The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on February 5, 1937 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 5, 1937
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

( ft.- r !! Friday, February 5, 1937 i lie iany wiiiiiuiuun. vumuiit luuiann Page Eight mm i r I -John 4:15 Helen Balhlte. 8nnr, NBC. WBOW Radio Station Schedule ny "Homo Decorators." 5 SI and Er.ra (Security Loan Company I. 11:30 Mason's Hit Tunes. II: 15 Sports Heporter.' 7:0(1 John S. Con. Went her Reports. 7:01 News (Robert's Clothes Shop). 7:15 Our Quartet. 7:30 Toastmastei', Announce'-. Audition, S un Silbetman's Barn Dance. !i: 00 - -Spectator Commentator. !i : 1 5 - Variety program. 11:30 Roy Shield Itevue. NHC. Iii:n0- Rainbow drill orchestra NHC. 10:30 French Casino Orchestra. NRC SI, -in, t(,r Vmlml'il. S'HC. I (1:1 l:oo Rev. Drake. Radio (lonpel. 1 :' 30 Concert Orchestra. 2:00 WatchlowiT Program 2:05 Gale Puce end Charle; Sears, Songs, NBC. S:30 Lee Sulllvvon. Musical' I'm grunt, NHC 3:00 Nmliinal Vespers, NBC. 3:3o Senator Flsliface anil I'rnf Flgsbottle. NIIC 4:110 Wall?. Time. 4 : :lll Aicnlilliili Mi loillet. 4:45 -Itnhihow Trio II us ClieM Puree orchestra. NHC Tliuisilii . IVbiuinl ll, ll:i; 11:30 Casino I'nri.'leiine Ori-lii' (1 3n Rev. Drake. tra. NRC. 7 (in -Sundial Revne. 12:00 sirn nfi. T 15 Mason's Mimical Clock Weiliu'wliiv, I'eliinarj III, lll.IT 7:3li Cheerio Proeraai. NIIC. (l:3o Rev. Drake s on Mornhii; Headlines. 7:0(1- Sundial Revne. s : 1 5 Sundial Revne t continued I. 7: 15 -Mason s Musical Clin k. s:45 Adele Rogers St. John, 7:30 - Cheerio Program, NHC. NHC. k:oo Morning Headlines. 8:65 Morning Melodies. 8:15- Sundial Revue (com in II 0:05 -Charles Harrison, Scenes, 8:45 Allele Rogers St. John. NBC. NBC. 0:15 Market Reports. S:55 Morning Melodies. 0:30 Josh Higglns of Finchville, 0:05 Sweethearts of the Air. NHC. NBC. !l:45-Hiimor in the News, NBC. fi:15 Market Reports. 10:00 Melody on Parade. 0:30 Josh Iliggins of Finchville. 1(1:15 Mason's Mid-Morning Mn- NHC. sic 0:45 Nellie Revel, NBC. 10:30 International News ' Period. 10:00 Looking Around. 10:45 The Pickard Family. 10:15 Mason's Mid-Morning Mn- 11:00 The Fels Farm Folks. sic. 11:30 Market Reports. 10:30 Indiana State Teachers' Col- 1 1 : 45 bounty Agr. Agt. lege Program. 12:00 (Hillman's Inquiring. Re-11:15 The Pickard Family. porter. 11:30 Market Reporis. 1 2: 1 B Courthouse Fnrniture Coti-11:45 County Agr. Agent. pany, 'Wranglers." 12:00 iHlllmans Inquiring; Re- 12:30 K-M News Flashes.- jmrter. 12:45 Black and White Can Pro-1?:15 Courthouse Furniture Com- gram. pauy, "Wranglers," 1:30 Rey. Brown, 12:30-!-! News Flashes. 1:3(1 Market Reports. 12:45 Black and White Cab Pro- 1:45 Congress Hotel Orchestra, gram. NBC. 1:00 Rev. Archie Brown. 2:00 Indtana Stote Teachers' Col-1:30 Market Reports. lege Program. 1:45 Christian Science Program. 