The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on February 3, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1937
Page 4
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The Daily Clinfonfan, Clinton, Indiana Wednesday, February 3, 1937 Page Four THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Fouodmd YESTERDAYS FEBRI ARY , 1012 T T TVT TD frrM?T' MAY few Jouyvurvi mwjLLyLv Christie J. M. Henry t spending a dnys at his home in Wlngale. Established as The Weekly Cllntonlan 1890 The Clinton I'lalndealer absorbed in 1D08. CHAPTER XT( lually reverting to Luana, these Helen Church It. on the slrlt tint and hasn't been able to ullend George L Carry... Editor and Publisher,! Mr. Vandaveer was in the lobbv I Spring days that were so magic. MOVIES Mrr rsi-;i i tmio c.witoi. I.ovpIv Onlnros )H Rio nnri Doiig-1ns FiiirlmikH, Jr., nrn past nfl a en-sniional ilaiifp toam known aft Tony and (Jabv it thoalcr patrons In this murder nivstiTy. The finale of their a t ,h a Kniff IhrowltiK stunt. Whpn tlio winnan wlio tri'H to hrak up their m-t N found with a knifp in hnr hack. Mis 1M Rio Is the 'Arv of tha oenthouM as Luana and her I A second conservatory lay di- school. ing only of themselves--so selfish. Now 1 go. I do not come bark agaitifc You may telephone me, you may come to me on your bended knees, but nev-aire do I see yoQ again I" With that, he had flung open th. door leading from the inside of th. boudoir down to the terrace via a eseort cam in. Ha greeted her I recti y beyond the one in which the kindly. She presented Jimmy. musicians were playing.. He would A dauphler waB born to Mr. and Mrs. Marco Dallenve on North Ninth . Holered at lue Poatoffice at Clinton, Indiana, as Second Clan Matter. Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association,- National A''"",,'!n Representative: fiKO. II DAVID CO. M 19(1(1 Wiigley Hldg., Chicago. "I expect youll want to com. to f. ifter9 " '1.av "g"-tfa. bar and join th. other young '"d ?h w'h ""tch I.uana people," aaid Mr. Vandaveer. H. Hirti nig with other men, as she ap-fed tha way to th. bar. and Intro- fe8tdft0be do,n- ,nd nJy"1 " street. I flight of stairs. It wus the most indiscreet exit possible. The wreti-h, sh. thought, was doing it on purpose I Attorney R. R. Neal, of Newport. duccd tnem to several people. j ., . . r . ' . H. seated himself beside a little H. disappeared to get a eham- founutn that dripped pleasingly, pagn. eockUU for Luana, Jimmy Tn, p,aC(1 w3 empt, having been InstanUy seiied upon He lu hi, cigar(!tte and thought i-lll General Motors Bldg., Detroit 110 Kant 42nd Rt., New Tork r ii scil person. Florrnrp Desmond bhe prayed Joel might not be on a .-lever mimic, is the other woman mil llasil Syilniy fs the attorney. Several lavish dance numbers are J. K mZ' r, , . , "-ior Luana. Who was he to spoil to Phone 1 1 7 Phone 4 I was in town Tuesday night looking after business matters, He went from here to Terre Haule where lie attended the republican "love feast." nracwo oy ma gooa looaa. fun, Among the important the terrace nor any of the avid gossips! Thank heaven for th. busy bar I She went Into the bedroom, locked the door and went over to the -rrnera nava you rjeen oiamg an i men here, what was ha but a dctrl- th. past season?" ah. chirped up atlment? him, getting a. cloa. to him as was So lost In thought was he that pill nn ht'Core the story winds Hp in i he court I'iMiin, There are also selected Rhoil subjects on the pro-Kra ni. Miss Mona Jones of Terre Haule is visiting her brother. William THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM . 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties. 2. To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemployment problem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the most attractive city of its size in the state. mirror. A flush was on her cheeks. That looked bad. She dipped a powder puff Into a little bowl of pale green powder. That was better. Translucent pallor was becoming with her red hair and green eyes and exotic type. She picked up a lipstick and ac Jones. possible, under th. pretext of th. ha failed to hear the footsteps of crowded room. "With the dearth a tall, beautiful woman who entered of good-looking boys in the stag-line th. little conservatory. When ahe ail this past winter, It's been simply poke, h. started abruptly and devastating for us debsl I can only jumped to his feet, surmise you're on. of tb. world's Her fac. was almost on a level Workers? with his own. She smiled dazzling- "I bop I am, Luana beard ly at him. Jimmy answer, with laugh. "Do pleas, sit down. I'll have a Mrs. John Foster, formerly Miss