The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on February 5, 1937 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, February 5, 1937
Page 7
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Page Seven The Daily Clintontan, Clinton, Indiana Friday, February 5, 1937 Right Out Of The Air SEEKS NEW POWER TO GOVERN SALES You and Your Nation's Affairs By R F SKRVICI old or over, not employed by plicnntH lnimt reKiKter at the radio Ml a Hon ia ad vance .or by railing '-:i:iM. RM I-'ifieeji dollars In eavh prlnn ai" auanh-il evei v week, and W: ml pi'ie of $".0 W ofl'ered to I he width j of lite fina.K. The Toaslmasler a nnoil nreiV e-l is (Hie of the niot nilii"' pro L'ti'inn ever iiejirri over i In local ration ami is (j aim nt; more ninl morn inlet fvt amoni; radio 1 wiener In the Walinh valley. tices many hours a week and says thut childhood groundwork Is a prime requisite fur any piano player. Announcers' Contest Is Popular Program ('.ill you a n n mi nee? 1 fee's ji ' (i)itort ii nil y l'or you to prow f yourself ;iml 1r tln world that yon have n vih f Ptiilnlih- fur the radio. Kitdio Hlutimi VIi(V itvsi'iHs (he ToiisiiMiisffi- Announri'rs' -'n-test eiich Tuesday ;iml Thurd.iv evt liltii'.n lu lvveen 7: 'to and X oYhiek. The cnuiest Is open to everyone men or women , 1 H yea en old or over, no, eniilovei hv tie1 So effective was the romantic team of Jean Harlow and Robi-rt Taylor, formed by Cecil B. DeMllle for the Radio j; T h e a tr e of I "Madame Gene," that two wccks mier mm Comfort Wages by Magic By CLARENCE W. FACKI.ER Aitocialo Profator of Economic; New York Vnivertily it . ' i Shirley Lloyd hopes to gel in the movies some day, Just "to show the folks back home" that she can do it. If she dors land a contract she ll be following in the foot-sleps of Harriet Milliard, who was the regular vocalist with ,v;;rr.nM..aBA. t ij hi 8 O'CLOCK COFFEE Old remedies for th Ills of business And their woy again and aifain into newspaper headlines. follow any metropolitan dolly for a week's time executives assigned these two slurs lo work In their Aral picture tonether. It's the fortli-comlnK "Mun In PotiHessio n.' which was done in Hadlo 'i ni-.i-tre some llliif bbo. .Ml'iiw and you will r "zm. 0 Clot if O . . I e Nelson's t4aM. .irR.-'t 1-:i;i? Cdfltf- lidi None! 3 it MMc II.. Wii.M's I Mil. I) AND MKI.I.OW Lb Bag 17c Jran Harlow Ernie Watson, who ai rutin's and conducts Hie music lor Cook's new Saturday night show, is noted on Radio Row for his ability to muke the orrheslra "sit up and talk." He makes music tell a f.Ioiy. ml learn thorn these panaceas. For instance, vou will find that "Crop Turns Are Vital to Prevent Ex-cessive 1937 Surpluses." You will also learn that "Banks Scramble for Government Bonds at Lowest Interest Rates Known." An r terviewer orciKstrn in the Sunday night Shirley I.Ioyd N H t; pi ok rum Ill-line she ijut movie star ranking. On his Tuesday nluht program Leo Ri'i-innn Is now present lug in addition to his orchestra "The Swing 14." The diersdorf Sisters and the Rhythm Rogues, a male quartet. Harrv McNaughton, who plays Bottle on Phil Baker's CBS pro-gram, and 3r 23c 2a"s15c SOUP JUICE C'limiilir'H's Just Out Hootch liiulh at' iic:ui with iiiu r.n Sumline Gnipcfiuit rtVVnn I CIhIIhw Brush for 2n Jf I UUL ami Hux Top Ask for Di-t:i1ls I'ti Representative Patman A k For More Control By F. T. C. WASHINGTON. Feb. B C'on-yn-r.n 1b IipIiir nuked lo give (he r-Vil-i'iiiI Tnule CninnilHHlnn iniiirece-ilinteil Hiwpr lo nViermlne how n mini mny sell wlml hp produces. So fnr, Ihlii rniitrol would hp tim-IipcI only lo l h in k pioiliKPil liy iiiiiniifiic luli'iH llul, II Is iioIiiIimI (ml, II In only li fhort h!pi hum this lo coiilriil of Hip imtliin'n oihr Initio's! group of producers Hip funnel h. Ipirppiiliillve I' "f TVx.