The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 9, 1976 · Page 64
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 64

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1976
Page 64
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Page 64 article text (OCR)

C22 Palm Beach Post, Thursday, December 9, 1976 The Nobel Laureates New Breed of Olympians? American Winners Depart For Swedish Ceremony Friday if The American winners of the Nobel prizes this year have departed for the award ceremony in Sweden Friday. Here is how they looked to AP photographer Eddie Adams. By th Assorted Press Dr. Burton Richcer of Stanford University, physics prize, for discovery of a new heavy elementary particle, called the "J" particle: "You know, there are three white-tie affairs I have to attend and T don't even own a coat. In fact, my wife has to buy two gowns, md my son, well he only wears a Levi jacket around here. With all the Americans winning the Nobel Prizes, it gives me a feeling of the Olympics, and I don't particularly like that." Prof. Samuel C.C. Ting of MIT, sharing the prize with Richter, talks not of his own work but that of the winner in medicine, Dr. Carlton Gajdusek. His award, said Ting, probably is the most unusual because his discovery involved living with cannibals. Gajdusek found that male cannibals ate the brains of were to climb Mt. Everest, when you reached the top you would find another person already there, from New York. Anyone who has ever done anything is always from New York." Dr. Gajdusek lives and works in the Washington area. Dr. Baruch Blumberg, Nobel-ist in medicine along with Dr. Gajdusek for virus research: "Do you think I might be able to get a tennis shoe commercial out of this?" referring to a brand of tennis shoe he was wearing. "I have always wanted to do a commercial for them. A scientist cannot capitalize on the Nobel as, say, an actor." In his Philadelphia office, wilted crepe paper streams from the ceiling, a crudely scribbled sign on a white card says: "Congratulations Nobel winner, from your Italian friends." Prof. William Lipscomb of Harvard, winner in chemistry, for findings about chemical bonding of boranes: "You know, President Ford is taking credit for this (the American winnings) and he had nothing to do with it. I get mine for something I did 15 years ago." Saul Bellow, literature, for his books portraying modern man as frightened and alienated but still striving to find a foothold in the modern world. Bellow arrived a little late for the picture appointment, a bit gruff over having had to walk a quarter-mile. The Dr. Baruch S. Blumberg ... for medicine victims, and thus acquired a virus causing a pecular mental disorder. Dr. D. Carlton Gajdusek, winner in medicine for his work with "slow" viruses that may lie dormant for years: "I bet if vou AP Wirephoto Prof. William Lipscomb With Borane Compound Model economics: "Do you know, I had to cancel quite a few appointments to make this trip to Sweden." His office was so crowded with books that the photography was done at his photographer remarked, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience, professor, but this won't take very long." Bellow replied, "It shouldn't." Earlier in the day, he had commented, "The only dictators left in the world today are photographers." Dr. Milton Friedman, economics, for achievements in the fields of consumption analysis, monetary history and theory, and his demonstration of the complexity of stabilization Ft! aimSDQi&ZGm C3CD G2 ft MOST! ONE OUNCE DRINKS MONDAY NITE is MENS NITE 8 oll Q MOST MENS ONE ALTtk LADIES DAY Tucs., Wed., Thurs., Sun. ALL LADIES' ONE OUNCE DRINKS 3 LS K 25c r i JOUNCE DRINKS -Full Quart1 Full Quart' t :"Ncctaroscy Full Quart""" Li 11 GEORGE D1CKEL Imported Stolichnaya GRANTS 8 AMARETTO By 5S3 COINTREAU CAFE LOLITA COFFEE 33 LIQUEUR Fir Russian VODKA 679 Year Old SCOTCH p " BLACK" French VIN ROSE M Fifth Full Quart 1EMJI Full Quart CW Full Quart Z"2Q g GORDON'S dJ5S? Q Flcischmann9SCHENLEYq 86 uuiiuoii rimi r- i VODKA BLENDrnEEEl I lusi-4S4N Ej n Proof Dry ' VI1 I ta--3" "i Ol Uhitphall Vodka .1 79 Dr. Milton Friedman for Economics J Ql.Schl-nley90oGin "l Qt. Burnen's Gin as GERMAN Liebfraumilch 3B Fifth BEER SALE 6 PACK MILWAUKEE. ...1.39 