The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on May 8, 1922 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 8, 1922
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THE FAIRKOUNT NEWS REX ALL TOOTH PASTE BOQt'ET RAMKE TAL CUM POWDER A perfect dentrifice, antiseptic and deodorant. Cleans and whitens the teeth. Comes out flat on the brush. Standard Price, 1 tube 25c This Sale, 2 tubes 26c HEX ALL TOILET SOAP 1 31 Hi re w A delightful preparation waJ of the finest Italian Talc, double bolted, and purified. CoKUiir.j the combined per frmes of rvso. jasmine, heliotrope and lilac. Standard price, I tan..,. 30c Thi Sale, 2 can. ..,., .Sic A splendid grade of hard milled soap. Does not become soft and wasteful. A clean, fragrant and absolutely pure soap. Standard Price, 1 cake... 15c This Sale, 2 cakes 16c Four Or-ecat Sal Days Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday May 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th HARMONY LIQUID SHAMPOO Just the thing you have been looking for. A wonderful value of delightfully perfumed, high-grade liquid soap. Once used, always used. Standard Price, One Bottle 50c Sale Price, Two Bottles 51c BOUQUET RAMEE FACB POWDER A rv-al development in dainty, clinging facte powder cvmbir.ed with am illusive, but persistent odor. The something different. Standard Price, One Box. ., ,,,,,,,,, . , .$1.00 This Sal", Two Boxes. ...... . .,.. , , .$1.01 um; Errs chocolates Xlt n f Zn n Hno CST Qyli 7 It is a sale where you buy an item at the regular price then an- YY 19 iX VSUC VCIIU UUIC pther item of the same kind for lc. As an illustration: The standard price of Rexall Tooth Paste is 2Jc. You buy a tube at this price, and by paying lc more, or 26c, you get two tubes. Every article in thtis sale is a high-class, standard piece of merchandise, just the same as we sell you every day at rvgular prices and have sold you fr years. Oranpe & Gold Pari age During tVis sale we have a limit cd qnany of this Candy kiwvtn the A New Way of Advertising ! This sale was developed by the United Drug Co., as an advertisement plan. Rather than spend large sums of money in other ways to convince you of the merit of these pornls, they are spending it on this sale in permitting us to sell you a full-sise package of high standard merchandise for lc. It costs nvney to get new customers, and the loss taken on this sale will be well spent if the goods please you. REXALL CREAM OF ALMONDS Practically a liquid Cold Cream, renders the skin white, soft and pliable. Prevents roughness and chapping. Standard Price One Bottle 33c This Sale Two Bottles 36c wChov-Utes Ulx t'-.o Wvderful S-tn!.trd Price This Sale An Opportunity to Purchase Commencement Remembrances at Prices That will Sound Good to You. To Pound $1.01 One Poe.nd Sl.00 fm IIOWMlM M JL ' 1 .() no IWM ft 1 Hiimn Lf ' I tltthttlHMtlMtf I , 1 1 N PI IiiH nil' I , I J HMD 11 U HOUSEHOLD NEEDS AND TOILET GOODS. trufi.ou rtui.KT water Poautifu v-" f high-jrrade Unlet water, e ;ch,'v.g the true odor of the flower who-e in bears: Arbutus, Clover, Lilac, K-o ar.d Wistaria. Standard Price. One little .1.00 !' al To Bottles... $1.01 23c Universal Cleanser... 25c Easy (Iloss Furnitu ir mi... , 2 re . 2 2 2 200 CUPS OF TEA FOR ONE CENT LIGGETTS OPEKA TEA Formosa. Oolong, Orange, Pekoe, Mixed Black and Green. .76 10c Adhesive Plaster 2 for .11 .