The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on February 5, 1937 · Page 9
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 9

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, February 5, 1937
Page 9
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Page Nine Friday, February 5, 1937 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, India.- " "' n THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Founded mi IWJXUKf MODE&& . Behind the Seen mi--' I ' 'i Established as The Weekly Clintonian 189(1 Tbs Clinton Platndealer absorbed In 1911s. kJU ' jA a ,, , . ' Vfi aavi WIII"S Colonel McCarthy's admonition prison? That the very name he called her by was an assumed one? IIVJLLTWUU w .Editor and Publithef CUorga L Carey . against maKing nerscu cneap back to her in full force. At every crisis of her life and to her, this Jimmy so honest, so straigiilior-arl. who loathed deceit in any form? Lombard had an order given to !,. Mnflut In MtlA him floWSrS was an Important one, hinging as it did a new liirht on Jimmy and Hut ires he honest and true, as ns gotered at the Poetofflce at Clinton, Indiana, an Becond CUM Mstter Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association every day. The florist waa the the woman who. In a sense, consid appeared? U'hv hnd hs broken his engage ered Wself Luana's patroness By HARRISON CARROLL twprrtrirt. in;. Uaa ruuni Urn4leu, las. HOLLYWOOD. Betta Davla couldn't be happier over th prospect ot a normal married life. Har-fnuo O. Nelson Is Sack, and this time for keeps. Ha ll be In the ment with her that evening, to entertain .Mrs. Vanilnveer, a married same where (Jaws nan oeen oaying Carole's flowers and, aa a result of a mleunderatemltng. Carole has been receiving her own (lowers wuniun, alone in his studio: "Sh walked in on hirn. She sur National Advertising; Representative; GEO. B. DAVID CO. lon Wrlili-v niilg;., fhlrago. rienefai Mnt on Bid., Detroit 1 10 h)n-i 42nd fit., New York the words of her steptutner tola fogey that he was, but diiln't he know the world?) reminded hr forcibly, reluctantly, of hia innate wisdom. To Jimmy, considering the manner of their meeting, Luana could well be classified as a "pick-up" coast office of every day. liable got none. Eighteen years ago. when she was a star at Universal, Mary Mc-r . ..n n in Tom Gubblna tu Phone 117 Phone 41 I etet' CKmM agency. V I Thrunne; about The vulgarity of the term gave prised him. H" was tuo much of a gentleninn to show her the door." She made excuses for Jimmy. It was not his fault. Knowing how important a eurtomer he was and that she had entertained l.oth him and Luana. and lind been Instrumental in getting her her present position, Jimmy had thought it expedient as well as courteous to re buy her a piece of Jade In China. Me wasn i aoie w get ...i.t. - - nn tiia -t i irn and thev didn't meet again unlM the other day, when Gubblna walked into the R-K-O commissary and re ceive her. lie wouiu exuiuin it wi. to Luana laLer. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN S PLATFORM: 1. To fWthef every intereat of Parke and Vermillion counties. 2. To Msist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County' unemployment problem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the mod attractive city of ita tiasl m the state. It on the "Kid Gallahad" set at Warners, Bette told your correspondent: "It waa an Impossible situation with Ham In New York. Wera even than when he It force and body. In her humiliation she told her. self that that was exactly what she was in the eyes of Jimmy Rsndolph. A rtoman with the prestige and name and wealth of Mrs. Joel Vandaveer might stoop to conquer, and get away with it But not a penniless girl from nowhere, minus family, and with a cloud over her name, so that Bhe had been practically compelled to change it turned the money io me lurmrr .Bni nnlu a hmihlft to Kills But time went on, and no Jimmy The French clock on the mantel- her then. But now ahe can use it. piece chimed. Luana went to tne ice-uox onu i,-" Bette Dawk out her supper. But appetite had gone. She a:' a very little, put the remainder l.ut 't