The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on February 4, 1937 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1937
Page 5
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Page Five GODOY WALLOPS DONOVAN CLAIMS " Come Back? I OS ANGELES IS CHICAGO INtUKU NKW YORK. Fell. I Arturo (lo- BASEBALL m MEET TO OKAY 1937 SCHEDULE doy, 1 n B 4 . rugged, plugging i ""- CONSIDERING BIG BAER QUIT: BOUT MAY BE BARRED STfCVeJ BY AM ,.(,,,, i,lay had mldcd Oils I honiah. 137':.. Chiiain Ni-4i- l.cavywelghl. AILMENT" I hU list of victories. last mm lii'siuiiteK coiupi'tilion after tin lull c liivoll' occnsiiined by the allllll Il, me In from Hi- ' ,'"""v SPORTSPROGRAM Inlermitional EvnH Patterned 1,1 ,cn the Negro's rlclit eye win. New York Athletic Cbmmission aharp left In the m-i nnd anil won Dean Trade May Change Session Front Routine to News; Van MunKO Also On Rlork ,y e,l,ni.l kn.n liout In ine i Indicates Disapproval ot Proposed FiRht With Pastor in March NKW YOltK. Kill. -I INIinlle Mr COME roiMiil of " s,li, in rouniiei ,,l nii.-lil. The boul was bulled "'ids had failed l After Olympic roncierfo in Western Cityt Plan Hat Double Purpoie w AvnF.I.ES. Kelt. 4 A cIbiiii 'I.- I" I l-' NKW YORK, lealille dull own' nl itidltiitlons had bieii iflw'ii today by tlnji Hi" How of blood. V inrinliers of 111" New York Athletic ire gilllierln-t here h-dav I annual pow-wow In whidi I h i ii 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 v mil their olciy a ill " Mn Hi. Hiinrls prOKrnm. condiielrd alum: l hi- Hum "f tl,e Olymnlr Ram'1". ti for 1,0 AngclM III Coininlshii'ii that lliey 'HI ' sanc-ilon the nrnnoi'il llu-lil hern on il WabAHh Valley lout iinnii'ut. Clin ton hii-'li sehiiiil'M baki.tliiill I'-ani vlll piny Dunn's Vi'l inilllnn county 'hiiiuplniiH nl til"' nppoiieiit's kviii Priilay nltlil. I'anl perlrirl.l.l'e "Urn lUIII il j li.ilK! e li.. i'i r (In- WHilr.iH. lull Cniiill shilculli. ll.llki maybe In-ail fix ilin! 'ic'i I" n tryiiia hard iHiiu-Ii uinliiiw. In Hie ii'ii-m oiinty n"t lourni-y hi li-iua the Ine'l ten in i-npped Hie l-i-p!u by virliie "f a flnnl-'riintn Iriuniiili nvi-r St. II't-nli-e, hii had wliipiieil clliiti.n In i he fii-mi-liiniK tm P-' l" ip- then, the local ravers will riil'-r III" im-uiIIiis fray as ninli-nlniii. IMced b Ktrnhill anil Stnll. I lie liana mlli'ia have fl:.l"-d sunie ti est -lass basketball this v.-.n. ami are io (limlif lapiibl" of e "f Hie ,5 irh i'i lietwnen Mx Ilimr. former IH I-II " ' - 1!I38 aud every tour ynnra llier riAi- hnavvwniiiht iliiiinpion. and Hob faster. The derision followed limtimony l)V Iteri'iee Arthur Donovan that ii:ii.i. could hiivo continued his Hunt Dos Bladder Irritation Get You Up? M il.e Till" U.""' '''St i-t ,,., ii,.. Madder as you would i., I,i, w,.. Help nature get rid f , i, and excess acids which .. , . h rit-.lion thai results In nn ,, his. sni'ity flow, fre- ,, ,!,.,.,. leirnili!,'. backaciie, or , ,i,,s (,, I hu.-hil li aves. juniper ., .nil ,i ,!., drugs made ililo ItUl" 1,,1,1,-ts. .Hid say Biikets to ,,,,v druggist. In '" lf ,""t pleas, d your 2:.c will be refunded, t.illis IMiarmacy liaiehnTI si-heditle for ni"cl sen.iiiti. I'.-iiially. tliese FmIm-iiiii y nii-'-iin. are nierely i-niiline. but 111", linn-liiiKi-bnll gratievine lllsbl's there l -a lie a few Irades niad'-. One of Hie liiii-l d'n 'i-seil U Mi iifteii-liriuiclied lull ii'-' er cm. un mali-d triiiiBfer nl l)i lean H"i I lie Cardinal!: I'i Hie rub.-. llllei on I'.lni'li Another is I In- shifl of V m ' rii from the Diidgeis t ' l!n' with Joe Louts In New York, but re ....... h - i Th proposal h I'e'H Leslie A. Hrnry. former president of the Southern Pnrlfi.