The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on February 3, 1937 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1937
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

'1 - Page Five WetJnecly, February 3, 1937 The Daily Clintonisn, Clinton, Indian Bobby Jones .Has terpreter: ! Jonen is the Japanese ideal of an athlete, lie Is not only a wonderful goiter, but he also puts his WPA RECREATION DEPARTMENT NEWS Ruth's OW Place In Japan's Heart DIZHHEAflJO, BE SUBJECT OF OVNER PARLEY amateur standing above money, and SeilMELIfIG TO MAKE HURRIED AMERICA TRIP We Are OVERSTOCKED ' - ON v r " " .V The' new' danclns direction of it In will meet at '1 p. dasts under' the Helen McClure. iu. today at the Columbia Center. Tht fc'cTSt'ioi itepartmtit weight that means much to our people." Ohe. whose , father is a wealthy doctor and a member of the powerful military caste of Japan, said he was surprised to learn that inosi Americans think of the Japanese as a race of midgets. "Nothing could be further from the truth." he said. "I ms-f ;mi 3 ft. 11 in . and many of our athletes arf as t ill as I am." II" lias bci-n va-iliing -even vear lifting team will meet i i p. nr. a'l Fti'vr- of GJirrwIou Card Hurler Ir One Thin Lfltely to Come Up When NatiohaJ Lraa Executive Asaemble Columbia Ceutcr. 'aith Kriinri'i Allen In charge; NKW YORK. Feb. 3 Bobby Jones has supplanted Babe Ruth as Athletic Idol of Japan and next lo these two rank Bill Tlldcn and C.lenn Cunningham. This opinion was voiced lodav by Sueo Ohe i pronounced say-oh oh-ayei. Japanese pole vauJter. who will compete in the Millfose games Saturday night against Karl Meadows, behind whom he finished. In a tie for'seroiwl In the Olympic games, and George Varhotf, the world rec and liss a mark of II fct 1 im In- Clause in model 'airplane building are held each Wednesday and Tri-day from fd" ! p. m. cerald Pagler'lo and 'Raj'tnoiid Ak' rs are' ih-striictors. Tliese rlasshs are very popular especially among chlldrfn made In Japan. ord-holder. of grado school age. Commands Attention Cttntonlan AtlvcrtUin? Paylnc his first visit to the United States, the 22-yeaf-old bio univer itaiidleraft Masen; under the di Fof A Limited Tim Onf sity latnenrsa!d"tWSrt?tra Itf" rection of Mrs. Katherine Cnan. NEW YORK. Fell. 3 You can run up the storm warnings any time tmlay on the probability that Dirry Dean's name again will be staring out of the sports pages more or less prominently beginning Friday, when National 1-eague club-owners formally will he brought together for I lie last tjme prior to the 1937 pennant race. The occasion will be the circnlt'a annual February meeting, which, as usual. Is likely to lie devoid of consequential developments. . except those which transpire in the seclir' sion of huddles behind fnrnilure and greenery In the lobby of tbe hotel headquarters. ' There the owners may or may not 'compete trades put on the fire at ihe minor league metings, pcrmll-ld td simmer through the Joint ma meet each weekday evening cieept Saturday at Oifiinibla Center. 25. OFF Tlrese' elasses 'are Ireld 111 other commifnltlcK, ; ' wtiefe there .' are enough people' intcrostcd to warrant a u n o u n c 1 r; g the necessity bt such a- class, and on Kozy-Kar and f ropic-Airt Heater. t . o- WhiVo Chir Stock JLast$! where there arc -a sufficient mimlci' of people interested new claBses can he started. V.' '. ... '. kbZY-iCAR HEATERS Paty Berg Has jor circuit sessions and allowed to FORMERLY OrtHtot1 chffl stiir stivntg To SttH Brwddoetr-Lovlr Boot Under DteitesiofaT Gould It Not Worried i NEW YORK Fob. 3 In the midst of a conspiracy of allcnr that, without warniHR. srttlcd down upon the embittered principals in thfi latest heavyweight champion-stiip war. canto word