The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on May 4, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
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Thursday, May 4, 1922
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS will write later and tell you a little more about life in Alaska. Just now FOWLERTON DEPARTMENT Life In Alaska Not So Bad; Full of Novelty and Weather RIVER STEAMERS HO V RUSHING BUSINESS DURING WARM WEATHER. BUT WHEN COLD SETS IN TRAVEL IS RESTRICTED TO SNOW SHOES AND DOG TEAMS. Entertain Guests j this place and a member of V. M. At Sunday linner. ' , J church. Rev. Mills of the W. m! Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Atkinson on-'church conducted the servieeis. Mrs! tertainod at their home here Sunday Adeline. Atkinson and Mrs. Fav Craw the following gtiests: Mr. and Mrs. ' sang a duet. C A. Star and daughter Ruth Ellen, 1 Mary and Mildred Macone are the Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Munsell and son i guests of their sister, Mrs. Glen Col-Iawrence and Herehel Carpenter, all jjett, near Rigdon. of Anderson. Mrs. Lucinda O shorn, j Wm. Caskov and familv took Sun-ClilTord Carpenter and Beulah Need- s day dinner with Arthur 'Jones and ler of Matthews were afternoon ) familv. callers. C. R, Partridge and family and Oscar Jones and wife spent Sundav oung Ladies at the home of J. V. Jones. Licensed to breach Mrs. V. C Smith and children Eva- Misses Ruth Richardson and I.con.i . lvn ard Carleton, were Sundav guests thing right for any other driver. Very strange breed of dogs. Along the Siberian coast and also the coast Eyes Tented, (inses Fit-ted ly State Registered OPTOMKTKISTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively Optical South Side Square Marion ro a ves near Alexandria. - . - Mr. and Mrs. Watt Fallis of Muncie Mrjs clvde Caskev Saturday evening, Mr aa Mrs. Rav Lanesdon and soiri John. Mr. and Mrs. Clvdo Cskev land children Marjorie and Ruth Ann j Mr anJ Mrs B?rt Webster of Summitville wcrw guests Sundav of Mr Elizabt,tn Thorn. ... i r,. t Bloomer McCoy is in receipt of a letter from Marion McCorkle, now government radio operator at the Holy Cross, Alaska, station, in which he writes interestingly of that far north country. His letter is as follows: U. S. Radio & Telegraph Office, Holy Cross, Alaska, February 21, 1922. Mr. Bloomer McCoy, Fairmount, Indiana. Dear Friend: Your letter of Nov. 13th just received and I am just now recovering the shock. Well it was Siome surprise but I can assure you that it a very pleasant surprise nevertheless, and I can also say that I do not think of any of my friends in Fair-mount that I would rather hear from than I would you n.,ai "l .Aii-.aimua. wviv y . iv. w. ..- ed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wil- i m w - 1 1 T . i Sunday, Miss Ryall being one of three who was grants quarterly license to- preach. ,. ... , irs. iHiie ivicrsieaa Entertains for Son. , Mrs.- Od!e kierstcad entertained ; Friday afternoon in honor of her , , . - . young ?,m this being his eighth flv anniversary. .Mrs. tviersieaci was S - . - - . ...1 . ; " ' assisted bv Mrs. Elizabeth Thorn in serving refreshments of cake ami j fruit salad and pop corn to several j young friends. ; Miss Marie Gillispie Weds William Bannon. Miss Marie Gillispie. daughter of of i o. i I'll. .Ml . V lit U 1 1 A t Mil I " fAiW;ri .t t;r from Mr and Mrs. Elmer Gillispie living Mi?$es and GaU of north of town and illiam Bannon ; Marion 5pcnt Saturday night and Sun-were united m marnagv n last Sat-dav tir hme here urday evening. The young couple tov. tir t..mfcl As this is the first letter I think i , t - Votoot IHlM $,0 for hls ,54 arros ,lf will tell v.u, about Alaska in general, I ther,e are many different things of in- - ,5UU, iat ,ner provw ft Hoh oU all that is taught in the schools . torest to be seen via this mute. All : Txvrt have boen 1ut ,,own an, ft the States about Alaska is not j tourisls take th,s route us"lly as far I third will follow soon. Poteet's one-mnch They teach about the condi-!as Daxvson Yukon territory, and then! eighth royalty from the production of tions on and near the coast t Behring I rUjrn vJa SUk Alaska, which is on these wells nets him $:,0 a day. Sea) and nothing about the interior, j an is,and- and flm there back toin ZTTZTZTZ, have about four warm months ! Settle. Wash. We hope to go out j U. S. BUYS $1 00,000-000 TOYS ........ Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mor- tV and Mrs. Ernest Hvatt of Summitville. Miss Marv Deeren, Frark Brewer and Mr. anj Mrs Se wanl Murrav. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smith of Fair- n-.unt and Mrs. Jenne Crawford were 'callers at the home of .Mrs. John (from Florida i visiting hi father. R, J. Leach. .Nirs. lv. J . iveacn nas oeen caneo vo the home of her daughter Mrs. Ro- land Bnggs at J Miesboro who is seriously sick. w. wi fi hor sJ noarl Lo?an. ... r.,,-i scvoral ,,avs ,vith her r,ia Miu,,, Joseph Leach of near Fairmount, called on friends here Tuesday morn-' i"T rrrvMite t.- the home of his viU T .v. V, fswih- nrtVi of town. Lucinda Osborn. who has been stav- irg at the home of L. G. R:chards j lro Visits friends here Mondav and Tuesdav. The International Tractor which . has been on exibition here at the loc-,in i l. , o.,i.i ...i , or,cratcxl on the Wilcox farm, west 0f is for in We In do the to in via We it o.f , m here and about eight winter months. 1 'U,M yassae mcn ,s iron. warm weather the river steamers i re mer (river steamer) to rushing business (passengers andsSu Michael, Alaska, from there via freight) getting supplies up here for ' ocean steamer to Seattle, n.ny merchants and fur traders j I went to S. Michael, last summer last the cold months through. Then j to the dentist to get some dental work the winter months travel by any done and then returned here. Holy IU iwiui- .u i-tWitt Sixteen-Year-Old Box-Graduates at Upland. Walter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Will, living north of town, is one of thc graduates from the Upland igh school pmmoncemont exer- cises were held on last Friday eve-' mng. oung Lynch graduate! xcrx , young. He wid not be sixteen until.. the tenth of rext June. Church Notes being children's week. This being children's week, a spe- eia program will be given at the M. t P. church Sunday afternoon at -:20 Talks will be given bv Elsie Lees, Ethel Smith. Clyde Helms. Mrs. Rab-er. Lenna Dickenson and Rev. Meyers. All the primary teachers are urged to visit their pupils this week- Miss Llsie Lees gave a splendid re -t- v u t 1 V which was held m Joneswro last . j. . i o , l week, at the M. F. Sunday school S.un- day r.iorr.'.ng. Llora Brown and Roy Johns of Fair. ' mount attended church at the M. P. vhurch Sunday right. A quartette from Huntington college will furnish music at the U. B. vhurch Sunday. The third Quarterly conference will be held next Saiimiay afternoon and Sunday at the M. P. church with Rev. Elmer" Meyers pastor of the church in ihanre. A large crowd greeted Elder Skinner at the Frimative Baptist church on last Sunday when an all day meeting was held. Elder Zicgler of Cambridge City, 1 who preached at the U. B. church on Sunday niomir.g and evening grant-! od quarterly license to three students "v.ti trv;iT!i?riA. i j j 1 ! I j n j Marion; also a gang pW which was 'are given dried fish and a little tallow ' Alaska. There are also many smaller, ?1Mih in 1'.) 1 Kxports of Amerl-purchasod by the same party. Inow and then. The popular breed of I land Hn telegraph ohices which con- i '';s j,U(l"V'Ml .T"' J''555: , Rev. Harry Hays, evangelist, will;av throuch lhe interrior is (Malli- nect with the wireless statins and, ,M,-,M ' t( l, . hx last year. other means only on snow shoes and i dog teams is next to impossible. ' get our mail via dog team. From lhree to twentv-five and eight dogs the Yukon type and I can say kn ns a man busv to handle a team dosrs numbering more than eight : a t?am Xh n for javs . a evam. .u .! .without water or food and when fed , parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alva Thorn of 1 Summitville, Sunday. I j ! j J oe at me esievan .ieinxiisi cnurcn , . , ... 