The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on February 2, 1937 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1937
Page 5
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Page Five The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Tuesday, February 2, 1937 The Importance of Condition Ace Field Seeks Yacht Trophy i I View ofSlaml haJtorJ. TUNNir AT CHiW0. ,"k l si " V f .' M UGs f ;N,1 .vj5 1 , UWDeBMIMW I lAL- --Y VI HlSBAUtAMO I It it BV '"'' I HAMAS smucxs U A ' JF 1 . UfoWK. ham nV f '-- n3N I . him mom of lj-Lr 1 a? - i"ni Louis, tw t-tl"' i ' 3, CESE W TTUIC- UHtM - I . Jcg uac odr os SHAPe! flNAIIAie i i ' J , , GoLtftftsr . 41 I JJ I I'kt auAiMur djSe WHIN AN ' V L uuoen. .J ' Ln.j fctA,T rt' ' ueot Due ro lack. ! V.'S'' wlije fJ, v or urn naive Due. n n sauk -' J The t,r Wlleh ' 1 S . . . - r . $ a i --W ' L ?SA BELL SET FOR LIFE ATS J. U. Tubbs, Bergman Still Considered fcr Football Coaeh'n Job Open Now at Iowa IIM.I.AH, Tex., I'eli .' M;ill. lii'll. Sollllierii Met lldlli'l ''I foolb.ill inarli. prai'lirallv h.'i'l a lifc'llllie j.ili I'Mlay. A new r vclir ,-iHI t l-:i i t . In ln'cnn effi i live at tl xpivnll ! Iii picM-nl colitlint nc-.t yiMi. mil-! Imi an annual salary of $ii.r.m ami vides tht if he i not reappointed football iiiaili. "he will Hill'ilmiU' -al ly move Into the eiliii-ai.i n (lepartnient as a professor with ,i professor's salary and tenure.'" Ilell. .1. II. Slewiiri. ihn-.ini of alhletlcH. said, aur I not to , uimoI er offers from any oilier sehoel i Hell's new i-oulrael eliiiiiliale:, him from consideration -lor the po-i r f ball coach a! the I'nlverniv of Iowa. n- CITY In. Ki ll. Willi ilrawal of Matty I'.eil 1-ft Ii 1 'Tiibba ( of the University of Miami and Ar- j ihur "Dutch" Ilergman of Catholic j rniversi'y, Washin'.'tou. I. C.. in j the running for the position of fool-, hall coach at Iowa today. Tubbs and Bergman v ill confer with the athletic board here Thurs day. Hell, who was believed lo he the leading candidate, was eliminated when he signed a new 0 year con-iract with Southern Methodist. r - TA1 1DWFV J. X- iuuiuiui ENTRIES CLOSED; NEW YORK. Feb. 2 -Eutri' s j were closed today for the 37th an- nual tournament of the American Howling Congress lo lie held here from March 10 to April 30. Approxlmaiily 3000 five-man teams have been entered, compared with 2S03 teams entered at Indianapolis last year, the previous high record. Because of the large number of competitors, the official list will noi he completed until next week. Among the entrants were the Hi Uru team ot Indianapolis, which won last year: the two-man team champions. Anthony . Slanina and Mik Wtraka. of Chicago; and the all events champion, John Murphy of Indianapolis. New York City will have about . 1ZUU lealUS 111 Hie luuiuamnn One of the most formidable fields ever gathered together for a yachting classic Is lined up at Miami for the Miami-to-Naaaau race start ing Feb. 8. Yachtsmen from eight atatea are entered in the eveni which waa won by the crack Water Witch last year. MARINO'S DEATH BRINGS UP TALK OF LEGISLATION New York Boxing Bigwigs Seek Mean lo Prevent Arena Fataltliet Before Action Bcgim NKW VOIIK. Ki ll. t - KiiivIiik li uilHlh'r art ton llinl might t-11 1 1 .1 (I in- icrliap ovnu prohlhlt liiimiit In HiIh lnlr, fight irniun(Hi'n, miiiinc- fl H IIHll lllHll'llllKklTH U'lt.lV MHIXlll Hiiniii incaiiH In iikhimiI fiitiilllU !i i: I lit! riHK. Tlinir tioiicrni urmiai'il liy lh' il. iilll ye.Hnrdny of Tony Miiriim. following hi' Jmut with Indian Qnin-1 .1 1 1 ii Suturduy iiiplil. Hum n yiar iiko Tnv Hnivnall (lli'd fimn InjnrloH suffered In limit Willi l.ini Anibui'B. And Dave Lovin. daiiRirously III In a loral lioKpilal, will ho Kivtn IjIk sixth blond trannfiiiiWm today In an (rfort to tiavo Ilia lite. Hp cot an in ferllmi from an Injury Biirfircd in u wicsHIiib match. 