The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on February 5, 1937 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 5, 1937
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

t: Friday, February 5, 1937 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, lndiani Page Six AS TROOPS SMASHED SENTRY BOXES OF STRIKERS SERIOUS SOVIET REVOLT REPORT IN NAZI PAPER CLASSIFIED ADS prices advancing A to '4 cent from yesterday' close. Oata were ' ii to cent up. WHEAT; May, 132-132 V4i July, Ut-; Sept., lllVi-. COI1N: New, May, 107-107; .Inly, 100 : Sept. !I4 OATS: May, 50V4-V4; July, ii'A: Sept., 41 ',4. Markets INDIANAPOLIS. Feh. 5 Live (Continued from Page 1) following discovery of a conspiracy which resulted from trial and exe-cutlon of two officers for counterrevolutionary activities. stock: HATCH, MURRAY INTRODUCE BILL TO STUDY NEED TWO MEN FINED IN CITY COURT HOCS: 5,I00; holdovers, 120: unevenly in cents to 20 cents higher: icu'-lSO lbs . 110. 4f ' $l-Bo: mo-2(io iim.. tin. r; 200-210 ii.s. im.f.r. iff iooo; nr.-?r.n Mm . $10 40 ii $io 4r.; 2r.ii.27fi ii,, $io :(h ;,, $ni. r.: 2Kr,noo h.m . (Hi 20 r tin !S; nr,u 400 ll.s. t H . (1 0.00 ; I Ml I lb"-. llii 10: 140 His.. ! sf. ; 120 (Cotitltiiiwl frmn l'K 1) 'in y Iiiim piiHKi'il but ttiiit a nw IHTtiittiM til prulilt'in linn ur(H'ii whlili ('iiiiriHii lit u Hi nulve. i Lji-L. j rj jfk rj tt .v , v Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices Flret day of insertion: c for each reading line (one column line, like one ot these). Next two days Insertion: the same Ic charge (you Ret three days at double the coat of the first day) Neit three daya Inwrtlun: the wine 8c cliarne (you aetk, all days, at mie tlm'i the cost of one liiwrtluDI. Kach gruup of three days there aftur. lie a H"e. lllack Kae (Ilk this). 10c per line, All rla.lfll ! Inrlunlmi memo. rtan and u-lr- ' all ,"u"t be paid In advance eil ''" " rrKular cuHUmu-n wlioee couiiih .re paid mttlj or tlinae from or-aaiiliatlona who uIIIm roust Im- allowed before belK paid. In Ihe Utter the pwmn aafcliiic IIm. buI.II. all. of the notice will he ! repon)le t U a payment. Business Services i -til II, k t'l't.V. bob sluing to 10 WATERS START TO GULF; CAIRO BELIEVED SAFE 1o in. ii were lli.eil III city com t ;..ti nlny by Mayor C. M. .ink .loe . lie of Morsaii street, who , urr.-.le.l eilii.-Mluy on cliail'e , -.1 lnl,,l :ilioli. w;n fined (III and .ids snil lent. d In 'JO days ' iail. Charles of Nonh Third nn-ei, lio arrested on charges of ai.siili and battery on Ruth Valentine, was tlned t l and . otts aii'l .i i.tei.i.d to l-o days in Jail Sentences of both men were ...ins higher: hulk. 15 ' .': lop, $!l.7.".. t'ATTI.E: illlO; Calves. 500; acllve. fully steady; bulk heifers, $7 (10 (fl $H. 3.1; beef COWS. $5 00 tv $0lill; low colters and cultcs. $.'1.7.1 a (4.75. SIIEKP - 3.000; Hli-udy; bulk pood and choice nailvi-s and fi-d ..Kieni lambs. $10.50 it (10.75. ICoutluuna "ruin Tsge 1 1 CIIICACO. IVIi. 5 -Wheal prices recovered all of yesterday's losses at the opening here today when sharp crew llirew up a s.