2:15 Market Reports. - 2:00 Bailey Axlon. Songs. NBC. 2:30 Light Opera. NBC. 2:15 Market Reports. 3:15 Devotional Service. o::o Continental Varieties. NBC. 3:30 Metropolitan Opera OhIM, 2:45 -Ken Sparnon Ensemble, NBC. NBC. 3:4 5 The Cocktail Hour. 3:00 Old Trails Program. 4:00 Noble Cain A Coppela 3:15 Devotional Service. Choir. NBC. 3:30 Marlow and Lynn, Songs. 4:30 Irma Clenn. Organ. N'BC. NBC. 4:45 (illlis Lyrical Quarter Hour. 3:45 The Cocktail Hour. 5:00 Town Crier Program. 4:00 St. Mary of the Woods Pro- 5:30 International Newa Period. gram. 5:45 Joan and Her Escorts, NBC. 4:30 lima Clenn. Organ. NBC. (1:00 Oeneral Furniture Com-4:45 Clillis Lyrical Quarter Hour. pany. ''Home Decorators," , 5:00 Town Crier Program. 6:15 Si and Ezra (Security Loan 5 : 30 fjiiternal ional News Period. Company!. 5:45 Joan and Her Escorts, NBC. 6:30 -Mason's Tune llits. d:0(l ;eneral Furniture Compa- 0:15- Sports Reporter. ny. "Home Decorators." 7:00 John S. Cox, Weather Re-0:15 SI and Ezra (Security Ijati port. Companyl. 7:01 News Period mob-en's 0:30- Miteons Hit Tunes. Clothes Shopi. 0:45 Sports Reporter. 7 : 1 5 Dancing Melodies. 7 : SO Boston Symphony Orches tra, NBC. 8:0(1 Mayor Sam Beecher. 8:15--String Ensemble. (: 30 - America's Town Meeting of the Air, NHC mi -spectator Coniuieiitainr II: 15 Variety Show. i:ao-NW Jamboree, NHC looo - French Casino orchestra, NBC. 10:30- llolel Stevens Orchestra. 10:30 -illirtel Stevens Orchestra. NHC. 1 1 :oo Shaiidnr. Violinist, NHC. 11:0S-'Pnrk Central Hotel inches tra, NHC. 11:30 Hotel Aiiihussadiir or. lustra. NIIC 1 200 Sim off IVWny. IVIiriiary II!, 1 11.4? tl:30 - Rev. Drake. 00 Sundial Rente. :I5 Mason's Musical (lock. 30 Clieerlii I''iu in. NBC. no Sundial Revue (continued I. 45 Adele Rogers St. John. NBC. 55 Morning Melodies. 05 Sweethearts of Hie Air, NBC. IS Market Reports. :3fl--.losh Iliggins of Finchville. NBC, 45 Nellie Revel. NBC. 00 Jane Justice Program. 15 Mason's Mid-Morning Music. :3 International News Period. 46 The Pickard Family. 00 Christine, Piano and Solos. VBC. 15-Rtoul Hearted Men, Quartet. NBC. 30 Market Reports. 45 County Agr. Agent. 00 Hillman's Inquiring Reporter. 15 Courthouse Furniture Company "Wranglers." 30 - M-K News Flashes. 45 C. L. Bartley. 50 Block and White Cab Program. 00 Rev. Archie Brown, 30 Market Reports. 45 Christian Science Program. 00 Clark Dennis. Songs. NBC. 16 Market Reports. 30 Dorothy Dreslien. Songs. NBC. 00 Old Trails Program. 15 Radio Ottild Program. NBC. 45 Archer Oihson. Songs. NBC. 00 Edward Davles. Songs. NBC. 15 Irma Clenn, Organ, NBC. 30 Clillis Lyrical Quarter Hour. 45 Town Crier Program. 15 International News Period. 30 Mason's Hit Tunes. DR. B. H, SELLERS DENTIST 249 South Main StrMt Uniton, Indiana OSATtStST TtLUE . IS A lITTUB OTtCSS VMCX2SI NeJHSM TtHJ 4:30 limn menu. Organ. NBC 4:45 (Hills Lyrical Quarter Hour. 5:00 Town Crier program. 