XlfiHT WAITftl-lSS AT Till: MI.ACK The plot of "Nicht Waitress" Is exceedingly complicated, presenting die tinlfue spectacle of a mystery (hat puzzles not only the police and ilie hero and heroine, but the pans centuated the floweriike effect of her mouth. This on-the-mak. "deb" was cigarette with you. It s good to Nellie Walters, has resigned her position at "Central" in Clinton and has been succeeded by Miss Iva Miller, formerly of Paris. arettv- and heantifullv dresRed. leacape the crowd for a minute. isn! Sb. had an air of absolute ease that it?" she remarked in friendly amounted to imnudence. Luana I fashion. imagined she was no more than sev-1 She wore no hat. Her hair was of crooks as well. Mareot Grahnme. enteen years of age. I burnished copper, framing a pale, who did no well in "The Informer," She sprayed scent on her hair. She searched in her bureau for an embroidered jade handkerchief that was the exact color of her eyes. Ramon had today started her feeling of irritation with him by annexing a similar handkerchief. She had told him it was a bourgeois trick, more suited to the servants' hall than to people of breeding. "Like a policeman flirting with FEhUf ART , IB20 , Fred Antonini has returned to In "Get me a brandy flip, big boy.liascinating race. wilt mnt And en me riirht back. II He said, a little breathlessly is the waitress in a Wan Francisco Vaterfrnnt cafe. Cordon Jones Is intend to snaffle tha best-looking I think you are my hostess, are you LET THEM STAY OUT! Thinking citizen of Clinton have been quick to applaud the action -of the board of public works and safety in ordering out slot machines, pin boards and other illegal gambling devices from this oily. It is an action that many have felt has long been needed. Every month, with local merchants complaining about the scarcity of cash, thousands of dollars which should have gone into the ordinary channels of business, have instead gone into the one diana university at Bloomington nan here, eo consider yourself inoti nth" I a schooner captain interested In the after spending the past few days girl and likewise in the mystery. A here with relatives and friends.: Jimmy flushed a little. Luana I Lorralna Vandaveer was in aw it. He went over to th. bar. Itrigued. She had followed the good- She thought, with a little pane: looking unknown in here. Being the cook," sh. had said, not caring how much she insulted him. Forget about it now. Go down and mingle with her guests and Misses Dorothy and Loitlso Poor 1 might have known they would be I from the South herself, she at one. after him. tooth and nail I" I recognized his Southern accent. returned to Western College at Ox trucUoad of gold bullion Is hfddeh by the driver of the car before It reaches the mint. When he Is killed, his secret hiding place goes with him and it's a race between bis pals and the police , to find, the ford, Ohio, today after spending .the Sh. forced herself to talk bright-1 She had always like Southern y to Mr. Vandaveer, however, and I men. Tbey had a wonderful way enjoy herself. But first a sip of brandy, to pull her together. Lorraine seldom drank in public, beyond an occasional way pocket" of a slot machine. It is not enough to say that anyone "who hasn't sense enough" to think that he can beat odds of roughly past few days with their parents. jiswer his well-meant inouiries. I with women. How did she like New York by I This one was handsome, young .Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Poor, of Mulber hy street. cocktail for three good reasons. ow? How did the work go? land shy. An unusual combination wealth first. You'd.jiever fcness. Jimrov came back with th. brandv and worth investigating. four to one deserves to lose his money." Too many of the dimes and nickles have belonged to people who could ill af(ord to lose It was bad for one's figure and looks, and Inevitably aged one. On ((titer speclalties'-includc a Jack John William Celler has returned lo Indianapolis where he Is a ntu- the principle that one drink usually led to another, and then one was apt to make a fool of oneself, or give some secret away, when one drank. Up for the debutante. Someone of course had brought She exclaimed loudly: "What? hlra to her party. But why was be No drink for yourself? Here, sitting alone in here? waiter, a Scotch for the gentleman.'1 Lorraine, without being in the grabbing the glass from a tray, she least bit intellectual, knew how to thrust it at Jimmy. "With that handle men. Indeed, it bad become Pepper Ai l. a Pete 'Smith Specially and a Pat he Topic. THK M-tN I MAftRV ' ' AT Till-: WAHISH dent in the Indiana t'nlversity'fl dental school