The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on May 8, 1922 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 8, 1922
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS popper was substituted. The artisti- A Big Economy for the The Fairmount News Pablished on Mondays and Thursdays A . S. ROBERTS, Editor and Publisher. Minnie McLucas Roberts. Associate. TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY LOCAL EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS OF TWO DECADES AGO AS TOLD BY TOE FAIRMOUNT NEWS, AND GLEANED FROM THE FILES OF THE PAPER FOR PRESENT DAY REMINISCENT READERS. used in many churches today are a recent adaptation. In the earliest colonial days no collection was taken at all .and the salary of the parson was paid in pork and pumpkins, po tatoes and peas, flour, dried apples and beans, with occasional "donation Office: Main 265 Res., Main 107 TELEPHONES parties" that provided further luxur Small Car The two things that make a tire economical are: First The amount of value built into it. Second The amount of mileage taken out by you. WITH the largest Clincher tire building organization in the world, Goodyear can build Clincher tires as cheaply as any one Sdi?f bui,dinff tires as cheaply as possible, Goodyear makes them as good as possible. With Goodyear tires on your Ford. Chevrolet, Maxwell or Dort is still in William Bartholomew quite f?eble health. ies. When church activities began to I extend beyond the immediate parish it j was necessary to collect coins, so the ! treasurer, Charles A. Cook. A mass meeting of the several churches will be held at the Friends church Sunday for the purpose of raising funds with which to rent the hall and equip the same for Y. M.'C. A. purposes. .The cost will be about $1,500 of which $380 has been pledged. warming pan and the corn popper were both used to gather them up quickly. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. (Within Indiana.) One year $1.50 Six month .90 (Outside Indiana.) One year $2.00 Six months 1-25 All subscriptions payable strictly in advance; parer discountinued at expiration of subscription time unless renewal is received prior to expiration date. Entered as secor.d-class matter at the postoffiee at Fairmount, Ind., under the Act of Coneress of March 8, 1879. lhe lhursday afternoon art club Mrs. Elizabeth Sharp of Hartford City is visiting S. B. Hill and wife for a few days. James Luther and L. R. Whitney are in Terre Haute this week on business. Walter Cline and wife have moved into the P. C. Armstrong property on South Main street. On Tuesday night a mass meeting was held in the Borrey hall to discuss and devise means to launch a Young Men's Christian Association was entertained by Mrs. Dr. C. M. Wilson. Miss Lola Hastinn of Muncie will be the guest of her parents, Robert j i 1,J"-V nearer satisfaction and less tire trouble, and best of all Jower final cost. ' Because of this lower final cost, More People Ride on Goodyears Than On Any Other Kind. We sell Goodyears which give you the greatest tire value today, and pur service helps you get all this value out of them. Our prices are lower than ever before and our service better. This makes Goodyears the Economical Clincher Tire. Hastings and wife south of town Sunday. ur. j. m. fatterson of this citv BANK STATEMENT No. 367. Victor A. Selby, President; Palmer Ice, Cashier. Report of the condition of the Citizens State Bank at Fairmount, in the State of Indiana, at the close of its business on May 5, 1922. RESOURCES Loans and Discounts $139,788.09 Overdrafts 56.66 Other Bonds and Securities 5,000.00 Banking) House 8,000.00 Furniture and Fixtures... 1,000.00 Due from Banks and Trust and Dr. bourse Alexandria performed an operation on Mrs. Elmer Thurs- in r airmount. It was decided to GOMPERS SPEECHES M H H M M M H H H M M H M H H N H H H M N M H M self-imposed pri-. , , V- - rPanuailon ton at fe.ummitville Tuesday. Samuel G rr.rers' vilepe still beir.g exercised. His latest re- : t" a'Z ZP - HmlT i" c . " yli i"; : committee selecting Edward Headley, i rint a X r"?ffr?IiC A. Cook. John A. Hunt, Cornel-fM' R- Small. Fred P. Oakley. Harry Mr. Naber of The Fairmount Mills, for the removal of a tumor on the back of the neck. Ellis - Fowler SERVICE COMPANY iiu Min.i:. .'ii. inn asin tt- . 