The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on February 5, 1937 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, February 5, 1937
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Should You Pail to Receive Your DAILY CL1NTONIAN by:S0P. M. Phone 41 or 117 and a copy will be brought to you at once. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN WEATHER Snow, changing to rain beginning lata tonight or Saturday; rising temperature. 4 u Volume 25 Number 76 Clinton, Indiana, Friday, February 5, 1937 Price Three Cent As kewis Left Auto Strike Parley With Governor Reopens Mystery COMPANY GIVEN COURT ORDER TO EVICT WORKERS WATERS START TO GULF: CAIRO BELIEVED SAFE Flood Crest Leaves Ohio Valley, Goes Past Beleagured City, Pours into Mississippi ' Lowlands Today ARKANSAS GIVEN DAVID LLEWELLYN DIES HERE AFTER LENGTHYJLLNESS Prominent Clinton Man Diet Al 59 1 Resident of City for 27 Tear Active in Lodge Work SERVICES WILL BE HELD SUNDAY REINFORCEMENTS General Motors Demands Sheriff Clear Flint Factories of Sit-Downert; Troops May Be Called INJUNCTION IS STILL IGNORED BULLETIN FLINT, Mich., Feb. 5 Sheriff Thomas W. Wolcott announced to-day that, he had asked Gov, Frank Murphy to give him the asslstaiicw of the National Guard to enforce an enforcement writ against 1,200 sit-down strikers In two General Mo tors plants. The sheriff waited wor4 from tlie governor who had pre sided at a conference between Geo eral Motors executives and United Automobile Workers at Detroit before attempting to enforce the) " ") ,? David Llewellyn. Sr., 69 years of age, prominent Clinton citizen, died at his home at 428 Vine street yesterday at 2:20 p. m, following nn Illness of about two and one-half years. Mr. Llewelyn bad been a patient at the Robert Long hospital in Indianapolis for about three months, where he underwent an operation In October, and since that time had been bedfast. Death was due to complications following a stomach ailment. Mr. Llewellyn was born February 18, 1877 in Etnavllle, O., the son of Llewellyn and Ann Jones Llew its work of tit-uili und dent rnri Inn finliilied In the Ohio valley, Hie flood crest of ihe Ohio river poured into the Mississippi today to men-see the 1,200-mlle stretch from Cairo lo New Orleans. A drop nf twelve-hundredth of a foot In the pant 24 lioitru at Cairo led rivermen to believe the crest had passed that beleaguered r-lty. The Ohio's stage nl Cairo was 59.50 early todoy, with the torrent rushing harmlessly past the fifl-foot seawall and the army of 4.000 men who have staged a long and speetac-tilar battle with 1 lie river confident of victory. neopening a mystery which has remained unsolved for 15 years, Mary Miles Minter, star of the silent films, appeared at the district attorney'a office at Los Angeles to demand that she either be prosecuted or exonerated of the killing of William Desmond Taylor, noted film director slain in 1922. Authorities said there waa no evidence to warrant officially reopening: the case. Miss Minter said that her name had been persistently linked with rumors concerning the mystery and that, in justice, she ought to be cleared in a final action. writ. , ,., .... ' ellyn of Wales. For the past twen Workers Walt Water ty-seven years be has made bis home in Clinton, before which time Downstream the pick and uhovel he lived in Linton. He was well which is backing the United Automobile Workers. Governor Murphy, left, and John L. Lewis are shown leaving the conference In this international Illustrated News Soundphoto. The parley was said to have been urged by Roosevelt. known here as a miner and business Latest major development In Ihe auto strike situation came when a parley waH held in Detroit at call of (iov. Frank Murphy of Michigan, attended by William 8. Knudson, executive vice president of General Motors, and John L. LpwIb, head of the C. I. O., man. Until ten years ago he was in Flint Mich., Feb. 6 Armed with an order for the arrest of sit-down, strikers General Motors attorneys today called upon Sheriff Thomas Wolcott to enforce the court order. Tbe sheriff telephoned Gov. Frank Murphy, Appearing suddenly In Judge Paul V. Gadola's office here this morning General Motors attorneys obtained a writ of attachment after formally showing Judge Gadola's evacuation injunction had been SERIOUS SOVIET REVOLT REPORT the grocery business with bis brothers, William, of Clinton, and Ed- ward, deceased, They operated the Universal grocery located on Black-man street. 