The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on September 13, 1999 · Page 50
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 50

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, September 13, 1999
Page 50
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2D THE PALM BEACH POST MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1999 The Soaps Buying extra cards saves time Stop bailing out frivolous in-laws Uncertain beau ii need not marry ATWT' star conquers shyness ear Ann Landers: I couldn't believe your lousy . ear Abby: I am 25 years old and have been advice to Undecided, whose nance; "Raymond," is terrified of elaborate wed' happily married for three years. My husband is the man of my dreams. We are both ear Heloise: At the beginning of the year, I J buy most of the birthday and anniversary cards that I will need for my friends and family. As needed, I address each hard-working and save most of our earnings. dings because he's seen so many of them fail. I was married twice previously, first in a church My problem is his mother and father mis nnie Parisse's life reads like a Cinderella story. For the past year and a half she has I played Julia Lindsey on As the World Turns, t J f I ! I I V i CIl -1 ceremony that cost my parents a fortune, and again, in a simply ceremony performed by a jus tice of the peace. Both marriages ended in divorce. My current marriage took place in the home we now share, and was attended by a small groutf of family and friends. We are committed to growing old together. : "Undecided" says ' Ray card and envelope and write the date it should be received in the space where the stamp will be placed. When I am ready to mail it a stamp is all that I need. I also purchase extra get-well and sympathy cards to have on hand, which helps me avoid running to the store in all kinds of weather. Jean manage their money terribly. Throughout their lives, no matter how much money they made, they spent more. Recently my father-in-law took early retirement because he is in poor health. His entire pension was used to pay off their house and debts. If they had watched their spending, I believe they would have enough through Social Security and her paycheck to pay their bills yet they are still Ann Landers Hints from Heloise Dear Abby Abigail Van Buren but she only discovered acting as a youth because her mother thought it would be a good way to help her child overcome extreme shyness. Parisse was literally dragged to the audition kicking and screaming. It was a disaster, but because of the cajoling of her mother, she got to be in the play (in a nonspeaking part). That became the catalyst to not only conquer her shyness but also to find her true calling. Parisse studied acting in college and trained in England. But she never had the almost mandatory years of struggling before she got a job. She has worked steadily well, there were times of unemployment but they were few. She instantly worked in theater and soon got the ATWT job. While on the show, she has appeared in three plays and has made her first film. "I know," she says, "Not all jobs will come this easily. I want to have a career that spans all three of these fields theater, television and film and I know I will have my turn at struggling." When Parisse first considered acting as a career, she often thought she could never be an actress because she was too normal. Her biggest surprise was that there were no divas on the show. Although she loves being a working actress, her biggest thrill is probably to have been in the upcoming film tentatively titled On The Q.T. and having the chance to do a scene with James Earl Jones. Today's Birthdays: Actress Eileen Fulton (As the World Turns) is 66. TV producer Fred Silverman is 62. Former White House spokesman Larry Speakes is 60. Actor Richard Kiel is 60. Rock singer David Clayton-Thomas (Blood, Sweat & Tears) is 58. Actress Jacqueline Bisset is 55. Singer Peter Cetera (Chicago) is 55. Actress Nell Carter is 51. Singer Randy Jones (The Village People) is 47. Record producer Don Was is 47. Actress Jean Smart is 40. Country singer Bobbie Cryner is 38. Rock singer-musician Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) is 38. Rock musician Zak Starkey is 34. Olympic gold medal runner Michael Johnson is 32. mond would be willing to be married by a justice of the peace, but he wants td keep it quiet until he is sure the marriage will last And exactly how long will it take to "be sure"? Six months? A year? Ten years? Carrying Raymond's thinking one step further, if they decide to have a family, will he insist that his wife hide for nine months until he is certain the baby she produces is perfect? : I hope you will rethink this one, Ann. It was not one of your better responses. - Joan in Goshen. N.Y. Dear Joan: I agree my response was a dog, and you weren't the only one who thought so. j Dear Ann: I am a clergywoman in Pennsylvania I hope you will print my letter in time to prevent what will certainly be a disastrous marriage. I'm referring to the man who wanted to marry his long-time, live-in girlfriend