0., . ... .0. n ..l.i ,. v.. on Mav 11 for a ten davs' meeting, 5 ,vuto some are crossed with Silurian . ai ic most all contrelevl by the arm , Rev. Hays is a Friends minister. i pointed ears and some crosses with j Signal Corps, and known to the sys-Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mahoney and wolf and very vicious with strange j tern as the second section. There are children, who recently moved to teams and strange drivers. When a too, a few wireless stations up here ffSrf-r tfa.rh) MP-'toam rets u?cd to one man for driver I controlled by the Bureau of Education tended servicers at the M. 1. ehuivU , . . . , , ... , ... here Sunday. jthey will not travel, obey, or do any-; and work with the army stations. ; j This is quite a country and will be ; i! ! I want to get this letter off on this outgoing, mail. Will not expect an answer from you for I think it will be near May when you get this so after Lay 1st I would not get 5-our answer if you would write, but I will see you when I get back home and have a talk with you. We hope to have the pleasure of entertaining you and family some time after we arrive home. With best wishes to you and familv ' also to your father and mother I wish to remain very cordially Your old friend, MARION A. McCORKLE Oper. in chg., U. S. Radio Station, Holy Cross, Alaska. FARMHAND GETS $51 A DAY Receives Dollar From Employer and $50 Royalty for Oil From Land Bought for $10. Louisville. James Poteet, of Simpson county, Ky., is a dollar a day farmhand, but his income is a day. He receives the 5?."0 as royalty on oil-bearing land next to the farm on which he works. He is married and has two t'lllKlren. liut ,lvos "n the ?1 a day ana saves the ?.0. New York Bank Reports American Manufacturers Treble Output Since 1914. New York. More than .$10O,0iO.tX) was spent by the American people for toys and games during H21, the National City hank has tigured. The factory value of toys manufactured in - ' ".' " iremeu u " - su" f "w war cut o.i tiie ?4o,.,kh.,kh, compared with $14.UK.t,UH) in 4. Toy imports declined from $i.fVHl,i0 in l!i:t. to S 1 .'"".( M H ( in litis, while imports rose in 1".-3 to Sd.( KUm and to v : l f t n - rmus owauii oi Dees ana Honey in Porch PiHar Mhldletown. N. Y. (-rant Much Browne, proprietor of Brownleigh Park at Goshen, where he lives, having been annoyed by bees about his house, took down one of the porch pillars and discovered a large quantity of tine honey and a big swarm of bees. It Is believed the bees have made their headquarters there for several years. Back in Town. "Is your wife back from thi seashore V "Yes, but they say she can't leave the house for at least a week." "Who says that, the doctor?" "The washwoman," Louisville Courier-Journal. FOR SALE fc OR SALE Marion fence. Price right. Oscar Loy & Son. -fOR SALE White Rock ecurs for hatching, 75 c for 15; or $4.00 per hundred. Mrs. A. M. Kirknatrick. ) h I S Summitville, Ind., Phone 401. R SALE Virginia Crystal Black Ash Coal. Loy & Son. FOR SALE Cultured buttermilk and cottage cheese at Cloverleaf Cream station. FOR SALE Eggs for hatching. Fishers Direct. $1.50 for 15. Mrs. S.. P. Roberts. FOR SALE Strawberry plants. Call 179-3 Red. FOR SALE Fox Terrior named Jim. One of the finest. Not trickey, but a trick dog. Mrs. Sallie Hollings-worth, Phone 173-1 Red. FOR SALE Big Type Poland China Male Hog. Two years old. Phone 1861 Black. t WANTED WANTED House cleaning to do. Mrs. Del Smith, opposite the Grist mill. WANTED Teams. Call Byran Tras-ter, 235 Red. WANTED Jersey cow. Must be a good one, Chas. Buller, Phone 1573 Ml If HK IkKl If II 1 (MU lllVtl AUVtA 11U II W J of Behring Sea they have a different breed of dogs (Laplander breed) and they have long shaggy hair because J on the coast they have blizzards that would freeze an ordinary dog or short hair dog. When I came up here I j came via the inside passage. From ! Seattle, Washington, by steamer t,o ( Skagway, Alaska, from Skagway via ; (Dinky) tram to Whitehorse, Canada, from Whitehorse via steamer down ' the Yukon river here. The Yukon is j about