The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on May 18, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1922
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS ! Miss Deeren visited Matthews friends DEFINES RIGHT OF CARRIERS , MARKET STALLS IN RUSSIA FOWLERTON DEPARTMENT I i Military Funeral was Miss Gertie Tomlinson and a For Clarence Davis, (member of the local church. A very impressive service was held Mrs. Henry Owens was a caller at at the uneial of Clarence Davis, who ; the home of Mrs. Ruth Smith Tues-fired the fatal shot which ended his ; day. life two days later. Mr. Davis was ! Peter Gillispie of Bin Rapids, Mich., was the guest of his niece. Mrs. John I each last week. The reltaives have pla.nneL a dinner at the home of niece, 31 Vs. John ,!(;nos. on next Sunday. Mr. Gillispie is 82 years of age and thinks this will be his last visit here owing to his advanced age. Mr. and Mrs. John Leach attended the funeral services of Miss Ann ! Thurston which were held at the Har- j mony Baptist church on last Friday' morning. Miss Thurston, who was in ; her eighties, died at the home of her ; nephew, Chauncey Lucus near Sway- zee. Miss Thurston formerly lived here. ' W. C. Smith and children, Ray ., Langsdon and son John and Mariorie t Caslcey were in Fairmount Monday. , Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Atkinson and children Oren and LaVonne, spent Sunday with Anderson relatives. Mrs. Caipenter, mother of Mrs. Atkinson, returning to her home with them. Miss Naomi Deeren, who has been in ior health is slowly improving. last week as she had been confined to her home for some time. Miss Ellabelle Winan returned home Monday from Indianapolis where she had attended the National S. S. convention. Miss Winan went as a delegate from the" M. P. church. Miss Elsie Lees, who went as a delegate for the M. P. C. E. society, will return home on Wednesday. Mr. and -Mrs. O. C. Atkinson were las Atkinson and family Tuesday morning, Miss Margaret .Caskey has return ed to her home here after a two weeks visit with her uncle Louis Caskey and family in Fairmount. Robert Lees attended the high school class nlav at. Fairmount. nl spent the night with Harry Weaver, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tohin, Mrs. Sarah Dickerson and Fay Richards were Maiion visitors Monday, ysS Madge Smith spent Sunday with Warren friends, Mr. and Mrs. Will Ballard of near J.nehoro. -were callers at the home of her mo'ther, Mrs. Jennie Crawford Sundav evening. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Partridge and sons Myron and Frank visited Up-hiii 1 relatives Sunday. Mic. Ben Havens and children Al-meta a. d Harry and Mrs. Flora Havens visited Mrs. Glen Retritr, the latter part of the week. Mrs. Samuel Woodruff of Summitville and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Safford and daughter Margaret for S.unday din-I ner. Prayer meeting will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Wright, Thursday evening with Mrs. George Hasty as leader. St. John 17th chapter will be the topic of the lesson. Miss Vida Wright who is attending Marion Business College, spent the wok-end at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Wright. Mr. and Mrs. Rene Jones entertained the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Jones and daughter Frances and son Fred, at Sabbath dinner. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Whiteley entertained Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Harrold for Sunday dinner. Mr. A. E. Ratliff was a visitor at Indianapolis Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Whiteley attend. NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS buried with military honrs, the Amen- can Lesrion being in charge, r. Davis was a World war veteran and served overseas. By his death he orphaned his little three-months old daughter, the mother having! died on March 6. A six-months ,old baby boy proceeded the mother one year ago. The grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Lynch will keep the baby girl. V. C. T. F. Meeting To Be Postponed. Owing to the decision of Mrs. Atkinson, who was selected to act as president f the local W. C. T. U.. for the unexpired term of Mrs. Lena Dickerson, who resigned owing to poor health, no meeting will be held on next Thursday afternoon, the regular meeting) day. as Mrs. Atkinson refuses to act. She is rw recording secretary and also corresponding secretary and cannot fill two places on the same executive board. Cradle Roll Meeting At Home of Mrs. Meyers. The mothers of the radle Roll met Friday afternoon with Mrs. Elmer Meyers at the parsonage. After a