secretly, and promised her a big formal wedding once he decides whether or not the marriage will work out ' : : The 31-year-old woman who wrote sounded as if her only concern was the guilt she felt for keeping the marriage a secret from her mother, You encouraged her to go ahead and live her own life. I suspect she wanted you to talk her out of it When, if ever, will "Mr. Wonderful" give up his power over this trial marriage and reward his beloved with a real wedding? Or if he decides it is not going to work out (whatever THAT means), do they then pretend they were never married? No;-body who believes marriage means anything would fall for any of this double talk. : A couple that is truly committed to one another would surely compromise on the size and style of the wedding. This woman deserves better1. I hope she won't settle for a man who doesn't want to be married on the pretense that he doesn't want a "fancy" wedding. Fingers Crossed in Pa. - Dear Fingers Crossed, and the hundreds of others who wrote to complain about my lousy advice: Of course, you are right. I plead temporary insanity caused by work overload. If "Undecided? hasn't already married Raymond, I hope she reconsiders. B Ann Landers' column appears daily. Write to her in care oThe Palm Beach Post PO. Box 24706. West Palm Beach, Fla. 3341&4700. Douglas, Baltimore It's a good idea indeed. Pick up a few extra cards when shopping, and you'll always be prepared. Heloise Dear Heloise: Don't forget you can use your roll of masking tape to: remove lint (sticky side out) tape a ripped hem tape a map on the wall B identify look-alike luggage leave a note for your companion. Dee, Paso, Texas Dear Heloise: Try using small marshmallows as candleholders on your next birthday cake. Dorothy F. Stauffer, Emmaus, Pa. Cute idea, one we printed in this column more than 30 years ago. Want some more cake hints and recipes? I have put together a new cake pamphlet that includes easy, time-saving hints and some fabulous cake recipes. To receive a copy, please send $2 and a long, self-addressed, stamped (55 cents) envelope to: HeloiseCake, P.O. Box 795001, San Antonio, TX 78279-5001. Here's a little hint that will help when lighting candles on a cake. Use an extra candle rather than matches no burned fingers. Heloise Dear Heloise: Senior citizens or others with vision problems sometimes find it difficult to distinguish black and navy-blue clothing. To do so, use colored coat hangers black hangers for black clothing and white hangers for navy blue. One can also use "dots," yarn, ribbons or tape. Lucile S. Hewitt, Scottsbluff, Neb. Dear Heloise: My Sound On is businesses that include their ZIP code in ads, in case I want to mail something. A Reader B Write to Heloise in care oThe Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700, West Palm Beach, Fla. 3341&4700. spending frivolously. This isn't the first time they have asked and received at inopportune moments when we really needed the money ourselves. As I was writing the most recent check I thought to myself, we would all love to spend, spend, spend, but it shouldn't be done unless one has the means. I want to be a fair person, but now every time I think of my in-laws I fear they are going to one day wipe us out How can I prevent it? Drowning In Their Debt Dear Drowning: There has been a role reversal here. Your in-laws are acting like children and you and your husband have been thrust into the role of reluctant parents. If the two of you continue bailing them out, they will never quit their frivolous spending. You and your husband must stand firm on this. Enough is enough. Your in-laws may need some counseling in prudent financial management If that is not an option, volumes have been written on the subject. Saying no won't be easy, but it's important that you draw the line now! Dear Abby: I am 23 years old, happily married and have two children. My year-old is the result of a previous relationship. Her father left me when he found out I was pregnant and didn't show up until shortly before the delivery date. A week before our daughter was born, he dumped me again. Abby, I am now married to a wonderful man. He adopted my daughter and is the only father she's ever known. I know she must be told, but when would be the best age to tell her about her birth father? Clueless In Michigan Dear Clueless: As soon as your daughter is old enough to understand the difference between "biological father" and "adoptive father," begin telling her the story. Tell her only as much as she wants to know and fill in more details later. Be sure to let her know that she is special and that her daddy fell in love with both of you at first sight Dear Abby appears daily. Write to her in care of The Palm Beach Post P.O. Box 24700, West Palm Beach, Fla. 3341&4700. THE LOCKH0RNS bunny hoest and john reiner wmnoesi (I "LEROY 16 THE KRAZY GLUE THAT HOLDS OUR MARRIAGE TOGETHER." Horoscope by JOYCE JILLSON If todav is vour birthday: You ! 3re in for a grand adventure! Jobs ; ftome from unconventional .'.j. i : u.: IfW PE2 Kill doing things the way everybody usually does. You travel with ease if you choose to. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22). Loyalty is more important than perfection. Enjoy new kinds of friendships with a wider circle of people whose lives are quite different from your own. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). You experience success when you decide to change a habit, no matter what! The feelings of a loved one are more sensitive than you think. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). You emerge as the leader. Style is more important than ability. You bring order to your office or home. Self-imposed time limits give you the incentive to finish a project Scorpio (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). If you keep obligating yourself to activities that fail to nurture you, you will sap your energy. Let others make mistakes gracefully. Make difficult phone calls. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Do things for yourself that you were afraid to do yesterday. Opposites attract Your enemies become your biggest supporters. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). Finances improve when you visit relatives. You find lost objects. Banks extend more credit Temporary jobs become permanent Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Make vacation plans, or you miss out You are in charge of your own attention span be more concentrated, and youll truly understand a loved one. Something needs repairing at home. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20). Stand up for yourself. Someone from the past is hiding from you. Take action, or a current love will let things drift so keep an open mind. - Aries (March 21-April 19). If lyou are willing to take a chance ton doing something new, others will take a chance on you. Don't Zgive up on a stubborn love. Taurus (April 20-May 20). If you constantly put yourself last youU pay the price today. It's time ltd change your position and be he leader of your own team. Add . 'joy where it's needed. j' t Gemini (May 21-June 21). J this is an excellent time for , going job hunting. If your 'wardrobe doesn't flatter you, you I -might want to recycle and make :-roomforthenew. t ; Cancer (June 22-July 22). "Qutside pressures don't have to . te your main influence fight Siemens ILLUSION fnfefiVenience Manufacturer's Suggested Price $2645.00 per aid Special Offer $ I325.00 per aid NUBBIN AIS Sheinwold's bridge by FRANK STEWART North dealer N-S vulnerable NORTH 1 VAKI 01962 A7543 t it )$k J f CIC Vi M Siemens offers the ILLUSION InteliVenience hearing aid, with advantages such as: Automatic volume adjustments. Fully, digitally programmable to better target your hearing loss. CIC (completely-in-the-canal) model is almost invisible. Hear quiet sounds while keeping loud sounds from getting too loud. WEST AQ 107 564 OAQ3 K 1082 EAST 964 ?1072 0 K 10875 Q9 . This week you can prove that your opening leads are second to none. Look at the West hand and the auction, and pick a lead. (Maybe you'd have bid as West but anyone who leads as well as you should do fine on defense.) The actual West led the ace of diamonds and then the queen. South ruffed, led a club to the ace and returned the jack of spades: four, deuce, queen. West shifted to a trump; but South won, ruffed two more diamonds in his hand and two spades in dummy, and took the queen of trumps for his eighth trick. West might beat the contract one trick with a trump shift at Trick Two; but since West has a good hand with strong spades, and dummy showed a liking for hearts over spades, West's opening lead should be a trump. His di- amond tricks won't disappear. South wins and loses a spade, and West leads a second trump. Since South can't get off dummy without letting the defenders in to lead a third trump, he wins only five trumps and a club. Down two. DAILY QUESTION Youhold:JVAKJ4J962 A 7 5 4 3. Today's North opened one club, planning to bid INT next if South responded one spade. Do you agree, or would you describe the hand differently? ANSWER: I agree with North. Neither of his alternatives to open one club and rebid two clubs, or to open one diamond and bid two clubs next was attractive. North's auction slightly misdescribed his distribution, but it showed his minimum strength quickly. RICK KIR KM AN AND JERRY SCOTT SOUTH K8532 I VQ9853 04 : i6 NORTH EAST SOUTH 1 Pass 1 4 1 NT Pass 2y WEST Pass All Pass I Opening lead Choose il . ; "1999, Los Angeles Times Syndicate BABY BLUES Call today for an appointment to see if ffiese hearing aids are right for you. audiology & Speech Pathology, Inc. "Serving Palm Beach County Since 1978" Mel Grant, M.A., Director (561)649-4006 West Palm Beach 3540 Forest Hill Boulevard, Suite 205 West Palm Beach 1515 N. Flagler Drive Palm Beach Gardens 3401 PGA Boulevard, Suite 420 Wellington 13005 Southern Boulevard, Suite 131 Jupiter 210 Jupiter Lakes Boulevard, Bldg. 4000, Suite 202 Hearing oaV help many people hear tetter, but individual resets may vary. No other discounts affply. :mmmmmmmm aaaAmmmaaaamm,,, ... levies, f APecD.! Ik m iXh far 0j

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