$6 10c Calling Card 2 for .11 1.31 30c Baking Chocolate 2 for .31 .S6 23c Ballardvale Spices 2 for .26 1.26 33c Vanilla Kxtract 2 for .36 .36 40c Lemon Kxtract -..2 for .11 30c Beef Cubes 2 for .31 .51 ' !0e Imported Olive Oil 2 for .91 l5l Kl.KNZO DENTAL CREAM for for for for for for for for for 30c SYMONDS INN COCOA. 2 for 31 c Made from the pure covoa bean. Unexcelled in quality without any adulteration. for .26 for .26 for .5 1 for .26 for .36 for .36 for .21 for .21 for .31 for .31 for .31 for .26 for .26 for .41 for .16 for .11 for .26 for .26 for .76 for .26 for .41 73c Hair Brushes 2 Me Hair Brushes 2 $1.3 Hair Brushes 2 S3c Cloth Bruhe... 2 $1.2. Lather Brushes 2 53c, Toot h Brushes ........ 2 30c Violet Pislee Liquid Complexion Ponder. ........ .2 $1.3PPoqurt Dacira Complex . ion Ponder 2 $1.30 Boquet Ramee Toilet Water 2 30c Boquet Ramee Soap... 2 30c Violet Dulce Cold Cream 2 30c Violet Dulce Vanishing Cream .................2 23c Violet Dulce Talcum... 2 23c Rexall Baby Talcum... 2 $1.00 Nacre Perfume 2 23c Florentine Orris 2 23c Peroxone Cream ...... 2 I3e Adhesive Plaster 2 Polish 30c Harmony Shampoo..., 25c Riker's Rice Powder.. 33c DWrtagnsn Rouge..., 35c Charm on a Fce Powder 20c Corvlopsis Talc 20c Rexall Violet Talc... 50c Rexall Shaving Lotion 30c Hadley's Face Cream. 30c Rexall Cold Cream... 25c Cold Cream in Tube. . . . 2c Violet Dulce Soap.... 40c Riker's Ilasol 15c Velour Powder PufTs. !0c Flknv's Washing Com p. 25c Klkay's Metal Polish. 25c Red Cedar Comp 75c Hard Rubber Combs.. 25r Sorbo RuVer Sponges. 40c Sorbo Rubber Sponges. 1.31 .31 .31 2 2 2 . 2 SVTA PACK POWDERS for for for for for for for for for Standard Price, 'j lb Packet 13c This Sale, Two Packets 46c KLENZO TAR SHAMPOO SOAP Standard Price, One Cake 25c This Sale, Two Cakes 26c MEDICATED SKIN SOAP Produces a soft, creamy lather; is recommended very highly and keeps the skin soft and healthy. If used once, you will not be without it in your home. Standard Price, One Cake 25c This Sale, Two Cakes 26c HARMONY MASSAGE CREAM .51 .26 .26 1.01 .26 .26 .16 23c 26c Standard Price, One Tube This Sale, Two Tubes. ,. . A h'jh irvtol product. A r.eevssitv for mi Fs,;ys drvss;v.g table. Rach eV.o. lV.i-vh Naturvlle anvl rose. Standard Price, One Box. 50c this Sale, T o Boe. . .5lc COOD FORM HAIR NETS A This net is of the highest quality and carefully selected. A delightful rolling massage. Cleanses and beautifies. Makes the skin soft and smooth. Liberal sized package. Stand:. rd Price, One Jar 50c This Sale, Two Jars 51c 10c 11c Standard Price One Net This Sale TPw o pts MAXIMUM HOT-WATER BOTTLE The largest selling bottle in the world. The price everywhere is $2.50 each. Full two-quart capacity. This water-bottle is guaranteed against imperfections. Standard Price, One Bottle $2.50 This Sale, Two Bottles $2.51 ONR lHPNO CtFrKK For lc OpcVa Hreakfast Coffee A surprising Mel of cxtTee, the acme of perfection Standard Price One IVund 43c Tfci Sale Tw Pnd....... Ific ASPIRIN TABLETS These are genuine Aspirin Tablets, each containing 5 grains. Made by Americans in America. Packed 1 dozen in a box, two dozen in a box, and 100 in a bottle. Standard Price Sale Price 100 69c Two Bottles, 70c 24s 35c .Two Boxes, 36c 12a 20c Two Boxes, 21e GUTII HONEY CREAM CARAMELS A full pound of high-grade assorted caramels. Freshly made fnom honey, granulated sugar and cream. Standard Price. One Pound 65c This Sale, Two Pounds 66c MAXIMUM TWO-QUART FOUNTAIN SYRINGE This is one of the finest Syringes that can be manufactured. The quality is extra fine. This Syringe is guaranteed against imperfections. Standard Price, One Svringe $2-50 This Sale, Two Syringes $2.51 CASCADE KNVKl.OPKS 5tandar lrk This Sale Parka re 36c COMMUNITY SILVERWARE PAR PLATE GUARANTEED FOR TEN YEARS. 