- A. A. I', anil member of the Hoard of (Sovnrnor of the bos AnKOlpa Alhlelli' and now In ticliiK considered tiy the Junior Chamber of Commerce. Included oil the. tentative list of events for these California International cam Is track and field. .i; modem Dontalhlon. fenr fused to get up and elected to lake ;t count. 1 Formal action against Baer will noi l.n token by the commission un nine, nllhonirh tlwv i Hu::i;er til the Binned contracts are present-. with ''I- ' I ' wlio "liinluat-il them from Hi" finals (U)H ,- ph-utes I'd for approval next weolt, t t Jt nil .w..rn mv old APCAIplCirtS tARlV fM'S willing to hid a-a:n: l the hi;; rlghthaiVr. Several hall playe of the Wnl.aili Valley tiiiiriuimi'iil in the first round with a one-point victory. ft. 22 ii I Willi." . 'n- is! CHAIUiKM IIKX1KD SACKAMKNTO. Cnl.. l-'eb. fd -rutff rnlAK 1 -1 W"" " y- Maxie Maer's return to the fistic wnra todav Hi-emed invested with all Budge, Grant Are sU)wVOL the furore of his championship cam Heading for Fiml Clash of Tourney paign an ohnrsos he had turned yollow" nnder the lists of Joe Louis ilireatened to block the butcher boy's setto with Hob Pastor next month. Ti da srm-'KIDR. Fla.. Fen. I lean has tiecu reded ! I!, fobs and that Hi" n-.' ii-''-; iv m ly wailills lor 11"- psychulogii a! m -ment to iilino'.ini " Hie ileal. All llopell Olll These players would have you believe tliul the Gardi i,re i.'ettini; a heavy bundle of cash, a first siring out fielder and some lesser lights as window dressing to appease (lie tans in St. Louis for the loss of Dean. Baseball men generally are agreed that the Cards, although willing, are unable to pav Dizzy what he is worth and point out that .the Cubs are no! only willing and aide, hut even eager to psy Dizzy. If ,.r,t the t.-.ll.nilll lie has been ItiK. welRht UfHne.i yaehlinK. handball, 8w!nnilnsr. basketball. l.nxiiiKi gymnastic, rowing, polo.- equestrian sports, tennis aud soccer.-International Tone Aocording to plans, athletes from all nations would be Invited to participate in these ovenls. The entry, list would hardly be - comparable ilh that of the Olympic games but Hie outstanding stars in various porta would have the opportunity to compete against each other diir-ijiK years aside from the Karnes themselves.-.. " . Cliff Rosson.-. executive nianaRor of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, said today sneh a apoHs event dun Iiir the summer would have a twofold purpose) -. " - ' r . l. Present a gala -athletic spectacle for the public and athletes; 2. Itatse funds for. the Olympio games. , -, Max's manager. Ancil Huffman, -ho had hcen around haranRUliiR -triincera on street corners, the man .eemrd to have developed an im-.ii-ilinient In his speech, lor when Mie matter was broached lie paled noticeably and averted his Raze. It v.-iir clear that Bilence was to he ob-l.llRato accompaniment of any move Jacobs may lie thaklHK toward the One Opinion FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH By Davi J. Walsh answered with a few tilting pnrawn the charges voiced by Arthur Dono play In til" second Snrfsiili1 ti-eni". I o ii ri) ii mill I was turned over to doubles mutches, fnllowin- iiuaiter-flnnl clashes ye.-! i-rdav. Siini-lllia!s will be played tomorrow, with the finals Saturday. Red-headed Donald Hildi:". Oak van, referee ot the Baer-Louls fight. STOP IT " !TH AlkaS w-r Does Heau..o:e 'Stow you before the New York Boxing Commission yesterday. j Donovan's assertion that Baer was in condition to continue when he mnu in count under Louis' - I outer edces of the middle. NEW YORK Feb. 4 Slisht com-, He's been there In a stnuiRely ilicatious besan settl.iR fn today , dossed manner ever since Sunday ;..