The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on February 5, 1937 · Page 10
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 10

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 5, 1937
Page 10
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Friday, February 5, 1937 The Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana' Page Ten Weird Sequence Exposed in Fraudulent Marriage Case borough Is nut worried by European war tnlk: "If there should be a war between (ierniany und Russia, as many persons think. Ihere is no reason whv England should be drawn Short Interviews visiting friends In Bedford. Scarlet fever seems to ho under control In our vicinity. Several homes In the vicinity are out of qua rautine. Elmer Marshall, associated with Butler T'niversity, gave an Interest-ing Interpretation of Edward E-gleston's "Hoosier School Master" at the high school Tuesday Books Help Mothers Of Growing Children Helpful Information on Baby Problems Can Be Obtained by Reading, Says Copeland PROVIDENCE. R. I.--Dr. Henry Nferritt W'riston. president of Brown university, says the world needs haracter more than skill: "We do not lack ability so much as we lack MOVIES 'NORTH OP NOMF,' AT TUT! COlVMBIA Evelyn Vennhle, Jnok Holt, John Mlljun. Gulnn "Hig Boy" Williams nnd noser Imhnf form an unusually Btrong rust for this production, which tnkeB plnoe In the far, frozen Innds of Altiska "Ninth of Nome." A fight ensues ahout seal furs slolen from Jark Hojt, with additional excitement provided hy a shipwreck at sen in the midst of a storm t)d the entire group Retting Btrnnded on an Inland, Seree'j Snnpshnts nnd the comedy, "Whose Baby Are You?" urn added short features. purpose, our capacity lor ocnieve- NEW YORK. Feb. S. (INS) When is a husband not n husband? When he'q a mother with three children. That was the fantastic conclusion that fared 16-year-old Mary Hi No-cen7.o at the height of a celebration following her marriage to a "man'' she knew as Tom Collins. The weird sequence wns unfolded here in court late this week with the nppenrance of Mary and Dominlck Ranierl. charged with conspiracy to engage In a fraudulent man-Inge Also held were two Chinese liiun-drymen. Chin Tony Ming. 22 years old. nnd Won Park On. 26. From an account given hy detectives. Mary met "Tom" in a saloon last October. Tom introduced Mary to the two Chinese, who allegedly ment In public and private life tends lo outrun our ethical Impulses." ing good health to the young Infant, you are laying a foundation for health in adult life. Answers to Health Queries ST. BERNICE SCHOOL NEWS LOS A NOBLES --William Sea-brook, novelist who publicised Ihe liquor cure he took at an asylum, says lie's still on the wagon: "But I'm no reformer. I think liquor Is swell as long as it doesn't Interfere with your golf, work nr love-making." o BROOKLYN, N. Y. Rev. Dr. Walter Van Kirk, executive of the federal council of church, urges a world peace movement: "We should do something besides singing and praying for peace. And the movement would go further If the peace lenders of the world would keep peace among themselves." o HOLLYWOOD Marlon Talley, opera singer, thinks more attention should be paid to the preparation of meals: "Cooking has almost become an artistic medium of expression : i nd Invites a verve similar to the way one feels III singing nn opera." o NEW YORK The Dnkn of Marl Rebel Commander Pay First Visit to Capital in Weeks MAlMiliJ. Feb. fi, ( 1NS1 Stirring up his troops for a fresh of-pensive mriiinsl the capital. Ceil. Francisco Franco, rebel commander-in-chief, this week paid bis first visit to the Madrid front in weeks. The generalissimo was received with "enormous enthusiasm," a rebel broadcast from Seville said, predicting that "with such troops victory is certain," It. however, brought new loyalist ndvanceK along the eastern flank of the rebel lines between Aranjm-z and Madrid, cutting off Blices of th Insurgent lines of communications there. Loyalist columiiH drew nearer together fro'" north and south. The benefit hall eanies played lasi week were a success financially and athletically. All money taken in war lurned into flood relief channels, John Kllioit and Clyde Wilkin, class of l!:!(i. visited si hool here Tuesday. Hi The senior government class plans an educational lour of the Hlate rapilol In the near future. Archie Harper, president or the senior class, has resumed his studies after a five week's absence because of illness. Miss ('ripe spent the week-end established an apartment for her. Two weeks ago Mary came home to her parents. They Insisted upon n marriage. . "Tom" allegedly went to Ra-nleri, borrowed his birth certificate and was married to Mary. That night two of Mary's brothers grew suspicious. "Tom Collins" was given a sound trouncing and then was kicked out of the house. Ranirei then offered to pose as Mary's husband. But Mary's mother was all washed up. She complained to the police nnd all were arrested, except "Tom" who was Mill A. W. O. L. when court convened. "Tom" was said to be the Mrs. D. P. C. Q. My husband has had an attack of sciatica and although he is back at work the back and leg still bother him. The trouble was thought to be due to his