Day's Gossip: Bill Fields, who used to say the dictionary was his favorite book, haa received 37 of them since entering the hospital. . . . Brrol Flynn la back at work Added to her humiliation, ner sense of cheapness, was another and even more powerful emotion. on "The Prince ana-uie rii after days out with mi and ma Rh hated the sicht of Mrs. Van CHAPTED XVIII If Yvonne thought Luana foolish In wasting her golden opportunities, at tbe other end of the category she placed tha admirable Mrs. Joel Van-daveer. "Ah, to be married to a millionaire, and also have the 'amlKiins lover I EeS sbs not clsv-eira?" "She does not look too happy, tn spite of the millions snd thu fine r'othe and the trips to Europe," Luana observed. She Ignotid mention of Ramon. Indeed, the young Spaniard no longer cams to tha shop with Mrs. Vandaveer. Probably thers bad been a quarrel of soma kind. On a curtain Friday in early April, when daffodils and frseaia and narcissi wars blooming jauntily in the flower-shops, and tha sidewalk cafes doing a brisk business under their striped umbrellas, , Luana waited outside the House of laackenmiab on Fifth Avenue at 'wenty minutes of sis for Jimmy Handolpa, who had arranged to meat har at the closing of tha shop. Hut he waa not there. She strolled northward and back again. She was a little annoyed at Jimmy's lack of punctuality, since it was awkward to be kept waiting on the pavement. Rather undignified, in fact The girls were trooping out of the building. Yvonne appeared with Armaria. Luana would wait ne longer. A Washington Square bus had pulled :p beside her. She hastily climbed ubeard. Arrived at the apartment, she thought she had perhaps been hasty? But it would teach Jimmy a lesson. i He would follow her here. Neither he nor she had a telephone, which waa a little awkward when there were delays like this. But time slipped by, and no Jimmy. "Perhaps I havS offended him?" But she would make amends. She would have a dainty supper waiting for him when he arrived, Yvonne uaving an engagement to dine elsewhere with her Armand. She opened a can of cold salmon, garnished it with lettuce leaves and thin sliced cucumber and parsley, and put it in the ice-box to chill. She stuffed tomatoes with a succulent mixture of green peppers and spring onions and pimento, and set .hem alongside the dish of salmon, against Jimmy's arrival. It was erowing very dusk now. waa leading orchestras. Then, at least, I could go ait In a night club and be with him between dances. Now we'll get to go out together nights. W won't know how to behave." Elaine Barrle pursues her career tinder the eagle eye of mama. During rehearsals, Mrs. Jacobs watches from out in the orchestra seats. She van arte In en interviews, though aha doesn't attempt to conduct them. into the ice-box. It wouiu come u handy later, when Jimmy appeared But why humble herself by waiting? She was no Patient C'riseldal let Jimmy find the apartment empty and in darkness, and think that it was who had broken the engagement, going straight from the shop to a rendezvous with snnio-one else I Wild horses w ould never drag out of her the fact that she hud spud on Jimmy and his '.allerl daveer Bitting there alone in the fast deepening twilight with Jim-myl A jealous pain filled her, twisted like a live thing in her bosom. Never had Luana known a feeling of that sort in all her nineteen laria. ... Vic naming, iuo ui-rector, also Is on the mend. He has checked out of the Good Sa-mar! tan after three weeks. , . . That was a neat promotion Idea of the Cosmopolitan magazine to get out a folder. showlnft scenes years, it came line an avaiancne. Tears burned in her throat and from motion stung her eyes and made her heart swell so that It seemed as though Then see It he mentionea .virs. Vandaveer and her unconv.