The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on February 5, 1937 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 5, 1937
Page 5
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Page Five The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Friday, February 5, 1937 Most Sensational Slab Star BRADD0CK-L0U1S TITLE FIGHT SET FOR WINDY CITY WILDCATS SET . FOR GAME AT DANA TONIGHT Bowling Resuts j J- BOB 5 ' 1 "V aw today, according to an announcement made today at the WPA recreation department. This room has ben closed for a period of three weeks for remodeling and redecorating, and II now offers the facilities of supervised games. (Inmes Included are pinfv pong tables, dint baseball game, len checker boards, chess hoards and several pin games, marble r.unes and hoop games. A room ha-i a'so been equipped for reading. This game room to which p-ople of Universal and surrounding immunities are Invited will be on n from :'. lo S p. 111. each week day except Saturday, when It will o;jen at 10 a. m. and remain open in p. m. Edgar rtrand, supervisor, will be assisted by Alice H:i7an! and Thomas Kearns. Community Game Room to Open at Universal Today The community game room at I'tilversiil w;is to on'ii til !1 p. m. here ami that's all we i-:uv about. " Make Sl:iteimn! Said Jacobs: "1 haven't any contract with the (iardeti. I merely released Schmel-iriK to tbe Harden for a championship Unlit for a share of the profits. Just as I'm doing with Louis for tlie fight in Chicago. If 1 have nn difficulties lo get out of they won't affect the Louis-Braddock fight at all." Schmellng. apparently, is lo help Jimmy Johnston hold tbe aforementioned bag. Clinton Netteri Optimistic At Time Near for Chance to , Knock Off County Champion I'ROTUBl.K MNEIT CLINTON DANA . nerrisford F Strohm I '-' I t -Vfffl I OTA" TIME ? EXtHANOE Fletcher 11 12S 1 Stilt :.V. 1 175 14 Lemstrs lit 11 it Hegarty U8 tOf 1011 Cheek 12 1S7 164 Handicap tl 7 T Total 7SS 872 8SS DIANAS Colombo 171 13 202 Murdock :.V17S HI 141 Bratukas 11 W 20 Ave 19 17 J8 Bennett! 161 12 11 Totals 41 m6 020 Hrnnrtt F Adams HMIllns O Stull Duns O Brown Hrln 0 Wagner All Over But Signing; Garden, Schmeling Left tHolding ' Bag; Old Contract Is Ignored CHlCAfit). Fell. 5 Except for ihe formal rignmarole of taking pictures nf Joe Louis and Jimmy Brad-dock BiiuiBglinii their Hignatures to the contracts, their titular bout was set today. June 22 Is lhc dale. White So park the site. The chief obstacle to a championship bout in Chicago, Max Schmel-Ins's contract for a title fight with Bratldock to be promoted by Madison Square CaTden in New York June 3, was easily disposed of. It was just Ignored. Papers Ready Mike Jacobs, who holds a five year contract on Louis' services, delivered the sicned contracts for the ' INDIANAPOLIS NEWS 163 112 192 137 181 785 159 174 144 158 111 n 759 Rlcanda 189 143 Homey . . ... .' 137 ' 153 Knott (sub) 168 130 Mattioda ICS 13 Combs 196 163 Totals ........ 845 731 COOPERATIVE Bondt 154 176 Rnffatola 141 172 F. Schelsky 149 133 Fenogllo 123 148 Lanzone 148 143 Handicap .... 13 13 Totals 728 785 Nick Ms) tSoataj are ucftsuifNiik t (am nlM ka $Jtat wsantacnnl tale) Dun day nre: Table tennis, from 6 to 10 p. m.; handicraft. 