The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on May 11, 1922 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Thursday, May 11, 1922
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hi FAIMMOUNT NEW : M PRINTED FOR A PURPOSE TO HELP FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty-Fifth Year FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, THURSDAY, MAY 11, 1922 Number 46 Hamilton to Head Schools For the Coming Three Years Athletes from Ten Schools to Compete in Sectional Meet 1 OTTO T. HAMILTON SUMMITVILLE MAN Saturday's Gathering on Rush Field At Fairntount Academy Will be Largest of the Kind Held in State This Year, With Nearly One Hundred of the Star Athletes of the Schools Entered in the Events. SITFRINTF.NHF.NT SIGNS CONTRACT WITH BOARD OF SCHOOL TRUSTEES AND ORYll I F. WF.I.L TRUSTEE OF FAIRMOUNT TOWNSHIP. TO REMAIN WITH THE FAIRMOCNT PCM.1C SCHOOI.S AND THE JOINT I III? H SCHOOL TOR THREE YEARS FROM JULY I, NEXT MR. HAMILTON ASSURED OF CONTINUED CO-OPERATION ACCEPTS OFFER AND SPEAKS OF THE LOYALTY AND HEARTY CO-OPERATION OF THE TEACHERS AND PATRONS ALIKE, THIS BEING THE I? RE AT INFLUENCE THAT DETERMINED. HIM IN HIS DECISION, AND PREDICTS GREAT THINGS FOR THE FCTCRE OF THE FAIRMOCNT Wml ' -or. ( . la r ' cpihvd te" SUPERINTENDENT FAIRMOUNT PUBLIC SCHOOLS tar .d out for tho things " tr.oy loci avo tor tne rest mter- for tho host C5t? of tho tubIic wheels. , xo supcnwc!:eiu can nope to oo ....l . .. 1 u . . i : ... . c i teachers who are working, in the svs- , torn. The teachers in the Fairmount , , , , ' 1 1 " devoted : n t,H ir WM'k" Thc havo Voon larre- ,' v responsible for w hat success has been attained, lhe continued success ,vf the Fairntount schools will depend: upon whether tho sav.o interest, ley- ! alty. and devotion are secured from ; the c!as-r.Mtt teachers. Teachers who work as the Fairntount teachers havo worked exert a trciv.ev.dums tn-f.uenoc in tho schools and in the cent-ntr.n.ity as well. Teachers of this two can never bo tvallv adeejttate!v paid in money for tho pod that they do. s ov.'v m the satisfaction that well dove that ;roeivel by tho sitvh service. "Tho a'xttnv.i c tuii remuneration is iv.dividxtal wltt gives the school and the roop.e ot the eontntuv.ttv must also the be given thetr share of the praise for things accomplished. Except loyalty and devotion cf these for ? ' Hamilton Will VICTIM OF MURDER KENNETH K NOTTS DIES IN FRANKFORT HOSPITAL AS RESULT OF GUN WOUNDS Clarence Held as Murder Siispet Claims He Knows Nothing f Shooting Knotts Asks for Clemency on Death Red Says Man was Drunk. Kenneth Knotts, ajre 25, a Summit-villo man. died at the Palmer hospital in Frankfort Sunday after noon as the result of three revolver wounds, the first bullet entering his left thijrh, another his left breast and the third lodging; just below the heart. Clarence Eskridge, age 37, of Frankfort, a Toledo, St. Louis & ostein Railroad fireman is held in J jail, an indictment for murder having ( been returned against him by the i grand jury, w hich w as called in speci- al session immediately following the shooting. The tragedy is said to have been ( the two mon aftor Eskridge is alleged to have insulted Miss Stagger. The shooting was w itnessed bv Ross Mich- I ael. Strasser Blair. Leon Rrittam and Leslie IjiDow, employes at the Harris grocery. I The men, it is said, had been sum- moned to the front door of the store ,v tno yeting woman, w ho appalel to them for protection against Eskridge. They ran to the scene after three shots had been fired and held Eskridge until the police arrived. Eskridire stoutlv maintains his in- noeonce. Ho says, according to the police, that he knew nothing of the : shooting until he was arrested. He clonics ho was carrying a revolver. Several -witnesses said Eskridge ap- patently was under the influence of liiur- Shortly after he' was placed i in jail he fell into a sound sleep. j Knotts had been in Frankfort for a wk having charge of a crew of .canvassers selling can openers. He j j i ' ' ! Mothers' Day At Churches ln,cre,,inS Projrratns to be F.ivcn in Honor of the Day Friends Church to Honor Roth Father and Mother Mothers noarlv all day will be observed at the churches in and near n mount 0:1 'oi d::triv. inter-1 - !...... l,., J.,.