5:30 News Period. 6:45 Joan and Her ICscorts, NHC 6:00 Clenernl's Home Decorators. 6:16 SI Fira (Security L. Co.) 6:30 Mason's Tune Hits. 6:45 Sports Reporter. 7:iin --John S. Cox. Weather Report. 7:01- News Period -(Robert's Clothing Shopi. 7: 15- Hex Smith. Sotit'n. 7:3(1 llilinionil City News. 7:45 Music You Love (Plillco) k:nn- The Fireside Hour. S:3(l Today's Melodies. !i 00 - Spectator Ciiiiiineiilnlnr. 0 : 15 Varieties. 30 Music tut' the Moderns NIIC In no Stratdeld Hotel drchi'sirii MIC. lii .lo -Rainbow Room Orchestra NHC. 1 : no Macttolla Blossoms, Music ule, NHC. 11:311 Hotel llirtlllllipe Orchestra NIIC. 12: on Sign off, Tuesday, rcliruai) It, lll.'l? 0:30 -Her. Drake. 7:00 Sundial Revue. 7:15 Musons Musical Clock. 7:30 Cheerio Program. NHC. K:(iA Morning Headlines. f :15- Sundial Revne (continued I. k:4 Adele Rorcis St. John, NBC. s: 55 Morning Melodies. 0:05 Piano Duo, NBC. 0:15 Market Reports. 9: 30 Josh Higglns of Finchville, NHC. !i:45 --Humor in the News. NBC licuo - Melody on parade. ii :15 Mason's Mid Morning Melodies, 10:30- International News Period. Iu:45 -The Pickard Family. 11:00--pels Farm Folks. : 30 Market Reports. 11:45 County Agr. Agent. 2:00 Hillman's Inquiring Reporter. 12:15 Courthouse Furniture Company. "Wranglers." 12:30 M-K News Flashes. 1:00 Rev. Archie Brown. 1:30 Market Reports. i:4r)pongrpss Holel Orchestra. NBC. 2:00 Indiana State Teachers' College Program. 2:15 Market Reports. 2:30 (Rochester Civic Orchestra. NBC. 00 Old Trails Program1. 3:15 Devotional Service. 3:30 Marlow and Lyou, Songs. NBC. 3:45 The Cocktail Hour. 4:00 Variety Program. 4:1511. O. L. C. Talk. 4:30 Irma Clenn. Organ. NBC. 4:45 r.illis Lyrical Quarter Hour. 5:00 Town Crier Program. 5:30 News Period. :tr, Joan and Her Escorts. NBC COO neneral Furniture Compa DAD MAC 1 GOT A v THIS MOMM SAVIMS Mrl. 7:01 7 15 7:30 : 00 'I HO fl: 15 0.30 logo - News Period I llotierl's Clothes Shorn. Dancing Melodies. Diamond City News. Rainbow Trio, professional Pfirsrte, NHC. - Spectator Comninntalor. Variety Program. Merldelh Wilson's Orchestra. NHC, Slratfleld Hotel Orchestra, NHC -Kaliibiiw Room orchestra. NHC Shandor. VIolluM. NBC. 1 1 ii I: in v House Orcheniia. NIIC Lights Out orchestra,- NBC. I I : (HI I I OS 11:30 I 2 lid Sign off Popeye My -TVMS Sfll CXi vmBzs MV SMHEM Priced o there'll be no slip between these hangers and your homes. These grand topcoat were born the wrong time of year. They came in during the horll-days when the store waa packed with ladies and men didn't have their minda on things for themselves. Underatand . . . they're the came gorgeous 1937 coat they were in December but we're not taking any chances cm sell" ing them at regular prices err even at casual reduction. Here's what we've done. The next move is up to you arid thS coats. $22.50 to $35.00 TOPCOATS $12.95 to $22.50 Rosenblatt's We Pay 5c Pound for Large