business session Rev. Mr. Rhodes of Fairmount, gave a splendid talk to the mothers,' followed by Rev. Elmer Meyers, paster of the M. P. church. No special program was given but several mothers present gave short talks that were very interesting. Severe Case Of Small Vox. w Robert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Burr Wilson, is seriously ill suffering from a very severe case of smallpox. Youngi Wilson has been unconscious at times since he contracted the disease. Church Notes Rev. Mr. Meyers, pastor of the local M. P. church, "preached a "Mothers" sermon which was enjoyed by all present. A duet was sung by Miss Lacy Smith and Chester S,mith, entitle "Mv Mother Wears a Silver rv.--r. " Mvron Partridce and Loren Wright of the bus Booster class sang i "Meet Mother in" the Skies." Both ' duets were beautituuy renaereu. Mrs. Hassel Carroll and little daughter of Marion attended church here Sunday. Mr and "Mrs. Charles Millspaugh and children of near Matthews, at- tended services here Jmmiay. .aiso . Mr. and Mrs. .ai .viormau v.i Vli Kingsley neighborhood. Mrs. Lena Dickerson was ur.aoie xo ; Miss Lacv Smith pive a spienuui report of' the branch meeting of the F M S.. wlvch was hedd at Indianapfi-i i:" tw- local and I ersonai Bvron Duling visited Robert Lees , -r. XT'! Itfirc n-oro ' Kev. ana win r-imv. ..xy" , sruets at Sundav dinner at the home; t' Wi Cal Jone. attend Sundav school Sunday, owing to sickness. Mrs. Dickerson teaches the Excelsior class which consists of and 1 j I Long Litigation Over Seemingly Slight Matter Really Was Matter of High Importance. Long litigation over possession of n loaf of bread at last has confirmed the claim of a common carrier to posses- j sion of articles left behind by forget- j fill passengers, says the New York i Telegraph. By such seemingly trifling j Incidents are established principles of j law and equity often brought to the i attention of the public. j The issue grew out of the arrest of a man who picked up a package left by another passenger, on a seat of a New York subway train. The trainmaster demanded the package under the company's rule requiring all such estrays to be turned in at the office, subject to claim by the owners. Although it then was discovered that the package con-tainod nothing more valuable than a 5-cent loaf of bread the matter went to litigation. Through all the devious ways that such seemingly petty cases get up to i the highest court, the case reached the Court of Appeals of the state. There, after as solemn deliberation as is given ; to Issues involving large amounts of ! money and more momentous principles, the ctnirt held that the rule of the company was based on a well-established principle of law. The finder could have no claim to the article as having been lost. It merely hud been left by the owner on the property of the carrier, who at once became bailee for the owner. The other person, instead of acquiring any right to It as lindr under the law, technically became a thief If he retained it, notwithstanding his expressed intention to advertise for the owner. X-Ray Cancer Treatment. Remarkably successful results in the treatment of cancer are expected at the London hospitals, Whitechapel, by the "Dual Method" of applying X-rays. "The system had then been only recently Installed," writes a medical correspondent, "and It Is too soon to make a definite claim of permanent cure. At least five years must elapse without i recurrence of cancerous growths be- j fore it can be confidently said that the 1 disoase is cured. But one of the cases with X-rays. IVath had seemed cer tain within a lew weeks, but he is now-back in active practice." Pearls From Herrings. "French pearls" were very popular before the war. To make these artificial pearls, the French craftsmen obtained fish scales from the Russian bleak fisheries, and used these sheeny scales to give glass beads the luster of pearls. The war stopped the Russian fishermen, and consequently French pearl-makers could no longer work, i Therefore great efforts were made to find a substitute for the Russian fish scales. Now it has been found that the scales of certain sea herring and shad possess a delicate luster similar to oriental 'pearls. The silvery coating is removed and from It "essence d'Orient" or pearl essence is made, i The essence adheres like cement ; and a glass bead which has been coated with it bears a passable resemblance to a genuine pearl. Actual documents of Aztec history are available tp the history student today. ed the funeral of a relative in Muncie r- "t Mondav forenoon. ! I'ital i almost miraculous. A doctor. Mr. A. E. Ratliff was a Richmond ! whom