The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on May 22, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 22, 1922
Page 3
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS BRITISH LOSE BILLION DePalma Will Drive Yankee Car in Five Century Grind MONTE CARLO OF EAST Macao, Once Holy City, Now Given Up to Gambling. RADIO TESTS PLEASE MAXIM Declares Spanning of Atlantic Ocean by Amateurs Is Revolutionary. J kgb f ft f N' : -si s -ai.- viF Jf , f" 1 IfeiM ----- -aawowt-.: : - -:-.-:-v- wo "V. 3 Hit Hard by Strike and Boycott in India. Ghandi, Boycott Leader, Considers Violence Mortal Sin His Punishment Would Set All India Aflame. Washington. How a slender, mild-mannered man of fifty-two, who believes violence of any kind a mortal sin, has caused the British government more trouble than any number of revolutionists, was described in an address to the National Popular Government league by Syud Hossian. "The English government knows not what to do with this man, Mahatma Ghandi," said Hossian. "If they imprison or execute him it will set India aflame. If they allow his non-violent, non-co-operative movement of boycotting British goods and j everything British to proceed, it will bankrupt them and overturn the 'strategic' center of empire in the Orient. "This month is the first anniversary of the start of the boycott Instituted by Ghandi, and it has already cut down English export trade to 25 per cent of its normal volume, resulting in n cash loss of not less than ?1,000, HX),000. "If the same success attends the refusal to pay taxes, which began last month, it will mean a loss of $3t (0,000,000 per year In revenue to the government, which means collapse. John Bull is being hit in his most vulnerable spot his pocketbook." Hossian described Ghandi as the most remarkable person he had ever met. He quoted Colonel Wedgewood, a member of parliament, as saying: "Ghandi is the only man in the world whose name can be mentioned with that of Jesus Christ without blasphemy." "Although , a trained lawyer," said Hossian, "Ghandi earns his living as a weaver. He works at his modest home, is a great reader and student. "Ghandi believes the use of violence in any form is a mortal sin. Physical force he regards as the wea- j pon, not of the strong, but of the I weak. j "He thinks the most potent instru-I ment for all purposes is 'soul force' and the power of self suffering, and not permit himself an unkind thought, even toward his bitterest ene mies. SHELL CARRIES MESSAGE ......................... .-.v.-o jum llin "IWiiUMII'li IISMll' .,. te" 4 RALPH K 1C fALM INDIANAPOLIS, IND. Ralph DePalma, "darling of the race fans," will pin his hopes on Tuesday, May 30y to winning the tenth annual 500-mile race with an Indianapolis made Duesenberg "straight eight." DePalma has endeared himself to the speed followers by the graciousness with which he can accept defeat, as well -as victory and for the neat personal appearance of himself, his mechanics and his pit crew, to say nothing of the immaculate car he always drives. Since 1919 DePalma's racing cars have always been cream colored and at the start of a race have a mirrored finish, without a fleck of soil. With all his attention to detail he always gives the fans a run for their money, furnishing 90 per cent, of the thrills of the speed spectacle, had the fastest car a year ago and holds the 500-mile record average of 89.84 miles an hour, established when he won the 1915 event. 500-Mile Race Winner's Woes Only Begin With End of Duel First-Class Gambling House and Ruins of Great Cathedral Form Contrasting Picture Once Haven for Traders. London. Macao is the Monte Carlo of the Far East, says a writer in the Daily Mail. Two contrasting pictures of Macao (pronounced McKow), are the ruins of the majestic cathedral dating back more than 300 years and a garish building at the end of a narrow cobbled street with its illuminated sign, "First-class Gambling House." The contrast sums up the ill-starred history of this pretty but blighted child of old Portugal. Once known as "the Holy City of the Far East," it is now the Monte Carlo. Three hours from Hongkong, across the estuary of the Pearl river, lies Macao. The pioneer European settlement in China, it cuiue into Portuguese hands in 1557 as a reward to the "long-bearded and large-eyed men" for their assisting the Chinese against river pirates. It was a far-famed haven for traders, and when, iu 1575, Pope Gregory XIII founded the episcopal see, Macao became the beacon-light of Christendom in the Far East. But no longer in the old, boxlike houses of blue and white and terra cotta do the wealthy colonial merchants of old Portugal give their brilliant dinner parties. No longer do the silvery voices of their women folk fill the tropic night with songs of the homeland. Trade and wealth have gone and the colony lives almost entirely on the revenue from the Chinese "fan tan"' gambling dens. Save for, perhaps, the government officials, there are very few true-born Portuguese in the colony, which seems now to be run chiefly for the benefit of the Chinese. The Macanese, descendants of the early wttlers, many of whom married Japanese or Malaccan women, are scattered in the treaty ports of China ami form the bulk of the clerical class working for foreign firms. The star of Macao as a trading center set with the marvelous rise of the British crown colony of Hongkong, about the middle of last century. Only 40 miles away, with a magnificent harbor which all ships could enter, Hongkong attracted all the trade. It was evident from the first that Macao was side-tracked. The Usual Way. "Hello, Fred! How did you get on in Scotland?" "Oh, fine, Jack! We