- i SCHOOLS At a special r.-.ce g of tho board Ot ScP.OOl trust of Ki'iTiiMirt sehc 1 town ana Orville Weils, tins- too of Fairmount f Fairmount towvVt hold in the I'ffico? of the town eoaixt on luowav n '-- ' i were outlines! f;r tho contact of tho t a-.vr.ouni town scnoois avt tor tno Fairmount ioir.t hich school conduct- eI bv Fairmount school town and Fairmount township. The r,c.H,rs of tho board of school trustees of Fairmount school town av.l the Fair-tnouv.t township trustee desire to that the present superint nd-ev.t of svhools. Otto T. Hamilton, has sieved a contract t remain at the Lead of the Fairntount schoo's ar.el the joint high se-hool for the period of three years from July 1, 1022. Tho members M the Joint high school Ward are: Orri'lo Wc'.;s. trus- tee of Fairtnox; vie:-:; Ottis Wi t tow vship. pre sixn ctary v. cm. t ar. mount sv'.tooi town reare . sectv-t Fair-1 J. C. rtv.ouv.t tary; J. J. McEvoy. ptvst.'.cr nt uv.t school town 1 oat an AUcvtson. tveasxtver cf school town. Kvtvd. The vtctnVcrs of tho school board o.tsivo to say r Licit that boar i :s itu p'cased with the sv a e ss of past over. the hich school duting tho schvvol year that is now r.cavly expressovt entire wuh tho caixful and e is taction tt ntanncr in which. Mr. Hanxxlton has eondxxcted tho school and predict cw.ttir.ued ctxwvth and sxtcccss of the school utt-vxer his alio :.onr;stiatiev,. Tho v-tv.t board also cxnressod great sat- tl-. dual in c o-rs acuI'.v, both of the he htch School and the grades. Tito individual loyalty and devotion of tltc teachers has made it possible to attain the succors that has characterized the work of the school year. The members of the hoard consider that thoillammoM fr,vl"P tho aWress of n givi indivd-'ili , dmed Saturday night at the Midway . t . A. will be forced to run their best j Hotel with Miss Stagner, age twenty- for tho first tii ;e this year, in the half tnroo who is employid by him. After, mile and the icik. Anderson claims j eating, they started to the downtown;: twedve foot pole vaulter, but Cex-il ! Ii-strict to attend a motion picture j of F. A., is rearing eleven and will Fairmouvt schools are among the speak. Conditions have just now verv best in the state and constitute a Knm provided real development j mot valuable asset to the town ofandr-oallv high class work. The' The S.ectional Track and Field Meet of the high schools of the state of Indiana will bc held on Rush Field of Fairntount academy Saturday, May 13. Ten of the best teams in the state, intlu'ding Anderson, Wabash, Portland, and Fairntount will battle for the honors of the meet and for the opportunity to enter the final state meet at Earlham, May 20. Individual stars from Sweetser, El wood. Union City, and Jackson will bag a few points for their schools, and crowd the favorites to the limit in every race. The meet on Rush Field Saturday, will e the best of the five sectional 'meets in Indiana. Contestants enter- j ed here havo records f first places in the state meet last year, and others have equaled the state records. Marks of Wabash, Naisley and Little of Pairmount academy, Reatty, Stone, and Jackson of Anderson Ah nf p,i j wwd, and Arbaugh of Portland will ' sct un some competition worth seeing. i besides these stars. Anderson from , Sweetser, Flanagan of Fairmount j high. East from El wood and pther newcomers w ill steal some first places and gold medals from the old timers ,an Ias year's stars New records are expected in this section this year, and nobody knpws ho will be the winner in any event. Marks of Wabash, Anderson from Sweetser. and Rrookshire from F. A., will divide honors in the and low hurdle, with the dope favoring Marks of Wabash. Wabash and An- derson high schools w ill cop the high sticks, but w ho gets first is the ques- tion. Flanagan of Fairmount hi-h Morrow of Wabash. md Knee pf Wabash will go well up toward six feet in the high iumn. Gaither of 1 A., is expect ed to