eighteen humlrod miles long f from Whitehorse tio the mouth at St. Michael, Alaska, where is empties into the Bering sea, and as you prob- 1 ably know, is the longest and I think the most crooked river in rorth Am- ! erica. My wife came via the inside Cress is a town r f about a thousand population including a Mission which5 s Roman Catholic. The natives here are most of them educated from the hsh and that is alout all, (and under- stand tnglis. ot course). I his sta- tion is one of many in Alaska which forms a chain from Whitehorse, Canada to the coast at St. Michael, much better as time goes on for the government is spending more money ( . 1 :u 1 : J ' ; iu uunu orioles nver rivers, im- j prove trail conditions and build cabins ; all along the mail routes to furnish a ; c : ; i . "lv ,ua i V " time1. This is one of the largest sta- ""-. leave long Sfe rf t and has charge ot i- cV not work with him but I hear him working with the big relay station at Nulato, Alaska, the same station that I work with. Well I am glad to hear about the success that you "buddies had staging the sham battle. Would like to have been there. Hope you keep up the good work for I think the Legion will be a help to the F. War Vets in the futUre if not rieht now. Say old top, wish you would tell the secretary of the post there to stop sending the Legion paper after May 1st for after that by the time they would reach me I will be on my way to the States so I would not get them. Will thank you in advance if you will see to that for me. We get our mail from up the Yukon river, you see the mail carrier fl- lows the river over the ice down here from a place called Kaltag, Alaska. He stays here about two days to allow the dogs to rest and then he starts back up the river again to get the next month's mail for we only get mail once each " month here, some places they have better service and get mail once each week. The carrier wijl be leaving in the morning so I think I will have to close now but I j I I : i . ri.., at night alter a hard days travel. Mrs. t. ora Lox, daughter r lorence, i called on Mr. and Mrs. John Seale j " e have all kinds of wild game Tuesday. i within short distance of all of these Mr. Glen Collett and son Boyse, ; small towns. Such as reindeer, cara-alled on Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Garner ku, moose, black and brown bear, "U" aJ , .... . ,, , ,r : lynx, marten, mink beaver, otter, lots Mr. Charles White called on Mr.' ? , ou i and Mrs. Morton Whvbrew Sundav. ?oal on the Siberian coast, and all Misses Luella Garner, Edna Prine, j kinds of wild ducks, geese, swans, Messrs Clyde Prine. Roscoe Whybrew ; and many kinds of wild birds, called on Mr and Mrs. Earl Henry of j i have lots of sport when I go on Marion Sundav. 'v. - v-l- , a hunting trip, which is not so verv Mrs. Mary Dr.vis will lead praver t i. meeting Wednesday night. ofUn for -vou know how the army ,s' Misses Jennie Cohort, Dolores and cannot f et awa firm dut" lon at a X Ilf A TV T' 1 B T-V W JiS 1 JlAJ t Local representatives wanted to solicit farm loan applications from farmers in your vicinity. Commission basis. We are in a position to handle a large vo'-ume of first mortgage farm loans, with a minimum of delay and low cost to borrower. Write today to secure the agency for your territory. DELAWARE Really Bond& .Morlae Co. 351-353 Johnson Block MUNCIE, INDIANA 2 DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Knoms over PostofTice uours; i ii:.w a. m., I to o p m E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Hahne Drug Store Office hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m., 1 to PIANO TUNING VOICING, ACTION REGULATING D. M. IIEADRICK 410 No. Main St. FAIRMOUNT Charges reasonable Drop a card and I will call, city or country. Phone 225. NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTRIX . No. 4049. Notice is herhy given, That the undersigned has been appointed Executrix of the estate of Margaret James, deceased, late of Fairmount Township, Giant County, Indiana. Said Estate is suposed to he solvent. MARGARET