The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on February 4, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1937
Page 4
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Thursday, February 5, 1937 The Daily Clintontan, Clinton, Indiana Page Four THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Found I'd 111 'LUXURY MODELfcHRisTiE Traveling Around America Established us The Weekly CHntonlan 1890 Tho t:il.iini) Pluindcttlor absorbed in lHOs. Qntry liditor and Publisher &eorge 1. Clinton, Indiana, as Second Class Matlor. "I simply have to have an escort, Jimmy," she would tell him. "Mr. Quackenbush is busy, and if you won't come with me, 1 11 have to go to the show with that detestable, oily little Armandl" Luana heartily disliked the right-hand man of Mr. Quackenbush. Besides, was he. not Yvonne's boyfriend ? . , The other girls might be jealous nlered Hi Hi" roslnffli'i- lit Indiana Ui-publicnn Editorial Association ml Mi ,.ri;;ni? Representative: tVM. H i' Win '. of her, but not so Yvonne. Or so loTed the men ho had gone through a mean. less marriage ceremony with her in Yuma, An-, zona. She shuddered whtn she thought of its sequel in San Diego, when Gerald had been arrested. Her one fear new was that Ins successful, much-talked-of young model, Luana Waters, might be linked any day In the newspapers with the erstwhile. Elizabeth liar-monl ' . Mr. Quackenbush insisted on pub licity, and tha more the better, fron the point of view of his business. At the Spring meet of the United Hunts Association on Long Island she was repeatedly photographed During an oi fretco luncheon in the famous Turf and Field Club at the same place, the press photographers were busy with their cameras, and Luana had as much attention In her smart racing clothes as tha best- 1 91111 V l issicy IlldH-, hlcngo Luana imaginea. n-i. . V .. fnm Manvi rtf nntl- 1(1 Knit 4'.!nd St., Now York Detroit t 111 General Motors HlilK tics, was caimbie of hiding her real feelings under a gushing appearance Hume I 1 7 4! t'li. or affection ror mo gin who ijiu half the rent of her apartment, and who obligingly absented herself on Amand's calling nlghta, was something Luana had not reckoned with. TIIF. DAILY CI.INTONIANS PIJUTORM : 1. To fin (her every interest of Pwke and Vermillion counties. Nor was Luana aware wi Yvonne in her heart resented the fact that she was in tha position of To assint tlie revival of Ihe Indiana coal mining mauiirj. 2. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County unen.F.j-ment problem. ,. . To beautify Clinton and make it the mo.t attractive city of its size in the state. rv . y'iJ f t FOUR HUNDRED YEARS OLD ALPARAISO. Chile's "V: of XJMA Par; nidlse" Is olra-rvlim 11 4c-3tb BIG DROUGHT IN 1975 The next very severe drought in the northwest should occur in the decade from 1975 to 1935, according to those who believe that our wealhcr can he based upon the cycle theory, with every twenty-three years showinc marked depression in rainfall and every forty-six years showinc; a great drought. Dr. Charles G. Abbot, secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, reports progress in the development of the cycle theory. " He says thai Ihe first decades of each of ihe five twenty-three year cycles since 1K17 showed depression in rainfall, with noteworthy depres eions in the first, third and fifth cycles. PRAISES RUSSIAN PI.ANF.S 'American aviators returning from service with the Spanish government forces tell of rather unsatisfactory conditions, due largely to ihe use of converted commercial planes. Bert Acosta, one of the fliers, reports that they were protected during the celebrations which began in Sepleniber and will continue through February. A week has been set aside known ai the "Somalia del Trabajo" or "Week of Workers" during which will be held an exposition or industrial Arts and a series of festivals Including native dances and concerts. The calendar of special Bporls events Includes: a Chilean rodo. broncho-busting contests, bock fly games, polo matches, soccer, rugby, . football, gymnastic drills, blcycl races, and swimming contests Tbs celebrations vil. end with an International Horse Show and a week ot carnival. birthday witli a flve-nionthi' inns cclebrullon. Tho city, founded In 153G by Juan da Saavedra, Is the chief port of Chile and la visited weekly by regular cruises from New York and California to South Amer lea's West Coast. Within live min utes' ride from tho port ta "Vina del Mur" the Blarrlti of the West Coasi a place of Imposing villas, nearby seaside resurta, an Internationally famuiia racetrack, an ultra modern hotel, and magnificent Cuslno whore fortunes are won and lost In true Monte Carlo style. Both the port and resort are playing host to visitors YESTERDAYS ... , i .:..'