-it, tho niaddock-I.ouis-ChlcaRO lnst when Bi'addock announced his down?" You are a rare exception it it does not at least something close to that Bi- fourth round barrage of punches holt from Schmellne to Chicago and One or two taoiers oi nuiu-SELTZER in a glass of water t alkalizing was emphatically denied by Hoff- t ools. For. in the first place, I land, Cat., America's No. 1 amalenr player, and Bryan M. "Ititsy" (irant. diminutive Atlanta. Ga., Unvis cup star, are just one match from meeting for the third time this year. Both mardicd through their quarter-final tilts in comparatively easy fashion. Grant, recovering from a hud solution that usually brings Jacobs has n "piece" of the Brad- man. doek-Sehmcling promotion ' with "The punches- Ilaer toon in mm Madison Square Garden and. In the i flRht were enough to stop throe ord- WPA RECREATION DEPARTMENT NEWS niwi he holds Schmellng s "cull ; Inary men," Hotrman saiu League Bowling LEAGUE BTANlrtXO ' T.m Won Lost Pet for $31,000. start, eliminafed Elwood Cooke. Pit- relief in just a few minutes. ALKA-SELTZER is alio recommended for Gas on Stomach, Morning After", Acid Indigestion, Colds, and Muscular Pains. You will like the tangy flavor and the results when you take Alk-Seltier. Alka-Seltier, when dissolved in water, contains an analgesic, (Sodium Acetyl-Salicylate) In addition, the alkalizing agents in Alka-Scltzcr help to relieve those everyday disor fieht situation when Mike Jacobs, -ho seems to play rovltiK promoter (he All-Anterlcnn team, started eivinE a swell Imitation of a man moving out of the middle. As a result,, plans- for the ChieaRO fight were, temporarily Or otherwise, at a dead end. If. Indeed, there was to bo a Chicago fight. Jacobs holds a contract as promoter of Louis' matches until 1941 aud seemed all set for this one. But he seemed all upset after a series ot acHd conversations over 'the long distance telephone with jHllan lllack, ono o! Louis' managers. Ho Clinton Ice Co 7 Negro Threatens to. ; A National Event! . . . RYTEX ; i-ifie northwer.t champion or Los An-DFX'KLB EDGE VELLUM printed ' R(f(.Si fi-l. 11-1. while Ilud-je was ad-stationery . . 'IouJle. the ,U8" vancing to the rouiid or four with e. V, iM " " - Walter paper . . . printed with your Mono- Senior, California stale champion, Boxing classes under Hie direction of Curtis George meet each weed-day except Saturdays in Columbia Center from 3 p. in. to 7 p. m. Any one interested in boxing is invi'.-d to the classes. ! 2 .777 3 .B7 4 .555. 4 .DBS' 5 .444 5 .441 5 .444 8 .111 Sue for Money Paid To See Heavy Fight Ti-ibune-Star . . . Tenaco Oilers '. . . Exchange Club . . Diana's ........ O. C. Murphy Co. Indianapolis News Cooperative .... gram or Name ana auuichs iu ,0r san r rannsco. ders associatea wun ium- . . . January only! on sale at acidity. Small oackage 18c The Dally Cllntoninn office. adv. In tomorrow's singles matches. Grant will combat diaries it. Harris. West Palm Beach. Fla. Harris The weekly WPA daii.-e will at Moose hall tonight at S::in. Large package IHe.-r-; NEW YORK, Feb. 4 Joseph lloslica. young Negro newspaper rankiliL's o'clock. Music will be furnished by ia eighth in The national writer, threatened loday to file suit ' ... !' " i' I I- "'i H .! finally confided: I "I'll have to think about it (tho .'(hiraco fiKbO for a few days be- six-piece dalli-e band. ....... i . ...i en.ii,,,,ii ( I ; 1 1 1 -1 IlillMl. ' . . .... . .. i.. I ..l.. ,1,,,.! In.i ,.lt iniii'iiii i r I Ot tt, IV laa. on to recover ail or, nil, of te a ZTZT Ar.l.ur lll Schednlc For Tlmrsday February 4, 1937 7:fl0 P. M. -i Indpls. Newit vs. Cooperative Alleys t and t. ' ' , Tribune-Star- vs. Texaco s Alleys 3 and 4. 