1 Colmwl In Jittery The conaonsns Is that such ucoi-d. nla mlulit happen ill any sport, hut accidental or not. Col. John Kil-putrlck, president of Madison Siiuaro Garden, said Hie legislature miElit "feci called upon to take hoiiic sort of action and nilnlit even bar hoxlng In this state." Anions the various remedial iir-Kcstions offered hy various members of Hie bojIiiR fraternity today were these: (1) that the rteree should be compelled to stop any fiuht after one of the contestants lias been knocked down three times: r) that no flRhter who lias suffered a severe beating should be permitted to box again within at least six months;, and (3) that the rule requiring a professional boxer lo be 1 least 21 yeara old be slrii:tly enforced. AMERICAN IKAdVE American l.cuion Hen (ley 1 ' JJJ Rader I.undie 164 1M Manshlp 5 '' ,e,nslra 131 lfl Handicap 2 Totals 711 738 Minion I'urn Milk Ttuffattola 13 12 Tuherosa HI 1"' Varda 13 1" Mattioda H" I38 Tranchelto HI l:ln Totals 71T. 744 Under Krost Bread KlikiuaH If" F. Meyer 14? I"" llartlett MS 12 Homey 14! 129 Cooper 147 133 Totals ' W 3 Kaiilels I'rwluce Areher MO 1'H Walker 152 13 Fowl 113 Panlels ..... 15 13 Imberneck 1S7 151 Handicap 42 42 Totals 779 6.14 t - Hexall titor Haln 14 H f'aseheer 113 I'll Itovd 132 16T M. While I5 131 Ktevem.on I 1'2 Haiidhiip '. . . 11 U Totals .-.'.'. : 720 760 1 he Dully rilntonlan f'ai-cv 1I7 HI Kmltli 1ST 1J3 A Van Horn 1S4 ilS V Van Horn 1S7 1 Tate 121 121 Totals 730 677 Mike's Auto Body Kliop J Keudacl 131 141 Nardi 123 132 Wen 16 187 Welk.r 14 1C oinbs 108 172 Totals '726 792 W iiiteia lruic f'ollins 156 169 Allen 14 10(1 HnrrouKlia 1 1 r 1"0 .Stewart 108 176 Winters 110 123 Haadicap 36 36 Totals 671 709 143 Ki7 I r t I I r. 1RII 7S0 ITS jr. 221 154 14ii 863 101 13:'. 12H 14". 172 112 137 133 143 110 42 71- 1ns 141 J40 110 1 I'll 01 'I 104 134 127 lr, 121 121 100 143 109 178 136 766 172 108 128 163 114 721 Bowling Results C0AJD1T70AJ COUMTSt )' are lon-erued. Anyhow. Illinois went too far yesterday lo n, -n liaeh now. It simply must know I what it's about, with chairman I'r'uer sanctioning the llradiloi It nli:s ri- In for June and niillioliail e iielilon Clark annoiincllln that the i,:.eU.IIlu piiaranlee for the cham-jhiou will ho posted at the agreed tinic. In all. the only party who seems vitally interested in a Schnielin", fight right now is Sehmcling and .le's 3.000 mile av.ay. Presideais Decline Invitations Becaus-e il would be impossible for tliern to r.tteml every reception, ball and dinner given by the numerous embassies nd legations in Washington each season. United States Presidents and their wives have, for many years, diplomatically declined ell such invitations. Collier's Week-! . Moors at Madrid's Gales The last titna that Mews appeared before Madrid's gates was 85:; years ago. ItYTKX exollc letter-IMer printed with a stalely palm tree and over-printed with your Name or Name aud Address... 00 sheets and 00 envelopes $1.00. See lamples at The Daily Clintonian BACK BAB5- AND W THEN X'l, YOU'LL 8E MV DADDV WON'T DAV5 i I f I MAT1I i i Virginia University Officials Speak Up In Approved Style CIIAItl.OTTKSVIM.K. Va.. Feb. J il.ivlu" withdrawn from the Southern Conference, the I'nlversi- of Vli-inla toil. iv announced lis uh re,: u In tons gnveruitlK inler- i,l!eti.ile athletics. ilie rin-.i-rsily of Virginia." II nn. sla ed. "ill continue to nbserAe tl'e iine-year nil'-, the lllicratory ra'e and the rule which limits alli-l. ii. .a: til Ipaiiou In four years In u Ii'.--'-' ear I'-n'o-l. "An - of il regular Undents who are Koiinii physically, and who are in good st.imliii'i io adeniii ally, and who hate passed at least three-year ,, ,r. . in III- iiieccding session. Mill lie eligible for its varsity teams. I: II continue to award its M-hohiri-:i. luami mid remunera-H , ion.