-ik. iii-ii in Imr of the Itohlimoii-I'iii mini net, which him I'diniii'lli'd every liirno mid 'Kiriiill IiiihIiiohh In Hie eolinliy lo Miihjerl lis pikes lo scrutiny by I he Federal TiikIp I'nui-iiiIhsIoii. In behind this new pnipns- Pntman would kIvp Ihp Federal Trade ( nninilMninn power lo force n maniilaeiiirer lo sell or close down anv retail outlpls If It thnuichl they had a tendency lo Interfere with ronipptltlon or tend toward monopoly: Thin, even a man who makes and sells butter on his farm could be compelled to sell It to a retailer Instead of direct to the consumer. I'atman says he plans to use the same method of winning support for his new bill that he did to put through the Rohinson-Patman Art. "The first step," he says. Is to sell It to the people bark home," Last year. Patmnn's bill passed because he pot thousands at "people hack home" to demand that ttmir Congressmen support It. Informed of Patman's plan, one Congressman, who preferred lo remain anonymous, remarked: "Those letters and telegrams from bark home don't mean a thing. Everyone knows how easy It is to get signatures on a petition which the signers don't even read." SEMINOLE TISSUE:H;;4 21c Oitar Bradley, f"$ i. i. MACARONI 1'' 2 9c KITCHEN KLE?4ZER c- 6c Johnny Green, musical director of the Fred A s t a I r e show, is anain being invited to England lo write the musical score for "Tea Time," Green's last appearance there was In 135 when he wrote the score of Jack Buchanan's successful musical comedy. "Mr. Whittlngton." j "Loaf 8C A.t-P NKW White .Sliced TWIST BREAD make for replacements of worn-out and obsolete equipment and fur technical progress in general are all Ignored. According lo labor siwkesmcti. wages must not be "frozen" below the "comfort level," ;ttainablf by on estimated yearly Income of $:i.fi2:i per family, especially when prollls arc rising. Of course, employers make no such attempt to "freeze" wages. And besides, it is foolhardy to try to muke wages depend on profits. For, not only are profits what is left after wages are paid (and sometime- conspicuous by their absence), but over long periods of time, business income is insiitll-cient to pay enterprisers interest on their own investment and wages of management for the services which they render. Labor ought to remember that as It becomes more productive, and as industry becomes more mechanized, higher wages and shorter hours of employment will come as a consequence, regardless of "sit - down strikes" and legislation designed to force arbitrary increases in wage Incomes. Payments for labor already take from 65 to 80 per cent of the national income annually, and labor, the country over, has traveled far from the 10 to 12 hour day of the nineties. Moreover, workers should understand that in the long run they lose days of labor Just as certainly as bond and stockholders lose their in-vnittttfr.ta, C. .. inted policies ara followed. Anyone who can remember back to the NRA days will recall that when increased wage rates bring higher wage costs, selling prices must also advance. So, even if industry as a whole were to adopt the Camegie-Illinois Steel Plan of raising wage rates as living costs advance, wages and prices would enter a vicious circle. There would be no known limit to which both croud not rise. Obviously, it is not the economists' reasoning which has failed to bring so-called comfort wagts by the magic which labor imagines is possible Rather it has bca labcr'r unwilling ness to be convinced of the soundness of economic principles. There are simply too many labor factions, that for one reason or another are content merely to chug up and down the sidetracks and dead-end spurs of progress instead of switching over io tho main lines, and going ahead at full steam. sicmaster. have known one another for more than fifteen years. They were born within twenty miles of each other I n England, came to America about the same time, and were featured together in several Ziegfeld shows. 15c 2-1. b Pkg. Natl. Biscuit Co. Kxccll Hoila CRACKERS I ... ..;::!kx 10c Johnny Green 2 rn ISc Tissue u,i,,,. 17c whilehouse Milk Flour Bon Ami Harry MfNnughton Anne Jamison's popularity was tested when she was In a Hollywood hospital for appendicitis. The hospital received more calls a-sking about her than about many movie stars, also billeted there. will report that so-and-so "Charges Business With Responsibility for Adversities Developing from the Nation's Recovery." Ther will be at least one account it the "A. F. or L. Demanding Large -no Continuing Wuge Increases." at the same time "Aiming at Higher Living Levels. There is no zeal like that of 'hose who suppress and distort the truth. Space dges not permit an examination of all the misconceptions involved in these published expres-.. .. J -pinion, but let us'consider the Nation's most iressing problem: how beltir to distribute what can be produced so that everyone may have more to consume. In this connection we will consider for a moment the task of adjusting wages. Unionized employees, and in some cases amployers, arc still acting as though there