-ntional f - 1 picture nils "f jm- V'a made from her chest would burst with it She had looked on Jimmy fool that she was as her own posses- visit to his studio? Put his straight-forwardness to a test? Luana started at the sound of footsteps coming up the Ltairs that led from the street HOW TO ABOUSH CHILD LABOR The president of the United States, his predecessor and hia opponent in" the last election are against child labor. When Mersre. Roosevelt, Hoover and Landon agree, there must be some. reason for the abolition of child labor. Why isn't child labor abolished) How can it be abolished? The answer is not to be found in denouncing the employers of child labor, even if they deserve it, or in supposing that fathers and mothers throughout the United States selfishly exploit their children, as some do. Chrldrert labor in the United States for the same reason that they work in" ofher sections of the world, to make money in order to increase the income of the family group. There is no argument against the statement that, in many places, a laborer, unskilled and untrained, cannot make enough money to decently support a wife and children. Inevitably, the wife and children seek employment. The best "way to abolish child labor in the United States is to make it possible for a working man, anywhere in the United States, to make enough money to support his family. Most of them would like to do it. n. He had had no women friends In Hastily she switched the nt'nt orr. Let Jimmy knock I Let him go away, disappointed I Yvonne's shrill voice came Stones originally appearing in Ita pages. . . . My ma Loy and Arthur Horn-blow had small models made of the rooms in their new nome. They studied these for possible changes and a a v e d them all New York till that night he had pursued Chou-Chou, the monkey, over the roof tops and Into her apartment, and they had had their supper together. The extenuating circumstances of Ms attack of faintness or giddi through the transom over the door. "Mon Dieo. I cannot find my key, Armand. Go down to the jancctnr. sa Loy Myri ness on thst occssion she ignored. She told herself that as like aa not selves a lot of money. . . . I. E, He will let us in." So it was not Jimmy. It was the French girl and her swejthart who expected her to be goni . . Luana opened the door to them Yvonne made startled eyes at her. "Ma fol, you here?" she exclaimed nntrraciouslv. "You tell me tliees FrMay being her birthday, Ann Bothera got a big cake. She conceived the Idea of sending . slices to all her friends and thereby hangs a tale that has Hollywood nickering. Ann gave the packages to her chauffeur to deliver. He stopped to see a picture show Brut, with the result that it was midnight when he got around to some of the homes. George Murphy took him fer n bargiar and held him at the poin of a pistol until things could be explained. Ann's face Is considerably red over the Incident and she has been phoning apologies to Murphy, Joan Bennett, Betty Fumes and others who were routed out at aa unseemly hour to receive then- portion of cake. Answering Your Questions! Helen Wakenng, Glendeie: Kay Francis atill tarries in New York, but Debner Daves waa a quiet arrival of a week ago and is back at his desk at the Warner Brothers studio. When Bey Friend Clark Gable came down with the flu, Carole ha had done it on purpose, to gain sympathy or a drink. She had fallen for his "act." like the silly greenhorn ahe waa Jimmy had never once Invited her to Ms studio, but at this very mo morning you have an appointment?" ment he was entertaining Lorraine Vandaveer there. Lorraine of the strange fascina tion and the unplumbable poise. Stutsman, supernuenaeni 01 schools in St. Joseph. Mo., writes the Hal Roach studio, thanking them for giving the school leather a break on the screen in the "Our Gang" comedy, "Stooky Hooky". . . . And the Fawcett Publications, March Issue, are starting a readers' poll to determine the most popular star In Hollywood. Flash! The serious Illness of their son, Ricky, has caused the Richard Arlena to cancel plans for celebrating their eleventh wedding anniversary in Yosemite. Lorraine in an exquisite jane mwn that enhanced her red-haired, She switched on a light. Twenty- white-skinned beauty, and brought five minutes of seven! Switching off tbe light, Luana had hrirht Idea She would take a oat the depth and color ol her green eyes that were curiously sianung under the thick black lashes. Lorraine was a woman or the world, practised with