4i v. j e ,l c, ,- . r : i'- ihhii Carl P, Rau, fra L. Neeley o : tu. j. i..v. ! Stivers. The tST; nMA. jfeo ir, sni Jackson fctae- Club Miss Anna Gundlach of Muncie is Co.'s Cash on Hand r,,.u r'n't l-nra while a : .me.irrs who hxe a. P-1r. in the. visiting William Norcross s and family Washington and family on great nar.y assert that the country 71L!2 "f?? i I across the railroad 11,979.15 6.594.86 2.342.05 3,755.93 875.64 16,393.11 - J.-.T.. f r-wiUnA. fr. iuie ioarus me x. v - .-v.. an ui-.eirccv. Cash Items Current Expenses Interest Paid Trust Securities . Mrs. H. T. Stevens has returned t5 her home at Cairo, 111., after a visit with her sisters, Miss Gertrude Wins-low and Mrs. John Flanagan. definition of ht i r,d what is not ; fr .fZT i r a- t ednes: leeal Pitinr, , day mght the board of directors met , . c i .:in the room occupied by the Stag In the same taster Sunday address : CJub and elected the fonowing. offic. Mr. Gompers reveal his knowledge ers. p; of Board aTldsY. M. of eccr.oTr.-M. He thinks that work-; c A Edward Head vice-presi-men should get the highest ages d c R Sm&n and cp R S. E. Haislev was In Indianapolis xnat ir.cuir .can i r . i j retary board, Fred D. Oakl ley; on Business Wednesday, remark, mai., hi uriuin mvc i. 1 13 . ! -' 'The Spell of the Image' BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF FAIRMOUNT ACADEMY " i r----i workmen sr.ouia e ve ine cesi. . Total Resources . . . rr. ,$195,785.49 LIABILITIES Capital Stock paid in ,..$ 25,000.00 S,urplu3 1 1 s & 7.000.00 Undivided Profits 3,500.00 Exchange, Discounts and Interest 5.093.95 Demand Deposits 91.087.41 Demand Certificates 34.1 S3. 38 Savings Deposits 9,713.09 Trust Deposits 3.814.55 Trust Investments 16.393.11 LINE OF FUTURE PRESIDENTS Time May Come When Movie Fan Will Elect Their Particular Heroes to High Position. LIFE A LONELY ONE Lighthouse Keepers Have Only Sea for Company. that i in them. which is not always j possible ur.der the rules of the unions, lie thinks, as do many others, that J the former service men should be j compensated by the government fori their but he fails to see. as j do the more intelligent of the bonus j advocates, that the payment of sev- ! 11 H M M H H M M H H M H H H H eral billions at one time would bring j an artificial prosperity that, in the j er.d would he more harmful than is ' One Lived for Four Months in Light- Who i? to be the f rst movie candidate for president of the United States? Dont laugh or scoff. Do you know anybody who has a bicsrer following than a popular, good-looking movie star? Consider the voting strength of those who patronize the A play full of pep and humor and filled with thrilling incidents. Come and see "The Spell of the Image" broken. See what the "Spell" really is. A real live play given by a live wire class. Come, and go home full of smiles. house Far Out at Sea With Corpse cf Mate as Only easy to calculate. Surely Mr. Gora-1 pcrs is rvt advocating a return to a j period of inflation. j Speeches such as Mr. Gompers delivered on Easter Sunday come fre-! Total Liabilities $195,785.49 STATE OF INDIANA, COUNTY OF GRANT, ss: I, Palmer Ice, Cashier of the Citizens State Bank, Fairmount, Ind., do solemnly swear that the above statement is true. PALMER ICE. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 8th dav of Mav. 1922. W. D. LONG .Notary Public. Mv commission expires Sept. 25, 1923 (SEAL) m M M H M M M M M W M H M M M H M M H M N M M M H H M M ( movies; would they rally 'round one quer.tlv from him and must have a Washington. The monotony of the i marked effect on the clas? of audi- j Hfe of a lightkeeper is maddening, ences he addresses. His hearers us-; Muoh rnisht be written on the tragedy of their idols if he were nominated for high office? The vote of the movie fan, male or female. Is as good as that of any other voter, and" if he fancied uaily are men ana women w no hyik. of the service, but the department of to him as a leader. He misleads H H M ! 