4itk Active Lodge Member Spanish Children to Get Care; Pope Will Aid Through Church COAST WORKERS BACK ON SHIPS IN NAZI PAPER Rebellion Against Stalin Regime He was an active worker In the COLLEGE YOUTH IS JAILED FOR EXTORTION TRY Presbyterian church and for aeveral years was the Sunday school super AFTER STRIKES intendent. He was the past high VATICAN CITY, Feb. 6 In an Said to Have Been Started . By Moscow Student After Meeting UNREST CHARGED priest of Vermillion Chapter, No. army of of more than 100,000 men guarding the billion dollar levee Bystem prepared for the deluge. Army engineers were confident the flood controll system will keep the Mississippi within bounds, bin nevertheless, 10.000 levee workers were massed along the 17-mile front stretching from Hickman, Ky., to Tiptonville, Tenn., and a fleet of 150 Coast Guard boats stood by ready for rescue work. Rain, wind, sand boils and seepage are the principal danger now, engineers said as tbey announced all the main levees have been bulwarked to hold even more water than is in sight. Vigilance Continues Despite the confidence of engineers, they continued their vigilance and their day and night patrol of the dikes. An Instance of their vigilance waa .noted, at Dundee, Miss., yesterday when a sand boil erupted back of the main line levee. An emergency crew hemmed in the geyser with sand bags, while another (Continued on Page 6) 125, Royal Arch Masons and served Sheriff Wolcott several days ago publicly stated he would , clear the plants if be got the court order. Wednesday Gov. Murphy telephoned the sheriff and told bim not to take any action while the peace negotiations were pending in De-( Continued on Page 2) Seamen Begin to Move Cargo official bulletin published by the Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romano, the Holy See today announced a "notable improvement" in tbe condition of Pope Plus. IN RED TROOPS bb secretary for seventeen years; past master . of Jerusalem Lodge No. 99, F. ft A. M.; past eminent com Member of Prominent Family In Alabama City Arrested on Charges of Writing Three Threats That Has Waited 98 Days While Unions, Shippers Disagreed mander of the Clinton Commandery BERLIN, Feb. 5 What was .ermed an "open revolt" against SAN FRANCISCO. Feb. 5 'Mart time workers on the west coast to No. 48, Knights Templar and past worthy patron of Jerusalem Cbap-( Continued on Page 2) Jictator Josef Stalin in Moscow was plashed across the front page of day marched back to tbe jobs the; the official nasi newspaper Der quit 98 days ago when the longest ingiTff today. . . Visit shipping strike in Pacific coast history was called. The newspaper declared fifteen TUSCALOOSA. Ala., Feb. 5 Unable to raise bond of $12,000, 19-year-old Sidney Lewis Reynolds, sophomore law student at the University of Alabama and member of a prominent Clanton, Ala., family, was held in Jail here today on charges of writing extortion letters to Mrs. Herbert D. Warner, wife of an executive of the Gulf States Paper Corporation. The young law student, who was persons were killed and forty San Francisco s waterfront was Bishop Cannon Is Defeated in Suit Against Tinkhan? mounded in a series of clashes be- typical of the scenes in ail coast :ween special GPU troops and hun- ports from San Diego to Seattle. Ired of anti-Stalin students shout- VATICAN CITY, Feb. 6 Sorrowing over the plight of 50,000 children said to be starving in Spain, Pope Pius, despite his illness, today began to organize church facilities to house and teed them. Working on the ten-minute radio address he will make Sunday to the Eucharistic Congress in Manila, the Pope planned to call tbe world's attention to the suffering of Spanish children, it was reported. Although the Pontiff spent "a somewhat less calm night," bis general condition today was said to be unchanged. Rebels Driving to Malaga Converge On Loyalist Army MADRID, Feb. t With heavy casualties reported on both sides, two Rebel armies fighting for possession ot Malaga today closed la on a desperately battling Loyalist force, leaving only t narrow mountain, corridor tor escape. Center of the fighting lay between Marbella and Fuengtrola, on tbe narrow coastal plain southwest of Malaga, second Spanish seaport, whose speedy capture was predicted ng "down with Stalin." The disorders occurred after a secret mass meeting of students in Here 100 longshore gangs of 16 men received instructions to report at docks where thousands of tone of cargo have lain since October 29. There were many more tons in the holds of 237 vessels, long Idle, but getting up steam today Tor new arrested in bed early yesterday and George Reported Planning to Send For Edward Soon WASHINGTON, Feb. . 6 Bishop James Cannon of the Methodist Episcopal Church, south, lost his $500,000 libel suit against Rep. George Holden Tinkman (R) of Massachusetts. In U. S. District arraigned a few hours later before United States Commissioner Sam H. Sprott, has confessed writing the letters, according to Sheriff Festus Shamblin. G-Mcn Hold Confession sailings. The end of the strike formally was accomplished last night with Court today when Justice Jennings Bailey directed a verdict in favor of Tinkman, stating that the Tinkman charges on which Bishop Cannon's the signing of new one-year agree a Moscow hall, the paper declared, Ktudents Riot Following the meeting, the students streamed Into the workers' suburbs where they allegedly attempted to incite laborers against the Stalin regime. The wllUly excited student agitators were met by a detachment of 1PU guards equipped with machine-;uns and small armored tanks. The roopers fired Beveral volleys Into he midst of the crowd, the paper (aid, eventually dispursing tbe dem by the Insurgents. The purported confession, it was LONDON, Feb. 6 King George is likely soon to summon his brother, the Duke of Windsor, back