-condaiy levee eijibra'-in... I lie said boil. Reinforcements were sent to Hie aiil of 1.000 regular soldiers sta-I lolled In eastern Arkansas today, to aid in I lie work of evacuation iiliniilil II become necessary. National tiuunls l. I.o.llsll I'wkel Miellen A.. .,rll,er . i.. .Ir.aliK 1 1 1 1 1 1 II rl lit II UIUi'l IIIK ni-"J"" ly higher cables Influenced goon Swoopirg down on picket lines at a ..nevroie, . ..... --J-; (.;; ,..M llalll ., 24 h()ur,, b,h ( b.v eva.utt' ...... .j . -- - BEAD THESE ADS EVERT DAY for late buying and selling buying and prices shot up switny. First prices were to I Vi cent up with the May delivery showing the greatesi strength. Forecast of rain III the Argentine Cow Works Lying Down The cow makea her milk lying down. Cattle of bit kindi grow lying down and "show" cattle get in "condition" lying down. in Flint. M.ct)., aoove, nan. nai Ku. ed shanties hlch had been sheltering auto strikers during their vigil at sirike-bound General Motors subsidiaries there. Their action was taken almost at rolet plants which had been strike-locked since the first of the year At the same lime, (l-M olficlals Issued a formal statement pledging to open negotiations with the I nited Automobile Workers as soon as the court order Is carried out. China Learned Sugar From India The Chinese emperor sent to h and a conlinued strong cash dVinanU stimulated buying In Corn with I lh. Kaine i mi tnat t:ircuii juoge i-aiu u. ,,.... dia In 800 A. D. to learn the ait .i DO PEOPLE KNOW WHERF! TO find you and your particular type of service? Tell them! A want-ad costs very little. . " " m n k i nps upnr mlino siiunr ODDB-AKD-KNDB MERCHANDISE will quickly find sale through this department. Tell the public what you have. Make your own Job. Own Inter-' , your own BURineas. p.Iortur Hy for eight good miners with each to get possession of an ei.ep-lioually good truck mine. See I. c Ka".er; 1427 South Fifth Street WE HEPKESENT ONLY the Insurance companies we know are reliable. That is your protection. Rohb and Oilmour, III South Main Street. Phone 18. Opening Day Specials I"iFI) TIRES WITH THOl'SANDR tin of miles of service in them. In speet our stock. Very low prices. A Dumes. mi flV, liffl i 0 OFTEN WE FIND SPARK Plugs UVJ badly "bdoi. mav iuouo loss Drive in for ignition inspection. , r t. nav.nnheHg Hstt.erv Comp any, 22G-228 Mulberry Street, phone NOTICE ! ! Price given in thi advertUement are positively good for one Uy only: Saturday, Feb. 6th S6. GLOSS WALL PAINT FOR Kitchens. bathrooms. pantrieB. basementB. Easily kept clean. Many practical colors. Marshall and Son. phone S2. At Our Nov Location ... 246 South .lain Street The First Payment on Purchases Opening Day Need Not Be Made Until Feb. 15 LONG EASY TERMS ! FREE FLOWERS For all Housewives visiting our new (tore after 2:30 P. M., at long as a limited supply lasts. AdulU Only! YOU GET YOUH MONEY'S worth in heat when you purchase Huff man's coal, and that's what you're buyin! HEAT! Harley HuffmaD. phone 10. FOR RENT li Here is Your Opportunity to Save on . . 1937 Orunovv Super Elodios First Showing of the New 1937 . . . "Plus-Pouorod" Iolvinator and light 2S8 Vine I Modern sleeping room housekeeping rooms, atreet. t7C PAID NOTICES Special Reduced Prices.. FOR OPENING DAY ONLY! KonrRi I In you want a job? Call at of fice, Holland Furnace 4X. e " -uuin or Call 40. FACT 1 Tle new KelviluUor Ik plitK-Kwerel. It lias us much as double the cooling capacity f oilier well-known re-I liberal ih-s rf eijuai size. j 11 -Tube GRUNOW Cabinet Model Opening Day SPECIAL Model KS6 Full Family Sire Six Cubic Foot 14 Sq. FL Shelf Area Regular Price $164.50 SPECIAL PRICE We wish to thank our friends and,Kn.., for their manV acts Of 5 95 S69 S79 Feb. 6 Only Regularly cfV jail m -ii tfli" ' ' itf" i A fff ' " " "iS in'-r'' 11 MMO im It ,mm.f 111 kindness in our recent sorrow in the death of our husband and brother. Anson Svlvester Miller. We especial-lv want to thank the Rev. Fathers George and Sylvester Zeimer, the hospital staff, those who sent floral offerings, donors of cars, the Kara- 12-Tube GRUNOW Teledial Model 95 .95 599 S109 Feb. 6 Only Regularly 0 rl novich Funeral Home ana uu assisted in any way. Wife, brother I .50 FACT 2 The KHvlualor runs Mily half uuitiy miiaiit H'r day d uri iit i he ret trf tlip lin;e it maintuiiiH tttv t'iiii-ratuih h iiiK im 4-umiiI at nil- 6-Tube GRUNOW All Wave Cab. Radio .50 50 542 $49 and sisters. 1 1 u Por Sale Coal PHONE S1S-3 for Bratil Block. 13.25 l'p; Cth Vein. $2.76 Vv: sti. Vein. t2.2G Ud. H. D. Harrison. Feb. 6 Only Regularly 5-Tube GRUNOW All Wave Cab. Radio HERE'S A GIFT FOR YOU! 50 50 With The Violin Shaped Cabinet 537 S44 Present this advertisement on OpeninB Day and you will receive $10 credit on the purchase Feb. 6 Only Regularly Clinton. Good cheap coal, phone 7H7-W. D7tf POl'HTH VKIN'OOAL, I'KIVKKSAL, MIAMI NO. 4. AM BLACK of any Kelvuiator other than the aoove nraoa OTTTV NO. B. HAHLKlf Ul'FK- MAK. PHONE 10. 4tfl FREE THE NEW 1937 RCA RADIO WANTED Ctrl lor housework. 4112 South Third Brings you all the . . . i.ivMHiitck huulinc to Indian&iKitiH. 1 " ' -l'i".!UI".l "IM win nifk im hiiv iimnher. All tH-b ii.Hurtd. .luiuB (.lurk) M in- L a - Worth -While Improvement OPENING DAY OfJLY ! One Set of $9.95 TWIN TUBS With Every ABC WASHES Purchased Opening Day, Saturday, February 6 No Advance In Regular Price! ray. phoite 477-J. t. t FOR SALE Hnt.v Chicks In udditioti to our . nliiekK Everything you can aak for in a radio. "Magic Eye." "Magic Brain," clear reception J1 waves, beautiful cabinet, and modern atyling yet all thi. at price, ao low they will aurprwe yoa- f i Owl! IllllCIl, we uti n-, , from I'aris. Htundard and Itockville I ut no advance over prices at the , hatcheries. Ot our prices before huving chicks anywhere. Jteeder's Feed Btore. 'Phone 1T.6-W. ach. WF Them All Over but Lewis Haled timothy hay. ware. You'll Want to Buy' 25 Acres. Former William Helt furm. Good improvements. Located 14 miles northwest of Geneva. Dennis GroundB. t77 50 50 SS I J 1 1 lai iiaii 1 & -1937 PHILCO . ... - .. i' a t u,. nnueutive vean. Young team of mures in foal and baled hay. Stop SB J. W. 8. Brooks. Tel. CoBM-2. t77 tine rug. Walnut bed and ei..K 1 feather bed. Inquire Added Leisure at Greater Savings t77 r.1.8 Kuuth Third Bt. I No one but rtuico, me raoiu - 5 could offer auch a bi performing radio for ao little money. Come J in and aee the gloriou. new 1937 Philco. that have just arrived. Thousand i of women today are enjoying the added leiaure afforded by an ABC Waaher at greater saving. At the same time they are enjoying cleaner, whiter clothe washed the ABC way. Let ut explain it many fine feature on Opening Day. kew I 1937 i IHL'7 Hodge truck in good condition. 1413 North Ninth Htreet. t7S Aak about their many new and aenaauonai mi' i, rht of drawers with : ! 1 i 1'sed mirror. Excellent condition. 7.r.n. Huill Furniture more, Lee Boutb .Main Btreet.

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