teeth, but the dentist finds no infection from this source. What do you suggest? A. Careful examination should determine the cause of the trouble and the treatment can be outlined accordingly. Make aure that all sources of Infection have been definitely checked. For full particulars send a self -addressed, stamped envelope and repeat your question. L. P. Q. What will cure eczema In a child of three and a half years of age? The trouble has persisted since the child was four months old. She cannot be around fish since this seems to cause irritation. What would you advise In this case? A. Eczema In a child la apt to be due to some fault in the diet or elimination. Simple food and regular habits should bring about results. For full particulars send a self-addressed, stamped envelope and repeat your question, uiu n v a T am IK vears 1 HIS 8TKIS' AT THK PAIiACE Eric Linden and Cecilia Parker are the young lovers who bring "In Hla Steps" into vivid reality. No novel ever written has sold an well as Charles Sheldon's of the same title aa the picture. The two elope against the wishes of their parents and remain at the home of the minister and his wife Roger Imhnf and Clara Blnndick where they get a new philosophy of life from Im-hof and Harry Beresford. The youth and minister are brought to trial for abducting the girl. The young couple overcome parental opposition and win over the judge with great dramatic skill. A Traveltalk, Newsreel and cartoon in color complete tho short subjects. Wheat Ii Ancient Food It is known that neolithic man grew wheat between 10,000 and 15,-000 years ago. mother of three children. Police have broadcast an alarm for the mysterious "bridegroom." a Bj ROYAL 8, COPELAND, M. D. United States senator from New York. Former Commissioner o( Healtll, New York City EVERY MOTHER has to deal with the antics and problems of the infant and young child. Most mothers solve these problems. Yet, sometimes they find the task a difficult one. Books, aa well as magazines and newspaper articles, are dedicated to the study and care of the growing child. Much valuable information can be gathered from such reading. There is no doubt it makes the problems of rearing a child less difficult for the young mother. The mother who has raised several children gaina much from experience, which, after all, is the best of all schools. One of the first thinga the young mother learns Is that infant soon discovers how to attract attention, by crying, somebody is sure to respond with a little petting. To pay attention to this kind of crying is a mistake, and when it is once made the child will resort to the trick frequently. When the baby learns that crying will not attract the mother's attention, the practice is forgotten. Cries Differ Of course, a loose pin, aolled linen or some internal disturbance may produce crying. In time, the difference between the cry of a spoiled child and the cry of pain can be easily distinguished. Make sure the infant is comfortable, warm and well fed, and all will be well. Weight is always of vital Interest to the anxious mother. At birth the average child weighs about seven and one-half pounds, and measures 201-2 inches from head to toe. At the end of four months the baby becomes round and chubby. It has grown at least one to two and one-half inches, and in most instances doubles the birth weight. At this age the youngster is stronger and shows muscular development, Indicated by continuous lacking and the ability to keep the head up If the body is supported. Have the child carefully weighed and measured. Make a note of Its progress and development. Should the child fall to gain weight or refuses nourishment, sleeps poorly, vomits, runs a fever or has any other complaint, the doctor Bhould be consulted immediately. In giv Clinton's Most Beautiful Theatre t nlH finri nm trnnhled with DUTlDleS. X : : tat I have tried several remedies but TONIGHT and SATURDAY U I all have failed. Please tell me wnat to do. A. Avoid eating an excessive amount of aweets and rich, starchy fwui nvarMiinp flnv rimdencv to A BATTLE-ROYAL OF REALISM, ACTION ward elimination. For full particu r lars restate your question tuiu acuu a stamped, self-addressed enve AND SPEED! One lad's climb lope. from preliminaries to (: J. s. O. I am a boy of 16, TRAOK-ITP' AT THK WABASH When a group of daring American flyers match wits and courage with an -international spy ring, there's sure to be suspense and thrills in the offing. Peter Lorre, one of the screen's best character actors, plays a crippled half-wit and mascot of the airfield. Brian non-levy is an ace pilot, Thomas Beck his co-pilot. Ralph Morgan an airplane manufacturer and Helen Wood, Beck's sweetheart. Some valuable plans are stolen mysteriously Just before the plane takes off on a Trans-Aalantic flight and the dou-ble-crosser Is on board. It will put you on the edge of your seat. Shorts offered are Sylvia Froos In a musical comedy about "Transatlantic Love" and John King as "Ace Drummond." troubled with pimples. Will you fame and main events! f advise me regarding mei ana treatment to overcome the trouble? A. Simple diet and regular habits are very Important under the AlMiimolannM vnil ffoacrlh. For full particulars