after spending the Jiast lew days with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. F.dKar fieller, of Walnut street. livfM Hhajto lit tialr. flnn't ftnrinplhe hObbT. he bad news on me that you're on Within a matter of minutes she A ejrl who runs away from lier dm atjp mpnnt" lhad learned that he was a new- better avoid it in public. Thirdly, in this town, one achieved a certain cachet by having the reputation of not drinking. But Lorraine kept brandy in a locked drawer in her bedroom. She had a stiff one now, followed own wedding and a playwright who Jlmmv laughingly denied th. tin- comer in New York and that he iKwhinaiiL Iknew verv few people. runs away from all women, discover They drank together. I That his work was everything (hat Ihey cannot run from love in Presently the orchestra broke I to him. 1 hat he was tired with tre- Pete nianford, of nianfnrd, who is in St. Anthony's hospital in Terre Haule following an operation for appendicitis, is getting along very them they have too often come out of WPA checks and shouM have gone to buy necessities for needy families. ' At its best, the slot machine carries long odds against the one who plays it, but the average slot machine has been tampered with to see that it denies its "customers" even the pleasure of seeing their money now and then before it disappears for good. Slot ma-china are simply another minor racket, and a profitable one too, as any proprietor of a business house who keeps a few machines will tell you. In the opinion of most Ciintonians, including not a few of us who occasionally like to play them, it is a good thing that they are gone. It will be a good thing to see to it that they do not return. Into a lightsome tune. Th. girl mendoua ambition. rmhherf him hv tha arm. "Com. I "Such a contrast to Ramon I by a scented cachou before going down to the drawingroom. Passing the bar, she saw a handsome but unknown young man go past the musicians to the outer con this thoroughly enjoyable romantic comedy featuring Doris Nolan, a hriiliant new screen . personality, and Michael Whalen. The two are ma on. Let's dance. Ithoughtshe. Only a short half-hour satisfactorily. Ha turned in tha direction of ago she had Quarreled with Kamon, Luana, but th. girl pulled him off. He had been sufficiently imperti-Through the open doorway, nent and ill-advised to follow her rooned in a house for 24 hours during a tremendous storm, chaperoned Mr. and Mrs. John Galles of Terre Haute spent yesterday here with rel servatory. She followed him. She noticed the fine set of his shoulders, hia sure tread, his bronze hair. She thought whimsically: "I've never had a beau with hair that is practically the color of my atives and friends. Luana had glimpses of them, the to her boudoir, which infuriated wretched child with her face lit- her, considering how many people .rally buried in Jimmy's shirt front, were in the house, and the tongue Two new men cam. Into the bar of gossip ready as always to strike tnd were presented to Luana. One at one whom beauty and fortune by two pleasantly Inebriated gentlemen better known as Cliff Edwards nd "Rkeets" Jalla(iher, formerly of .Mrs. Everett Helms of South Fifth street entertained the mem r them asked her to dance, bneiiavorea. agreed. I "Get out of here, you fool I Have Terre Haute. Michael's play turns She pretended to be unaware of lyou gone mad; she had exclaimed. ((to a Hroadway hit and after much own, although his is darker." Presently, with the Hawaiian music drifting in on them, they were sitting side by side, and talking together. He was unspoiled. How long would h. remain that way in this city of predatory females, she wondered ironically. Sh. pried out of him hia architec squabbling come the soft strains of Jimmy and ma partner, sne cnattea -u you want 10 gei me lira rallv with her own. Their faces scandal?" bers of the Outing cluh Friday afternoon at her home. Bridge was played at three tables. Mrs. Paul their wedding march. being on a level, talking was easy. I "Cruel Lorraine) You do not Hia nnenlnff remark waa Dracti-1 understand how much I lof you Shorts offered are an Oswald Car- Kelly, was awarded the prize- for loon about an 'Tnpopular Mechan high score, Mrs. Kelly will hold the ics. Hotter Housing News Flashes cally th. same as that of the girl She could have willingly slapped who waa now dancing with Jimmy his sleek face. How dare he display so rapturously. He said: "Where such a lack of discretion I aov you been hiding all this time?" "Get out, I say I D'you want to Luana laughed. Nice that some- hava me call Siraes and have you tural ambitions and hopes in con uextcluj .meeting.,. nd Paramount News. nection with th. forthcoming Exposition.'