to London, it was reliably reported today. The main purpose of the visit Guns of six Rebel warships burl suit was based were true. Clinton Resident Dies; Last Rites Planned Sunday Justice Bailer bad deliberated ing1 shells into Loyalist ranks cut off their plight by sea. Rebel sources would be to assign bim, as a Knlgbt of the Garter, to a new stall in St. said tbe government forces were hemmed in on the Southwest, north, and northeast by one column advancing from Marbella and the second George's Chapel, Windsor, head over night on the motion for a directed verdict, and as court open ed this morning announced to counsel that he had reached bis decision. He said: "I find from the testimony of the plaintiff that he was guilty of the charges made by the defendant. quarters of the knights. The Duke's onstrators and arresting scores. abdication as King Edward neces Khake-up Reported Meanwhile, continental Europe ments between shippers and the seven west roast maritime unions, Tbe new longshoremen's agreement is virtually tbe same as the 1934 arbitration award. Hours wages and general working condl tions remain the same, with provisions for standardizing working rules on the coast. All six of the sea-going crafts won substantial pay increases $10 , a month for radio men and unlicensed seamen and $15 a month for licensed officers plus cash payment for all overtime, which will further change their total earnings. Working rules for the sea-golns groups were more clearly defined driving down from Albania, northeast of Malaga. Only S strip eight miles wide through tbe snowy mountain passes remains open to sitated redistribution of the traditional stalls. was flooded wltn reports or a gi said at the Sheriff's office, is in the bands of the Federal Bureau ot Investigation, and its full contents have not been made public. When arraigned before Commissioner Sprott, the youth waived examination and was hound over to action of the Federal Grand Jury, which will meet in Birmingham. No Motive Seen Members of the Sheriff's office, who participated in the youth's arrest, said they could not understand the student's action, as he apparently was not in need of money, although bis reported confession is said to have given the explanation that he needed the 87,000 demanded from Mrs. Warner for "family Since those charges are substantially gantic shake-up In the Soviet re tbe Loyalists. Following an illness of about one year, George Reuben Lenhart, 30, died at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the Indiana State Sanitori-um in Roekville where he had been a patient since January 16. He is survived by the parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Lenhart, of Western avenue; one daughter, Eleanor .lane, of Gary; one brother, Dan Lenhart, of North Terre Haute; Government reports from Malaga, gime. Dispatches from Warsaw and Riga insisted Stalin and War Com however, strongly denied that there would be any occasion tor flight, as missar Clementl Voroshilov wefe tbe Loyalists were said to be more than holding their own. squaring oTf for a showdown, with the dictator ruthlessly weeding out his opponents. VIENNA, Feb. 6 The Duke of Windsor, It was learned today, plans to invite the Dukes of Kent and Gloucester, his brothers, to bis wedding next month. The ex-king's marriage to Mrs. Wallls Simpson will be a civil ceremony, taking place in Castle Enzes-feld, It was understood, although true. . . the Court directs you to report a verdict for the defendant. The suit originated out of Bishop Cannon's activities as head of the nml-Smith Democratic campaign in 1928 when be was called before a congressional committee to testify regarding contributions made to bis campaign fund tor which he had not accounted. He had received $6.1,500 from E. C. Jamieaon, a New York capitalist, but bad failed to account for $48,600 ot tbe amount. Moscow's deadly censorship made UMWA OFFICIALS and living conditions nboard Bhip standardized as far as practicable. it impossible to establish the true and one half-brother. William Waggle, of Gary. nature of the situation. Latest The vast majority by which all unions but the firemen approved TO WASHINGTON Officers of District Mo. 11, United expenses." Warsaw dispatches charged unrest Funeral services will be held Queen Mother Mary and other mem Three letters were written to Mrs. their agreements indicated the sat bers of tbe Royal Family are still in the red army Is so widespread that to date 1,200 officers of all Mine Workers of America, bave trying to bring about a rellglouB from the Frist funeral home Sunday at 3 p. m., with Rev. H. B. Wagner officiating. Burial will be in Walnut Grove cemetery. Warner, it was revealed. The first demanded (6.000, but the amount was Increased to $7,000 In the ranks are faring military tribunals isfaction of the men. The total vote, exclusive of firemen, was 19,502 to 2,708. marriage. i E2Si (Continued on Puge O) J been called by John U Lewis, International president, to attend a meeting In Washington, D. C on February 12 to participate In discus second letter. LEGION PLANNING FOR CONVENTION I.ATK III I.I,KT1 WAHHJNGTOS, Feb, Plans for Ihe district