had grand weather all the time. By the by, do you know, I heard a funny thing when I was there." "Indeed!" said Jack. "What was it?" "Well, they told me that they didn't hang a man with a wooden leg in Scotland !" "That's queer!" said Jack. "How's that?" j "Oh, they hang 'em with a rope as I a rule!" was the reply. London Answers. Pays Bill Many Years Old. A merchant in Winston-Salem, N. C, recently received $7.50 from a man who said he had bought a pair of rub-j her boots from him on credit twenty-! six years ago and had failed to pay for them. Greenland was discovered by an Icelander about 876. A TALK WITH A FAIRMOUNT MAN Mr. Cecil Drake of 323 E. 2nd Street, Tells of an Interesting Experience There is nothing like a talk with one of our own citizens for giving hope and encouragement to the anxious sufferer from. the dread kidney disease. We, therefore, give here an interview with a Fairmount man: "My kidneys troubled me a lot," says Mr. Drake. "My back was lame and when I overworked I had a severe ache across the small of my back. My kidneys throbbed and pained. When I stooped I had dizzy spells and my sight blurred. My kidneys acted too freely. I read of Dtoan's Kidney Pills and used them as direct, ed. They went to the bottom of the trouble curing me sound and well. The aches and pains left and my back was well and strong." Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't simply ask for a kidney remedy get Doan's Kidney Pills the same that Mr. Drake had. Foster-Milburn Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y. Advertisement. .A' over the youthful speed king, who shows in his face the strain of defeating 24 of the world's best drivers and its fastest cars. Tommy will be back in the chase on Tuesday, May 30, seeking to repeat his drive of a year ago. Sk FOR SALE FOR SALE Marion fence. Price, right. Oscar Loy & Son. FOR SALE Virginia Crystal Black Ash Coal. Loy & Son. FOR SALE Cultured buttermilk and cottage cheese at Cloverleaf Creatra station. FOR SALE Eggs for hatching Fishel's Direct. $1.50 for 15. Mrs.. S. P. Roberts. FOR SALE Good work mare. Phone .1103. FOR SALE Modern property, central location, hot water heat. See Dr. L. D. Holliday. FOR SALE Maytag power washer and refrigerator. George II:11 en-beck. FOR SALE One set of wire wheels for Ford, pracically new. Call 27'J. FOR SALE A pood sewing machine. 310 North Vine Street. WANTED WANTED House cleaning to do. Mrs. Del Smith, opposite the Grist mill. NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR No. 4066. Notice is hereby given, That the-undersigned has been appointed Administrator iof the estate of Arnold O. Barrack, deceased, late of Fair-mount Township, Grant County, Indiana. Said Estate is supposed to be solvent. CLARA BELLE BARRACK, Administrator Marshall Williams, Attorney. May 25, June 1-8. As a measure of national defense, the war department is making plans to establish an air route to the Panama Canal Zone. Landing places will be surveyed, and selected army planes will be sent to the zone under their own power. Eyes Tested, (JJasses Fitted by State Registered OPTOMETRISTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively Optical South Side Square Marion PIANO TUNING VOICING, ACTION REGULATING D. M. HEADRICK 410 No. Main St. FAIRMOUNT Charges reasonable Drop a card and I will call, city or country. Phone 225. DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist j -X-RAY- Rooms over Postoffice Hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m., 1 to 5 p. in. E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Hahne Drug Store' Office hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m., 1 to S' D. WILSON, Rep. SMALL APPARATUS IS USED President of the League Foresees Nations Drawn Closer by Wireless Bonds Amateurs Develop Super-skill. New York. The success of amateur wireless operators in this country and Canada in sending signals and messages to Scotland in the week's tests recently will he revolutionary in its effect on wireless communication, according to Percy Hiram Maxim, president of the American Radio Relay league, through which the tests were made. Amateurs had believed that eonie of them would crash through to the other side, hut that many of them would do so night after night was almost more than they had hoped for. Use Little Power. The technical significance of the performance lies in the ability shown to make low-powered instruments do the work which in large commercial stations requires powerful apparatus. Less than one kilowatt was used by the, amateurs tu transmitting three signals over thousands of miles of land and sea for some of those far in the Interior of the country got across whereas the large stations use from j 100 to 200 kilowatts. In some weather that would not check the more powerful stations they would, of course, fail, but some of their work was done under conditions that were far from ideal. That stations as far west as Ohio were Rble to reach Scotland, where Paul E. Godley, the official receiver for the league, was stationed, was due partly to the relation, not always realized, which Britain occupies to America. The general direction from points in this country is northeast. Signals from New England pass over the maritime provinces of Canada, and those from I Denver pass over Hudson bay. Mr. Godley expressed the belief that because of better refraction and reflection inland stations had as gxd a chance of getting over as North Atlantic stations. This .proved to be the case. Proved It Could Be Done. "Our success is revolutionary in radio communication,' says Mr. Maxim. "It had not been thought possible by experts that amateurs could span the ocean, and