- ' - - v "Now isn't that interesting!" " en. aDDreclated her. since Jimmy lejected bodilyT : Mr. and Mrt ,Alhert Henderson of South Fourth street are the parents was so very much occupied I She "Lorraine, be kind to me " But flirted a little. Let It teach Jimmy she had fairly shoved him out into she exclaimed. "It's quite a coincidence, for I happen to be president TWO risTI-:i (JKNTI.EM.tV AT THK COI.IMHIA James "Jimmy" Dunn plays the of a baby- dalighfer, born in the Ver of a society I organized for making a lesson. "I'm a woman of mystery. I the passage. -1 anlv anDaar at the cocktail hour." I H. had stood there protesting, million coil illy . hospital yesterday New vork more beautiful I" "That'a splendid of you. Pleas. - title role of a "Two Fisted Gentle The Infant Is the first child, weighed This waa her very first cocktail I whining. Sh. had been terrified that OUR COURTS DISAGREE The United States circuit courts of appeal, scattered throughout the nation, are next in rank to the supreme court itself. The presumption is that Judges who sit on these appellate courts are learned " - - . - i- in the law. What confuses the lay mind and harms the preslige of courts and law in popular esteem is the evident inability of the judges to agree -upon interpretations of the law. For example, in almost parallel cases, one court upholds and the other condemns labor laws and th average citizen is puzzled to know why this conflict of opinion. . The Clintonian is a firm believer in courts but we can readily understand how citizens become confused. In our opinion these conflicts arise more often when judges attempt to decide questions involving reasonableness or whn decisions are based upon philos ophie rather than the strict interpretation of legal terms. man" at the Columbia for the last six and one-half pounds, and has (ime tonight. "Cags and Cain" is tell me about it." There was little to tell, since Lorraine had never once attended a meeting. Skilfully, she turned the been named Robb Marie. Mrs. Hen party, but he must not know mat. at any moment some 01 ner guests . "I suppose you're fresh from might take it into their heads to achooll" Here a man cut in on them. com. upstairs, and see the two of Her partner relinquished Luana them In the middle ef a scene. That the special comedy. derson was formerly Miss Marjory with a humorous: "Line forms to I would be a grand bit of gossip, Lambert. the left" Losing her temper, she had said She waa glad that Jimmy saw she more to Ramon than was wise. His was successful. He waa still grin- face had darkened ominously. "You oing fatuously with the aame part- choose to insult me, you who once ner. Sh. told herself: Don't look said you loved me who have proved subject back to beauty, "I love beauty," she said softly, conscious that becoming green, light-was streaming on her through the . glass roof of the conservatory. "My husband often tells me I could have been an artist. As a yonng girl in Virginia It was my dream to be one. For Immediate Result their way. Pretend you re having to me you loved me a arand time. Give him a little of! "That'a all over and done with I THE STARS SAY : By fiTAEVTKVE KEMKLK ; For Tlmi-Mlay, February 4 A Hrfefl of notable pventfl, w(h a sinMon breaking up of fltagnant Advertise In the Clintonian! But I married directly I got out c' boarding-school " which was a fib "I knew nothing of life or of hia own medicine. Can't you see I'm sick and tired of A third man cut In on Luana. you? Don't you know when it's time Jimmy looked longingly over at her. to bring a thing to an end? Have Fervently he wished that someone you no sense of proportion? Have and crystallized renditions, fit pren- tne world or of careers. I was only sixteen years old when I married.'' He swallowed that. He said enthusiastically while watching the Down in Front! aged for thja day. Tbis midden ris-itation may prove exciting and It Hhnuld have a very powerful tendency to stabilize the fortunes and in beautiful pale face that was unlike any other he had ever seen: "But you've all youf life ahead of yon!" She gave a clever minale of smile would remove the tncubua from bis you gone periectly mad with con-arms I ceit?" - He thought: "I must look swell Ramon scowled at her. "Who Is with this snub nose buried in my the man? Who it is who has taken sbirtl" my place? If I find bim, I keell The music came to an end. He him I" Earked her at the bar. Escape now. She had broken into a hysterical i search of Luana. laugh. A taunting laugh. Fool that But Lsana was surroanded by a h. was, to be thinking of sex, and bevy of new