The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on May 15, 1922 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 15, 1922
Page 2
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS wish from the bottom of my heart The Fairmount News! TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY Published on Mondays and Thursdays A . S. ROBERT?, Editor and Publisher. Minnie McLucas Roberts. Associate. TIRE INSURANCE What It Means To You. that America was in Genoa." Upon which we know that Lady ' Astor is true to form as the American expatriate runs year after year. May we say in our language that her fifty-fifty is the bunk ? Even a 50 per cent American would never have the heart to wish -us at Genoa. As for her assertion that "the whole world looks to America for moral LOCAL EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS OF TWO DECADES AGO AS TOLD BY THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS, AND GLEANED FROM THE FILES OF THE PAPER FOR PRESENT DAY REMINISCENT READERS. Office: Main 265 Res., Main 107 TELEPHONES ADVANTAGES That every tire bought will be kept in service duration of its life. Misses Dea Nolder and Edith Ellis will teach a five weeks term of sum by us for the SUBSCRIPTION RATES. (Within Indiana.) occupied by the Stag club and will be used as headquarters until the large hall can be fitted up as the directors desire. mer school, beginning next Monday. One year $1.50 lead," it is the sort of thing that makes the average American put his hand on his watch. Lady Astor says "America will have to po to Europe Six months 90 Open to children five years old and Punctures, Cuts and Bruises will be repaired and put back into yet." She seems to have overlooked the fact that America has been to Europe once. Chicago Tribune. . service without charge. Tires sold that prove defective in workmanship or material, that can not be re (Outside Indiana.) One year $2.00 Six months 1.25 All subscriptions payable strictly in advance; paper discountinued at expiration of subscription time Tin-less renewal is received prior to expiration date. Entered as second-class matter at the postoffice at Fairmount, Ind., under the Act of Congress of March 8, 1879. any who have not yet completed the work at the North Buildingv The fine new equipment for the Fairmount Telephone exchange has arrived and manager S. B. Hill is engaged in placing it in position in the new room in the Borrey block. All the equipment is the very latest improved construction and is a great improvement over many neighboring towns. Mrs. Eunice P. Wilson state presid- M H M H H H H M M The Movies OFFERINGS AT THE ROYAL Mrs. H. L. Hurtt of Ashley is visiting Mrs. Harry Miller. The academy base ball team plays at Muncie Saturday. Mrs. Dr. Warner entertained the Thursday afternoon art club. Charles T. Parker and wife and Miss Osha Starr were in Indianapolis yesterday. Mrs. Charles Stewart of Matthews is visiting her parents Samuel Stewart and wife this week. paired will be submitted for adjustment, and a satisfactory settlement guaranteed. Therefore, maximum service will be available from all tires with only the initial cost. Come in and let us explain it to you. INDIANA WEALTH In a discussion of the present busi-, ent of the W. C. T. U., entertained at "A MAN'S HOME." j What is regarded as one of the best i cast screen plays of the year is the forthcoming! Selznick Special, "A Man's Home," which comes to the Royal Theatre Tuesday. In addition is - Fowler Mrs. J. M. Leach of Kokomo, who has been the puest of her sister, Mrs. Will Brown, returned home Tuesday. ness outlook, Evans Woollen, presi- her country home the ladies of Back dent of the Fletcher Savings and eek a"d a few neighboring ladies. Trust Companv, of Indianapolis,! excellent progjram was rendered q-tes "a wise banker" to the effect and refreshments were served, that 1922 will be a good year for The residence of Misg Ada winslow business organizations to intensify -s niged fey MiU porter and &g their own efficiency. If this advice : s5stantSj and a mny inch stone could be translated directly to the ; foundation wiU be pIaced k SERVlOE COMPArsY to its notable cast, "A Man's Home" is said to tell an unusually strong dramatic story, written by Anna Steese Richardson and Edmund j Mack S.chultz and wife will leave Saturday for a visit with relatives in Spiceland. Later they will go to