seven surgeons diagnosed visitor lat week and attended the ! cancer, and regarded the case as hope-Billv SuriuaV meeting. i les, submitted himself for treatment Pitiful Condition of the Country Is Revealed by the Articles Offered for Sale. The cry that Itussia was wholly without needles, pins and thread was apparently without foundation. The abolition of domestic trade restrictions has produced a great quantity of such articles in Russian market stalls. They are of Russian, English, German and American manufacture. Much of this supply doubtless was hoarded and could be had secretly before free trade was Inaugurated. Darning cotton and wool, hooks and eyes, hairpins, combs, brushes, buttons and other notions also are offered freely, but at high prices in comparison with the markets of western Europe. Cloth is scarce and apparently of inferior quality. Market stalls seldom have more than a few yards of any sort of cotton or woolen fabrics. Porcelain Is also scarce. The only really good table silver and porcelain is in the hands of hundreds of reduced gentlefolk, who stand in queues about the public markets and offer their household belongings for the rubles necessary to buy black bread at 3,000 rubles for a Russian pound .of 12 ounces. Every conceivable household article and every sort of garment can be bought In these queues. Chairs, chandeliers, lamps, stoves, carpets, rugs, saddles, trunks, talking machines, beds, bicycles, pots, pans, kettles, table' linen, fur coats, boots, evening gowns and every sort of wearing apparel are offered for sale by their owners in these queues. Endless lines of second-hand dealers and individuals requiring wares pass along these queues asking prices and offer-Ing cash or barter. New York Tribune. Women were first licensed to act women's parts on the stage by Charles II in 1662. Up to that time feminine roles had been played by men and boys. One of thte national standard ! weights of the United States has not been used for actual weighing since it was received from the internation- ; al bureau in 1889. FOR SALE FOR SALE Marion fence, right. Oscar Loy & Son. Price FOR SALE Virginia Crystal Black Ash Coal. Loy & Son. FOR SALE Cultured buttermilk and cottage cheese at Cloverleaf Cream station. FOR SALE Eggs for hatching. Fishel's Direct. $1.50 for 15. Mrs. S. P. Roberts. FOR SALE Good work mare. Phone 1103. FOR SALE Modern property, cen tral location, hot water heat. See Dr. L. D. Holliday. FOR SALE Maytag power washer and refrigerator. George HpHen- beck. FOR SALE Pony, cart and harness Splendid putfit. Phone 118, Fair-mount, Ind. FOR SALE One set of wire wheels for Ford, pracically new. Call 279. FOR SALE A gpod sewing machine. 310 North Vine Street. WANTED WANTED House cleaning to do. Mrs. Del Smith, opposite the Grist milk WANTED Work on a farm. No experience, but willing to work. Call 270. POR GARDEN Plowing call W. G. Moon. WANTED To buy good second-hand wagon. Call 2833-Red. FOR QUICK AUTO service, longi pr short drives, see or phone W. G. Moon, 601 South Walnut street, Fairmount. 's 31 ' 1 noon wr.n uienn nouoway. Mrs. Rosa Harris called on Mi Lula Thomas Thursday nftornom. Mr. ard Mrs. Elmer Ruil?r and s Eyes Tested, Glasses Fitted by State Registered OPTOMETRISTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively OpHcal jf South Side Square Marion PIANO TUNING VOICING, ACTION REGULATING D. M. IIEADRICK 410 No. Main St. FAIRMOUNT Charges reasonable Drop a card and I will call, city or country. Phone 223. DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m., 1 to 5 p. m. E. B. COUCH DENTIST i Rooms over Hahne Drug Store Office hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m., 1 to 5 Don 't let Wh : t e Di arrh , Cholera, Blackhead and other infections di?caso0 kill off your Ct.ick. Sive the rhtrks and prevent disease by using Dr. Grawcock's Long-Green Poultry Tables Dr. Grwcock A combination of the known to s-k'nee. They kii! the yrzas and k-.-pp uisa.-.e from getting a start. It thi only fireparatior made by the original pr-scrtptioo of Dr. Grawc iK. a Boer-iai- I . . . on 1 7.. r . : .1 1 1 - . . "t w w jcanj. 11 in iije urinKing water. lJo--"t yoa nothing it not satisfied. Pa.-ka:"??, Kfic r r;'J 9 1 .()(. ALSO USE MU-TCME FOFS HOGS Keeps hoya hef.Ihy end free frrn Jlo-apo. W lit Brto-aJIy wake you more kjotj.