4 to 8 p. m.; weight lining, 6 to 8 p. m.; model airplane building, 5:H0 to p. m. WPA RECREATION DEPARTMENT NEWS A victory jrleam was in the Wlld-rms even as lriMnhcrs of the local haikfMhall team went through their pac? Thursday afternoon In preparation for the pending game with I he Vermillion county champion at Dana tonight, tinder the tutelage of Coach StuteTille the Clinton eager" have been working hard all week with a determination that bodes no good for Parke Lewman's boys. And C. H, 8. fans, while they are sportsmanlike enough to admit that I he best team won tbe tournament, Mill believe the Cats can beat the champs a point that is due to be Betlled one way or another this evening. Two to Watch Strohm and Stull are the key men nf Dana's effective fast-breaking offense which has humbled ao many opponents this season, and nothing but a first-class man-to-man defense will spoil the work of key men. Robert "Moose" Phillips, big Wildcat center, will have his hands full with Pete Stull, who Ib an ambidextrous, flip-shot artist of the old school and one of the county's highest scorers this Beason. Struhm, flashy Dana forward, has proved his ability to bit the basket with 'a disconcertingly high percentage of shots, and Bob Bennett will probably have the du-bioua privilege of guarding him In the conte' tonight.' m for fctartatJwif Be prapaxed la. SALt I ArsYTHINfr-Craa BucMa;bt nack te MaV aH (ttflrt. TlMM fctt wHt bt "wft bout to the Spotting Hub or Illinois, the promoting organization, yesterday. Jacobs also holds a contract on Schmelings' services and Max ip on his eiirf for $31,000. but he seemed unperturbed by the Schmeling-Mad-isnn Square Harden angle. All conrerned were willing to let Jimmy Johnston hold the hag. Said riinrrman Joe Triner of the Illinois Athletic Commission: "We don't care anything about it. THiit's lip to flould (Joe Gould Bradiiock's manager), He can get out of It any way he can. Braddock will sign a contract to fight Louis MM wfcm pmm tropin WWBPICtfdlv' BBBl J TEXACO'S Frasier 118 118 Stone 179 153 Gilfoy 120 121 Karnm 123 147 Mills 177 128 118 141 158 ir.6 1,14 21 The giime room, i,t:M ,'v:seil liy tlit WPA recreation (l!;;'ii:. :M, will lie open from 8 a, m. lo I p. m. all iluy Saturday for children or sscliool aKt. Miss AnRellne Panpri'.io .lll be in charge. 21 Handicap Ill f'HE-RAW, S. C. Inimediatnly after UlckiiiR n blac k cat,' John, Mc-Manus died here. He was running across the grass towards his house when the cat attempted" to cross his path. Mr. McManus Btopped to aim a kirk at the cat. Then dropped dead from heart failure. Prunes Sugar Run-tiipened Lb Z Santa Claras IsSFsf Fine I.h CTS Granulaler) tjil Totals 738 C88 728 TRIBUNE STAR Leeds 163 129 127 Asbury 146 164 154 McClung 122 124 133 Cuerrl 138 169 156 James 152 152 152 Classes meeting at the center to KU SO B.r 5c Pork and Beans c- Si Toilet Tissue Country Ciub in Rich 3 sue FJeac Tomito Soup So Tomato Puroi Barbara Ana Aund.l. M,?M.r,ni . r , n !' 54 ""'her CMOl Or 8phtti Conntrr CluH Brown Sugar 16 U Camay Soap 722 Totals 711 738 It. No Secret! OTJP aOOD FJEIisiHfcSUK Giant Bars White Xapt ha 10c 10c P&G Soap Tuna Fish TELLS A MOTHER ! ! -No! Mr. Jones that ha. been yo tubl'. No wonder you can't make ends meet try buying your foods at OAKLEY b. You Ty Cash and Save a lot each week. I've been dotn, .t for more than 20 yelr. and I have saved hundred, of dollar, and furthermore .t . more convenient to trade at OAKLEY S. , , . , . W reserve the rieht to Kmit quantitie. Prices subject to Can r.iuht Meat O. C. Ml'RPHr CO. Moore 187 156 160 Tasso .' 175 233 116 Dldlcr 166 137 146 Schelsky 211 146 126 White 148 147 216 Totals 887 819 764 CIJNTON ICE OO. C. Beveridge 187 154 185 P. Shannon ...... 125 121 106 Duberneck 134 120 144 W. Beveridge 136 107 144 C. Knott 149 167 149 Handicap 44 44 44 Totals 775 713 770 1A. San anji nrrAta liauaha,u'a Cocoa A Real Valu. tan " Hainz Ketchuo l?." 10c Whoatiei . CtiSZtmXani market changes.) 10c pk(. 