Detroit and Washington D. C. ' i greatly increasing its appearance. FEMININE USE OF PROFANITY ! I nue action la.en mereon, wi cm house hag been remodeled in the RIGDON 1922 would find the three million IL Census Taken at Girls' Seminary Can-not Be Tr.ken as Positive of Iniquity. Harry Davis has purchased the James Luther property on South Main street and sold his Walnut street prp-perty to Pete McCombs. Mesdames Nixon and Clint Winslow left last evening to attend the meeting of the Women's Foreign Missionary society of the Friends church in session today and tomorrow. rear, a new addition being added. Will Hundermark is working in Marion. Orville Clapp went to Ingalls Thursday morning. Mrs. Jennie Sutton was in Indianapolis yesterday. By Sunday the Y. M. C. A. reading rooms will be ready for occupancy. These rooms are the ones formerly Hoosiers buried in new wealth. The Conservation Department of Indiana, which is in effect, the housekeeping! department of the state's resources, points out today for the Desklamp a few of the ways in which intensified development of Indiana's natural resources and intensified conservation of others might bring millions of dolars in return to the people. For example: Miss Nettie Hucklemayer is for Miller & Haas. Fifty billion tons of coal underlie Breese, and the picture has had the advantage of the directorial genius of Ralph Ince, who personally supervised the filming of the play. The cast for the production was selected from the wide field that only Broadway can present to the casting director of a photoplay. The characters were all outlined and studied with a view to fitting the individual player to the essential parts and there were seven roles that demanded most intelligent interpretation in order that the story might be visualized efficiently. When the cast was completed it was found that there was a very desirable blend of both talent and "names" in the assemblage names that are known to "fans" the country over. Harry T. Morey, who has been a screen star for years, and Kathlyn Williams, one of the best known women in pictures, interpret the leading roles. Matt Moore and Faire Binney contribute the love interest, while Grace Valentine and Roland Bottomley are more advanturers than "villians" in providing; a counter-motive that is said to invest the plot with its "surprise" angles. Margaret Sedden plays the role of an old-fashioned mother who finds herself bewiltered in the swirl of events that engulf her family. resources human, created and nat-falty go with the leaving. When we ural would keep it entirely say that there is one law for the rich ! and for the poor, we do not mean that j the rich man should have, by reason ! of his riches, a better chance to dodge j Mrs. Judith McTurnan, who has been very ill is slightly improving. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hill and family spent Sunday visiting Mr. and . Mrs. Dalphne Dickey. The Ladies Aid Society met Wednesday afternoon at the church. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Miller spent Sunday visiting, the latter's brother, Delbert Davis and family of Orestes. Children's Day exercises will be held '. the third Sunday in June. Mr. and Mrs. John Swinney held' their 50th wedding anniversary Sun- day at the Christian church at Leisure A beautiful dinner was served at the noon hour to about three hundred guests. Many beautiful presents were received, and a program was given in the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Ora Todd spent Sunday with Mr.' and Mrs. Will Todd of near Radley. Mr. and Mrs. Austin JacJson spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Jackson. Miss Edith Fleener, Messrs Lowell Coahran, Murel Comer, spent Sunday visiting Miss Lenna McClintock. Miss Lois Leachman and Russell Brown spent Sunday afternoon and evening visiting Mr. and Mrs. Elster Iliatt and family. It has long been the fashion at colleges and schools to take a census of graduating classes to determine such vital facts as these: What is your favorite flower? IIow tall are you? Do you smoke? Are you a prohibitionist? At a girl's seminary a recent Inquiry was more sweeping. To the interrogation, "Do you swear?