SCHL1TZ LldHT .1.99 ST. PAUL1 GIRL. 2 99 HEINEKEN'S. ...3.39 us. 5- JL, 8.79 -t1 5.99 "'"SJL"' 4.99 Qt. P.M. Blend 3.99 Qt. Philadelphia 3.99 Qt. Corby's 4.39 Qt. Gut kenheimer Blend 4.49 Ql. Barton Q T. 4 69 Qt. Imperial 4 79 Qt. Seagram 7 Crown 4.99 Qt. Fleischmann 90 4.99 Qt. Four Roses 4 99 Qt.Taaka Vodka Qt. Gordon's Vodka Qt. Samovar Vodka 5th Old Forester 100 5th Wild Turkey 101 5th Old Overholt Rye 5th Southern Comfort 5th Heublein Cotktail Ql. Mexican Tequila 4.99 jjjti 5.99 11 Qt. Fleischmann Gin Qt. Seagram's Gin Qt. Gilbey's Gin 5th Beefeater Gin 5th Bushmill Irish IViskey 5th Irish Mist t 28h Full Quart' FAMOUS BHANOS foilm TAYLOR FULL QUART PERNOD 90 PROOF GOLD SEAL "A" Wolfschmidt LEROUX CALIFORNIA BRANDY Catawba 100 Proof iAA NEW YORK STATE TABLE WINESfcMasnum 14 8011 So. Dixie Hwy., W.P.B. Open daily 9-11, Sunday 9-9 GREAT WESTERN N Y. Stale QA9 Fifth VODKA 1 Pink-Red-White SVChampagne Full Quart KITf DEWARS 3 for 11.50 Full Quart PASSPORT Ml I 12 Year Old Fine Imported SCOTCHES 339 SCOTCH E SCOTCH E ate 56 25 i Fifth asr 95 85 4 99 . I 4.99 H't Qt.Calto's Gold Label Qt. Usher's Green Stripe Rl HE NUN P $ . Qt. Spey Royal 8 Yr. Old 5th Martin's 12 5th Ambassador 12 Qt. Old Rarity 12 Qt. Bell's 12 5th Haig Pinch 12 5th Ballantine 12 5th Johnnie Walker "Black Qt. Clan MacGregor Qt. Bell's 8 Yr. Old Vintage Qualitatswein Liebfraumilch 6.99 6.99 7 99 7 99 7.99 7.99 8.49 8.99 0 95 Qt. Hudson's Bay 4 79 Ql . King George 4.99 Qt. Harvey's 4 99 Qt. House of Stuart 4.99 Ql. Desmond & Duff H6 4 99 Ql.JohnBegg 4 99 Ql. Vat 69 Gold 5 29 5th J.&B. 6 79 Ql Black & White 7 49 I QHfYl . . Qt. Martin's V.V.O. h - Qt. Teachers Qt. Johnnie Walker "Red" 272) a Lai fiiih fcSS 5th Royal Ages 15 Yr. Old 8.79 STREGA BENEDICTINE -100 Proof -LW. HARPER Italian Liqueur FRANZ1A Calif. Champagne 11 lb Valu Imported ITALIAN 'Full Quart I "Half Gallon' GRAND rroRn MacNISH-l CONCORD SCOTCHtrJ B&B tp9 139 DRAMBUIE LAMBRUSCO fth Filth HARVEY'S I.W. HARPER Cgl 86 Proof Premium yffjf Full Quart agMft WINDSOR qJiW Full Quart J. W. DANT r.JI'If BOND Bristol Cream BUUK15UN iTT?q CANADIAN SHERRY ar Qt. L T D. Canadian Qt. Grande Canadian Ot Rich & Rare aamr I Qt. Lord Calvert Canadian 4 69 4.79 4.99 irmrn 1 99 ..:.:;; 5.49 iS- Fifth Qt. Kentucky Gentleman 4.29 Qt. Bourbon Supreme 4 79 5th Benchmark 4 99 5th Old Forester 86 4.99 5th Fitzgerald 4.99 Qt. Barton 8 Year Old 4 99 Qt. Cabin Still 4 99 5th Old Grand -Dad 86 5 19 Qt. Rebel Yell 5 99 & ft 8.49 1 -JS5 7.49 -fftsr 5.99 niH Qt. Kentucky Tavern Qt. Yellowstone Ql Ten High Qt Old Crow Qt. .na Brooks Qt. Ancient Age Qt. Old Taylor Qt. Virginia Gentleman Ql . Jack Daniels "Blaik ii Qt. Black Velvet mmdi' Wt. Canadian ciun YAGO 5th Crown Royal 5th Nassau Royale 5th Greek Ouzo 92 SANT GRIAjJ IS 12 YEAR OLD I TANQUERAY I GRAND HOUSE OF LORDS , KING'S RANSOM 8Yr. Old SCOTCH IP SCOTCH GALLONS FRANZIA 2 Fifth Imported Italian ASTI SPUMANTE 1 Table Wines Tax 13 5 1 t rtsf lri H Cue 54 IMPORTED CORDIALS From Around the World 23 Oz. Galliano Liquor? 8 99 5th Sambuca Romana . 7 99 5th VaiKlerminl 7.99 5th Cointreau 7.99 5th Peter Heering 7.99 23 Oz. Kahlua Liqueur 8 49 5thSabra 7.99 Full Quart RON RICO sr RUM Qt . Whitehall Rum 5lh Bacardi Anejo 5th Myers's Jamaican 5th Ron Rico 151 Qt. Stock '84 Brandy Qt. St. Remy Brandy 5th Felipe Segundo 3.79 5.99 5.99 7.99 5.39 599 5.99 8.99 3.39 t- 369 L-J 5.99 (IMJItfl 2.99 .'A- 2.29 2 29 3.69 VZ 33oz. Biolio Chianti 5th Royal De Neuville 5th Taylor Wines 5th Chauvenet Red Cap 5th Blanchard Rose D'Anjou 5th M R Asti Spumante 5th Mateus Rose Achia Claus Greek Wines 5th Dubonnet Aperitif Asti 1 DRY SACK Medium 5th Tia Maria 8 49 rl 5th E tchart Armagnac 1 5th Cheri -Suisse 7.99 5th Remy Martin V S. Cognac 8.99 Dry Sherry gyj R1CCADONNA 100 Proof -M-Fuil Quart i FITZGERALD I 4 O.EC. Full Quart I p F Q"art WHITE HORSE JL EARLY TIMES SCOTCH gSS JS9 Imported 417" Flhh ELECTRONIC Learimnimg AM BY TEXAS INSTRUMENTS A (Tiodern aid to learning math for children 5 years and upl Four levels of achievement, tour functions, programmed with more than 16,000 math problems. Operates on 9 volt battery (not Included), Comes with special activity booklet. Pun, educational. nrrtuniiTUll f v Lnnuu a mijiMUJUi: ii'iii imlUMWi

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