10c jar 10c Nc.10e Aunt Jemimi PIZT Pk Jelii" Mo"'' Mixed Vegetables 10c Lima Beam 8o Oakley's New Twisted Bread . t'shmblF Ootipon In Kaeh l,af 2d '.. LOl' BREAD OTHER VALUES 3 Bag 49c Hot Dated, Lb. 17c Jewel Coffee SALMON ; :tin Quality 3 2T1 29c PUMPKIN, Solid, Dry Pack 4 Big Cans . CORN, Jolly Pal 3 No. 2 Cans n0 P" No 2 rn Case Vevetabla Shortenlna. Lb. ISc ' One Opinion FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH By Davit J. Walsh $1.80 5c 29c 29c 25 c 19c 25c Lb. Fancy Quality Yellow Ripe Bananas PEAS, Sea View Brand Early June, 3 No. 2 Cans MATCHES, Satin Tips 6 Boxes lelery - st,k So Lsa. Slu. New Fla., Well Bleached New Potatoes 3 " 17c Fra. Red Triumphs Clean Warlied Apples 2 " 15c Green Beans Tender, Cut Btrlnabu CHERRIES, Pitted Pie Cherries 2 No. 2 Cans , New Cabbage 3 Lb-10c Solid Hedi Frih. Grown Rhubarb Lk 10c Fancy Grad Iceberg Lettuce 2 r 15o Solid, Crisp Hndi Green Onions 2 BBnch & Lance Siia Bunch Celery Meirts 2 15e S Stalk to tha Banca Waahingtoo Box Fancy Wmeaapj 16 c 33c No. 2 Cans ,5c Buncb 5C PICKLES, Sour, Dill or Kosher Quart GINGER SNAPS, Oven Fresh 2 Pounds It A DISH KS M Hunchea Carrots -Beets Large Bunehe 15c SALE OF GRAPEFRUIT 1c 1c Boy 3 for le Gt 1 Extra tor Taxsi Sedli Med Site. Br Popalar Roquast, w ara Kvpeaiinir the le Sal. GRAPE JUICE Knpceine, Fancy Quality 4m Pints 23c ONE opinion sports ... 0 NEW YORK, Feb. 5 With an elaborate waste of everybody's time, including its own, tbe National League will solemnly ratify its' 1937 schedule this afternoon, and even go so far as to take a formal vote on It just In case. But the story in baseball today Is not in the National League at all but In tbe New York Yankees, who won a pennant last year by 19 ha games and tbe world series by four games to two and currently have one regular. Pitcher Bump Hadley, signed to a contract. If tbe writer weald draw an Insidious comparison, and he moBt certainly will If you give him a cbance, be would point to the New York Yllants. which lost the world series by two games to four and currently have only fonr regulars unsigned. Carl Hubbell, a great left bander, waB publicly prepared to be obdurate, even If be had to hire window space at Sake-Fifth avenue. But he signed bis contract and BACON SQUARES, Sugar Cured, Lb. 2ic i? n us Loin Roasta, 3 to 4 Lb. Rib End . . J 19c Loin Chops, Choice Center Lb. 23c Tender Loin, Genuine Lb. 35c Sausage, 100 Pure, Country Style, Lb. 17c HAMBURGER, No Cereal ... 3 Lb. 29c SALAD DRESSING HOLLIEANNA Same High Quality OC QUART JAR mm J V SACRED HEART WINS NET TILT Baptists Defeated By Visiting Sharpshooters Thursday ..-Night 27 to 10 The Sacred Heart quintet decisively defeated the Baptists, 27 to 10, in a basketball game played in the Baptist gymnasium last night. The visiters started slowly, allowing the Baptists to score six points before they began to tally. Helegda then counted from the side to start a barrage of buckets in which he waB aided by T. MoLeish and Glova-nlni, bringing the halftirae score to 12-8, Sacred Heart. , Scoring 15 points to their opponents' two, the winners were in command of tha situation at all times daring the third and fourth quarters. . Helegda led the attack with 13 points, while T. McLeish and Clova-ninl racked six each. Thompson and Sollars were top-scoring Baptists with two field goals each. Summary: SACRED HEART (27) FO FT PF J. McLeish, f 0 t 3. Berto, f n f Helegda. c . T..McLlsh. t 3 0 niovanini, g 0 J Oldynska, g :.. 