- 200 of the 215 girls answered yes. But admitting that they swear ls not proof that these feminine Hps do utter oaths. So at least says the law in New York state, writes "Griant" in the Philadelphia Press. "Four or five people must hear you swear, not a second or two, but for about five minutes that's the law in North Carolina. "Down in Alabama they don't expect a man to swear from the housetops, but the law says that if three or four persons hear you just once, goodnight I "In Tennessee it is not necessary to repeat the offensive words when a culprit is indicted for swearing. "I saw on the veranda of a country elb 17 women, of whom 12 were drinking an intoxicating liquor and seven were smoking cigarettes. "But if that census at the girls' sem- GOMPERS MAKES ATTACK ON ORDERLY GOVERNMENT the law than the or poor man has, tions Samuel Untermeyer propounded that the mP should be immune j . to the law that is put upon the em- ! put upon in behalf of the Lockwood committee, Indiana, of which thirteen billion tons are workable with known mining processes. Only 26,500,000 tons now are mined annually. Nine million tons of mineable coal lie under the waters of the Wabash River, in the vicinity of Vigo County alone. The honey-bees in Indiana last year put $2,500,000 in the pockets of their Hoosier owners a sum which rains would have washed away but for the very slight attention paid to this industry in Indiana. Additional millions are waiting to be made by apiarists. But for control of orchard insects and scales, household pests and agricultural insects, blights and similar pests, farmers and orchardists of Indiana this vear would lose $10,000,000 said on Saturday, "God save labor from the courts," and took the posi pi oyer. Mr. Gompers says "God save us from the courts." Let us rather say, tion that unionized labor might resist the laws if the laws seek to subject j God save us from contempt of them, the employe to the responsibility that ! irom evasion or their decrees, Irom vxntrgnu trillion ui tmr bjjiiii. ui liic j letter of the laws which they are the ; it plr.ces upon the employer, he uttered a doctrine that is absolutely untenable under the Constitution of the United States. It is the doctrine that instruments. Boston Transcript. 'labor is ouside the law in respect of CIVIL SERVICE NOT PERFECT We are not so terriblv shocked as I r,A (n with the widespread facil- lls a yei niy tae ONE A MINUTE." inary is an index, more women swear ities for control of such pests that S f u11 advantage of the law as a weapon some at President Harding's floutii.? tv;v. o m,r ctnrr nf imncnal tnan cvuiv witii jonn liarieycorn or of the civil service law. Like manv have developed, there is a national ; against the employer. nisrit unrl rlpvprnpsi; lnternreted bv I A-HOy lCOline, . . . . - . , " ' " I - loss frm them of at least a billion ! Mr. Gompers proposed, in his res The proceeds from all the plays written by Queen Maria of Roumania argevoted to the charities of her ,r T ... , ,' It always pays to advertise in The other things civil service is perfect in theory but not so satisfactory in practice. For one thing it tends to dend-en effort and discourage initiative. If,. ..... "I't - "'U'airmount .News. dollars annually. Iponses to Mr. Untermeyer regarding Last year tourists spent $20,000,000 'corruption and injustice practiced by sOim . laoor union leauers men ut.e oani Theatre on Thursday, in ' One a Minute," his latest Paramount-Ince starring vehicle. Marian DeBeck, who appeared in several New York productions prior to entering pantomime, has the leading feminine role of Miriam Rogers. MacLean is cast as Jimmy in xnaxa,a. - lrx location I Farks and Brindell-no remedy what- . employes think they are protected by. ate, picturesque scenerj, location,. . Vvil service thev do nit enoueh wor- points of historical interest brought)- except to let such conditions go - he V , them here. And we have only begun on, "having patience" to wait until j to "get by And agam if any ex- . Ill J A rc rram labor b its own Processes, frees it-.ecutive head is to make the best iec-1 our good roads program self of these abuses. He is not clear ! ord he must be surrounded by sub- The total value of petroleum al- fi.. ; ordinates who are in sympathy with, i ? a i i- : rarfv rro.luced in Indiana exceeds i tion is to be reached, but he is clear , s roncy ana imeresiea in ms sue- j , . , , t i f cm ?4 Jivu.uuu.uuv, ana me toiai aiue ui , , . , ;c Ls Produced to date is S 1 02.000,000. fs to one thingr, and that is that the,- t I J 1 1 . 