give Anderson and Wabash a hard race in the quart- er mile, while Little and ITailey of j in this event. The entries of the ten schools are as follows: . Anderson Lester Beatty, Horace Given, Harry Stone, Alfred Jackson, Arthur Hosek, Lail Sylvester, Alexandria Hamilton, Dallas Miller, Maurice Robinson, John Canady, Russell Sur-ratt, John Roseberry, James Lantz, Roy Shettle, Russell Bowers, Earl Mahan. Total 16. Elwood Robert Ash, Robert Blume Rea Clabaugh, Von East, Hubert Houser, Walter Howard, Edmund Jones, Clyde King, Ralph Kintz, Raymond Mercier, Vern Shinn, Frank S,wanfelt. Total 12. Fairmount High Robert Hollings-worth, Joe Picicard, Chas. Piekard, Arthur Osborn, Edward Kimes, Harold LaRue, Adin Flanagan, Carl Duff, Raymond Craw, Russell Wilson. Total 10. Gas City Russell Berry, Earl Coleman, George Gould, Wilbur Ludlow, Raymond McKinney, Francis McCor-mick, Thomas Herd. Total 7. Union City Clarence Fowler, Noble Hill, Herbert Lipp, Harold White, Harry Thompson, John Greist, George Henderson, Eugene Strieker, Stewart Smith. Total 9. Jackson township Wilbur Floy. Richard Flory, Paul McFarland, Ross Storksberry. Total 4. Portland George Hiatt, Wade Arbaugh, Ralph Oren, William Cunningy-ham, Goehler Ohmart. Total 6. Sweetser Burvia Anderson, Donald Foltz, Herman Maggert, Franklin Shroat, Richard McCraw, Russel Ors-bom, Russell Rennaker. Total 7. Wabash Lawrence Marks, Henry Davis, William Snyder, Clay lurdyt Merlin chlemmer, Asher Gray, !Mar-vin Silvers, Maurice McCpmbs, Gerald show. have the advantage of being at home. "Kenneth and I had just left the , Piekard of the bcal high. Marks of hotel," Miss Knotts told the news- j Wabash. S,hinn of Ehvood, are expect-paper reporters. "At the Motion ed ti run close to forty feet in the depot Kenneth told me to wait a ( shot put, while Miller of Anderson, minute and he stepped inside. He j claims a record breaker in this event, was gone several minutes and I start- Smith, East, Marks, Craw and And-ed walking slowly toward town. I erson have broad jumped near twen-was about a half block east of the ty-one feet, and will show real class Address Class Rarealaure Ho AA ress Will He Given Sunday Aiglit m High School Auditorium to Class Raeealaureate exercises will be held (Sunday evening. May 14, in the hb-h seiiool atnr.torium Sunt Otto T .... tin evening, takir g as his suhiect Man's (;tH I Interpretation f Service for I The program follows: t ass March Mis Rhoda Helms "T,uleter" by Seredy II. S. Orchestra Rev. Martin Grant Invocaticm. onPtui e Reading. .. Rev. Win. Meyer Script i "We I.ovo the Lo-,P q.. Tuna Parker, Violin Oligato, Kenneth John. Address "Man's Interpretation ,,f Service for God" Supt. Otto T. Hamilton. "When My SI ip Comes Over the S.oa" Quartette ;"Good Night" tl?y request) lreva Parker, Uora Drown, Victor Love. Iren Cain. Reiuvlietion Rev. Adelphus Wood Postlude. "Sound OtT," Sousa H. S. Orchqstra ACADEMY STUDENTS IN AUTO ACCIDENT Escape Serious; Injury When Ford is Overturned by Collision With Large Limousine ''is leucine itaisie-y is recovering r mi . . nicely from the accident which befell her late Saturday night when returning from Vermillion Grove, III., with a party of academy students and teachers who had attended the inter-academic contests held between Fair-mount academy and Vermillion Grove academy. The party were hearing Russia-ville when a large linvousine driven by a Dayton, Ohio, man crashed into their Ford, completely overturning it. Miss Haisley suffered a fractured rib and other bruises. With Miss Haisley were Misses S.vbril Kramme, Carmilla Dickerson and Messrs Wilbur Rrookshire and Russell Woods. Excert for the shock, the other members of the party were uninjured. Mhs Haisley received medical attention from a Russiaville physician. The Ford car was damaged to the extenl of abou J,C0. The driver vf th other machine claimed that ! was blinded by the head light of the Ford car. STYLE SHOW AT HIGH SCHOOL. The vocational home economic class of the high schol will give a style show in the auditorium Wednesday evening at 8 p'clock, May 17. It will be given as a playlette which