is no relation at all between wage rates and the productiveness of workers. Union labor wants to work only six 'lours a day and five days each week, and yet insist on increasing wages until it can enjoy a much higher level of living. Apparently, it still believes that larger and larger quantities of goods can be produced automatically' simply by making heavier business disbursements for wages, and oy insuring more and more leisure ail around. What labor contributes to the productive process, what business is compelled to pay for capital, and what savings industry nr.ust necessarily conference In which Andy Donnelly, Walter Tetley and Arthur Anderson, noted boy actors, are still beaming. All three recently appeared with Helen Hayes on a "Bambi" broadcast, after which she told Ihem how much she'd en- The SI'KCIAL SA1.K OF IIKINZ PRODUCTS HEINZ SCOPS 2 n. 25c Kxccpt Chicken Cuuibo, Clam (.'!.. v.ih r anil Consomme MACARONI AND LKECSi -'" 2 2sc CUCBK8ER FIG; LES Br. ".'';' B, ft 19c CIDER VINEGAR ,ft 18c TOMATO JUICE 3" 23c with "such tal- p' ented younsll,.,. Allle Lowe Miles and Sedley Brown decide what will be discussed at their weekly "Husbands and Wives" broadcast is conducted at a table piled high with letters from listeners. These are the letters which tell what causes trouble In homes from Maine to Cali- actors. One of ra- dio's greatest dramatic actresses, Rosaline Hi; Greene, Is ap pearing on "Your Unseen Friend. t, . :, -. heard Sundays INDUSTRY ELECTS LEADERSFOR 1 937 Chester and Warner to Head National Association Of Manufacturers FKESH Mil ITS AND VEGKTAKI.K.S MUSHROOMS, Fresh Box 15c NEW CABBAGE .3 Lbs. 10c HEAD LETTUCE 2 Heads 15c GRAPEFRUIT, Seedless .... Each 3c CARROTS, Calif Bunch 5c over CBS. The! series, written a and produced I We Haven't Got to Like It! By ELIOT JONES Projector of Tratuportulmn and Public Vlilitiet, Stanford VK&ersity Allie Lowe Miles fornia. Note to girls and boys learning to play the piano: Vincent Lopez is glad his parents made him practice tlu-ee hours a day as a youngster. The maestro of the Saturday night CBS Speedshow broadcast still prac- by M. H. H. Joachim, has Rosaline Greene brought a number of famous film and radio stars to the microphone In Kuest NEW POTATOES Lb. 5c A well-known author, In a recent book, refers contemptuously to the 3 inconsistent attitude of Uio persons who are "furious" becEuse the gov BALANCED BUDGET ernment spends The Anvil If you are the anvil, be patient; if you are the hammer, strike. so much money, though- the net effect of that SAID NECESSARY spending ha been to improve markedly their own financial status. Brookings Institution Warns 1 ' 'tv. V '3 VI The. author of A Full-Size, Porcelain Tub this book enjoys hip h repute, but Should we sneer If an athlete, believing in fair play, objects to winning his event through a foul, eve? though the result might redound to his financial benefit? No, the people who are better off as "the result of lavish government spending may quite properly be 'furious", if, being public-spirited citizens, they place the public interest above their own interest. And they may also properly be furious, if they believe that the policy of inordinate spending, though temporarily increasing their profits, will lead to disaster, and thus make their ultimate condition much worse than it would be without the lavish spending. There are many people. Indeed, who have a contempt for spendthrifts people who spend their substance carelessly to-day, with little or nc thought for the morrow. And the people look upon the government a spendthrift, which year after year is living beyond its income, and does not seem to be great.'y concerned whether its receipts and expenditure) are broughl in balance. Private individuals cannot pursue such a course without coming to grief, or going on relief. And somehow they cherish the notion that the government, whether NEW YORK, Feb. 6 Two outstanding industrialists have been chosen by American industry. as Its leaders for 1337. They are C. M. Chester. Chairman of the JJoard of C.eneral Foods Corporation, who lias ' Jim bewr-nleered- Chairman of ihe Hoard of the National Association of Manufacturers, and William I). Warner, President of the MeCall Company, who succeeds Mr. Chester as the Association's president. The selections were made by the new Board of Directors of the National Association of Manufacturers, representative of virtually all manufacturing industries