we have proved that it could be done. It means the coining of citizen communication between England and America, the coming of the day when the people of one country can talk to one another and discuss momentous affairs without the intermediary of public or governmental agencies. What this means for the development of understandings and harmonious relationship can be better imagined than de scribed. t It turns one's thoughts to the recent discussions by Mr. Wells in his story of the ideal relationships between the peoples of the world. "It is only a matter of time when this wireless telegraph communication will be followed by telephonic communication, and when citizens of one country may talk with the citizens of another country without any check upon their freedom of speech. "The great thing about this test Is that it was done by amateurs; their money and confidence put it through. They have developed super-skill in operating and supersensitiveness in apparatus. I think it will be a great surprise to all the wireless men of the world, from Marconi to the experts of the great private companies. The amateur's apparatus has been developed on the basis of love for his work ; It is not the perfunctory, although skillful, performance of the hired employee." The Radio league is divided into several divisions covering the entire country, and there are 20,000 amateur stations operating In it. Each division has a manager, an assistant manager and district superintendents, who develop long distance lines of communication and allot hours for local and long distance transmission. TO EXPLORE RIVER OF DOUBT Adventurers Seek Rare Insects for American Colleges Carry "Dust" Pistols. New York. Equipped with "dust" shooting pistols to bring down highflying Insects that cannot be netted, Jesse H. Williamson and John W. Strohm sailed from New York recently for Brazil in behalf of science. They plan to penetrate beyond the River of Doubt, now the Rio Aedoro, in their hunt for li'therto uncaptured specimens for the roological collections of the University of Michigan and other colleges. The expedition is expected to last six months, and will go up" the Amazon to Porto Yelho, thence along the Madeira-Mamorer railroad, 200 miles Into the fever-infested fastnesses of the Southwest and the Serra Dos Parecis mountains. The "dust shot Is so fine that the ' most delicate specimens would not be Irreparably injured, the explorers said. j - i .wA - J JS - ; v . v i T NDIAXAPOLIS, IND. When J- Tommy Milton completed his 500-mile drive last Memorial Day and won the greatest race of the year, his troubles had only started. Despite the vigilance of the guards a mob surrounded the winner's car as he pulled up at the pits and prevented him hustling away to his garage. The mob that surrounded Tommy were all friends and Included two of the celebrities of the speed game, the veterans of all pilots still taking an active Interest in the sport. Louis Chevrolet and Barney Oldfleld, the old vets are seen bending Speed Graveyard" at Annual 500-Mile Automobile Contest i nil. nimSgStfS: 2 Carlo sierra of New Xork is here shown with a model of his message-carrying shell and receiving station, recently invented and patented. The shell may be fired from any gun or by compressed air. The receiving station comprises a wall forming a support for a series of spring buffers. Each shell lias entangling pins which become entangled when the shell hits the selected receiving station. The receiving stations are designed to withstand the impact of the arriving shell. The hollow interior of the shell carries the messages. X-Ray Solves Theft. Casper, Wyo. An X-ray examination of a woman's stomach solved a diamond ring mystery, according to County Attorney Purcell. Mrs. Eva Hammond, a prisoner In the county jail was placed in custody of a physician while county authorities considered what method to pursue in recovery of the ring. Mrs. Hammond was arrested after she attended a dance one night, following complaint charging her with theft of a diamond ring valued at $1,200 last October. A tip from Mrs. Hammond's dancing partner led to the X-ray test. Death Takes Man Watching by Bier New Tork. With his hands pressed tightly over his eyes, the body f Abraham Berger, sixty, was found kneeling beside the coffin containing the body of Albert Rosenblatt. According to the medical examiner, Berger died of heart disease. Crowds of superstitious folk stood around discussing the death and repeated folklore dealing with strange deaths. Undertakers had hired Berger to watch the corpse and to attend to funeral details. r tVy.v, . . . N VACCINATE YOUR HOGS WITH THORNTOWN SERUM Strictly Throat Bled Pure and Potent Serum and virus, also capsules and iodine, at labra-tory prices. Keep a supply on hands atall limes INDIANAPOLIS, IND. Four "derelicts" abandoned in the "speed graveyard" during a 500-mile race. Like the ocean greyhounds that pile up on the submerged rocks the four race cars have wrecked the hopes of their pilots to gain the lion's share of $100,000 and the glory that goes with an international pionship. A few hours before a group of skilled mechanics were busy petting and pampering; the "mechanical ships," but now they stand deserted and unmatched, while other racing cars are still thundering around the big brick oval. In the group Is mora than $5&,00t worth of machinery, on which months of labor had been expended, to seek new records and for the entertainment of a crowd of more than 109,000 speed fans. On Tuesday, May 30, la the tentn annual gOO-mJla race there iSl be another impromptu graveyard. Phone Black 1802. H.

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