was written by Mildred Lyons, one of the girls. Following the style show, a movinp picture will be given. MISS CARRIE COLEMAN TO WED MARION MAN. Rev. and Mrs. J. J. Coleman' announce the engagement (of their daughter Carrie Naomi, to Clyde W. Meredith of Marion. The wedding will take place late in the summer. Fairmemnt and the surrounding cent- .iiuu.ii . When it terete wee! Tnce. I..:.sT CI.C matter Mr. Hantiltcn ecMxf.rmcV. firmed the acticn taken at trie meeting ana . .. , scvi r.imseii a ie-.ic'. i - r n. . "W hatever success has eeen attain-! in the conciuct of the Faimiount schools during the past three years, anci m tne t irmouni jwm ifj." . school during the past year must not , v. - be attributed to any one person ana particularly tvt to my own individual eflforts. First of all Fairmount, elur- ing the time that I have been here nas been especially blessed with a board, of school trustees that any town ought to be proud to have. During: the time I have been at the head of the Fairmount schools six men j ! II. t.V. V 1 lia W.l Lave been at r, whiio at others the pastors cmKs'.y in r. intent for that dav rihx e : .o t-. tnotherhocHl. i no Evict. 1- church the dav wdl bserved as Fdhers' and Mothers' e eV 'l-lV e l.ll fl-.v t?:tO. o.l,.x..l .,,,.1 C.K v" ..... ... .'v ;si' i ,c.ic;'- bath vi nv-!vo- iviv Tbn nM.Mm .n these sorx cos will bo h loful n,,f o.'y to pr.rciv.;-. but to tho children 'rrd young peoole also. Members of the Home CI - jarents of the Crad-1 Redl and a.l v.l.o can are invited to worsirp a id cordial invitation is extev.dcl. Rible school. ;:lo. Meeting, 10:o0. Songs Conr cgation, Xos. 2,3 Devotional. ! Quartette "The Good Old Gospel Story." Wessie Payne. Oren Kelsey, ' r-1 UM Auaai. .Ainm iai,iu.i. Announcements and otTering. R-' Mr Picture" Reta " e J - l i . e . i Sermon Li. children are an herit- , r i Psalm 127:3. Quartette Wessie Payne, Oren Kelsay Emory Adams. Albert Park-dull. There will be a .Mothers Day service at the Wesleyan Back Creek (Continued on Page Two.) DEATH CALLS EARL BRYAN Angel of Death Calls Son to Follow Father Unexpectedly Dies While Enroute Home Earl Bryan, son of the late A. D. Bryan, who was called here recently by the illness and subsequent death of father, died last night at 10 oclock at the home of relatives of his wife in Anderson. While Mr. Bryan has been ill ever since the death of his father, his condition was not thcught to be serious rnd death was totally unexpected and comes as a shock to his friends. Mr. and Mrs. Bryan left Faimwunt Wednesday and were enroute to their home in Indianapolis when his con ditson became such that he was taken the home of relatives in Anderson, death coming at the time mentioned. The body will be brought back to Feirmount the latter part of the week. Funeral arrangements have not been mac!e. HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI TO MEET FRIDAY NIGHT. There will be a meeting of the high school alumni Monday night at the high school to take further action in regard to the alumni banquet and all high school alumni are requested to be present. It is also suggested that when the annual dues are paid to any one of the follpwing committee: Bobbie Weyler, Jennie Monohan, Ine AL bertson, Velma Briles or Ed Monohan, ticket will be presented which will admit the holder to the banquet. c-vd bv son- of ' I i ! j ! I um!s and g placing of cvv.i would roxips si: the ntes m the r.ot bo possible With ti-. con v.nuav.c o o .-V support uo- cess will surely ctwvn tho ctTor f of at- ioi-"' ,l 1. f l.t.-. tfi a nee oo-ove t aticvt and loyal v in tstv.v.tev.t of croater aitvl more ev vu "It has nlv been after I hao Ihhu assure tiott a il ot sv. r.d supp rued co-opcra-I have boon tt tha mount. Tho posib;l'.x?cs that are latent in the public schools of Fair-mount and the community are only just becoming apparent. The surface has been scratched, so to students have developed a wonderful 1 ?vit t-t blrefiins and lovaltv. t i .............. .- - i v.. i . i ...v v t .vv...... vv...,.. v.. t-- gross and development for the Fair- .........- i. . 1 .,,i ,u'1 ci.c,.i the Fairmount i.Mtir a.