send a stamped. self-addresseo envelope ana rici-your question. CLICK... it ! If there' vnur ttationl .: I; 4 ?t s 'if' !i X Dr. Copeland la rlad t anawer Inqolriea from readera who aaad aa addreaaed, atajnped elope wit teelr qneatloDe. Addreaa all letters to Dr. Copeiaod ia eara af thla newepaper St Ita main Boa la tale tUj. (Copyright, 1937, K. F. 8.. Inc.) INSTANT one twirl . , with FRANKIE DARRO II rr-od i Van. DirUMDNn lark LA RUE FIRST DEFICIENCY BILL IS PASSED BY SENATE VIIUIU, mviiifiw"- at. ; t- tBftUT Chaila MAMflRC i' jfr r ranees unmn giisiiniw. vour tMuoa. ACCURATE jntd with electrical prtcmoa. PERFECT bmer tfco eye or ear can tuae. AUTOMATIC oo diil Jglnf . . . tunes itself. CONVENIENT favorite station! shuwa oo dial. ry. Directed oytnanes nuw.Miv., fpm $. The Widow's Stone In the Greek language the word amethyst meant not drunken. The Greeks believed that this gem protected them against drunkenness. Any man who placed an amethyst under his tongue might drink any amount of wine with impunity, they said. Placed ui.der the head of a sleeping person it produced pleasant dreams. It restored lost memory and turned away wrath. Pearson' London Weekly. HORN TO FIGHT AT THE CAPITOL Suggested by a Peter rr Kyne story, this movie has Frankie Darro. Jack LaRue, Frances Grant, Jane Richmond and Sheila Manors as principal characters. As the title implies, Its a battling picture with Frankie Darro as a pint-sized human dynamo out to capture the world's featherweight crown. The obstacles in his path are many and varied. You'll get a good idea of how a fighter trains to climb the ladder and alBO of how crooked managers and boxers beset his path. There are selected Bhort subjects Included. WASHINGTON. Feb. 5. (INS) The J933.975.000 first deficiency appropriation bill was passed by the senate late Wednesday after It defeated an attempt to prohibit use of relief funds for construction of state, county or city projects unless the local communities produced a "certificate of necessity." The bill carried $789,000,000 for relief, to be expended before Only Phtlco offers you radio's latest, most sensational development . . . genuine Philco Automatic Tuning! Make sure your new radio Sas it. One flick of your finger, and "Cl 'uk . . . there's your station!" tuned instantly, automatically, accurately . . . assuring you perfect program reception. Philco Automatic Tuning is now available in several new Philcos in a complete price range. Come in for a free demonstration! CHILDREN 10c ADULTS 15c Down .a- June 30, BIG TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE! sun. rani Arrr YES! IT OPENS SAT. 11 P.M. Also MON. K f iMx 10c FRI.-SAT. 25c LOOK AT THESE OTHER HEW TOP-VALUE PHILCOS! Government Joins Commercial Lines In Safety Parley WASHINGTON. Feb. 9 Aroused by the recent series of fatal air disasters, commercial aviation Joined with the government today to chart a course toward safely in the sky. Following the holiday crashes that took the lives of more than two dozen persons, spokesmen for 20 airlines gathered at conference tables with representatives of army, navy, marine and coast guard aviation in discussions with civil authorities and congressional leaders. Every group associated with aviation was Bummoned to attend. t ARE WIVES PEOPLE A '( A X ASK THE MAN WHO J Wf "4 8 Qsl)NE! "ft rt PHILCO HOX (Ltio a t.. mous Inclined SouiuJidk Board model priced sensationally low! Brings you liner reception from both home and abroad. Big, new 1937 features include Philco Foreign Tuning System and Color Dial. Shadow Tuning, 4 Tuning Rang. 3-Point Tone Control, Concert Grand Electro-Dynamic Speaker and many others. Beautiful tftOJ 3 hand-rubbed walnut J) Af cabinet. Le Willi Arlnl ! ;'i i 1 X ' f l ; . X il x Vi" .j-j, X VaU only with Phtho Hirh-grtitl fortigm ttitfitiun. The men who guide passenger aircraft through the sky laues will be represented by the Air Line Pilots Association. Officials of the post office department, federal communications commission and weather bureau also will Join the conferees. Secretary of Commerce Roper said the government will maintain "an open mind" for all suggestions A number of the air lines are ready to submit extensive technological recommendations for the government to incorporate in Its ex-iBting air navigation aids. Assistant Secretary of Commerce J, Munroe Johnson, sponsor of the conference. Is expected to propose licensing of individuals who supervise air passenger flights to assure Iheir fitness. '.01$!: i 1 n EXTRA! THE OHIO VALLEY FLOOD X PHILCO SIB (Right) A distinctive new Baby Grand or American and For-tiBn rcteplion. Philco roreifit Tuning ,Jm. Color Did, lone Control. Automatic Volume Control and other big features. Fine tone and world of Dower. 1H Tin v Handsome cabinet. An anting value! With AiTlal $44"r- X oughlTy ! I A. J.tD Final Tonite Eric Linden Cecilia Parker In x &t l IIC? PTCDC't FURNITURE, FLOOR COVERINGS, STOVES We Pay 5c Pound for Large Clean Cotton Rags. Daily Clintonian ir mo oiu j Ohio Valley Flood Picture Cartoon and Act "iHlitj I irst, I'ricmi Alxays Ixnrrst" Phone 361 John King as "ACE DRUMMOND" Fox Comedy "Transatlantic Love" 234-38 Eim

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