men. endowed there may be some Btubborn obstacles, delays or impediments to contend with. Also there are signs of treachery, duplicity and subtle undercurrents to be disposed of. Make changes carefully and safeguard the domestic circle from anxieties or grief. Those whose birthday it Is may encounter a year of some contra- THE STARS SAY By GE.Vfe.HES .SEMBLR For Hafcn-oVi, ''February A day of what is known to astrologers as "mixed Influences" is forecast from the lunar aspects. While employment , eiesi 'bnslness conditions, new projects and finance are under a fairly prorations sway, yet leaf out of Jimmy's book and climb ever the roofs and surprise him In his studio, apologizing for not having Waited longer for him, since probably he was offended with her with a faculty of setting them at their ease while subtly flattering them. lladnt Luana seen her wltn Ramon, with her husband, with Mr Ouackenbush. even with Ar- She knew where his attic was located. Her heart sank a little when lie saw no golden patch of light in the big, sloping window est in the roof. I was onen. There was a funny mmrkti nt the Hhnn? Wasn't her cleverness with men obvious and dictions or conflicts. While business, employment, new undertakings and money may progress and prosper, yet there are signs of adverse conditions. A child born on this day reny be rority last evening at her home in I South Fifth street. Miss June Zell and Miss Ruth Wood gave a report of the recent Delta Tau convention which was held In Terre Haute, and plans were made to send a box of ,hcuil Buuolies to ilie mountain real! A part of the sorcery ot the woman 7 little ladder usually set under it I . Jl . ,1. u.J.T'. mtanA nr nlflt. At her cocktail party, hadn't tarn in five short steps. She would talented, enterprising and successful Luana found Lorraine alone witn Jimmy in the conservatory? She had been willing to leave all school which is sponsored by the so climb down and wait for Jimmy's return . . . surprise him. As she neared the window she beard the sound of hia voice. He in employment. Yet, It might he sensitive, secretive and of a rays-liful or occult turn of mind. her other guests to make headway with the handsomest young man at rority. The next meeting Is to he held at the home of Mrs. Dow "I have I m leaving airertiy. "Come in, Armand." Yvonne seemed relieved. Luana went into the cupboard In the bathroom where her things were kept. She put on her hat and coat and gloves. On her way out through the living room, Armand, who was alone in the room for a minute, blocked her passage. He said, in a voice that was purposely low, so that Yvonne in the bedroom might not overhear him: "You are cruel, Miss Waters. You always go out when I come in. I ask you, is that fair?" "Certainly it is. I have an engagement," replied Luana tartly. She hated the way Armand loolcd at her, loathed the touch of his soft, womanish hands, his perfumed hair. "Be kind. I'm mad about yuu," he whispered. "Have dinner with me tomorrow night? The Stafford Walk at seven o'clock?" His furtive eyes went from her to the open door of Yvonne's bedroom, as though warning ber to be silent. What a sneak he wasl Shaking her head in refusal, she pushed past him just before the suspicious and jealous Yvonne appeared In the doorway. The moment Luana had gone, the French girl spat out: "What were you just asking her?" Armand smiled blandly albeit soothingly. Yvonne was a hell-cat I "I was telling her tha boss wants her to be at the opening luncheon of the St Regal Roof tomorrow at one sharp. She's to wear the new plaid taffetas we've adapted from Lanvin. She's to luncb with tha press agent." But Yvonne was not satisfied. She knew the little weaknesses of her Armand. They had an argument It was Interrupted by a knock on the outer door. "Sstl Do not open. It may be Luana come back. I don't want her," whispered Yvonne sulk- It had not been Luana. however. had a charming, weii-moauiaieo pm up Every Man, Woman, Boy and Girl , Is Eligible to Try For her party. "What a charming woman Mrs. Vandaveer la!" Jimmy had remarked to Luana as they left the voice. He was taming to someone, t.tiBna