The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on February 2, 1937 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1937
Page 6
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Page Six The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Tuesday, February 2, 1937 G'M Employes Return to, Work Car Harbors Pig From Flood INDIANA CITIES BEGIN WORK OF CLASSIFIED ADS REHABILITATION Rates for Classified Ads LEGAL NOTICES (Continued from Paige 1) and Paid Notices a ho ii I. ,S(MI were of- :i.:hhi iimnes fertcd. Tint day of Inaortlnn: 8c for each rMdlng lino (one column Hoe, like At Aurora, popubitlmi 5,000, the one of (bese). NON-KKHI HUNT NOT It H Bl din of Indiana. Vermillion County, ss: In the Circuit Court, January Term. 1937. Horsey Poarmnn vs. Nollie Pear-man. No. 15808. lie It known thut on t lie 1st dav of February. 1!I.'I7. said plaintiff filed affidavit In due form, show Next two days Insertion: the same c charge (you get three days at damage wits estimated at $ I .lion, win w illi bel ween 300 mid 400 homes double the coat of the flrxl day) , " .mm. 1 damn ged. Kvaiisville's preliminary enl imali of its damage n-aclipd $ 1 7.0'Mi.Oun If 1 v f Next three day innertion: the same 8c charge (you get a whole week, lx days, at three timea the Ct r " ! . : Dr. t"i t V' - . - ! i " ' v5!- ' -''".' ' ; .1 v; cost of one Insertion). ing that the d"lendniil. NHIlii pear-mau. is a non-resident of the State Sfiine of the rimaller rnmiimnil les were wiped mil completely. f'hiuu Each group of three dayi there after, 8c a line. of Indiuna and a ncrosKtiry party Black Fare (like tula), lOo per were made to rebuild all of Leaven wniili mi higher ground. Miij; Ceil. Robert II. Tyndatl line. 4 I YTSf"- x- r coiniiHiinlihK Nil t luiial (in a id lioopn to the complaint heroin; and that the obji-ct of said action is divorce xaid non-resliiont defendant Is now. therefore, horehy untitled of the pendency of mh Id lift Inn against her and that the same will stand for trial on the iiotli day of March, 1937. the same being the fixth Judi enforcing nutrliiil law along the riv . All rlairird ails Including meiiio-rtaiiin anrl noOi-mi of all kinds must aw paid In advance ein-pt I hose ly rrgular ctitrnieni whose arruunta are paid monthly or those from or er front, established a new .ny stem nf passes to prevent a contusing In I flux of sightseers and prentHtnrn return of residents before sanitary precautions can lie taken. cial day of the null! Term. 1937. of said Court, and unless said defendant nppear slid answer or demur to said complaint at said dale, the ganization wiicmw iiiiis must ne m 1m'd before being; paid. In Ilie laUer oase the person asking; the publication of the no! Ire will be held responslhle for ii paymrnu same will he heard and determined In her absence. v h ii t r i - Witness my hand and the Seal of aid court, this 1st day of February. 1937. Another Linbergh 'Mystery Hop' EndsWithFamousCoupIeLanding Safely After Scaring Officials (Continued from Page 1 ) Business Services BEAD THESE ADS EVERY DAY for lale buying and Belling EVERETT E. IU10ADES. Clerk. Fisher a Shaw Atlys. 22-9-1637 &&tom;teM8mt4 Punching time alock tier. The American flier and his wife TROUBLE FEARED AS FLINT WAITS DO PEOPLE KNOW WHERE TO lind you and your particular type of aervlce? Tell them! A want-ad took off from fvmpno airdrome in When these employes returned to work at a Detroit plant of the Chevrolet assembly system, it marked the first break In the deadlock v.