American Tennessee State Legislature Acts To Prevent More Child Marriages; Governor Swamped with Protests Hatch, Murray Introduce Measure To lake Politics Out of Relief $et Up Permanent Federal Policy sions of the International policy committee. Officers from this district are Frunk Baruhart, president; Charles Funcannou, vice president, and John H. Settle, secretary. A discussion of the organization's policies will be discussed before any negotiations are entered with mine operators at a meeting in New York City on February 17. NASHVILLE. Tenn., Feb. 5 As "You are not responsible for the marriage," wrote one person, "but WASHINGTON, Feb. 6 The flrst the Tennessee house of representa legion convention to be held In ('Union April 17 and 18 were discussed at the regular meeting of the Legion held at the home In South Third street last evening. This will be the first convention held in Clinton for several years and elavorate plans are being made. A large crowd Is expected to attend the opes meeting at which time a noted speaker will address the move to "take politics out of relief" you do bave a duty to annul this tives today prepared to lake Up a was underway In the senate today marriage." senate bill outlawing marriage of as Senators Murray (D.) of Mon persons under 14 years of age, Gov. tana, and Hatch (D.) o( New Mex As far as the actual marriage of Eunice is concerned, state officials previously had pointed out that they ico, introduced a resolution propos Gordon Browning revealed he Is being Utterly "swamped with letters from all sections of the country re ing creation of a federal commis FERRARA BUYS " HEREFORD BULU Frank Perrara, manager Of the relief, (3) the question of assessing the financial burden and administrative responsibilities as between private charitable organizations and local, state and federal gpvern-meiits, (4) Bome plan for co-ordinating the long term relief program with existing governmental agencies, and (5) the probable revenues of greater private re-employment and a general program looking to the liquidation of tbe entire relief problem." It appeared congress was ready to sion to studv the unemployment flenl K4Hi!evelt today propoNcd to rontfreNH a nwei'iiiic reform of flip judiciary, ln lulling Hie right to appoint mi many as hIx new jUNt-Icch of the HiipntiM' court If present JuMtfccM over 70 yearn old do not choose to retire. The HenNationnl propoNal of the president vim aubnUtted at the conNUltution at an emergency aen-sion of cabinet officers and con-KrettHional leaders. Mr. Roosevelt's plan, submitted on the eve of supreme court argument on the controversial Wagner labor act, brought the new deal squarely to grips with the frequently-discussed issue of constitutional changes and supreme court reform. lr. Roosevelt asked authority to appoint additional federal Judges and justices in all eases where the silting judge has rearhed the age of 70 and does not choose to retire. are powerless to Intervene. The present laws of the state permit marriage at any age -through an Inadvertent act of the legislature a few garding the recent wedding of 9-year-old Eunice Wlnstead of Sneed-vllle. - "; problem and recommend Its permanent solution. Clinton Packing Company on West Anderson Street, recently purchased The resolution declared: "It la Many of the writers, be revealed. evident that the problems ot unem thoroughbred Hereford bull, twe apparently hold him directly re years ago and so long as the parents of Eunice to not object there is nothing the officials can do about ployment and relief have passed the years old, weighing 1,509 pounds, at Paris, III. MORE DONATIONS RECEIVED TODAY Donations for the relief of flood sufferers are still being made steadily to the Red Cross. Contributions made since yesterday are: Local Union No. 2274, Crows Hill S, $160; Baptist church, 127.18: Modern emergency phase and these burdens now appear to be long-term charges the matter. determiue a permanent relief policy. Tbe animal will be kept few sponsible. If not for the actual marriage of the girl to 22-year-old Charlie Johns, a strapping six-foot mountaineer, at least for permitting tbe marriage to stand. Others merely urge bim to use his nstead of merely authorizing hun against the national government." Tbe measure, under which such dreds of millions of dollars to be Specific duties imposed on the marriages In tbe future would be impossible, was passed by the sen commission would include report (1) days at the plant and then butchered. Mr. Ferrara always ass on band from ten to twenty bead of high grade stock and sells most of toa meat to local merchant. . on the "extent and nature of unem spent by a handful of governmental agencies. There was a general feeling that the unemployment emer-(Continyed on Page 8 ate late yesterday, and it was believed it will have easy sailing In tbe house, j Woodmen Camp 3106, $5: T Deal influence to see that laws are passed Bridge club 12. t; Pete Bouarlvla, in Tennessee to prevent a repetition j2, and Jobs Ullo, II. of sucb a wedding. I ployment and relief needs., (2) the problem or work as against direct'

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