admirers, so that he nothing but sexf How could .he could not get anywhere near her. ever have endured the creature? H. could only see the top of her "If you don't get dawn those bat, hear her musical laugh. stairs. I'll call Simes," sh. aaid crease Wit reni possesMtons. It would tie wifie not to be carried way hy ftich overtures of good for and sigh. "One has so many duties." She dropped her eyes so that he might get the full sweep of her lashes. Art had aided Nature here, but ma tune, to the extent of rah and ill- onsidered moven or investments. if Thin In Vour HiHliUay Those whose birthday it is are skilfully one would never suspect it. "You have a duty to yourself to your own abilities to your God-given talents, Mrs. Vandaveer." v. . ' M f 1 , w ; , at the threshold of a momentous year, with the sudden and radical said Jimmy Randolph earnestly. Sha thought: "What v. tie went back Into tne bar ana again, ordered himself a second Scotch Simes was the butler, highball. His recent partner had "That, Madame, is the final In-found a friend at the counter, for suit," said Ramon, with a peculiar which he waa duly thankful. smile that he considered deadly He told himself that cocktail indeed, he had often practised it parties were not In his line. Why for just such occasions. "I shall no on earth had be come? more trouble you. I have been mis- Because Luana had ask d him to. taken in you. You are like all Beeaces ha found his mix I contin- Anglo-Saxons cold cold think fashioned dear he 1st" She waa en joying herself hugely. She hoped no breaking away from long congested and crystallized conditions. This precipitate shattering of Muhbotn one woum come in to interrupt them. (To Be Continued) 1111. Bias riICa Bradlwu. la. ltorney K. K lesented In court by Xeel. Newport. DR. B. H. SELLERS Noble Thoughts They are never alone that are accompanied witii noble thoughts. Started Use of Cloth According to Chinese tradition, use ol cloth was evolved from the practice of women carrying their children in fiber nets. I ne of court case obstacles t-hould result in a stabilization of the fortune and an increase of property or Hound investments. But refrain from hasty and impulsive judgments and confer whh friendly elders or old institutions before making decision?. A child born on tliin day may lie Kt'iidiuus. serious and steadfast, although it may be enterprising, practical and constructive, winning Lhe Ruppurt of elders. It will have a fine and sensitive nature. against Joseph Kyle has been continued until March 10 by asreement DENTIST 249J South Main Street Cl lri ton, Indian of lhe parlies. The affidavit for contempt states that Kyle was ordered by (he court to pay $50 temporary attorney fees for his wife on or before January 2.'th and he has wholly failed to obey the order of (he court. Kyle is represented in court by Attorney Mark W. Lyday COURT NEWS of Clinton and Mrs, Kyle by Atorneys Wiuffeld Fox of Terre Haule and OH fkis GENERAL Q ELECTRIC VKWPORT. Fi-h. 3 Tatherine Pearl Mar-lull of Clinton has filed cuit in Vermillion cirr-uil conrt peeking a divorce from Charles H. Marshall, on around of cruel and in-bunuin treatment. The couple -was married on Septi-roher '11, 1 S 3 r, . and separated in December, iU'17,. Pluintiff is represented in court by Aitorn-y Homer II. fnfiam, Newport. - o Kvereti Tookt-r of Cayupa tins fil-d :;ui! In Wrinlllion circuit rouii Homer D. Ingram, Newport. Sadie Campbell of Clinton entered a plea of not guilty to contributing to dellnqueury in Vermillion circuit court Tuesday and bond was fixed in the sum of $3nn and hf was released on her own recognizance. The affidavit alleges she encouraged Cleun Campbell, 16, and Raymond Campbell, l.t. to refuse to co-operate witlithe probation officer of Vermillion county. o trial date has been set." WRINGER Control starts and slops tollr applies and relieves pressure diiecls cjroinbooid. Washes '. 'ks';aJ? iso '" ACTIVATOR Permanent Lubrication, and Quiet Operation. VAOf 17 GfNC'Al fUCTtUC AT IHDGCfOtr. COMM. TAYLOR'S Radio Service 1 A s-liinii f divon-e from l.enns Took- Urn r. The complaint alleges defend-j i called him vile names aRnor-i- aie? with oilier men. and that she I; 'MeeaT I AVr-Z2T I Capacity I Itomd $54.95 EASY Tavmenls it, ruiliy of cruel and fnbumao treui-fiLeijf. Tiie coupl. aas married on 1 Courage in Tribalatioa A great deal depends upon a man's courage when he is slandered and traduced. Weak men are crushed by detraction, but the brave hold on arid ei:ceed. flh S4. Phone, Odoher c, l?t34, and separaied on Tijlt. ilM U JO. fl February 13, 1H35. Plaintiff Is rep-

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