and geographical divisions of the country, at their first meeting of the year In New York recently. f At the same meeting three national vice presidents were elected. They are Thomas E. Wilson, Chairman of the Board of .Wilson & Company, Chicago packers; S. Clay Williams of Winston-Salem, N. C., Chairman of the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and former administrator of the NIRA; and Walter J. Kohler, former governor of Wisconsin and his position ii based on an inadequate con ception of the public duties of citizens is a for only $(0)50 I S J I i Pavmont or not it comes to grief, should set an example to its citizens, and place its public -spirited citizen, who is disturbed about the future welfare of his country, to be estopped from opposing measures that he regards as unsound, merely because his financial condition would be improved through the continuing resort to these unsound measures? Take a farmer, growing wheat or cotton. In the event of a war he would doubtless receive a higher price for hu products. But may he not reasonably become "furious" if it is proposed to plunge the country into a foolish war, in which hundreds of thousands of pecple will be killed and injured? May not even manufacturer properly be "furious" if nnr of his competitors is denied his constitutional rights, such as the nght to freedom of speech or the rifcht to be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures of his papers rrd effects? Or must the manufacturer remain silent, because the result is to improve his own financial status, at the expense cf his competitor? house in order. i !!! I1 1 1 li ft ' The government, unlike the Indi vidual spendthrift, can not go on relief; and the burden of its excesses will fall on the taxpayers. May they not object, therefore, even though they are temporarily better off, if tiiey Nation Against Inflation WASHINGTON. Vvh. " - The rtrookhijiH hist it ut ton, a no n -pari i-san, fact-finding research found a -t ion, war lift I hat t he Nat ion is si ill "ganihling" with recovery and the fn( u re. Interest in this report was stimulated hy (he just-concluded poll of the Institute of Public Opinion, which accurately forecast t he result of the last Presidential election. The Institute of Public Opinion finds that 47 percent of those contacted in a nation-wide poll expect inflation -which means a depreciation f the purchasing power of money. The H rook in gfl I list it ut ion recommended: 1. Ke-establishinenl of a balanced federal budget. 2. Continuance of the present policy of maintaining a fixed price of gold and the establishment through in tern at ional cooperat ion of a system of stable foreign exchange. 3. Extension of reciprocal trade agreements. 4. Preservation of the exlsllng "generally favorable ratio of prices and wage rates. " It also pointed out the retarding effects of the dispute between labor organizations over which one should be in control, and it warned against "ill eonceived' industrial control legislation. "The possibility of a serious breakdown of government finance still exists," the report -said. "The continued aibility tf the Treasury to obtain all the funds required at low rates of interest has given rise to a false sense of security. "We are working on a very narrow margin, and adverse developments could ((Uickly upset all present calculations." clearly foresee a time, in the not too distant future, when the heavy hand of the tax gatherer will fall even more heavily upon them, to extract from them the money needed to meet the bills now being run up by a gen erously mindeJ government? CAddress questions to tim author care of this newspaper) President of Kohler Company of Kohler. Wisconsin. Mr. Chester, who Berved as president of the Association last year, is the son of the lnte Rear Admiral Colby M. Chester. A graduate of Yale University and the New York law school, he practiced law in New York until the world war. Upon his return from the war in which he served In 1 lie infantry, he became assistant treasurer of the Postum Cereal Company and was successively promoted until he became president of the company and later president and then chairman of General Foods. Mr. Warner, who has long been active In the industrial leadership of the country, is also Chairaian of the Kxecutive Committee of American Woolen Company. He is a native of Hannibal, Mo., and began his business career as a stock boy in Detroit. He served last