., CHAPTER XVII "Don't let's talk of me, I want to hear all about yourself. Where are you living?" Mrs. Vandaveer asked Jimmy.. "On Elizab-th street Down in Greenwich Village. Elizabeth street used to ba a fashionable rtsidential street several decade) ago. It's shabby now." "But full of atmosphere," she supplemented. "I Bupposfl you have a studio?" "Of sorts. More of an attic with a good-sized skylight. But it suffices." Mrs. Vandaveer clasped her hands dramatically together. Ha noticed she had beautiful, slim hands, extraordinarily whita. An effect produced by hand cream carefully applied after every washing, and by sleeping in rubber gloves nightly that were fairly lined with tissue creams but ha was, not to know that. "I would adors seeing your studio. Would you think it a bother if I dropped in some afternoon to look at your work?" What could he say but that he would be glad to see her, although he was afraid sha would not think much of his abode ? "But I'm mad about artists. I mean" she corrected herself quickly "I'm enormously interested in creative work. Over in Paris I've loads of friends who are painters and writers and sculptors, and some of them live in the Latin Quarter." A delightful memory cam back to her. "I even had a studio once in Montparnaise where I hoped I'd do things. But I'm afraid I didn't accomplish much." Which was an understatement. Unknown to her husband Joel, who was residing with her in Paris at the time on the fashionable Champs Elysees, Lorraine had done plenty in her Latin Quarter studio, on the Bly. There had been the young painter, Raoul Destouches ... Then Anton KarislolT, the Russian sculptor ... How fierce but how wonderfully had Anton made lovel "I may be going over to Paris very shortly, said Jimmy Randolph eagerly, "because the School of Architectural Design in New York often makes an exchange of students on a phort summer course. Three or four French students come over here, you know, and New York ones take their place." "But how wonderful 1 may be f-oing over shortlyl" Lorraine gave dm the full benefit of her beautiful Jade eyes. "I usually go over to Paris for the late Spring race-meetings. Paris is romantic as a dream in the merry month of May. It would be fun to see Paris together, wouldn't it?" She smiled at him under her long thick lashes, and he had the curious, breathless sensation of drowning in shining green pools of light. ' Luana Waters quickly gained the reputation of being New York's loveliest model. Her success was amazing for an unknown girl. Needless to say, It aroused plenty of jealousy among th other mannequins in the House of Quackenbush. Success brings envy and backbiting, and all the mora so where beauty is involved. The pick of the big social functions in the well-known "little season" fell to Luana. Mr. Quackenbush was Bhrewd. He wished his loveliest and most talked-of model to appear at all the newest and smartest haunts and nightclubs where the rich foregathered, dressed in his most exquisite creations. She must appear, too, at the big charity balls, and at the smart race meetings. Indeed, everywhere that monde qui t'amute is found. Luana soon grew accustomed to it, and lost some of ler shyness, as was natural. What 19-year-old girl would fail to enjoy making a stir in expensive and exclusive places, secure in the knowledge that she was groomed and coiffured and dressed and shod exquisitely, and that the eyes of innumerable women and men tooattractive, important men-about-town were turned on her admiringly ? It was dazzling to a girl who had been kept short of money all her nineteen years, and whose existence had been almost that of the convent in its seclusion. Arrayed in dazzling gown, Luana would appear at the side of Adolphe QuackenbuBb on the opening night of plays or perhaps her new friend, Jimmy Randolph, would b her escort. Though Jimmy enjoyed the the-mr ha did not enjoy having his ex ulils i'i:iii(i i:v i. tHia Mary I'oi'ter of Caidiinin is Mr. and Mrs. William Oil- their bombing missions by planes ami iiHnr.i.w, on in Mushes. Nellie Flyim. Mildred Boyd, Miible Wheal, Aileen Sharp, Ruth Wake. Sylvia HcillitiKsworth, Marie flnsnell, KllieP Bright and Mrs. Han Bright. Messrs. John Sweeney. Bay llaily. Forest Boyd. Fred Clover. Jim Brisbin, Archie Flynn, Boy Strauss. Ceorire Ken!, Smith Ilol-liiissworth and Dan P.ritsht. Miss visiliniv niotir. were far ahead of any sei pursuit planes Russian that th Hurope rThat Russian tanks have From olher sources have come reports Andrew Sival; and Pearl flodden Hungarians by birih, were married hy .luslice Heese ill bis office Friday evenlllK. Hold live ill Clinton. performed extremely well in Spanish tests. "I would adore to see your studio," said Mrs. Vandaveer. "Would you think it a bother if I dropped in some afternoon? taken together, seem to indicate that tne -t'v,. . The two items. known Society woman. Miss Ada rotter and Florence riiiBKer were Sunday guests of Miss Bolter's parents in Terre Haute. little better than the wnild has been giving it It was imnossible to hide her face. . fighting equipment is a Mrs. Sunnosa someone from Los Angeles recipient of the crumbs that figuratively fell from Luana's table, in the way of theater