-. Do i't i j ;.rxy tot. Sold Ry I H. O'MARA NOTICE OF FINAL SETLF..MENT OF ESTATE No. 3865. Notice is hereby given io the cred itors, heirs and legatees of .Aima M. Axkeiman, DeceaseJ, to appear in thi Grant Circuit Court, held at 31 -.ri n. Indiana, on the 9th day of June, 1022, and show cause, if any, wl-y the FINAL SETTLEMENT ACCOUNTS' with the estate of said decedent should not be approved; aiul said heirs are riotified to then and there make proof of heirship and receive their distributive shares. WITNESS, the Clerk of said Court, this 16th day of May 1922. S.. A. CONNELLY, Clerk of Grant Circuit Court. May 18-25, June 1. NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF RECEIVER State of Indiana, County of Grant. In the Grant Circuit Court, April Term, 1922. The Simmons Hardware Company, A Corporation, vs. Fairmount Hard ware Company, A Corporation. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed by the Circuit Court of Grant County, state of Indiana, in the above entitled cause of action, receiver of the Fair-mount Hardware Company, and ff all of the property, credits, rights and effects of said corporation, and that I have duly qualified as such receiver. k All persons interested must govern themselves accordingly. Dated this 18th day of May, 1922. ' N. A. WILSON, Receiver. CHAS. T. PARKER, Atty. for Receiver. ; t May 18-25, June 1-8. Death valley, California, now produces 20,000,000 pounds of talcum powder a year. Of the total number of 1,277 characters in Shakespeare's plays, 157 are females. D. WILSON, Rep. I il':r 1 v noir practice was neici last rnciay ; ht at the home of Mn and Mts Rene Jones. Mrs. John Dare and son Howard and grandson Cvril Tetrick of Carth age was calling on Little Ridge friends Tuesday afternoon. The gypsy moth was introduced into this country at Medford, Mass., in 1869. in connection with some ex- (ifuiiitms m n onui&iu silkW(orms. A few specimens escaped, and about ! twenty years later the insect had be-J come a serious net Between 1890 come a serious pest, rsetween i&ju and 1900 the state of Massachusetts! Antwerp, Belgium, is the center of wie numan nair inciusery. ivaw nair and Chinese hair, which has been bleached, dyed and prepared is used! :n the manufacture of women's hair i i nets. i j Mrs Mary Roberts ana mue grana- ,iames auhi w-iv ,ufM i-i .-n. .mv. ( Spent aDOut a minion aouars in corn-daughter were week-end guests of , Mrs . Harmon Moon and family Sun-,batinjf the insect which became G?itGracenLangdon. Iva Cackev j 3Miss Miriam Scott was the guest of , scarce temporarily, but speedily re. and Sherry Smith attended the funer- j Miss Mildred Scott Monday. ; sumed its depredations when the al of Clarence Davis at Jefferson' Mr. and Mrs. Earl ppent Sunday : campaign against it was discontinued, church Saturday afternoon. 'with the hitter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. 1 OAK RIDGE Mr. mil Mrs. Winford Thomas ?r.d sn Roger spent Sunday v.t'i Mr. and Mrs. Knight. E. F. Holloway and diuhtcs Mary i)oiores, Thelma, wcic Marion callers Wicnesday. Mr. and Mrs. Branson Harris h id for thou Sunday guestr, Mr. Mrs. ivmtrio! Plue and daughter Ava and son Archie of Fairnount, Afternoon callers were Mr. and Mi.;. Andrew Buzzard of near Mi. Etna. Mr. a.ii Mrs. Vinifol Thomas, son Roee-r. called on Mr. and Mrs. Ed Howell Sunday evening. Mrs. I erta Scott will toad prayer meeting Wednesday night. Mis.- F r rence Dohertv had for her cucts Mioses Frances and Elexi Davis. 3n's Jennie Cobert was an ei 3 lomoon ct.-iti. M s. Rsa Harris called ;in Mis. Clara Holloway Monday afternoon, Mrs- Anna Haisley, soi Murven. railed on the former's brother. Will .McCoy of Marion. .us. ,,ula ir, ma ana m uKw -w "'- "l . i and son Ror-r Friday ovmn- nurr .ia.s.e s.-e u ounaaj on Herman oa spent unaav un jh. a-id Mrs. Morton Whybrew and son Walter. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Co.nnton icaiicu on .ur. ami -ns. .-mihui imn- erty Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stockdale spent Siimliv w-itVi tl-inir d:inrhtr Mr. nn! , -!- j Mrs. Gerald Cox. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Maxwell and son r ... earner. Mr. and Mrs. Tilman Cox onter tained Mr. and 31rs. Chris roweu , Sunday. . ; .M ard Mrs. l.sancnarn ia is w ere guests of Mr. and Mis. Sunday. ... . AT 1 .miss oennie vpoen was a n.ood.x visjtoi at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis. R?w Cletis Brown joined his wife !at her raents, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Doherty Monday. ii i BACK CREEK II Miss Zella West of Marion, spent the week-end with Mrs. Will Kirk-pat rick. Miss Ruth Hoskins spent Sunday with Miss Helen Thomas. Mrc. Hubert Wilson spent last week in Indianapolis. Miss E.lla Jackson w'.ll entertain her Sunday schpol class Saturday afternoon .-it the home of Ccc rge Hill. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jons and son P i'ph "f Muncie spent tne AVeck-eni w th Mr. und Mrs. Ed Howell and .nrailv. Rodn?y blown and N,a Ault spent Sunday with Robert and Lloyd Kirk-patnek. Mr. and Mrs. Watt Fall's and nn John Lloyd, of Muncie spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. John Devine. Mr. an l Mfe-s. Charlie Hoskins ond family spc-nt Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Sprong. Rev. l ank Edwards visited relatives at Westland last Friday and Saturday. Mi sees Verna and Mildred Little of Muncie spent Sunday wicn Miss Sue Wood. LITTLE RIDGE Rev. Charles Hiatt, superintendent of Indiana Yearly Meeting of Friends, preached at this place last Sabbath. Mothers Day exercise was ohserved here with special music at both church and S.. S. services. The church was beautifully decorated with several varieties of flowers, which brought an inspiration to the people. Mr. and 'Mts. A. E. Ratliff entertained the Rev. Charles Hiatt. Howard Marshall, Ruth and Marcia Seale and Wm. Seale and Mrs. Mary Ratliff for Sunday dinner. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Campbell entertained the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moon of Marion for Sunday dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Harvey entertained the latter's parents, Mr. and i j ( Where the News Comes From While Drivers Seek Fortune Little Miss Ruth Ann LasKey is on c,vi. I it,. Mamarpt Corn is improving after suffering a severe case of erysipelas in her face and is staying i at the home of her daughter, Mrs. A. T I J iltllll. , Mis Ellen Hancock was the guest) of her uncle Charles Leach and fam-; c. 4.,,. vitnrniniT in the evenincr ! to the Marion hospital where she is in training. A tractor pwned by Everett Sim-1 ons was operated both day ana nignt the latter part of the week on the wright farm with Clyde Helms as tenant. Farm work is seriously delayed by the continued wet weather of the early spring. Many baby chicks are dying m this community from some cause. The wet weather was thought to have been the cause of the earlier hatches dying, but the weather being settled the cause is unknown. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones and son were guests of his mother, Mrs. Annie Jones and daughter Delia at Sunday dinner and attended morning services at the M. P. church. Mr. and Mrs. John Leach were visitors at the home of their spn Jake Leach and family. Mr. and Mrs. John Baker of Sidney, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Tomlinson at Sunday dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hayden of Fair-mount were afteryioon callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Murray Sunday. . , T , Mrs. Will Jarvis visited Mrs. John Leach Tuesday. Mrs. Sarah Carpenter of Anderson, who has been the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Adaline Atkinson, for several davs, spent Wednesday with Rebecca Corn and Thursday with Grandma Deeren, as she is kmown by her many friends. Mrs. Carpenter was a former resident here. Miss Gail Smith was home Saturday on the account of sickness. Mesdames S- D. Key, Ann Hayden, MyTtle Roberts and Mary Richards were Fairmount callers Monday af ternoon. . . Rev. Mr. Rhodes of Fairmount, called otj Rev. and Mrs. Elmer Myers Monday. . , . Mr. and Mrs. Rav Smith of Fair-mount called on relatives here Sundav evening. Mr. and Mrs. Olan Owens have moved their household gonds to the Manford Phillip property recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Curtis. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis moved to Elwood a few days ago where he is employed in the steel mills. Mr. and Mrs. John Baker pf Sidney were visitors at the M. P. church Sunday. Mrs. Baker before her marriage i i IIP' 0 a? (y art w VACCINATE YOUR HOGS WITH THORNTOWN SERUM Strictly Throat Bled Pure and Potent Serum and virus, also capsules and iodine, at labra-tory prices. Keep a supply on hands at a 11 times INDIANAPOLIS, IND. Every Memorial Day, when the star of tbe spe4 world are battling for a pot of gold ia the Indianapolis 500-mtle race, the big press stand is a hive of industry. From the press pagoda the wires of the press services carry th news of the progress of the race to all parts of th United States and by cable to Europe and Asia; special wires to metropolitan newspapers radiate from the stand and almost in a twinkling the name of the winner is flashed from coast to coast. Between two and three handred men are engaged in gathering and disseminating the news of race day. In the insert Is Steve Hannagan, seated In the shadow of the famous Wheeler-Scaebier Trophy, the man who disseminates all the press race news from the speedway office. Phone Black 1802. H.

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