halted, listening1. penthouse together. She had felt a little pang, then Willis Cross has returned to his home in Racine. Wis., after spending the past tew dnys with friends here. Came a woman's voice, low and caressing. Blood rushed to Luana's face. It eouldnt bet What business had "she" here in Jimmy's studio, YESTERDAYS PF.BRITARY S, 1912 . Johnnie Barcus is visiting with his sister, Mrs. David Blaiknt-r. in Veedmore. but it was nothing to what ahe was now exueriencing. Mra Vandaveer had come to without even the lights turned on; ababby Elizabeth street to seek out Jimmv. Could it be possible? Iaiu ereot nearer ... FAVORS CENSUS For a woman whose every hour The woman was Mrs. Joel Van was booked with an endless round daveer. see Miss Helen Morgan and Mrs. Marshall V. Robh were in Terre Haute. Saturday afternoon. f.usna ereot back over the roofs to her apartment, full of trembling indignation mixed with a feeling Survey Reveals Manufacturing Employment 106 Per Cent of 1929. Joe Howard of Farmersburg visited bis sistPr, Mrs. Tom Hockett, of Lyford lust wk. 7f Cask pcuscf TO BE PAID BY THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE that waa entirely new w ner, aiiu painfully disturbing. With all her heart, she resented Mrs. Vandaveer being in Jimmy's studio. So it was the who hsd detained him, made him break his appointment! Or perhaps Jimmy himself had Invited her, forgetting all about his of engagements, this meant one thing . . . that ahe waa attracted to the young architect I Ramon had got bis eongs. Was tfcui the reason? Luana clenched her hands so that the knuckles stood out whitely. The realization had come to her of what Jimmy meant to her . . . what in the weeks of their friendship, he bad grown to mean. Bat she had no right to think of Jimmy as anything more than a friend . . . because of that ceremony in Yuma, Arizona! She sank down on the chintz-covered divan that waa her bed at night, staring stonily ahead of her into the deep twilight What would Jimmy aay to her were he to learn that she bad a "husband" (save tbs wordl) in Mifses Hazel Doole; and Ruth McKinsey visited Miss Ruth Doughty iast week. FOR BEST ANSWERS TO A NEW CONTEST engagement with Luana, or ignoring iff Now, ahe had humiliated herself but Jimmy Randolph, who finally went away. Thereafter ensued two hours of Armand'a best endeavorB before Yvonne was restored to normalcy. (To Be Continued) OmmtISI, ltll. Kla Vmubm Sikdlata. laa try spying en tnemi iz iney nm seen her oeerimr through the sky Mr. and Mrs. William Davidson are the proud parents of a ten pound daughter born Tuesday morning, Jan. 30. The lot has been named Louise. light window, she told herself she woald have died ef humilistion, would never have gotten over iu C. II. Oriftitb made a business trip to Terre Haute, Tuesday DBEiCB WE CONGRESS WAITS FOR F. D. R. ACTION nRR -s aajj attaas' Hi WANTED Hides Iron Rags Metal end Paper Highest Prices Paid A. Dumes Water Street How Appearing in the CHICAGO SUNDAY TRIBUNE J.. SCARY X. - Mrs. John Cuerrl of South Eighth street entertained tbe members of the M. W. C. Ctuh last evening ai her home, flueata of the club were Mra. Charles Vogel, Mrs. William Purvis and Mrs. Seibert Shew. Bridge was played and prises award-d to Mrs. George Healer, club, and Mrs. Purvis, guest. The next meeting of the club will be held at the home of Mrs. Floyd Guinn in South Pifth street. , t i2E3 NEW YORK (IPS) Declaring that an III person cannot be made well until the location and nature of bis illness Is known, William B. Warner, newly elected president of the National Association of Manufacturers, in his first official preFB conference again placed American business squarely on record as favoring a Federal censiiB of the unemployed. Such a census be called "absolutely essential" to determine the place and nature of existing unemployment. Mr. Warner pointed to the results of an employment survey among firms employing approximately a third of all the people engaged In manufacturing Industry as proof that business knowa where reemployment has taken place. According to this survey among firms of tbe National Association of Manufacturers