1 BAPTISTS (10) FG FT PF Hindi, f 1 0 0 Dunlap, f n 0 0 Thompson, c 2 0 1 Kendall, g 0 2 Sollars, g 2 0 0 C. Adams, f 9 M. Adams, f 0 0 0 Referee J. Marietta. SOUK JOB 'FIXIV SALT LAKE CITY, Utah Traffic violators here who hope to "fix" traf lie tickets hereafter are going to have lo contact the whole city commission to get out of paying traffie fines, a recent ruling makes It mandatory that a majority vote of ibe cily commission agreeing to void the ticket Is necessary before the ticket is 'fixed." Bmoos Aires, Larf City The largest city south of tha quator, Buenos Aires has a population of mora than two million, or one-fourth of all the people of Argentina. It is often called a woman's paradise, due te the fact that the males there outnumber the tetnalts by S to 1. It is 100 miles up the Rio de It, Plata, which at that point is 30 miles wide. The cathedral is a noteworthy structure, and so Is tha Teatro Colon, one of the ftnotl theaters in the world Effects at AUohst The average man with a normal heart still appears sober whan fcii blood contains .1 per cent of alcohol. He is still airly well in control of his faculties when the percentage has been increased to .23. But between .25 per cent and .4 per cent, asserts a writer in Collier's Weekly, he becomes unconscious and between .t per cent and 1 per eent be dies. Finest Quality Fruits and Vegetables BANANAS, Firm Yellow Fruit, 5 Lbs. 25c APPLES, Good Cooking, Eating, 4 Lb. 25c GRAPEFRUIT, Texas Marsh Seedless Finest that Grows . . 3 For 10c RADISHES, Texas Buttons, Fresh and Crisp ... 2 Large Bunches 5c SPINACH, Fresh and Tender . . 2 Lbs. 15c PARSNIPS Fancy Home Grown 5 Lbs. 25c SWEET POTATOES, Nancy Hall, Indiana Grown 5 Lbs. 25c OLD GOLD CIGARETTES c?nn.(HM PRIZES Get Your Entry Blanks at m e w Vni. n.klev Store m .20 Ruv a Cartoon k TENDER STEAK CHUCK ROAST I SWISS STEAK r STANDING RIB ROAST D got it back here by the first mall. Good as he knows he Is he probably though it a typographical error. The Giants, incidentally, have no Idea whether they'll gnlsh first or fifth this year, but they're going to run a payroll of 3175,000, just on the off-chance that It may be all In fun, anyway. The Yanks feel certain that they'll repeat not only this year but the next, and I'm sure I'm exposing nobody's hole-card when I say they not only have a great deal of money but have taken more out of baseball than any other club in tbe major leagues. But, In spite of all the drum-beating op behalf of poor, old Jake and his unjustly celebrated check bask, the Club's payroll won't top $200,000 this time. PEANUT BUTTER No. 1 Fancy Quality 2 "T1 24c YEARLING LAMB, Steaks, Roasts, Chops, Leg-O-Lamb Lb. 12C MINCED HAM Lb. 15c PEANUT BUTTER Lb. 1QC COFFEE j Oakley's tipcrlal POUND 3;49c 1 c QUALITY MEATS - BOILING BEEF, Rib or Plate . Lb. 7c SAUSAGE, Pure Pork Lb. 12c FRESH GROUND BEEF Lb. 9jc BACON, Boston Style or Radio, Lb. ll jc NECK BONES, Fresh, Meaty Lb. 5c HAMS, Sugar Cured Skinned Surplus Fat Removed Lb. 172c FRESH FISH, Whiting or o Jack Salmon Lb. 83c FILLET OF PERCH FISH ., - Lb. 14ic HADDOCK OF FILLET FISH, Lb. 12c FRESH LIVER, Sliced Lb. Ill c WEINERS or MINCED HAM . Lb. 12Jc LARD, 100 Kettle Rendered . Lb. 15c SALT rISH Lbs. c t ssssaa 7 FRESH SIDE, Sliced Lb. 17.C BOILING BEEF 2 Lbs. 15c PUFFED WHEAT Quaker, The Original mm PKCS. 15c The EgypUaa learik The Scarab is made of many aorta of stones. In many trartsties of stone the Egyptians copied the scar-abaeue er sacred beetle. The ancient Egyptians took the scarab beetle for their symbol of creation. They associated the symbol with their god Khepera, who rolled the sun across the sky as the beetle rolled its egg. The Egyptians believed that by wearing the scarab they absorbed the strength c u:iY.Yi:Ui tourer i -

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