today that Ma Sclimeling was makliis hurried preparations to hasten here from Cor-niany In". art effort lo halt the proposed BraddocV-Louls title flcht. scheduled for Chicago on June 13. PfhmellnB, If possible,' will sail for America early next week, arriving before the week end. It Rounds a little theatrical, but it was said that, ir fieceary. he would lake (ho Scp'pelin; JIlndonbnrB, and arrive wltbln " foi'ty-eisht hours. However, '' everythlnjr nowadays sounds a little theatrical. , Bout Ldoka Set llraddork, thongh under contract to" Madison Square CJarden to meet SchraellnK In New York on June 3, will instead debt Louis In Chicago no-June IS if he cau have his way and It look' Mdw j though'-h-e nrlfcht. The Illinois' BoiltiE Commission has already 'sanctioned the' it' fight, the attorney general haa'flv-cri it his absolution and the millionaire set. hpYiUe'd h'y Rlteldoii fjiartf and Jim NoMa. la swmltnrly Intent upon seeing that Chlt-agd gets' lt first major promotion 'since the saga of DempseV arid Tuaricy. ' ', '"Let Schriieilng conte." aa 'Hie comment' of' 3bt! Ooiild, firaidncVF manager. ' "Don't think IhaV we're started all this without knowing our legal HghtiC ' And doirt think the Chicago ayndlcate " Is the ' kind thai doesn't know just whero It stands on a thing Hke this. ': ' ' , ' Teole keep telling the'lne' Chicago guarantee1, $50.IM)tr;'rs too big". Why, Braddocli'a provisional 50 percent of ''the gate wilt bring "more' than this. So I say, let Schmellng come," " "' 6.9S 9.95 $ $ ' SALE fRICE S 5.25 S 7-50 S 9-75 $12,95 515.95 $12.00 100I off Hnce. with Dean a fundamental part of thceltiiation. liean (irab Space ' Speculation on the possible tratie tfr of the' St. Louis Cardinals' rTghl: bander 10 the Pittsburgh Pirates. New York Oiahts. nt elsewhere has approached In wordage everything written about all the actual Iratles 6f the winter combined.' and this may prove to be the time It really was a wolf." ... . i ' ' Dlzry's relations with liis employers have not been improved ally t" speak of lately by": repeated- announcements, from hini and4 .Mrs. plszy that they wouldn't pitch; next Reason" for less, than' ' J'tf.oDft. . or $80.000,. arid Tumors . coiltiniie, ' to circulate. The ouly thing' definite seenw td' he that tliey don'f-knOw 1 fr ve,w bamq ipsort ope Made Last Year ' ' . .- .... - ; corai cteKtifi. Ki'.l'.H. - The old sfln Hist tiia(iiry..rcfieif tselt1 applleif 'ti)(iftj frf .Titlaii-llafred .'Hy Betg. Mihiieapolts 'pi houl' elr! following qiihtirvi'ti'R round yesterday In the annflai Waml-Biltinore wotrren'r gdlf'c1isrrtp1onship.: Patty, ' dcfeli'ding' fhamplou walked ' 6ft'. with medalist' honors ith a 59-11 So," two tinder woman's par." if' wasJde'nlttai of her medalist s'coi'e'of last Ve'afl flic redheaded school'' girt had blrdlcs on the cightll. 'eleventh ' and twelfth h'oies ;' ' . ' ' ' ''." ; . Tied for Ihe riiiiucr-up ' position vith' Bl's rcre Jean tlauer, . Provl-lehce. R. I. ; Marlon Sllley. Lcxing--on.' kvi;' and tCathryn "'Kempni; Cblg'a Umbla." ! S. ;1 '-. ; "Slislr ' Bauer ardefl a' lOi'i'Ml Mttey. runnel sp Id Wtty Sasi 'year" tftio't 3f 4'2. 4uA Mls HenrpnliV winner overMlss BeVa'"- itXC week-in ' 'the Charlotte TROPIC-AIRES FORMERLY . ' SALE' PRICE '3 SI 2.95 $ 9.75 SI 5.95 512.00 ut&ncL -ofi Jseet , AND WE'VE NAMED IT TIPPECANOE TipM'tsM ii limoua Udian name of tht fitly American Hiitory la tka miaala watt. This '. sherllr to become famout, it a boor of Jiitinctivo typo, rich, creomy, full kodioo! flavor, made from H10 fiaoit iatro4iofir oataiaatlo mi fully Cintomor approval tn4 ttmtki will 00 for "Tlpaocieoo lr ia StoUle oottl.i in 1937." ;' t-1' -" '. ' how much salary they want. , ALL NEW AND PERFECT DONIA-SH RACE SATURDAY ecanoe Heei Irowod and lottlto Bv Horbor wojncii'eveTit, stroked .a -14. '.' ' , " ',' . v SliVplays' bn' tlie' long., par: r, fif 300 SoutH Mairl ROY STAATS, Mgr. Phone II LAfAfETfE liREWERYJNC. ' . Lafayotro, Miana SLliilu teenth 'H'ile.' St W "ttfrce rnuners- ' NrW YORK,' Fell';' 3 Duli Ush. .the Indiana flyer; today acccpfed':an iinvitatlbn to compete In the tVana-ritaker. mil J. next Saturday.' the highlight' of the Mlllrose' gadlea. , v tasH' . will compete against, Glenn Cunulnguan-K Archie' San ROmani. 