monday being the 23rd birthday anniversary of Miss Lees. The mothers prepared a delicious cake placing 23 candles on the top, this being a surprise to the young lady who enjoyed the occasion. Mrs. Clyde Caskey and children MarSorie and Ruth Ann and Mrs. Mary Hardesty spent Tuesday at the FOR SALE DeLaval Phone 194. Steelman property and will add an ad- ' of Portland, Oregon, preach at the awarding of the contract, flition to his home bv putting on two : First Friends church where a week's 1 . Complete specifications are on file more rooms. j service had been held bv the Chris- L? .the office of the Town Clerk at Mrs. Macy Wood of Boston. Ind., : tian Fundamental association. I Fairmount, Indiana, and a copy of is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mr. W. R. Harvev and son Robert, same W,H be furnished free of chargp Mrs. John Leach. and Mrs. Etta Dougherty and son toJ,"ycJ?Ilr?.ctorupon re(luest- Wilson heard Prof. G. I. Christie of MJER OF THE BOARD OF i Purdue at the Congregational church V?t5 J?P,VtIHJlv .TOWN OF FOR SALE Baby cab, washing machine, vacum sweeper. 21 G North Walnut street. Fresh. in Fairmount Tuesday nigJit. rrtin,Mwi, ii lmin. Miss Pauline RatlifT is at home! . w. HORTON RIBBLE, President. FOR SALE Holstein cow. Phone 3725 Red. t "" NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS junyir tire Fartv are anticipating a rerr. picnic. The entire torn of school seems to be perfeetlv satisfactory. The two trucks which Uft here on schedule time each mornir.g met with no accidents or break-downs during the several months of school. James Huberts Weds Jonesboro Girl James Huberts, three miles north of tewn, and Miss Catherine Mull of Jonesboro. were united in marriage on last Wednesday and are now comfortably situated fn a new bungalo which was only recently built. Mr. Huberts has opened a park rear his home which will be quite an attaraction when completed. Auto Accident North of Town. An Overland car went ever an embankment on a narrow grade on the Hartford City pike, north of here, Sunday afternoon, throwing the out and severely cutting, the head and of one of the woman occupants of the car by broken glass Cro-n tre wind shield. The accident school of Marion for the past several JOHN R. LrTTLE, Clerk. May 25 June 1-15 FOR RENT j months. NOTICE OF i FOR RENT 7-room house at the OF APPOINTMENT !roiner ira matt near Muncie. ; Messrs Willis RatlifT and Howard il! I V-T,"tt: VatJ ,S VZT of. Mrs-1 Marshall and the Misses Pauline and I jilliani i A .Lewis of this neighbor- ; Eurah Ratliflr accompanied Miss Sy-ijhood. The funeral was held Tues- k;i r. r,r BACK CREEK corner of Rush and Washington streets. See O. R. Scott. IL RECEIVER State of Indiana, County of Grant. In the Grant Circuit Court, April where she took the train fpr her Mr. and Mrs. Albert Little and ! bnme in Oskaloosa. Iowa. WANTED Were Term, 1922. daughter spent Sunday afternoon with i Mrs. J. P. Seale and family Mr. and Mrs. Aneil Winslow and Mr. and Mrs. Lin Wilson spent the week-end in Richmond. Misses Irene and Jeanette Edwards are spending this week with friends and relatives near Westland. Prayer meeting will be held at the home -vf Gtorce Hill Thursday nicrht. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Lewis amLfamily. guests Monday of her parents, Mr. Mrs. Ted Pavne and son Arthur and Mrs. A. E. RatlifT. ' spent Tuesday afternoon in Summit- j Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Harvey and ville. : Mr. J. B. White'ev were Marion vis- The Simmons Hardware Company, A Corporation, vs. Fairmount Hardware Company, A Corporation. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: WrANTED House cleaning to do. Mrs. Del Smith, opposite the Grist mill. Notice is hereby given that the un- ; SALESMEN A Permanent Connec- ir - dersigned has been appointed by the : Pelbert Leach and Arthur Payneitors wnesday of this week. - attended the eighth grade class meet- j " " ircr Monday night held at the trustee's ; Alsae to Have Big Show. ! office. i xhe c!tv of Strasbourg, in Alsne- Children willing to take part in the terrain. S already making prepara- I Hon Ambitious men m any waih. Circuit Court of Grant County, state j Mrs. Frr.nk Var.ess will be leader. Glen lliikir.s snent Sundav with Dona'd AHred. Park MeCoribs spent Sundry with Clyde Smithson. Miss Addie Barkdull snent the ir.g S avoid striking a cow whkh was running loose the road. The driver's has not been learned, but it is said the family live rear of Indiana, in the above entitled " children s day exercises are requested ; tions for a preat Interallied health ex- cause of action, receiver of the Fair- ir? Watti mePt at th? Grarl cnurcn Monday , position to be held In commemoration ni0unt Hardware Company, and of all " afternoon at 2 ox-lock. : of the centennial anniversary of the of tho property, credits, rights and week-end with Mr. and Fallis, in Muncie. birlh of t.onls Pasteur, discoverer of Mr. and Mrs. Geo Howell and Mvers, Chcrch Notes The Rev. and Mrs. Elmer r ... RV.oads and grand-j daughteis Ruth and Rachac-1 of Pi! i t)( germ oripin of diseases. Follow- ing the example of the Columbian of life can build permanent business of their own paying $") to $100 weekly. One of the world's largest wholesale gipccry houses (established 1?83, capital over One Million Dollars) has openings with protected territory. Goods nationally known. Experience not required, men with proper qualifications will receive co-operation. Liberal money. John S,rxton & Co., Chicago, 111. MISCELLANEOUS ivtr. - - . . rn , men. and Miss Sue Wood, took din i , . - . . - , , and Miss Mte ood, took c j u. F. irabeth effects of said corporation, and that I have duly qualified as such receiver. All persons interested must govern themselves accordingly. Dated this 18th day of May, 1922. HACKLEMAN !l r.d'rer Sundav wih Mr. and Mrs. Fd I World's Fair at Chlcapo whkh cele drove to the home of Louis Hardy and tf.vvvrs at the M. P- brated in 1S03 the four hundred and Mrs. Paul McCombs was very much j ninetieth anniversary of the discovery surprised last Sunday while waiting' nf ,,,Mioa in 1402. the Strasbourg ex- Howell and family. Afternoon callers wco Mr. an '. Mrs. W. A. Davis. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dav's and family. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Bennett Knight and family. Mr. and MVs. Winfred N. A. WILSON, Receiver. churxh. where they were guests at dinner Sunday. .... Rev. Harrv Hays, Friends minister, is KMdir.g a" ten days meeting at the wi W. M. church. dinner for the family. Unexpectedly p,v,t!on vm t,e held in 1923. from May CItAS. T. PARKER, Atty. for Receiv- .t . ou..,., ,,11 ud, wui v w" to October, although Pasteur was born their Thomas and son, Mr. and Mrs. Corlin by teacher, came with wel 1 -filled . !c"l May 18-25, June 1-8. Rev. and Mrs. Frank Edwards and . rvervtbw t eat served For the first time In history Stras Rev Cvde Meadows of Huntington, rato- of" the U. B. chmxh, filled his arort'ncr.t hero Sunday momir.n apor-r.nv.or.i r.tiv ou:.... bourg will see an exposition arranged V-V . " .r. " 1 .v . i -turd-'v afteioon ana tur.nay m imvraxr:cK moroiea 10 vi-t .Mr. arm .Mrs. t.ddineton spent mom-r.g'aV.d afternoon will be the re- j land Saturday h- visit the former s S-nday with Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Gles-,.ijr r;ect;,"g at the Primative Bap-i mother. ' sncr and family. i Set rbrrv- with Elder Watson of! Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hill and Miss Mr. and Mrs. Warren Wilson, Mrs. i by citizens of France. The participation of representatives from the nations that helped to bring Alsace-Lorraine back to France will make It memorable as something more than a collection of modern methods of fighting disease. FOR QUICK AUTO service, longi or short drives, see or phone W. G. Moon, 601 South Walnut street, Fairmount. To keep the bodies of former soldiers from being buried in potters fields, the American Legion of Wisconsin has bought a cemetery plot of its own at Racine. pcs:ir V :n charee. ; L:ia .. ivj-oh iw ia:,i:ci uwv. .vn .iairaixt nancicr ani naries ase Mrs Iaae Malone ar.d children j Lon Hill. cnlhl on Miss Mary Hilton Sundav -"l mWY.'a Malor.e of Fairmount Rev. Ruth Carey conducted services afternoon. ;VVr.rvicc-e at the W. M. church at Oak Ridge Sunday mornincv Mr. arid Mrs. Will Dill of Leisure NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE No. 3865. Notice is hereby given to the creditors, heirs and legatees of Anna M. Ackerman, Deceased, to appear in the Grant Circuit Court, held at Marion, Indiana, on the 9th day of June, 1922, and show cause, if any, why the FINAL SETTLEMENT ACCOUNTS with the estate of said decedent should not be approved; and said heirs are notified to then and there make proof of heirship and receive here of wh'eh the latter is a member. Harold Hoskms spent Sunday with and Walter Banister and children ( ' M' wn--d Dickenson who teaches Robert and Lloyd Kirkpatrick. spent Sundav afternwn with Mr. and ' War Macot Dead, the Fxce'Ao'1 S S.class at the M. P.J Mrs. Margaret Thomas and daugh- Mrs. Al Banister. j The French press pars tribute to a .vw,v, xv-. r? l e to f.".! p;ace,Ter neien rre spena:ng ini wreiv , Mr anc! Mr, wtlnur Stitt and son l.ii i.vl in iv.i ..iv .,lr. gnu m'ur eiui anu m'it whose death has just Rflr.'ar on account 01 The hero In question hero Of the War sickness. jwith Mr. and Mrs. Winford Thomas and John Sutton of Peru, were guests; iven at the M. j and son Roger. Sunday at the home of E. C. Swover- 1 ti- future by a rA and family. : V " hero of the war, that attached A ratrear.t will re g: mond. and was a cat P rtvh in the near himself to the French hieh re- Mary Moon? guests for dinner Sun- w I,r.,-'-x- erhool clSSS. for In the lines before Amiens. Every day !ir hearsals are being held. OAK RIDGE Diamond might be seen threading Its their distributive shares. Dont let White Diarrhea , Omlvra. Blarktwad attilottx r ymirrhk-k. STth chirk and prit difc by using :; day were the Misses Evaline and y' Do-.thy Relf and Edyth Miecum of r Swavree. t tnA Personal Items way through the entanglements to the j WITNESS, the Clerk of said Court, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones and son Mrs. Ruth Carev preached at Oak German front trench. The pollus Mrs Kte Dame of Summitville this leth day of May Dr. Grawcock's visited her sister-in-law, Mrs. lhm- , K:e!re entire n last uncay. j iiowtm. tocK fiiinrr vUiiaay witn Mr. ; wr? afraid that some harm migiu both Thorn Saturday. J Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Holleway and 'and Mrs. George Jones. come to iheir mascot, and in order to mvHui b m vaa j laui.J pp, . A. CONNELLY, Clerk of Grant Circuit Court. May 18-25, June 1. READ THE CLASSIFIED COLUMN pr-awford ot w ar?a . - sons r.rnesr ana n srii. spenx juraay i r.i:ra, .irta ana mez uurrpit, v iar Call Crawford ot yarsa. sons, r rnest ana irgn. srenx cur.aay r.ona. ma ana inez uurrpn, v ar- protPct U they tied A packet of cigar- I arrived here Sunday for vis ,with Mr. and Mrs E. F Holloway fence Bailey and Mr. Day of Hunting , 1 , , fc bpfon, u star,e,, : M r-ee Mrs. Will Ballard, of near j Mj- and Mrs. Henry Myers called ; ten spent Monday and Tuesday with; , .. , . . . . l is r .ece . . r Crawford. L-TT Tc r,w; SH ?n.T- ! d nvm RMivrUn.l out on Its dally ramble, bearing the J Ktwwi to rwno. They kill th frms tn J k. p d.M W from irettinff ntnrt. It f ttt on! pmparmiion md ff tb ortirmttl prrrHpt km of Or.nwcock, a mweial Ifft for 20 yenr. tJ ft in (b drinking wnttr. Cot to roth if not mtipfted. Poka, tHU ond $I.OtW ALSO USe NU-TONE FOR HOGS Kcvpa hntw hlthv and fr Imm 1-i. Will Krto-mUr Bask jro mon mosey. lm't f oed wurmy bosa. Sold By P. H. OMARA ;VterV law" Carl Crawford is the Francos aneTTCTTxis Davis. Jennie! Mr. and Mrs. Everet Martin and ' onls : 1 bring you cigarettes, do vm c-c''t 'b'-otVer of Warren Craw-p0rn. Florence Dohertv. Mildred family entr-aiod for dinner Sundav not kilt me." Diamond, being a war fvr dc-oeaed. land Rilev Scott attended the L. T. L. j Mr. and MVs. Will Harrold of Fair- j veteran, had ft tight to a comfortable cYv. T-vr-Vs and family spent Sunday. Sunday. mount. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Petro and; home when the armistice was signed, - ' - . . v . . . . , . o 5 . r , r ,T- 1 . . . ' .. . ... . PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS. c ' k launusc i .miss Lti-;;a wtjs a runaa ir. ana .Mrs. aixer .icuraw ana ..! n senr to n animals nome su- l crest of Mrs Thelma Holloway. j family. ! perintended by the Countess Turke- . , T zee is j h t Neui,v where it died. ' joh't" Lar.rrsdon and Robert Lees r ar j Mrs. Branson Harris, Mr. j rvv.thy Collins v-e ' M ariori'" visiters Saturday. ad M-s. Ilarmon Moon and family ; the week icii iiti aunt, In Crete writing wa? practiced 2000 , M?s Margaret Millsraugh is stax - .-.c-n Snr.dav wh Mr. and Mrs. Joe.Mi. t,eorge Fear, in- a few"ay with her frrandrROther ; Harris cf near Mt. TAva. j Misses Edyth Fle-ener and Lenna V. t. untr. I Mr. t. C. Benbow. Mr. and Mrs. McClintock of Riedon and Lowell ?iT-V-jr fro-n here attended Black , ,r.-,??c. H?.;siov were csests of Mr. and 4 Coahran of Elwood were entertained? ...I nA d??v at Fairrnoxint high .Mrs. A. B. Pohevtv Sunday. for dinner at the home of Elmer A v Vi i 1 1 clcrvKant !t t-ocarded AS Rennet Knipht and ; Comer and family. C; -t.-- jj it and Mrs. school Friday VYi. Stock: Shipper Don't forget the service you can secure to market your live stock at the Indianapolis stock yards via UNION TRACTION COMPANY OF INDIANA Ask any agent for detailed information. Dee Banister snent WednesHf""1. , " . . Georee Scott of Marion was calling Cb airier and Thnrlow called on Mrs. friends here Mr. Scott ar Mrs. Win ford Thomas and lay wi -i a fo'-rc- resident here. ! son Rorr-r Sur.dar nisht. j John F with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. j s given a funeral grander than tnat cn n Rybolt. Pt. Isabel. accorded to hnwes of royal Wood. w Mr. and Mrs. Ge-ovee Fear and son , Hn.thict nr(est officiate, and thous rtr- -r-, Mrs. Kay tr.v.m 01 rau-i vr. t r.aries u n'te snenr cmnciay Arthur, were guests Sunday of Mr. j d ( d Siamese men and vro-and Mrs. Harley Collins of Swayeee-. ( . ,. . , - , . . . Mrs. Richard Dedecker is reco-er-: follow the deceased animal to the ing slowly after several weeks illnessk ' grave-. Jewels and offerings repre mou'"t c-Ved on the former's parents,-! r ar, Mrs. Blanchard Dayis. Mr a-d Mrs. John Smith Monday j Mr. and Mrs. Warron Wilson, son 4 venire ' Mi'- and daughter Elizabeth, sent Mr a"d Mr? Reading haye moyext . Sunday with the latter's mother. Mrs. tber "household roods from the Mrs. '.Mary Hilton of Hackleman. 0bom property to a farm near Mat-j Miss Florence Cox sncnt the week-thews Mr. Reading has been ff end at home. some V'mc an assistant at the Rogers j Mrs. Martraret Thomas and daueh-Viokth hon here. Her Helen are snendinsr the week with senting much wealth are buried with the elephank LITTLE RIDGE Tomato gi-owers tor tne toitu.Mn ar,t jlrP. in-rei 1 nomas. rusy setiT.i j xrv. art Mrs. veors-e orei were busy setting j MV. ay cruests of Edna Bell. racking company are flants in their fields. AM farm work Sund Is of .t 'A VACCINATE YOUR HOGS WITH THORNTOWN SERUM Strictly Throat Bled Pure and Potent rrOTessmST r.lCeiV in rt'ur ... Lticiia anu tuni'isr v"inri timrx- progressing nicely in spite the; l . ...vl- i ea- Mr. an.l Mrs. Jesse Haislev called The quartett of the First Friends church of Marion, composed of Messrs