tickets, invitations to balls and parties, and smart functions, and fetes for charity. was limn to Mr. uud r of Kairview Friday. A son Sum Kci credit for being. or San Diego would recognize her ? But after a tints ahe grew ac Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Book Kln-dell, of Mecca on Friday, the 26th. a ten pound boy, Robert Benjamin Kindell. customed to the risk. The only course possible if she were asked point-blank would be to flatly deny the connection. Miss Mabel Hopkins and Pulli Hradfiidd are new members of the Kappa Helta Tan society. .Ino Howard of Farlliersburg visited his sister. Mrs. Tom llockett, uf Lyford last week. Jimmy's absolute honefty, Ms straightforward point of view, charmed her and yet made her afraid. If her deception was unveiled, II he learned she had given herself what amounted to a new identity, under an assumed name, would her friendship with biro come to an I Dltlll AHV 4, 1l2 Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts of 12S North street had as their guests Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. John liaird. and Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Tnrkcr of Terre Haule and Mr. and Mrs. William Russell. Miss' SEA-SERPENTS ARE HERRINGS! Keenly interested in any disclosure that will explain the repeated toits of mariners, describing huge sea-serpents seen in the waters of the earth, we find the mystery explained by Percy Spencer Barnhart. something of an authority on marine life, who is curator of a biological collection in California. According to this expert the sea-serpent is nothing but a king-herring, which is otherwise listed in the books on such subjects as Re-galecus russeli, Regalecus glesne or Trachipterus ijmae and is recognized as a heady body of the family Regalecidae. The king-of-the- herrings has a very slender body and sometimes reaches a length of . . i ... i . n : IJllllie and Mamie Cool; cousin. Foster .Miles, visil-11 ll t . Mrs. Willis l'lliell of abrupt finish? and Uieir e ed their an Terre Haul How much that friendship meant to her she did not yet fully realize. But the knowledge that at the ena of a busy day she would see Jimmy, Mr. and Mis. Bruno Claraffa of KwiiiK slreet are (lie parents of a baby daughter bom today. The infant is Ihe fifth child and has been named Opal Violet. A parly of ymuii; people from Clint oil nUii-red at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Han Ilriahl of Fuirview. Thursday eveniiiK and save them a very deliirlil f ul surprise. The imrty consisted of: Misses Christina that he was accompanying ner u some function, waa like a little song in her heart The cheerfulness of on who, lithe first days of their acquaintance, had been often stramrelv moody. Behind her back, Yvonne seldom lost a chance of belittling Luana to Armand, and even lying about her. "Sha is za deep one. 2e ateell waters run deep. If she is so good, so prop-aire, why she pick up a young man on ze roof-tops ? The nights I go out, he come in and is alone with her for hours and hours. Armand, it is my belief thees young Jeemy Randolph is her lov-airel" Armand fully believed It. Nothing would give him greater pleasure than to cut Jimmy out He believed, too, that Luana was merely coquetting with him when she repulsed him. Not that he had ever had a chance to put her to the test, since Yvonne had eyes like the proverbial hawk, and was jealous as a she-devil I To allay any suspicions about Luana, and the amatory feeling she had roused in him, he went Yvonne one better in his belittling of the girl when she was absent "American women have no Are, no emotion. Seldom is a Frenchman ever happy with an American," he would unctuously announce. "The women are all spoiled and selfish. They have no real passion." "How clev-aire you are, Armandl You are the ciev-airest, handsomest man in New York." Yvonne would fall into his arms, secure in the knowledge that what American women lacked, she had . . . plus. "This Luana is not really pretty. She has a flat bosom. She has do hips." Yvonne would beam at that Armand was a true artist Yvonne was feet. Its head is adorned with a Dony crest, uikjvv...s thirty llent substitute for the long-Io3t sea-serpent. jke an exce whetted the curiosity of the French girl, Yvonne. She thought Luana a fool to bother with a penniless youth like Jimmy Randolph when she could Papa's Boy Is Over-Weight iii i have her pick oi many eugioia men. "Art-eests? Poof I Sel-dom do they have money, Luana. As bew-tee-fal as you are, you are wasting The wedding or Miss Catherine Silollo of North Thirteenth slreet and Henry Moore of Vine street, whiih lias been kept a secret since I sine of last year lias been announced. The ceremony look place on June 2S. 1028 at the local Sacred Heart Church. Rev. Rapp officiated. The couple was attended by ihe bride's sister. Mrs. William Parsley, and Mr. Parsley. the tine I" She felt It magnanimous to tell her so. sinceduring the evenings Luana often spent with Jimmy that were within