4 not inter- rel to excess, and so can civil sc r- When the oil supplies give out Knight, a lawyer and erstwhile whose experiences with a successful patent medicine form the basis pf innumerable clever comedy situations. The remainder of the cast includes such popular players as Victor Potel, Frances Raymond, Andrew Robson and Graham Pettie. :iu : j ii j i- i 1 vice. -Puehln fCnln Snndav Oninion. . . . ". . . - i Jclc Willi CM lietlll Atru lauui auu IIS uc- ! x diana has thirty counties in wnicn un- of oil-shade are LADY ASTOR SPEAKS ' reduced. found, from which chemists will RALPH C. COTTRELL SPECIALIST ON THE FITTING OF GLASSES 409 Marion National Bank Building MARION, INDIANA Phone 246 Sundays by Appointment Lady Astor, speaking of her nation. ' This doctrine of labor s special lm- able to produce oil for commercial J munitv from leeal interference is en- ality, 5ays she is fifty-fifty. She re- itiVlv rpvnliintinnarv. totallv mische-ifers to the fact that while she is now Picking up loos ends of health for . w never have a govern- a British subject, and even a member j 3 S? cm ?i the people of the state is another pos- j ment of law nor any guch thing as Gf parliament, he was "bawn in old ) "EARTHBOUND" The epoch making motion picture production, "Earthbound," from the pen of Basil King, will be shown at this theatre next Friday. In making this announcement we feel that siDimy oi lraraeaiaie itiuiu iui ; tfco wnrlrl. im pss upon p Vireinnv" and remains a verganian Hoosiers. Aditional recreational fa ' obey the law. whatever it may be. ! still. It may alsp be recalled that L f no words of praise can do justice to ' she is the wife of a son of that New j York Astor who cast off his Americ- j an citizenship and later purchased a j peerage by liberal contributions from ; VACCINATE YOUR HOGS WITH THORNTOWN SERUM Strictly Throat Bled Pure and Potent cilities, state parks, tourist camp sites, prevention of sream pollution, propagation and protection of fish and game, prevention of communicable diseases all these hav been proven to bring indirectly millions of dollars into Hoosier banks. It would appear from even these few examples of potential Hoosier wealth that the state might intensify its own development even before it seeks to enlarge its contact. State Obeying just the laws we like, and scorning the rest, even "on principle," is mere anarchy. It is not American. Mr. Gompers attitude cannot be too sternly and severely blamed. But those who blame him should search their hearts to see if they ever do the same thingv We must not call the doctrine "Gomperism" until we have made certain that it might not be called by the name of some other respectable gentleman or gentlemen. There his American dividends to the Tory party. But perhaps that does not disturb the ratio. So Lady Astor is fifty British and fifty American, speaking sentimentally, if not legally. the magnificence and lofty appeal of this master production. Its theme has the awe-inspiring appeal of a glimpse into eternity; in treatment it is majestic, as a work of art it attains to the height of grandeur. Nothing approaching it has ever been offered to the public. Never has the cinema delivered a more eloquent message. Never has the screen reflected an artistic triumph of more significant proportions. You must see "Earthbound." Serum and virus, also capsules and iodine, at labra-tory prices. Keep a supply on hands atall times We are going to be enthusiastic ! over this proof of the durability of our Americanism even when subjected to the tests of popularity showered Phone Black 1802. conservationists believe that were In- is no such thing as eclecticism in the diana suddenly to be isolated from acceptance of laws. They are to take H. D. WILSON, Rep. 'upon this vivacious lady. But Lady the remainder of the world, its own or leave at our peril. Let the pen- Astor proceeded to confess that: I By Oiarffs Sughroe mCKIE, THE PRINTER'S DEVIL This Ain't so Dern Funny, But Ifs True I- f V VJ-ii w - JUD tUW Tv' U)t OWES AR UOSTUtM' VUMTAYV tV0 aYCU TO PASS VA AFTER TU TOY O' GOLD AT TW EUO OF ARE HsOE.O OUR W TU gAWN ADVitR GETS TH I Ik. I J FENJ B3aESVAU JJMO C" ume Got tHfc ufcM TU CAUROM TU5 3CAR0 GUNS rWAcr xivae Grew Gooo 4 1 1 6X THAVS AL.U 31 OUGWr TO Gvt TV.v VMS OOT OPTW AMO M V.Y3SEU ir .t i v.- u- i fer . r i TO TH' BRDV SMG i ill" I m

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