Heavilin, Moon. Leamon and King furnished splendid singing at both the S. ?v and church services. Prayer meeting will be held this evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Davis with Mrs. J. B. Whiteley as leader. St. John 18th chapter. The Little Ridg W. C. T. Uk held a mothers meeting Tuesday afters-noon at the home of Mrs. Denny Winslow. An excellent program was arranged by the hostess, she being the superintendent of Mothers meet NOTICE OF APPOtNTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR No. 406, Notice is hereby given, That the undersigned has been appointed Administrator mf the estate of Arnold O. Barrack, deceased, late of Fair mount Township, Grant County, tn diana. Said Estate it supposed to be ol vent CLARA BELLE BARRACK, Administrator Marshall Williams, Attorney May 2S, June 1-, COId Wet WCainei raiuti ,1. CLiHe Miss Ruth Ann Caskey is cn Willie! Smith and children xcere Marten visitors Friday. Rev. and Mrs. Elmer Myers are hanging paper for Mrs. ergil Vx-ing. v. . . kkt.:AM kviM Serum and virus, also capsules and iodine, at labra-tory prices. Keep a supply on hands atall times on tr. and Mrs. Theo Haisley Sunday. M,r. and Mrs. Winford Thomas, sen Rocrr. snent Sunday with th latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Howell. Mrs. Clara Holloway, daughter Mabel V and srn Robert spent Monday with Mrs. Bertha Moon. rieMs Rrown snent: the Week Mr. and Mrs. iauas aimii " Phone Black 1802. H. D. WILSON, Rep. Marion visitors SAturay afternoon. I xrith his wife at the home of her par- HatL?ngdon of Fairmount visited : r,rs. Mr. and Ws. A. B. Doherty. at the home cf Mr. and Mrs. Ray J Mrs. Anna Haisley and dawehhet Lagsdon Sunday. 1 Clista were guests of Mrs. Bertha Flovd Kcnf.e. twra irrcK rpmuu . MC-on Moneiay. ings. Mrs. Sadie Harvey gave the address, "Useful Labor Indispensable to Character Building bv Mrs. D. K. Whitelev; reading, "Somebody's Mother, Mrs. Pauline Wright, also a reading was ictven by little Mary Ann Anderson. Mr. E, Rattif? Went to Ambo? Monday bo attend the ministerial meeting and returned home Wednes dav. Mr. and Mr. Albert Kimes enter taird last Sunday Mrs. Kimes moth GttANT tl Mr. and Mrs. Leon McFaddin of Elkhart, are the nvwd parents of a baby e-irL Mrs. McFaddin owns the farm where Fred Goladav now lives. who h? been sick for several montns jind ha been taking treatment in Martinsville Sanitarium, has returned fo his home here and has taken sp his wovk at thek tower. Herbert Walsh of Gas CSty, Is spending a few day with his grandmother, Mrs. Mary Robert-. John McCon and family of near Gaston were callers her Saturday h!-cr! LeacK C. A O. station tnt at Mnncie, visited his parent here Mefdav, Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Lch. NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR Nov 4X. Notice is hereby given, That the undersigned has been appointed Administrator of the estate f Clarence Davis, deceased, late of Fairmount Yownshlp, Grant County, Indiana. Said Estate is supposed to be solvent. FOWLERTON BANK, Administrator. Mrs. Roscoe Rich spent Tuesday er, Mrs. Sarah Marl hd daughter. Removed at once. Three Sanitary Trucks at your service. Coll Uo - - - FHone 2033 GOLDREICH FERTILIZER CO. 12th and McCIure, Marion. TRY OUR 40 PROTEIN FEEDING TANKAGE with her mother, Mrs. Albert Kimes. Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Rich and thil lorn mvno atTemieu me nipnjaren. school hack picnic held at Eaton J Mt. and Mrs. J. W. Caldwell en ten prk, Tuesday. Itained fof Sunday dinner, Mf, eftd 1Cvm tlit vrb FaMmuw- lfrvikt 1 Xfr KVi- t &cw t. Mr. ami Mrs. iu v. cmun onoe Vn Atta A C4awon, Attorney. to he Academy commencement withV.f fcwv wvwifed m!cK SMvd Ki Mfr. ml Mr ltv-.n Miss Anna S.mith and Horac Smith morning. He was living with his children and Mf. and Mr. Leafnon of May 5 Jn !&

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