-hich has ensued since the G-M auto strike although the difficulty Is not yet settled. England yesterday in thefr new coats very little. COURT DECISION Miles Mohawk two-seater plane on Among the flood victims in the water-wasted Ohio valley are helpless domestic animals. This ptg however, showed rare ingenuity in scaping the swirling torrent by climbing into the front scat of an abandoned car where he watched the raging river roar past Bullock-town. Ind. ODDS-AND-BNUS MERCHANDISE (Continued from Pi ge 1) a reported pleasure jaunt to Kgypt They left their young son. Jon. be will quickly find sale through thin department. Tell the public In this event, authorities face the hind at their English country home what you have. in care of a governess. SENTENCE HANDED DOWM Perpefual 'Mail Order' Bride Now In Toils of Law After Defrauding Wife -Seeking Men for Five Years Ficellent onnortunlty for men local SCOUT TROOP TO ATTEND MEETING ly to represent large concern. Experience not necee- problem of emptying three plants, one more than the total yesterday before the riots started during which at least 14 persons were hurt, on? seriously, as company police, using tear gas bombs, clashed with strikers. INDIANA STONE QUARRY LABOR urv. Write "S." Box 442, Clinton James Pepella was taken to tho county jail for 10 days on au intoxication charge. He was arrested on Western avenue yesterday. Indiana. 173 FIGHT SETTLED of a long chain of letters she had MATKSVILLK, Ark., Feb. 2 One of the oldest cases ever to come up before a federal jude iu Arkan written to prospective husbands, (Continued from Page 1) Make your own Job. Own Interest in your own Business. Opportunity for eight good miners with $25 each to get possession of an exceptionally good truck mine. See I. C. sas is scheduled to come to trial Hoy Scout troop Oil will he gnisls at a meeting of the Men's Bible class to be held Wednesday at 7 p. m. at the Christian church instead of troop 64 as was announced In .Monday's Clintonian. Other guests of the class will he Mr, Shattuck's class of the church. Skipper Wilson of Terre Haute will be the principal speaker of the evening. here May 21 before U. S. Federal The Devil's Parliament The Devil's Parliament was the name given to an English Parliament convened by Henry VI, which met at Coventry in 1459 and unjustly attainted the Duke of York and his adherents of high treason. 'BLACK-TOPPING' HAS OPPOSITION OF LOCAL CLUB Jii'Ige John K. Martin .hi, when u-i llei,cd "nuiil order" bride of the EaBter, 1427 South Fifth Street. 177 Mohair Davenport and chair, nearly new. Used three burner Perfection Oil Stove. Used American Radiator Victor Healer. Lee Hatn Furniture Store, 235 South Main Street. each of whom she asked for sums of money so that she might buy a trousseau, or a, ticket to get to her lover. She once asked for money in advance so that she might get her "teeth fixed.' She told Officers that she had been a member of a "lover's club" while residing in Indiana three or four years ago. Her sister, whom officers are seeking on a similar have today successfully concluded negotiations of their contracts for the year 1937. Increase in wageB granted hy the operators to the union Is a minimum of five cents per hour for each classification. "One of the outstanding features of these contracts Is the establishment of a joint committee,, that from the industry known as the stone In (Continued from Page 1) Ozark hills and her i.uband bland on a charge of using h minis to defraud. The woman, Mrs. I,yle (Polly) Jones , 30, and her husband, en tered a plea of guilty when given state highway department be put into effect. Member of a delegation which called upon the state officials several weeks ago were given plainly to understand that the state is determined to apply black top to the road; USED TIRES VARIETY OF sizes and makes. Unusual values. See them. You'll be surprised. A. Dumes. COLUMBIA Tuesday and Wednesday preliminary bearing this week be charge, was ulso a member of the fore U, S. Commissioner Dene It. Lindsey. club, she said. Jonea was implicated In the TREE FALLS ON INDIANA YOUTH I.OfJAXSPOIlT. Ind., Feb! 2 Chester A. tiayl. IS. son of Mrs. Laura Kay!, of (Jalveslon near hero, was killed Instantly hy a fallinK tree yesterday while the youth was dustry Industrial relations committee and that from the unions as the federated council of limestone trades. These committees were formed to promote the welfare of this industry and the men will en Bond was set at $;jfM in each after it has been graded, R. B. .Wed MAYBE YOUR MOTOR TROUBLE is in the ignition system. Come in and we'll test it out. J. L. Hor-ney-Roberts Battery Company. 