-iooi. - CLARENCE DAVIS ATTEMPTS SUICIDE Despondent Over the Death of His Wife Clarence Davis Shoots Him- self Seeond Attempt to End Life Clarence Davis, 25 years okt, shot himself with a thirty-two caliber revolver Tuesday afternoon at the home of his father-in-law. Will Lynch, on jthe Muncie pike northwest of Fow which occurred at Jonesboro about two months ago, and not long since he took poison in an attempt to take his life. Relatives and friends have been keeping, close watch over his actions, but in spite of this he managed to elude them and make the second attempt. He was taken to the Grant county hospital and Dr. Harry Aldrich summoned and he is reported to be in a very serious condition. The wound is critical and may prove fatal. CENTER CHURCH SCHOOL ENTERS TWO CONTESTS. On next Sunday the Center Bible school will enter two big) contests, the first being a contest with the school at Treaty, Ind., in which the three points will be on attendance, present on time and collections. Plans have also been made to divide the school into two sections, each side wearing its colors of red or blue, the sections being under the leadership of Mrs. Irene McOombs and Mrs. Blanche Collins. At the close f the contest the losers will entertain the classes securing the largest number of "scholars and records. lo ' t to a nave filled positV-ris on the school j ierton, in an attempt to ermmit sui-board. Each and every one of these c5(Je Davis, it is saidt has been des-wen has been untiring in his efforts Undent over the death of his wife station when I saw a man coming toward me. He tried to catch me, all the time cursing and striking at me. I screamed and ran. I saw the grocery store and went in and asked them to help me. At the same time I saw Kenneth coming and I ran to him and told him the trouble and he started across the street. Just as Kenneth got ion the other side of the street three, shots were fired. I ran across to Kenneth and the other men caught the man who shot him." When Brenton Devol, prosecuting attorney, called at the hospital Knotts asked him not to "railroad the fellow. He was drunk and didn't know what he was doinpv" Knotts said. SMALL CYCLONE AT STOP NO. 7 Pink Clouds Swoop Down on Stop No. 7 Trolley Poles and Wires Blown Down in Terrific Gale A small cyclone, according to reports from interurban employees, struck Stop Nip. 7, south of here Wednesday evening at about 6:30 o'clock and did considerable damage. Several small buildings were blown down and trolley poles and wires were leveled to the ground. There was considerable wreckage, but it is estimated that the loss will not be heavy. No one was injured. The clouds in the south put on a sinister look and were pink in color, resembling the appearance of the storm of some weeks ago, and striking sudde-nly, without warning, they swooped down upon the territory mentioned. The wind blew at a terrific rate for a short time and there trt serve the best interests of the schools. They have willingly given their time and counsel whenever called -upon. Only rarely has any member missed a meeting of the board even though it has been found necessary to call the board into session from two to six times each month. There has always been absolute harmony in lhe relations of the members of the board with each other and with the superintendent. There has never been a semblance of any political in-Jluence or any other undesirable influence in any of the actions of any board member. Only through such harmony and unselfish service has it been possible to do the things that have been tVne within the last three years. The same unselfish service has characteriied the actions of the joint high school board during the time it tias existed. Mr. Wells has exhibited the same desirable attitude in all his dealings as trustee with the town school board and as a member and president of the joint high school .board. Too much raise cannot be given to school board members who have the moral courage that is re- I was a heavy rainfall. (Continued on Page Two) 1

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