HENLEY, Executrix. CHAS. T. PARKER Attorney April 27-May 4-11. NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR Xo. 3978 Notice is hereby given, That the undersigned has been apointcd cxecutor-of the estate of- Etlie Fankboner, deceased, late of Fairmount Township Grant Ppunty, Indiana. Said Estate is supposed to be solvent. OZRO, G. FANBONER, Adniinistratotr CHAS T. PARKER, Atorney. April 27 May 4-11. NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE - No. 3181. Notice is hereby given to the creditors, heirs and legatees of Mary Mar-ley, Deceased, to appear in the Grant Circuit Court, held at Marion, Indiana, on the 19th day of Mkiy, 1922, and show cause, if any, why the FINAL SETTLEMENT ACCOUNTS with the estate of said decedent should not be-approved; and said heirs are notified to then and there make proof of heirship and receive their distributive shares. WITNESS, the Clerk of said Court., this 24 day of April 1922- S. A. CONNELLY", Clerk of Grant Circuit Court.. April 27-May 4-11. , Instead of entirely scrapping;" twelve of the warships that have tr be destroyed in accordance with the? terms of the armament conference recently held at Washington, it va proposed to turn them to' profitable use by taking them to Loy Angeles and sinking them sp as to form an extension to the San Pedro breakwater. It is claimed that in, this way 1 la V mm . - sneiier wouia De provded there for eight additional active battleships.. Popular Mechanics Magazine. The women of S.oain have the repir- tation of being the most graceful ita Rev. E'mer Stroud of Upland visit- i " ed the church here Sunday evening. Mrs. Osborn Bliss and daughter It will be- remembered by many church Margaret, spent the week-end in Am-gvir.g people that at one time Rev. v Stroud held an eight weeks' meeting Tr. and Mrs. Ed Howell and son at the Wcsleyan church here. ; Fred snort Sundav with Mrs. Ann Mrs. Fae Craw and Mrs. Adaimo Kimbrouch and son Walter in Rad-Atkinson gave the report of the vy. Sundav school convention held M-;? lta Demaree snent Sdturdav at Jonesbore last week at the Wesley- r.ieht with Miss Ruth Hoskins. an Methodist Sunday school. Sunoay : Margaret Snangler and fami- momir.g. lv entertainexi at dinner Sundav, Mr. Orviiie Rhodes, Jn of Rev. Rhodes anvi ylTS Warren Wlison and" chil-of Fairmount, was leader m the mid- ,ron Milest and Elizabeth. Mrs. John week prayer services held at the M. Hilton. Mrs. Alice Goodwin, Miss P. church Tuesday evening. . Ethel Howell. Charlie Case and lis The Brotherhood and business meet- fHa Ohio, ir.g was held Monday evening at the Because of whooping couch in the M. P. church this being held the first famiv of Rev. Frank Edwards, the Mary Holloway Sunday evening. Mrs. SamatVia O 111., called on Mr. . x ot v Mrs. arhondale. ; l'eii Gerald at a A-1' Mondav evening of each month. Local and Personal Mrs. Clyde Caskcy and Mrs. Ray Lar.gseVTiand son John drove to Fairmount Monday afternoon where they attended funeral services of Mr. Malor.e. After services they called on several friends in that city. Clarence Davis has rented his 40-j acre farm to William Lynch and sons, j This land lies Just across the public road from the Lynch farm. Mr. and Mrs, Alva Dicker-son, living throe miles west of here, are the parents of a ten pound baby boy which arrived at their home Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Dickerson have five girls and this is their only son, of which they are very proud. Mrs. Mary Stegemoller, who was op- r.T f w rvmnvxl of a tUXIor at ! the Marion hospital, Friday morning. is improving slowly. ' ; j j j ,i ; BACK CREEK WW C. T. U. meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Arthur Sommers in " Eli Allen has purchased a new 'tractor. ' Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allrde. Mr. ; and Mrs. Oscar Allred. Donald, Esther, j Mary and Charles Allred spent Sun-; day afternoon at Oscar Ley's. j Wilbur Hoskins. v!y was awarder! i OU llO'UUv. 1 second place m the final contest at the Friends church Friday night will give his declamation entitled "viood : Citizenship,' at Vermillion