30c Teaspoons, 2 for 31e 60c Tablespoons 2 for 61e 60c Forks 2 for 61c 60c Sugar Shells, 2 for 61c 85c Embroased Medium Knives, ....2 for 86c 75c Salad Forks, 2 for 76c CASCADE LINEN ONE CENT SALE SPECIALS REXALL SHAVING CREAM Produces a thick, creamy lather. Will stand upon your face throughout the shave. Standard Price, One Tube 30c This Sale Two Tubes 31c Q One pound in a pack ae. We aUo have envelope to match. If it is true that the pvod taste- vX a person is expressed by the quality t tbrir statunary, then your taste will be established with your u friends. The texture and quality of Cascade is known from coast t coasU Standard Price, One Pnd 40c Sale ltice Twe Pvmnds lit BUY TOOTH BRUSHES NOW .06 J2B .16 .11 .26 .51 .26 .51 .11 .21 .11 .26 .26 .11 .16 .36 .61 .26 .21 .26 .26 .36 5c LiggetCs Mints, 2 for 25c Nasau Sponges 2 for 15c Soda Mint Tablets, 2 for 10c LaTender Flowers 2 for 25c Nailoid Manicure Preparation, 2 for 50c Rexall Special Ointment, ....2 for 25c Arnica Sabre, 2 for 50c No. 6 Disinfectant, 2 for 10c Borax 2 for 20c Cream Tartar 2 for 10c Glycerine and Rose Water, 2 for 25c Boric Acid, 2 for 25c Aromatic Cascara. 2 for 10c Senna Leaves, 2 for 15c Chlorate of Patash Tabs, 2 for 35c H inkle's Cascara Tabs, 2 for 60c Compound Cathartic Pills, 2 for 25c Phenophthalein Wafers, 2 for 20c Sulphur and Cream Tartar Loienges,..2 for 25c Calamel Tablets, 2 for 25c Tubes Zinc Ointment. 2 for 35c Tincture Arnica, 2 for $ .26 .31 .61 .26 .51 .31 .26 JSi .26 .51 .26 .26 1.01 .26 .51 $1.01 .61 .11 .16 .16 .06 .06 25c Charcoal Tablets 2 for 30c Compound Mustard Ointment, .......... 2 for 60c Compound Mustard Ointment, 2 for 25c Rexall Eye Wash, 2 f r 50c Penetrating Liniment, 2 for 30c Throat Gargle, 2 for 23e Rexall Nice, 2 for 25c Jaynes Antiseptic, 2 for 25c Carbolic Healing Salve 2 for 50c Riker's Milk of Magnesia, 2 for 23c Foot Powder, 2 far 25c Klenro Antiseptic, .,,2 for $1.00 Peptona Tonic, 2 for 25c Javnea Stomach and Liver Pills, 2 for 50c Rexall Kidney Pills, 2 for Jt.OOSymphony Lawn Stationary 2 for 60c Floreme Fabric Writin Paper 2 for 10c Letter Tablets, 2 for 15c Letter Tablets, 2 for 1 5c Glen wood Envelope. 2 for 5c Pencil Erasers, 2 for 5c LiggetCs Gum 2 for PEANUT BUTTER A Symond's Inn product, rich and meaty. Two jars and you will want more. Standard Price, One Jar 35c This Sale, Two Jars 36c I J 60c SENAFIG, RIKER'S 7 1-2 Ozs. 2 for 61c Represents Senna and Figs, known by all as pleasant laxatives. One thing children will take. An imported lot ei Kne handled brushes, assorted shapes and backs. Bristles that will irive you service. Standard Prk Oae Brush $3c This Sales Tw Brashes ,,.,.3$c Sitoir Tfine Fnoinieeir Drag o lh I . 7!t J M I VIOLET DULCE FACE POWDER A light, fluffy powder perfumed with odor of fresh violets. White, Flesh and Brunette. LORD B.LTIMORE LINEN An excellent grade cf paper for persons de-sirtnut a hijrh-class box of stationary. In white, pink, blue and buff. 50c ;.51c FAIRMOUNT, Indiana. XEN H. EDWARDS, Manager. 77io Standard Price, One Box. This Sale, Two Boxes .50c .51c Standard Price, One Box. This Sale, Twa Baxes

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