Clean. Cotton Rags. Daily Clintoman By E. C SECAR WESTOVER 5:00 Catholic Hour, NHC 5:30 (ioldeti (late Pink Maud NHC. ,mi Rev. Archie Bmwn. .10 Ft. Irarrlmii tilnr Club. :4K TwIllKlil Mnsli-olH on- Dreams of I Am. NIK' :30 Kvangellial Church. oil- Rainbow (ianleiia. :1S dHnure Fume., l.lilil ClnmUcs, NIIC. :30 Trlunon. Haiter (Irch.) :0(t Rainbow Cardens. j s Kreni li Casino (li cbi str.l. NBC. 30 .press Radio News, Mil". SB Trianon Ballroom. I.'-" Hitter's orchestra. Oil Shandor. Violinist. NHC 30 Trianon Mallrnniii Orchestra. NHC on - - sirn off Monday, IVhiniirr : 30 II. H Drake. nn Kim-Dial Revne. 15 Mavon's 1uci. ul Clod: 30 Cheerio I'meriini : 00 News Cast 15 Snndisl Itnue i 4r, Adele Rogers NHC. 'ununited I. f:t. .lob II NBC 55 Mornlnp Melodies, or. Sweethearts of the Air NBC. 15 Market Report. 30 Josh Higglns of Finchville NBC. 4rlxellie Revelle. NHC. 00 -Looking Around. 15 Mason's Melodies. 30 International News. 45 The pickard Family. On Christine. Songs, NBC. 15 Three Marshall. NBC. 30 Market. 45 County Agr. Agent.. 00 Hillman's St. Broadcast. j5 Courthouse Wranglers. 30 M-K News Flashes. 40 C. L Bartley. 00 Rev. Brown. :30 Market. :45 Christian Science l'rog. 00 Variety Musicale. : 15 Market Report. 30 Rocherti-r Civic Oivhe: tra, NBC 00 Old Trail's Melodies. :j5 Devotional Service. 3d Leo and Ken. Comedy. NW . 45 The ( iicklail Hour. 00 Tom Thomas, Songs, NBC. THIMBLE THEATRE I IT'S FROM VOHO'S THE VTE'iEepiAM PRESEMT PROM, -TtLUE J DANN DUNN fEURE. AMD Tjr I OftrCQ BACK YARD OVER THE. LOST AT rv iuv ur, Vvi'l?REGG ' r ,1 ..-'rf L)pt hiL.W I'. tii i ip thf mil fr III-. MM r r TtK-t 1 1 1 1 1 3 r, -tuT bic aia& 1 CN'T FOIC WlUW I'IMKrtMW CHART I'Mrtii.T, lhniry Ii, 1117 H im Oeiieral FurnHiirp program. tl; 16 HI and Rtra (Security L ) ii mi fed win ('. Hill, Commenta tor, NHC. 16 Sports heporler. 7: ml lalin H. Cox, WMtln-r He- port. ; ill News I'erlnil (Kiitierl'n ClulliM Sliop). 7 15 - Re Smith. Snnfta. 7 tin - Diamnnd Oly Newii. (Mid Continent Cm p. I 7 4fi Shrine Clrnia Hrnartra-it. nil- ("lei'x s w In k It." K :i(l Cunierl Jrcln'Bt in. !i on Kpertatur Cumiiieiilatnr. Ii Ifi- Vnnety Show. !i :i(l - Vlvluli Delia ClileKii. Sunr N H 11-4 5 Kltu Shallerl Reviews. NHC ln:O0 .Merry (in Kuiiuil ori'heatm. NHC it: :iu - Huliiliow Homii Orcliestru. NDC 1 run - Sliumliir. vlnliniBt. Itulnhnw drill orrhentra, NDC. 1 1 : .HI - -Trianon Ballroom llrehea-tra, NHC. 12:m Sifn off. Snliirlnv, February (I, 11.17 r. :!I0 - Kev. Drake. 7. 00 Sun-Dlat Revue. 7 )5 Masons Mimical Clock. 7::i0 Cheerio Program. K:0(l News Cast. 8 15 Snn-Dial, Con't. S:30 Sirenmliners, NIIC. i no Chnrloteera, NBC. !i;5 Market Reports. i: 30 ABO REVl'E. In 00 Melody on Parade. 10.15 Mason's Melodies. 1 ii :i 0 Par-16 Party. 1 I 15 Mason's Melodies. 1 1 : 20 - Mason's Doctor's Talk. Mornig Melodies. 11 :30 Market. 11:43 County Agr. Agent. 1 1 : 50 Agriculture Agent. 