employing M0,uui people, employment In these companies is 10 per cent ef tbe 1S! employment record. "The actual figures." be said, "show that employes of manufacturing companies reporting numbered 2.5S5.S5I In l;t and HHi.t at the end ef These figures include the entire automobile Industry which reported employment as 16 per eent above 12S and the steel industry, where employment was Bp 14 per eent. "This aneationnaire develops clearly tbe points where employment has been increased. The next step is to find out where it still exists so that the entire country can concentrate its efforts in that direction. To obtain this vital infor-aiatioa, a federal census of the unemployed is absolutely essential. "1 am confident that with this basic Information and with the sympathetic co-operation of all groups witbin the country we could do mnrli toward diminishing unemployment during the present year." Mrs. Dave Salmond of Blackmsa street entertained the members of the Women's- Missionary Society of LOUIS CO-MANAGER IRATE OVER SLOWNESS OF JACOBS CHICAGO. Feb. 5. (ANSI-Julian Black, co-manager of Joe Louis, was more than a little Irate this week over the failure of Mike Jacobs to complete definite arrangements this week for s Hraddock-Louls championship fight at Soldier Field here June 15. "We will give him (Mike Jacob;) a few more days, and then break with him If be doesn't Binn a contract," Black said. Braddork warns the match. We want it. Chicago wants it. "We'll alga without Mike Jacob" If necessary." What Jacobs, who is expected here shortly, might have to say or him out of the picture remained undo ebout any such attempt to cut certain as Black, speaking for himself and John Roxhorough. continued: "We have stuck with Jacobs when we could have signed with Madison Square Garden and fought Jim Braddoek in place of allowing Mas Schmeling to get that contract. "Scemellng would never have been picked for the chaiiipioniii shot If we had not stuck loyally to Jacobs. Now we expect Jacobs lo Btick by us. "But don't worry. Braddoek and Louis are both determined to fiebt here. Tou can bet a'l the cotton In Texas it sill be held." Ithe Methodist C'burch yesterday aft-iernoon at her home, Mrs. Walter 428 PIOPLE MUST WIN! WHY NOT YOU? IT'S FREE! For Particulars See the PICTURE SECTION of this Sunday's (Esjinajtf WASHINGTON, Feb. S. ilNSi Congress late this week awaited estimates from President Roosevelt's o'Oial fbiod advisers before loosening federal purse strings to aid flood stricken cities In recovering from the disaster of the last t.-n days. I T Meanwhile a new drive was started to chili future floods. "-phase of this drive will be to fteek appropriations to carry out the iriS5.non.iiuO of flood control projects authorized by Congress lasi year. si Th? ne-vv flood control tiiiin w n undr coniinitte-p consideration. On by Senator Bulkly. Dwnorrat. o: Ohio, would crf-aie an Ohio Va!! Authority with vridf powers to struct dani, r-srvoirs and flu'; walls along tht Ohio and its tnb utari and with authority to oj't ai thp d;irn for Oip d-v.-Wpm-!.' of flf-ctrle ixtwt. The cither, h SMiator ILitti'- ':r a w v . I jm of rat. A i k a n j w ; I ! cjtll on thp fsw-r.ry of war i.t r port a ( Oiiipi L-!fiv- na i';i! :t trram for m "control f ti'-i m n!l xh" major rir of t' i'iii'i StatrH." She wo'iid Iiht- t h- a; re Ni;! n-rs n-t-rtiiit' very jh -j.'' ! iieeUed to jrttiit tuLu:e Hoodi. Jom-s gave the lesson, Mrs. Ray Harith was in charge of the devo-tioas, Mrs. Arthur Ferguses so-rilied the anisic snd Mrs. Beajsmin Rist gave the enigmas. The next meeting of the society will be held at the home of Mrs. John Boaonetto of North Fourth street. We Pay 5c per pound of large clean Cotton Ra- Clintonian. Mrs. Joseph iae Tintori of Universal has gone to Chicago to spend a few days with her daughter. Mrs. James Muratorl. THI WOJHB'f OtEATIST NEWSf Area White's Pharmacy aw crrr Mmos feat tMvar4 b CSieaoe SCXD Httf I IHctrUtut'ir ttiieouo Tribune K. Main Phone l Mrs Everett H-lma. assisted bv READ THE ADS Vrs. Paul K'llv. entertained the neaibers of the Delis Tbeta Tan eo-

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