bis narrow means-evenings of dancing in some modest roadhouse, or attending the movies, or riding on bus tops up by the side of the Hudson Yvonne reaped the benefit of theater tickets, or ticket for big charity fetes or ball. Oscar Hays returned to Hammond today sifter spendins; the weekend it'll his parents, Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Hayes of Walnut street. crazy about him. When an ardent pensive ticket donated by Luana girl of her type loves, 6he can be ruthless in the chase, and woe betide anyone who conies between her and her sweetheartl The friendship between Luana and Jimmy Randolph flourished apace. There was no hint of love-making. Memory of Gerald Bruton was still strong, though Luana realized perfectly that she had nevarreal!y "na Has m wonaerxui cnaracrer, Luana would say quietly.. ."He's aa architect, not the kind of artist you're talking of. One of these daya he will make great nam for himself." ' Yvonne had sniffed: "Yes, when yon are old and faded waiting for him, my friend." . . (To Ba Continued) OvrUM. IMS. SOM Mn tniH' or rauier, oy tne nouse oi iuacitea-bush. Hfl resented that. Which was foolish of him, as Luana often told him. but she was Misses l.ucina and Mary Charles r.f N-ebeker street entertained the members of the Loyal Hearts class of the Christian Sunday school last evening at their home. Officers for Ihe year were elected during a short business session. Those chosen to serve are: Mrs Dow Mitchell, president: Miss Louise Hayek, secretary-treasurer; and Mrs. Russell Jacobs, teacher, flamef up against the well-known pride of a -''utherner. delay in the equal rights crusade: "Women have obtained so much liberalization on their behalf In the last 6V years that they can afford to wait now until the more pressing problem of unemployment haa been solved." Short Interviews "Miss and contests were lenjoyed awarded the Helen Newport was ;ries in two contests. react on business associations as well. KIders and superiors are in kindly mood for eo-operuiion. Literary mailers ore under excellent auspices for successful promotion. A child horn on this day may be lalented, of the Intellectual and artistic endow ment, studious and .dependable. It may have a happy and gracious mil lire, which may accent its private life eand its social and cultural stains. t ; -jr. - rx- ' : .... CHICACO Bishop (leorge Craig Stewart in tils annual charge to his illoeese considers lbs. cocktail hour: "Youth has not learned from your knees, hut from your elbows, bow to guzzle cocktails and lo appeal to expendlency Instesd of conscience." HOLLYWOOD James Norman Hall, co-author of Snath Sea Stories, pays bis respects lo the film capital: "Charles Nordhoff and I turned down S3.V000 to do an aviation story because we'd have to. stay three mouths In Hollywood. I could use the money but I'll do without it and take Tahiia wbre a fellow can think." COURT NEWS LOS ANCKLKS Carrie Chapman Catt, noted suffrage leader, urges THE STARS SAY I'm- I'liilny. I-Vlirunrr ft ity .km:viki: kkmiii.k The plalieiniy otX'iati.ins for this day sliess Ihe social, domestic urlis-I. or romantic activities raiher hall business activities, ill Ihe latter however, elders h ti) superiors may be disposed to cooperate or extend i... .n iiiiieil for merit and responsibility. Substantial contracts or nil derslandines may be made under Ibis rub. Secret aisreenienls and all ;ierlaining lo writings should thrive, bill aff.-eliollal. artistic or domestic matters are apt lo be uppermost. If Tills Is Your llinliilsiy whose birthday it is may lit,.) themselves engulfed ill a F'" NEW YORK Mayor F. H. La-guardia philosophises on his job: "Running a city It just like housekeeping. That's why I've always said tltat women could run a city as well or better than men." NEWPORT. Feb. 4 Judge Albert R. Owens of Vigo circuit court was in Newport Tuesday and assumed jurisdiction as special judge to hear the exceptions and objections to Hie final report In the estate of Lucy J. Parke, late of Cayuga, hid. Hearing was set for February 23. Altorney Maynard C. Wiggins of Newport Is administrator of the estate, and the exceptions and objections to his final report as administrator were Bled by Frank Y. Shelby of Ihe firm of Boord & Shelby, undertakers of CoviugUin, Ind. Their objections lo Ihe report stating that the gross assets of the estate amount to $2s2.r.l and that the administrafor is claiming the sura of (ISO for bis services, and in view of the amount of assets that his fee Is exhorbitant, and that the administrator has failed to file a hill of sale of the personal property with the clerk of the Vermillion circuit court. Boord & Shelby are represented by Attorneys Wait Carltliers, . f romantic, so. mi or sii nsin i ! titan sordid or business activities i . 1 1 . , 1 1 le. asnie and happiness may 1 1. -, . i.-ni . d in these directions. and a similar friendly feeling may Cllntonlan Advertising Command! Attention!

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