Grove, 111., ! next rnaay nigm. i -J i ": j Jl t OAK RIDGE r i r T- ; i ti:i i t :l ( : r-"l: 1 r : 1 1 1 Mr. and Mrs. William Haislev Sundav. Misses Florence Doherty. Betty ! Holloway 'called on Pauline and Clar- j ence jioon ounaay aitemoon. i Ml5s Thelma Holloway called sn .Mrs, Helen word isundav evenine. Roger Thomas called on Robert Holloway Monday. Mr. and Mrs. James Tomlinson. Mrs. Everett Sink called on Mr. and Mrs. Warren Wilson Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Wvatt McCornvek and daughter Shirley, Miss Clara Mc. j Kelleb called on Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Hollowav Mondav. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Wilson, son Miles and daughter Elizabeth, called on Mrs. Margaret Spangler Sunday. Mr.nd Mrs. Jesse Haisley. Miss Mary Ellis called on Mr. and Mrs, A. B. Doherty Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Tilman Cox called on Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Swaim and Mr. 1 and Mrs, Lawrence Buller Sunday aftemcori. a,MifisuHyuy.i. on M Mr. and Mrs, Otto Crm, nd , daughter Welma. called on the latter's j ! iirs. tmiiy v.raig oi rveeximK, "" Brown, Hanold Doherty called on is staying at the home of her son, Do3ores and Robert Hollowav Sundav. Edgar Stegemoller, while Mrs, Stege- Msr. and Mrs. jesse Haislev. Miss moller is in the hospital. Mary Ellis spent Sunday with Mr. and Miss Nola Kinder of Marion spent Mrs q j Hockett, the wek-end with Miss Elsie Lees. , Mr. aT,d Mr5t. Winford Thomas and Lacy Leach entertained Miss Nolalson R(V?er called on Mr. and Mrs. Kinder Marion and Miss Elsie Lees . George Howell Sundar. at Sundav dinner. I tv,it,s t v-ox .mursoay ami spent inursctay; ,vf nine and night with Mr. and Mrs. y iTilmaii Cox. MaBMT f GOOD RCADS ARE EXPENSIVE Projects Costing an Aggregate of I 693,778 Were Approved Durirf Month of July. ivojm prx-jecrs m i suues. tora more than tlvV miles and estinJ aggregate of or an ave tf over S'J'..'V' ir mile, were prevetl during July by the bure; , public roads. L'nlted States De ment of Agriculture, for federal' - according to the bureau's publication, "Public RoadO just off the press. The total f ai arprovetl for rejects is plaeeil at $3,023,152, these t?H re mainder of the cost being borne by the states. All told, there were 56 such projects approved during the month. New York led with 20, Pennsylvania came second with seven, and Kentucky and South Carolina tied for third with five projects each. Four Texas projects were approved; New Mexico. Washing- ton ana Wisconsin tvaci two eaen. and Ariwmi, Arkansas, Kansas. Mstne, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Virginia each had one project approved during the month. Wide variation was shown in the character of materials to be used In building the approved roads, but con crete, bituminous macadam ajie gravel were the chief materials. affectionately termed by the negro roustabouts, were transferred to other boats, and the crew now consists of twr firemen, each of whom is addressed jocularly as captain. The numerous passing craft invariably jblow their sirens in salute, and old indy "ft"' frora position just beyond the water's Detroit News. C. R, Partridge and fmily 'Pf" ! ""u. tug.". - and iamiiy ai oascon. i jonn Langfuvm , ...vvv... - - f hi o-randmother. Mrs. Mattie Langsdon in Fairmount Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Will Ballard were dinner guests at the home of the lat-ter's mother, Mrs. Jennie Crawford Friday. , . Sherry Smith drove to Alexandria, Sunday morning. Miss Dorothy Ford spent Monday night with Miss Vernice Les, Mr. Hummeryhouse, second trick operator, and Jessie Krupp, C & O. statVn operator, ate Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs, Will Ballard, near Jonesboro. Mrs, Pearl French has returned to her home here after a trip to the south part of the state, her former home. Several persons from this place attended the funeral of Chas. Malone of Fairmount, MVmday afternoon. Mr. Malone was a former resident of Red Europe

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