226-228 Mulberry street, phone 56. charge through having rented a postoffiee box at Heber Springs and case. lock, president of the group report Mrs. Jones. of ed. near Heber (having attended to the transfer of the officers I mail and the signing of registered "Two Fisted Gentleman" with JAMES DUNN deavor to bring to the district the Springs, admitted to Iau-inakortt Disapprove Joint Senator Ura Seeger and cutting timber near Day City, Mich., business that should be there." 1 that for the past five years she has letters for his wife relatives were informed today. been offering herself as a "Mail! Our Doubly guaranteed PAINTS FOR outside use are weatherproof, waterproof, sunproof, heatproof, coldproof. The colors last. Come in and get a color card, Marshall & Son. phone 92. Order" bride, and that slip has collected from $5 to $20 through cor State Representative Paul Sturm are both said to favor concrete rather than black top and the organization went on record as backing them In MARKHAM SAYS ARMY HAS RIVER respondence with more than loo Platonic Wife Hides From 'Foreigners' At Scene of Marriage (Continued from Page 1) Comedy GAGS and GALS' SENATE TO RUSH PASSAGE OF BIG RELIEF MEASURE THE DEFINITION OF A BARGAIN UNDER CONTROL is "Price plus quality." You'll find a maximum of both in Black their efforts. Personnel of the state highway department is expected to change in the next few weeks, after which ef men over the nation. Officer" bluntly said they believed a "ring" of "mail order" brides was In operation near Heber Springs and Hetty No. S Vein coal. Harley (Continued from Page 1) Huffman, phone 10. (Continued from Page 1) 10c and 15c ':::,;,: r'lT,",- v: r?n forts will begin to have the plans Ithat they expected to make addiiiou- FOR SALE his wee bride. They insist everything was lesal, and If there is any criticism, it Is criticism of the minister who wed them. Officials am looking; Into the status of nev. Walter Lamh. Baptist clergyman, and said If there was changed, even If it should mean slower improvement of No. 63. Feat-was expressed that should black top be once applied, further efforts to secure concrete would be useless. inovH, Majority Lcadnr HoImiisoii led the fiKlit for rcsto'-atioii of this num. The witali; approprkif uiiih committee unanimously opposed it because it fclt it wasn't needed a) (he most, critical today. Pounding flood waters threatened to crush the levee at Hickman, Ky., inundating the lower town and releasing the impounded water to flow over IS miles of flats to Tiptonville. Term., already surrounded by water on three sides. Ot her eril ical points were New .Madrid, Mo., the already broken John Deere 12-ln. tractor plow. Excellent condition. 4 steel shears. al arrests before Mrs. Juueu is tried. Although officers iu this vicinity were requested by federal authorities more than a year ago to help trace a "Mary or Polly" Jones, who was being sought in connection with a matrimonial Correspondence, they were unable to digvu? any evidence. The truth did not bleak until Ce Inquire 6 miles north, 1 mile west any legal loop-hole they would try and l-mi. north of Clinton. t75 to set aside the nuptial vows. Electric sewing machine and lady's fur coat. 545 Blackman the present time. i The compromised rout rove is iea revolved around a house rider that would have prohibited congressional (invest inn commit lees from usiiiK Wi'A workers. This wa-i to have been the first move in u street. t74 cil Freeman, of Decatur, Tex., eunie secondary sandbag levee at Bessie, to Arkansas recently to t rate his Alfalfa hay. Inquire. John Kasler Crompton Hill. t75 Land of Bathtub America is known the world over as the land of the bathtub. The ratio of bathtubs to people in the United States, says the Plumbing and Heating Industries bureau, is the highest in the world. TONITE LAST TIMES Feather bed. J8. 