1 i .KlKncfl Kos . - M '22 MONDAY AND TUESDAY May 15 and 16, ACADEMY GYMNASIUM Ileid Wallace or Ray Charles for pres- , ident because one or the other of them 1 had a "nice smile" or a "love of a ! curl," the reason which determined his vote would be just as well consid- ' ered and just as weighty as many of YOU Would Not Wear a White Garment For a Year M M H M M N M M Tickets on Sale at Pioneer Drug Store Reserved Seats, 35c. Balcony, 25c the reasons which prompt voters now In the choice of a candidate. AH a man needs to be elected to high office is a reputation for honesty, "a strong face" and a well-circulated report that he Is "good to his wife." And a movie star should be able to command these assets, Arthur IL Fol-well writes In Leslie's. There are probably 9O.0O0,00" movie fans in the United States. Who will be the first their minds, while there is reason to , , , bel'eve that he knows better. He ' lT to Pak of what goes on in the oucht to be fundamental'- well vers- 'itary beacon houses alon our ed in economics and he oueht to know! cnat. It aWs not tend to popularize that criticism of the L'r.ited States ' the service, tnd so orders have been Supreme Court is an insidious attack j given that no information of any kind on a vita! principle of democratic go-. j niay be given out by the lighthouse emment. Buffalo Express. j officials. " i Occasionally, as when a lightship is HIGHER TARIFF RATES NEEDED j brokon from lts mooring9 aml driven to Although the tariff bill as drawn j sea In a frightful storm, the public be-by the Senate finance committee and , comes dimly aware of the danger In-reported to the Senate is different ! curred daily and nightly by the keepers from the bill pa?sed by the House,! of tnp nchTS aione the shores. Asked both Mils have the same aim and onre hw th eJ the time ,n their actSl ! -era, raHes from of p-vperitv so far as that is possible j !nore- one lightkeepers an- ty legislation in the present abnormal i swerefl : "We read and we fish." state of world trade. i Fishing Is not an attractive form of Since the degree of protection that j re reatin In bitter cold weather, so ten years ago was capable of support- j the possible amusements are reduced ing American standards of living j from two to one. and the most omnivor-would be insufficient now, the pro- . ou? rea,!tr niu,t tire of reft(ling ,ome-posed rates of duties r.ecessari ly av- , tfm then remains h deprPss. raire somewhat hicher than those oi j . ... tC Fae -lldrich fct, the Republican j seascape that is the rnntPmntumislv cast sam? yesterday, today, and forever. a: And yet your darker garments get just as dirty and need cleansing at time to keep them sanitary and keep them looking bright and new. This up-to-date plant will serve you well. political boss astute enough to capl- i talize this following? Think of the ! adoring flappers of voting age, thous- ' ands upon thousands of them, who ! would take their first Interest in poli- tis were one of their screen favor- ! ites to be nominated for the presl- THE LATEST DESIGNS IN CHILDREN'S PIQUES HATS Made ready for hand work to'finish. Silk and Lisle Socks. Also Ladies' Silk Hose, Ginghams' Organdies, etc. PARISIAN AND BON TON CORSETS. MRS. ELLA PATTERSON'S ART STORE dency. They d vote him into the white $ house because of his adorable eyes Nothing quite so appallinsr Is to be aside bv the Wilson administration or the twist of his hair at the temples. Don't laugh. They would. And some day they will. Watch For The White Truck. 1 found in the lichthouse annals as the j story of the lightkeeper who lived for j four months in the dreadful loneliness I of a lichthouse far out to sea, with the . corpse of his mate as his only com-! panion. The lighthouse keeper's companion ! died and there was no way of getting The proposed rates, of course, are much hiee-r than those provided in the Underwood law, the last Democratic tariff act which brought American business to the verge of ruin from which it was saved only by the outbreak of the war in Europe. America today has to fear not merelv cheaner goods from abroad When our Puritan forefathers first began to pass the plate for contribu tions in the meeting house it was not J a plate they passed in most places, J but a brass warming pan. Into this ' hnly of the dead man ashore. Ter- but a far greater volume of imports , tne the The Brown Laundry And Dry Cleaning- Co. L. A. McNEIL, Agent. e and prolonged storms made it Im- for dominance m American ; rini oressmsr markets. The protective tariff wid ; possible for the keeper to launch a be a dam against the menacing flood, j boat, even had he been