1":00 Htllman's St. Broadcast. '2:15 The Pii-kard Family. i:'::iO M-X .News Flashes. 12:4fl Hlack and White Cab Program. 1:on Rev, Archie Brown. 1:30 fiolden Melodies. NBC. 2:00 Walter Logan Musicale. NBC. 2:. 1(1 Musicale, NBC. 2:39 London Symphony Orchestra. NBC. 3:18 Old Trails Program. 3:3d- NBC Spelling Bee. ! : 30 Varieties. 4:45 mills Lyrical Quarter Hour. 5:0(1 Town Crier Program. 5:30 diiternational Newh Period. 5:45 Tew n Crier Program (continued). C:00 Mason's Hit Tunes. i): 15- Hampton Insttinte Singers, NBC. i:45 Sports Parade. 7:00 John S, Cox, Weather Re port. 7:01 News Period (Robert's Clothes Shop). 7:15 Rainbow Trio. 7 30 Merldetu Wilson'! Orchestra NBC. :::oo Shrine Circus Broadcast. v.: So -String Ensemble. !i:nn Wahamaker Mile Deacrip- lion, NBC. 'J 15 Varieties Program, NBC. 0 : 30 Trianon. 1 -1:00 Mayflower Room (Bossart's Orel). ) In -15 Ink Spots, Rhythm Quartet. NBC. ln::i(i St. Rj'gts Hotel Orchestra. NBC. 11:00 Shandor, Violinist, NBC. 11:30 Trianon Ballroom Orchestra. NBC. 12:011 Sign off. Numbiy. February 7 s on The Pichard Family, x : 3n - Concert Knaomhle, NBC, 'j : 00 Sunshine Hour. 1:30 Brotherhood Class. ln:3ii -The World Is Tours, NBC. 1 l:ii" Soiitbernairefl, NBC. 1 1 3n - Round Table Discussions, NBC. 1 ! oo -Watflttoirer Program. -'':n5 Siring Ensemble. -:15 - Mr. Mooney, Piano Melodies. 12:30 Our Neighbors, NBC. COLUMBIA TR1DAY and SATURDAY NORTH OF NOME' With JACK HOLT EVF.LYN VENABLE Comedy 'Whose Baby are You' Also "Screen Snapshot" ONLY 10c SUNDAY and MONDAY K GARY COOPEt TV.,-7 Vi n?nnu a, ' 'I " 4 1 !' ! 1 A II - KISS ME , WclUNGTON ' ) V C? , ( U ....VJ?. I EE V0U ves sweet W tftf ,& Q$ im (0 S (JJ) ' ' l" f s v L .-rr"? i f I f J I iBy-.v.t f&.rTrzzM4s I I J M bLiKJKWKLJf laTnas Ill M i i V By RUSS . - "'I I JL Starring SOl I I 0VT I VFM . BAbe. Afsl' IM HELP VOU ) OBLIGED -V INITERE5TV - . - HERE'S CARD I -THAT DfiOPPEt. J t 0UT OF "THE J paciaseJ ''''' " , , INTERE5T I MISS SHE OF 1 1 "nW seiantna re uictsi ZTtJEOIT, W'MT yt-' X"03 SS TH'S W" prey's first a vear. csotT'S FONOeST HOPS THAT TME LFe "- SOU GET MAftOtlEO I ycv fir l j3 1 1 CAM Use IT A6AIN OAO Secret Operative 48 YOU'LL FrNOlT GOOD MOPNUJG TIM, I - IKI TLJC MB I IKjrF-D,TA.Isjn WORKED THERE FER TVAINITV VEAR ANT THAT CROOKED EFFIE GOT ME FIRED AM' TH6 JUDGE EM AN WRANGLED THE ADOPTION BABS SO THEV COULO MOONIN W YOUR JOB T TwE MOMe THAT 5 JOB HE W BECAUSE VOU FAILED RIGHT I HEARD THE WHOLE THIM6 ABOUT THE REWARD AN' THE AOOPTIOM BUT THERE WASN'T MUCH I C'U'D DO about rr but mow WOULD ME TELLIN' VUH TO GET T'l . . . VOU SOON, TIM I TELL ME MORE it THE , Y TO BRIM6 IN I'D LIKE TO AROUND? j-7 ORPHANS' HOME II Ci. Wr Wftk? J I V A.L 1 I HID LT" 1 J lltr 1 I "N A ALL THIS. HELP SPLIT REWARD THE LITTLE GIRL, IS TO SET. 1 ME JOB BACK f fi LITTLE GIRL. IS TO SET.

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