- lo athletes and non-ath- nlif.e, willionl ipreferelice to ilher. I I,,. i-, iiji. nl of the scholarship i..,! a I a.o laul.ed ill the uiier half i , K , if he is a new student, .., lo- m ml lave iinsed all lila j. I,-. an old student." Urad .Man's C'liesi." The "' Man's Chest" of the 'pirate?' chantey with the refrain. "Vo-ho-ho. tiro a bottle of rum," is a ban c.i rock in the Virgin islands, jn which tiie pirate Teach marooned filieen of lus men without rum or water, to discipline thm. Crs fur Rattlesnakes In thr (Uort country of the American Southwest raUicbnakes are turned to many profitable usea by the native folic. Rattlesnake barbecues are not uncommon, for the reptilian flesh is eaten wilh relish when roasted over a grid. Rattle-pnahf-s are raised on farms for their shins, their oil and their venom. tirui New Euglard Rich Ma The first man to amass a large fortune in New England was John Hill, mmi-m aster of Massachusetts coionv. He received 15 pence fee 'jjt of each 20 shillings he coined- HANGING o z o X Dormans Tavern Good Orchestra Your Favorite Beer On Tap Wine Liquor Mixed Drinks Operative 48 At TH mJm I I I ' Ibut'Tcome.SI wANToARLINSi One Opinion FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH By Davis J. Walsh NKW VOItK. I'd.. L'. The .v.enc f violent aitivlly. lnokiii'j tov.-aril a 'onsiiiuinalioii of a Ilraddock-Loui:-leavyweiyht cliii:njnousliii nialih or (.'hican. suddenly shifted to the .'stern front aain today wit!i the "turn of promoter .Mike .lacohs to New York, supposedly to ensatie in a significant conference He was scheduled to meet with Stanley M. Criffis. chairman of the board al Madison Square' Cardeu, which olds a contract on chauipiou lirail-i 'flck and Alax SiluneliiiR. of (ler-any a finlit in which, oddlv enough, Jacobs himself holds a 00 percent interest as co-promoter. It is evident that bis Intention, as o-promoter. is to convince Oriffls hat they oiisht to engage in a co-baiidonment and perhaps tacitly hey will. Anyhow. Sclimelin may know before the end of the day that his hope of stolipltlK the DraddiM k-Lollis lislit reposes largely in his recourse to a court of law. a not always sat- sfylug method where the intricacies DANN DUNN HERE WE AT THE HOTEL, THIMBLE THEATRE tMi mOTfRnLER SHOCK OF HEAR- FATHET3 AFTER i WPA RECREATION DEPARTMENT NEWS Tli'' sinning ii't-tio iinf .Mi'ii HMliun ol Mr ill Coluiiilfia d Hip di - Kruia Luki' :nMts Kima Luke met'lt; HI riietin classes j!'o ojk'U to anyone iiiterebtcd in !ecnation d rat um-ut has ?e-ihi!. rrst Ci iiir.iuiMty f'Mitcr or I '.tMltail yani''s I') he played on 1 , Tuesday and Wr'ihies-.lay , s, wit's 1'ranl; Tiinh ra as su- ! Viuinia; , vciiiiri.s prrvisor. M'-tal fl .i IT r'.ussi tlf In at the I'.-t i-( iiiioa ti r -.t dav evcuiif: at (i 'lYI-xL held .i,in hcanlilul and nsi-ful arth-hs an made at a very low cot. This class is under the supTvisiun of Floyd 7umM-VES. THE 1 , I Williamson. Class'.;-- in lu:I(i fi'rh u'Mi'k (I with l hi at ('oliunlj-a to T p. in. ceplion iif Ontcr from ! p. i Coarh Curtis (It-orf hu had si.-voial years' experience as a Culdi'ii Clovt-s tighter, in the A. A. L. uud also as a trainer. liotli ehihlreii aiid adaMs who uninterested in tap da!i-in ;;, invited to attend Ihe new ,-laBS at Colum- l)ia Center each Wednesday afternoon. The weight lit'tini: team and several local business men played a volley hall match in Dana laat evening, aud won two panics out of a Heries of three. The Dana team is expected to play a return anie here in the near future. Secret PAPERS REMEMBER.' TAKE CjOOD CARE OF HER IF SHE'S DO REATED in JV WAV VOU'LL ANtAIER TO ME, y - Starring Popeye cLkCAR ir 'm - ,L -Assr ; , By RUjsjVESTOVER ' -w TD tOU "D k , "J2J 1 IT NOvo, "1) 7 CAUSE Hy FUTURE ' WaIHER, rC Vl OOWD T? eLvIT2- I 'tPEWDS ON3feTTIMa '""w tlL &S what's ) fx SAID SHES OUR 1 A iDF INI ODDER TH y CHILD AND WE yA I-1 GUESS THEJJE'S NuTHNS I CAIN JUDGE LEVEL ?)A.ID fT VAOULD BE K-, A aJOA UCDF ADF Y A EXCEPT LET THEM J n HAVE BABS c ABOUT FIFTEEN REFORE VCXJR iv. i ti ir rt a nrn& n ADOPTION COULD BC FINISHED c , 1 I? "AA: 1 WANTED Hides Iron Rags MeUl aad Paper Higbe Price. Paid A. Dumes Water Street

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