452 S. 5th St. Hi' drive to bar such committer's frojn usiiiR any fjnveniinent employes. 25 Acres. Former William Helt Tenn., and the. djke at Mellwood, Ark. Flood waters licked at the 0 foot bulkhead atop the Mellwood levee, :0 miles south of Helena, Ark. Residents of 1! 0.000 lowland acres back rif the levee have been evacuated. Fifty thousand Arkansas refugees are now encamped on Crowley's Itidge. farm. Good improvements. Locat ed li miles northwest of Geneva Dennis Grounds. t77 Oreotar than "CIMARRON"... Blggar than "THE COVERED WAOON" QARY C00W JEAH ARTHUR One gilt six months old. James Jones, Lyford. t74 "prospective" bride. Freeman- had already mailed $ 1 x for tier transportation to Texas. She didn't show up. This set hi into wondering. So he decided to look for her. His dream was crushed to earth when he discovered his bride-to-be was a married woman, who not only had a living husband, but a Hix-year-old daughter, Mary Ann. Officers said that Mrs. Jones used her little daughter's name "Mary Ann" when she wrote letters to Freeman. She also gave her post-office address of Sliiloh, near Heber Springs. Mrs. Jones confessed to officers JPALACJS SURE IT'S AT THE Fruit trees, shrubs and flowers and all kinds of landscaping of the famous Stark Nurseries. Also monuments and markers made by Durham Monument Company. Representative. Carl D. Williams. 425 Lincoln Street, "Fail-view," Clinton. Ind. t74 Sell It With a ClasslflAd Phone 41 Before 11 oXloek! SHE PLAYED A DANGEROUS GAME with the sinister secrets of the men she met in a waterfront cafe!. . .See her dramatic love story! For Sale Coal fThe DANGEROUS mm II ROMANCE of a SOL-, PHONE 919-3 for Brazil Block. 13.25 Up; 6th Vein, $2.75 Up; 4lh Vein, $3.25 Up. H. D. Harrison. Clinton. 66r Good cheap coal, phone 797-W. 57tf DIER of FORTUNE, and a waterfront girl! jew warn mm (gAi?niriL Clinton 's Most Beautiful Theatre PHONE 41 or 117 FOR RESULTS Buyers know il; the things they want are easy lo find when they phone 41 or 117. Sellers know il; the things they offer find a ready market when they phone 4 1 or I I 7. Everyone in Clinton knows it; Clintonian Want-Ads are always at work for them. CLINTONIAN WANT-ADS 1 LJUV17KA FOURTH VKIJf OOAL, I'NrVF.RSAI.. MIAMI NO. 4. AMI Itl.ACK BETTY NO. 5. HAKLEY HUFFMAN. PHONE 10. 84 tf PAID NOTICES FINAL TONIGHT a i i I 1 wemm with V: 1 .- Margot GRAHAME GORDON JONES . mm . . t w MMkMaMI Vinton Hayworth jrC 4 . VC A R-K-O V . U Pxhm f j V'-'l -Tlie NOTMK! netian Cafe. Lawrenceville. will Tuesday, Feb. 2. Free spa-. Mario Vietti. t73 IS MKMOIUAM j memory of my Mother. Rose Cotellera. who passed away February 2. 1923. in Italy. Many lonely days have passed, O, Mother, Many louely years since that sad day we parted. But your beloved face in memory till. Dear Mother, It will always live In my heart. Mrs. Domeuic Savio and family. t73 FOR RENT Nino Martini in "ITlhie (SAY EDESIPEIHLAHD" With Ida Lupino and Leo Carrillo Lower Floor 25c Balcony 20c Children 20c Wednesday and Thursday "ACCUSE" With Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Dolores Del Rio Ami 4'lrli-d Short JMibjti'lK Adults 15c Children 10c Extra Big Time Vaudeville Topic Pete Smith Specialty 10-25c A FaiffMMRt PtCttJtw witfc JAMES ElllSON CHARLES BICKFORO HELEN BURSESS PORTER HALL CiWH4 br CcM S DsMiH Modera sleeping room and light housekeeping rooms. 239 Vine street. We Pay 5c per pound for large clean Cotton Rags Daily Clintonian. Ul:lKSItV it Till IISIIIV DORIS NOLAN in "THE MAN I MARRY" with MICHAEL WHALEN MIXMASTER TONITE READ THE ADS i

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