9:00 P. M. a Murnhy's vs. Clinton Ice Co. he paid to see u.e J(,e wor,H s 1 ,,,dr,x. ,e,i, ranked in the nalio,,.! The Wo-.d-raf. elasa will '. at 171 ,rrmOSS on fore I make up my mind, no, that's . -r tastor iigiii. . ., ..... . . Ir Iceland Fla. n. m. todav t Columbia Center. I ;ill I'll say now a. roe hfs barrister. Sol Strauss. Appearing oc.o.o ... - . ,-- -: " on I p p f c cr- a n Alleys 1 and t. - Diana s vs. Exchange ou Alleys 3 and 4. THIMBLE THEATRE ' uiiai I II iv I Vpv ; - - - . . ' : : 'i I , s. 1 I "i.ravj t)FLVKCiTOU. A (;HfV66V,00N'T FEEO WO VJOW TOESHT. oqu're KOT 1 V BOH'T SOO LOVE SOUR J rfa ihy rli m MOGilC MEUOOV-riiRtF WIM' - -COME art. qj tnK Aun Individual Averages . Clinton Ice Co. W. Beveridge, 115; C. Beveridge, 1H2; Knott, 144; ruinei-neck.' 136; Shannon, 132; Mackie, Itl. : Tribune-Slar James, 163; (iuerrli 157; McCIung, 105; Asbury, 153; Leeds, 133. .Texaco's Stone, 1D8; Mills. 157; Kamm, 162; Gilfoy, 138; Frazier, 131. Exchange Club Hcgarty, 168; Umistra, 166; Cheek, 152; Stltt, 140; Fletcher, 129. . Diana's Braitikas, 176; Bennett!, 173: Ave." 172; Colombo, 171; Mur-iWIt 1C1 .. bE r 0Kb 1 tio 5' I I jT ;-Vl t '- 4'' - 1 f.lJBX-Jfje W 1 j,rv," . a. C. Murnhy Co. C. Bchelsky. 172, Moore. 170; Tasso. 165; lloll 152c White. 151. ' ' . indple Iiws Combs. 176; Tim merman, 147; Rlcauda, 139; Hor iipv l.ts- Maltloda. 137. ' V wi-st- r, ,r,, , , - . . By RUSS WE5TOVER ; Cooperative Lanzoue. 168; Bon- TILLIE THE TOILER . dl, 144; Guinn. .136: F. Schelsky. Y7777771 OH, WA ITUST MAC X' 135; FeuogliOr ISO. - - ii i ii 1 iiii ' ' 1 ' e-at-ij e- MV DAB-UINra OEAEET Tt wa THBT HAPPIES WA THEfae'S A TEAR. OU 'MAC; I FlMtSHED t-iy V-ETTta so n-.n -THtWKIWS HOVAJ Qiei-L. rr'D be IF VJETeE TOUR OF MV LIFE VtHEW P-EAO nOOR. UOELV LETTEfd High Ten Hi-aziikaa. 176: Combs. 176: Ben tL in vtjurz. ey E I IT WAS SO fcWEE' r-y rv Uvoou,-. neltt. 173: Ave. 173; C. Schelsky. VAI HAT'S THB VT "TO tOO BEFOIce I OJEB. WITH TOT 1M AMTtCtPATtOM Ot- TbEElNfe YOU FATHER. IMSTETAD MATTER' i r-OAL. IT VEB-V SOOM OFVOUR. FIANCE X At-THOUC5H I CAN'T ri3E:MREra. WHAT 172; Colombo,- 171: Moore. 170: James. 169; Lauzoue. 168; Ilegarty, 168. - ' HIkIi Temm-Hcnrr, Thnrsdny January 28; 1907 Kxchange ClBb. 887. ' High Individual Score. TLurnday Y StJviB, TlUUE, I'D Uf v.y r ' PI i - UKE TO HEAK IT ki LIKE. KMCAAlb v . n HAVE THE EETEStrS DEAREST DAD IM T' PIS January vs. Iiw i Mills. (Texaco's) substituting for Exchange Club, J?2. . ... .. M THE VAIHOL.E i x 'i ii r il i ' sr' VMOc2L.D, CVl' V.f-Vi- Secret Operative 48 DANK DUNN DOWN a- 17 iauv TUF OTWrO DAV TUtV I 'i r wo Pay 5c per 7 Licor-d fUE ORPHANS' HOME XHpiRED TIM, THE OFFICER U5T m arrii ftC UP DIDN'T BRlNQ W THAT OTTHRE PLEASANT HUMPM NOW TO SE AT KINO OF - m w--w . - - - .... , 4 .Mi- Te; c A LI m ck. lli, vrri i a ONE O' THE Kluo IN wno m w-, , a WOULD BE IE MICE MORNING, NT IT I HAVE AN EXTRA CIGAR ' DO VOU MOKE ? VOU KKJOW I'M SORT OF POND OP THIS PLACE-ALL THE CHILDREN AND -niY. ilk NJII l,T Rp" I N FORMATION I CAIN ur I WA"5 SENT OUT TO fatl" ; FRAME HO'JCE.V A FELLER KWEvV WE WAS , ,r-fe e.riA.P.1 IT I WOULD 1 am' TINfe RFFN HERE . V TIM f like to find. omn6 tht. GOIN' TO WOLD M '::., .,rnc( I t 1VP" T 'WOULD WEi-P UF3t. I i ri.i w .- I WIS JOB. -5oCL03E. TJ ivvt tu-o -Xlly U PLEASANT WORKING HERE; AJsJO GET BACH AfairM . pound or large clean Cotton dags. Daily Clintonian WW s- 4

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