'Gene' VenikeV dhartld Feiiftkc and iMtktes; HtW." HuBgtrM'q- chtUlplon. :1 ilp strsltes that would have tied t ne medalist. X- ' woi nisv sets under way today. Will LAST filGilT Vermillion Devcrage Co. 707 N. Ninth Street Phone 680 -tiiWii' a' lowfe'sfWrcra ' In the I . x hawBlonsbhfWslit -xf.-rff - - ' ' ' r : . . SECAR . By E."C rring Popdye i.i . i vr.u.-.. 1i i T I 1- . V i..:.v.:j II MiriL. X I rockv eve goon u' r-j-zz Dorfmeyeriklf ft'Reld CoaU As Newport Basketball Team Lost Tih r" 1 'in.- . ST. BERNfCB, Pe;' 3 UJf "u; Dorfmeye'r,'- hd scored if 'point St. Bcrnica defeated Kewpo'tv S5 tr 29, In a kaakelbaU feame iiera tail night. . The1 visitors coHild riOt taatcr the all-round play rlt the' linrnct? although' HaYtsobk. "who daft uaiiall; be depended oh'- to'scoro s'erora" points, failed ti tally' and left thr game on personal fouls, On the ; Newport (Ire. forward' PearmaB -BnoT Mackr had Iheir' ii ual battle 1 see who' could' maV the most polnts.' -:The former saht five field goals arid (We fnce1 throwr to edge out his running mate by one point. ., ...... rt i- . St. Bernlcc also wotf the ft; t'earr game. 2i td'IS. Tul fhV eon re J f be; tween the eevetitli anrl'erghih Era-H team3 from the twd'scKobla was cap lured by the county seat boys. Summary: i ' f;; " t: ST. BERN ICE (35) TG FT PT By RUSS WESTOVER - TILUE THE TOILER - ""-.'.V. . , . i mil I WTMCMJ 'VOO THCX5HT YOU AMD TILUE i.icm cr? iu ur KiOaj ' Hill i I I t- -5X) CAMS OUT NNI en tu AMCvSEt IF Vt)t CoOt-D LlVjE HET2.E VU1TVA ME THA"f'S OTOST TO VulPff THE OfSHES, VBEEM "MimxiuS, WHEW Til IP AMD Me cTB.T. VJHAT HOPED TOJ'D SAV, AMP T MAKES pAAO,1t3U'E TOO LATE, THgyf JIB. AJLt. I ' i i V f - .. ii i .... y . - - MOTH era wvtfTn-t era 1pjLj ut nn , "-m i DONS r-vr- 3Va 1 P- fr id LONESOMS.' LONESOM6. W.-K -I' l 14APPV J I 2 U.VJM3 HEBE AUL. AtONE. .uikkS ucoe THAN I r" r 0 0 0' 0 FT ' ' 2 i 0, o o .4. 1. 1 Pt 21 l" 3 1, a 0 0 . 3' '. . o .1.; PO . 6 .' 5 . 0 . 0 . 1 . 0 . o Williams'.' f .V Dorfmeycr. f Glasa. c ...... Brown, ' . :' . . . Hartsoofc. g . Keltz, g4 .' . Totals..., ..';.. NBWPOIlT't2) Iv-annaa. f Mack, f . . .' law. r. Bailey, c '. .' - . Sims, g . Van Sickle, g . . Jleid. g ,. : SO THCXi6HtJ roOTi :CKte h7iW mm"- f .... f--'-. r" 'YrYr i fc ." Secret Operative ; 48 ANN Totaln u iT.Twirtt1 ii i oan-nirTT" I DOM'T KNOW AMYTH'WS a J k III P BA Q.ok lA ADll L C" P PiS W rfl ' or ' irvirr t tr;n - 1 frrt TIIAT. I FEEL THAT SOMEHOW THE Liz-iMir S. -(-iKirjrrTrD with MORTIMER, MATILDA AND MrSS EFFlE ,,. ' " WW )!)) v ',.'. BUT IP THEY THINK I OONT iMORTIMEa "A.MD:'m4TiLOA WERENT THE ADOPT ION -"IF THAT'S THEY'LL BE MEAIsrUWM.- i i"'r ' ; (' rrii i II -it 3T KJOW, BABS. WE WANT TO KNOW TO ME ' r I V THE DICKENS ml CWEXK TWC -UESAL ENO Of IT " VEH, 1- ABOUT THAT REWARD .. , JO IT SHOULDN T ltv.t. r-rt LONG tO DfSCOVEQ WHAT IT IS AND UOET MOJIMER AND MATILDA'S PUANV THEY ACTED TOO GREEDY kiutl tr T W?F 1 CAM f OH IHt' --'l-J XXAyUAT I DID YOU at T II iTHEV WERE C50ING TO PAY ABOUT I PIMD OUT AT THE QRPHansj sut, V vet r ' 1 (Sa ft. l HOME IT?V-X ! B ME A Bra KtwKj"3uwv-A.' WHEN THEY TOOK BAt iv 1 A V mil i TO WORK h ' SS TO WORK 2ii awv. c nL I OKI iT W m Aa '1 AM RMfl WIMtnri PHi9 Wllooo:

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