year as a vice president of the National Association of Manufacturers. Thin!: of il you can have this full i-iipai'ily S ,-cd Queen washer delivered to yi'iu honu ready to do your family Iry week in and weeU-out for only .'J39.50. ' -ver !' fore has a machine with io" much dependable workmanship and quality been offered for so little money. Il will wash your clothes clean do the woik quickly and serve you faithfully over a period of many years. It will rut your laundry bills, piolorp; the life of your garment and linens, and Hive you the thintf every woman cherishes and that is, i 1. .in smelling wash. GERMANY AND FRANCE TO CONTINUE REARMAMENT Krtiarior is contemplated. Second, there will he an ain)oumtrmiU later in the Kcuadorean and all other negotiation list Ink all specific commodities and items under agreement. Thus. American farmers and producers will have at least a partial opportunity to present their case. They will not, however, be allowed to sit In on the negotiations. $!'00 Extortion Attempt Named as Dime Novel by G-Men CLEVELAND. Feb. 5. (INS) A fantastic extortion attempt, described by fi-men as "a case thai sounds like a dime novel" was revealed here this week with the arrest of an 1 8-year-old Sandusky, rihin hiiHi Rchnol senior. PARIS, Feb. S. ( INS With expenses totaling nearly $7,000,-000,000 for this year, Germany and France late this week bared their financial speed in the world rearmament rac3. Multiplying her military outlay of two years ago by a dozen-fold, the reieh will siend during the 1936-1937 fiscal year $6,040,000,000 for defense purposes, the authoritative Merlin monthly, the Hanker, said. The Banker frankly admitted that, while the reichbank can issue bills to cover the deficit, this immense cost means lowering the people's living standard and economic isolation for Germany. The French chamber of deputies overnight approved, by 405 to 186, a four-year arms plan, including completion of the east border mag-inot line of fortifications, to cost $885,000,000. This is in addition to a similar sum being spent on regular defense costs this year. See our Maytaff and Norse dis play of models before you buy a washer and learn how easily and safely you can save yourself some money. er Week NO I'lSAM'K COMPANY Chinese Ass'n Contributes to Red Cross Relief Fund The youth, Joseph Sam Plazzo, is held for an attempt to extort $10-000 from Dr. Carl Knobie, prominent physician and chairman of the board of education In Sandusky. The demands were made in two letters which threatened the kidnaping of Or. iKnohle's young granddaughter. . lai TRADE TREATIES TO BE ANNOUNCED WASHINGTON. Fb. 5 Pyramiding objections to "star chamber" proceedings have led the State Department to modify its method of negotiating reciprocal trade treaties. Fourteen such treaties already have been negotiated. In each case, the negotiations were conducted in lower duties on imports in return for concessions by foreign governments. American farmers and manufacturers have had no opportunity to oppose specific concessions by their government until the treaties already were negotiated and agreed upon. Now, however, the State Department announces two deviations from previous policy. First, it has Jjeen announced that a treaty with WASHINGTON, Feb. 5. (INS) A contribution of 100.000 Chinese dollars, equivalent to about $30.-000 in 1'nited States currency, was received hy President Roosevelt thip week for the Red Cress relief fund from Dr. H. H. Kung, president of the United Charitable Association of Shanghai. The Red Cross fund reached a total of $12,651,000. well over the $10,000,000 goal set. School of Defeat Defeat is a school in which truth always grows strong. FURNITURE FLOOR COVERINGS STOVES "Quality Kirst, Prices Alua:. I.m. Susquehanna Indians The Susquenanna Indians were a tribe of the Iroquojan stock, living in IGtiH on the lower portion of the Susquehanna river and its affluents. As a separate body they were driven out of their former home about 1676 by the Iroquois, and they merged with other tribes, principally with the Meherriiis. Phone 361 234-38 Elm Street Does Best Rat Catchers Dogs, according to an authority make the best rat catchers. A single terrier has been credited with killing more than one thousand rats jn a year, . Monkey Kur Grows Fast The fur of the Rhesus monkey will grow longer overnight lo protect the aiuinal fiom cuid.

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