able to leave the coins jingled cheerfully until some one decided that it was top cheerful and a long-handled wire com VACCINATE YOUR HOGS WITH THORNTOWN SERUM Strictly Throat Bled Pure ;id Potent his light. Those ashore who would have relieved I:i due time were unable to get to him for the same reason. When at last the weather permitted the rescuing party to reach the lighthouse they found the corpse of the assistant to the lighthouse keeper lashed to the ral, of the gallery. The man had been dead for months and the solitary Serum and virus, also capsules and iodine, at labra-tory prices. Keep a supply on hands at all times It will permit the maintenance ot essential mice levels here, price levels that wi.i as -ure employment of Am-ericr.r. -t .-ausfa.u i y wages and form the basis of domestic taxation that is bound to remain high for many years. Unless American industries are adequately protected it will be difficult to raise the revenues that are now required. Expectatcn at Washngton that the tariff act will occupy the Senate for the greater part of three months is based on a krowledgi? of the intricate problems involved. It is not too much time to devote to a policy that will play an important part in the future of American industry. Mason City (Iowa) Gazette. Phone Black 1802. H. D. WILSON, Rep. (j survivor had been forced to live In the ! lonely beacon house with the body of his mate gradually crumbling before his eyes and his owu superstitious fears driving him to distraction. u m I CHILD DIES; GLASGOW TO PAY City Fails to Give Warning Concerning PUon Bcrrica Loac In Lords. YOUR PICTURE May be among those in the store windows of MARION $10 Free If You Find It. No one knows when or where they are taken. People in Wabash, Converse, Fairmount, Hartford City and Montpelier found their's last week. Your's May Be Next London. The house ef lords has dismissed unanimously an appeal of the Glasgow corporation against an award of damages to a clerk for the death i RALPH C. COTTRELL SPECIALIST ON THE FITTING OF GLASSES 409 Marion National Bank Building MARION, INDIANA Phone 246 Sundays by Appointment SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT Disregarding the tariff, there are two agencies tending) to reduce prices, without injury to producers. They are the reduction of interest rates and lowering of taxes. Interest is coming down as the bank reserves are piling up. Credit is offered to business enterprises on more favorable terms than for years. Highly productive labor increases the product to be divided among laborers, providing the American workman more of the comforts of life than any other. Restriction of output, on the other hand, as practiced in England for many years, is one of the rearing why that country has more unemployed than any other nation, outside of Russia. The American coal miners, who are striking for a thirty-hour week, do not recognize that troth. St. Paul Pioneer Press. A new natural gas field has been discovered in .northern Louisiana which is estimated to hold about five trillion cubic feet, making it the greatest natural gas supply yet of his young son. So, however re-reluctantly, the Scotch city must pay up. The boy was poisoned by eating berries from a belladonna shrub growing In the botanic gardens of Glasgow. Lord Atkinson delivered the Judgment of the lords. Me said that if the statement of the father were true there was. In this belladonna plant, with the deadly berries which It bore, something of trap. Th berries looked alluring, and as harmless as grapes or cherries. Besides, those managing the botanic gardens knew of the existence of concealed or disgatsed danger tm wales a child might be exposed Of this danger the hud was entirely Ignorant and, by himself, comld not discover It, yet they C4 nethtex to greUct hia frees b danger,- or even H Inform klza of tta nUtence. DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY PIANO TUNING VOICING, ACTION REGULATING D. M. HEADRICK 41fr No. Main St. FAIRMOUNT Charges reasewable Drop a card and'' I WRI oali; cMrorcoontry. Phone 225.. Connie smud Lool Booms over PostoSco 8 to 11:3 a. ., 1 to 5 p. . The French army, after 1925, will total 235,000 men, composed of 250,-000 French and 80,000 colonials. Hoars:

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